Zenhaven Mattress Review 2020

Zenhaven Mattress

How does it feel to lie on a Zenhaven Mattress? As the future owner of this luxury latex foam bed, you’re about to find out. This line belongs to a group of mattress brands under Saatva. The other is Loom & Leaf, Saatva’s memory foam mattress line. Riding on the reputation of its parent company, Zenhaven is expected to deliver excellent design and performance. 

For a start, it regularly features on best latex mattress lists. If you are on the fence concerning this model, this Zenhaven Mattress Review will walk you through the factors to consider. We’ll look at each aspect with an unbiased lens. In the end, we hope you can make a smarter decision about this brand.

What makes Zenhaven stand out? Is it its 5-zone latex comfort layer? Its 100% natural latex and organic materials? And what do you gain by going for a latex foam anyway? You’re about to find out. 

Zenhaven Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The entire Zenhaven Mattress is 10 inches thick. Inside it, an exclusive Zenhaven comfort layer featuring five zones sits at the top. It’s made of American Talalay latex and provides firmer support to your pressure points. Your spine gets aligned, and your whole body maximizes the comfort brought about by this layer.

Natural latex also makes up the support cores, placed side-by-side with each other. No part of the Talalay latex is synthetic. So you’ll enjoy 100% safe, healthy, and resilient bases. There are two of them as this bed comes with flippable firmness options.

For its flame retardant barrier, this model uses organic New Zealand wool. This material does away with chemicals. And it wicks moisture away, improving the bed’s breathability. Wrapping it all up is the quilted organic cotton cover. 

The latex present in this design is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 10p. The company is proud of this material sourced from home. It may be more expensive to produce, but its excellence makes owning the mattress worth it.

Firmness & Feel

You probably got curious about this brand because of this feature. It offers dual firmness options, the Luxury Plush, and the Gentle Firm. The Luxury Plush falls under the 4 to 5 firmness score range, with the majority of Zenhaven’s customers choosing this for its supportive, body-cradling feel. Meanwhile, the rest love the Gentle Firm feel, which corresponds to 6 to 7. It’s slightly firmer but not too hard for comfort.

Back and stomach sleepers can hit the sack normally on the Zenhaven bed. Review your sleeper types for a moment. These are people who snooze on their back and tummy, respectively. And they need just the right give and support to drift off comfortably.

Petite side sleepers may not share in these benefits, though. They need more plush. But they also require enough support for their hips and shoulders. On the other hand, a combo sleeper can switch positions on either side effortlessly.

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Cooling and temperature regulation are two desirable properties in any sleeping space. Usually, all-foam types lose out to the hybrids when it comes to these factors. But latex is different. And with this construction, you’re almost guaranteed that the 100% Talalay latex is going to keep you fresh and cool at night. It features an open cell structure that beats Dunlop’s in this department.

But it doesn’t end there. There is more Talalay in the center, remember? That’s good airflow guaranteed throughout the mattress. And then there’s wool right under the cotton cover. These two materials are breathable, with them being organic making it more so. Wool can also warm you up during colder seasons and cool you down during hotter seasons.

Edge Support & Sinkage

We are going deeper into the performance-related factors you must consider. Edge support is simple to understand. When you tend to sleep near the side, you should not experience that roll-off feel. This means your bed has decent to excellent edge support. Some all-foam types lack this quality, making the perimeter prone to early sagging. The edges show a deep compression that does not come back immediately.

In turn, that compression makes you feel as if you are falling toward the floor. With its adaptability and bounce, the Zenhaven Mattress can lead to that sensation. Its perimeter support is just average. So be careful in using yours once you have ordered it. This should not be an issue if you and your partner hog the middle area of the bed. But in the long run, it could be.

Motion Transfer

Do you share your mattress with a co-sleeper? If you said yes, this factor will have an impact on you somehow. That is if you or your partner, sibling, or kid sleep light. Motion transfer refers to the transfer of movements from one side of the bed to another. It can be significant to the point of disrupting your slumber. Eventually, this may lead to lower sleep quality.

If this is your case, you probably need a model that isolates motion well. It’s likely not going to be Zenhaven. While it’s not as bouncy and shaky as a traditional innerspring, it still transfers motion. It may not be the ideal choice for co-sleepers with this problem. Another all-foam may make it work. But if you’re not a sensitive sleeper, you can enjoy it for its other benefits. 


How much does this model cost? 

Latex mattresses often command higher prices than their memory foam and even hybrid counterparts. For a queen size, expect something in between $1,500 to $2,500. It’s quite steep if you are on a tight budget. But that is already more affordable compared to high-end options. And if you want the floating sensation of the world’s most expensive mattress without breaking the bank, try the Zenhaven Latex Mattress.

This model costs $1,899 (Queen), which is within the average market price range. You can purchase it with the Lineal Adjustable Base by Saatva or a foundation. For those who are still on the fence, the financing program through Klarna may win you over. You get a six-month 0% APR if paid in full. To make things quick and easy, just click Klarna as a payment option during checkout.

Other Factors

To round out this Zenhaven bed review, let’s take a look at the factors related to customer service and support. Shipping is considered as such. The company takes it up a notch by providing free white glove delivery and old mattress removal within the continental United States. Two members from its team will dispose of your current bed and set up your new one.

You can then test it out during the 120-day home trial period. If you want it returned within that timeline, the brand will refund you in full less the transportation cost ($99). Exchange is also allowed, provided you shoulder the $99 exchange fee.

The product comes with a 20-year warranty.

Why You Should Buy A Zenhaven Mattress 

Someone who prefers an eco-conscious and healthy sleeping space can enjoy the Zenhaven Mattress. Organic and natural, this latex foam bed provides excellent support, durability, and breathability. It offers a lot of benefits from this material and the rest. With the price it commands, it does not disappoint, value-wise.

Do you like customizing the comfort and feel of your mattress? This option is perfect. With its flippable firmness options, you can choose between Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm. So if you are not sure about your preference yet or want something more personalized, you can bet on this dual-sided bed.

Back, stomach and combo sleepers will find themselves supported and cradled by this mattress model. Both sides accommodate said sleeper types. They are bouncy, so couples should have a good time using them for sleeping and other activities. Either way, combo types should find it easy to switch positions as well.

Why You Should Not Buy A Zenhaven Mattress 

Are you a college student looking for a mattress to snooze on in your dorm or apartment? The Zenhaven Mattress may not be the one for you. It is not as expensive as store-bought models, but it’s still fairly pricey. A latex bed is probably not suitable for a student’s budget.

Side sleepers on the lightweight end may not experience enough support for their hips and shoulders from this design. It caters more to the heavier folks. If you fall under the first category, you may skip this option. You need a plush surface with good pressure relief. Although it has a soft side, this latex foam is ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

Lastly, are you concerned about moving your mattress during relocation? Heavy construction may not be the best choice. You will pay more whether you hire an LTL freight or a moving van. It can be more challenging if you live alone, especially if you want to transport your bed on your own.

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The Verdict

It’s as clear as day how Zenhaven Mattress excels in terms of design and performance. With a couple of minor setbacks, it delivers on its promise of providing healthy and safe sleep for its users. It continues the tradition Saatva has started. And even with its lower price than high-end brands, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

Meanwhile, it falls within the average price range for latex mattresses. This means it is more accessible to people. Financing is available for those who want to take advantage of its value. And at the end of the day, it’s the value you get from a bed that matters most. That includes comfort, of course.

So, with our verdict revealed, what do you think of the Zenhaven Mattress? Will you buy it or not? Let us know in the comments section!

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