Winkbed Mattress Review 2020

WinkBed review

In a world where products are made at a faster rate, owning a handmade mattress can be like wearing a badge of honor. It is not just an outstanding, counter-cultural action. It is also a sign of premium service. So, as the WinkBeds Company positions itself in this regard, it is off to a good start, competition-wise, in launching the WinkBed Mattress.

As the focus of this WinkBed review, this model will be examined based on the same factors we use on its competitors. This hybrid mattress features WinkBeds’ signature handmade design, premium materials, and the promise of restorative sleep. It is specifically made for a certain group of individuals: those who need pain and pressure relief.

How fine is this model and is it affordable? What are its most important features and who will benefit the most from them? These are some of the questions we will answer in this guide. Don’t you blink for the real deal is a few scrolls away.

WinkBed Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The WinkBed Mattress is a hybrid offering from WinkBeds. Inside its 15-inch profile are 6 layers of coils and foams that perform various tasks. Now, can you believe that this thick bed is handmade in Wisconsin? You better. Because that’s how serious its manufacturer is about quality.

Starting with the foundation, you have 2 inches of a supportive foam base that handles pressure and weight well. Sitting above it is a 7-inch layer of pocketed coils. It’s where the majority of support for the bed comes from. The units are individually encased for better motion isolation, breathability, and durability.

A transition layer follows to provide a buffer between the top and bottom layers. It also serves as a support for the 2.5-inch layer of micro-coils above it. More targeted airflow and support yield from this additional coil system. It is then topped by a quilted European pillow top that sports a Hypersoft Foam. This inner foam is about 2 inches thick. A Tencel fabric cover completes the construction.

Overall, you get a supportive and durable mattress out of the WinkBed. It’s thick as thick beds can get. But it is not the only reason it stands out. It has an excellent rating for durability from Consumer Reports. It is created within the United States to ensure the highest standards are met. With these, the company is confident that you will be able to use it until it reaches the end of its life span.

Firmness & Feel

Every person will have a unique preference for firmness. Body size and sleeping position are two of the factors that affect this choice. For heavier individuals, a firm bed will feel just right because of the weight and pressure they put on the layers. Meanwhile, lightweight folks will probably appreciate the sink-in support from a plush bed more. How does the WinkBed cater to these differences? 

This hybrid is offered in 3 firmness options. You have Soft (4.5 ratings), Luxury Firm (Medium or 6.5), and Firm (7.5). The ratings are based on the 1 to 10 Standard Firmness Scale used by many manufacturers and experts. This scale determines how soft or hard a mattress feels, with 1 as the softest and 10 as the hardest. 

With this variety, you can customize your mattress’ firmness level according to your needs. There is no doubt the WinkBed can accommodate heavyweight sleepers. Any sleeping positions have their place on this hybrid with innerspring performance. The soft pillow top makes even lightweight to average weight people feel comfortable. The dual spring system can bounce back from any movement and endure any amount of pressure.

Further, this model has an upgraded version in the WinkBed Plus. This scores 8 on the scale, which is equivalent to Ultra-Firm. It’s targeted toward people weighing >300 pounds. In a company-initiated test, a 20-year simulation for a 350-pound sleeper showed no significant loss of firmness or loft in Plus. At the end of the 20-year simulation, this model retained 98% of its firmness and 99.2% of its loft. 

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How is the cooling feature of the WinkBed? Hot sleepers may think about this more because of its direct impact on their sleep quality. This bed is made of coils that facilitate airflow throughout its layers. As a hybrid, it has this capability that makes it better than its foam counterparts. However, it does not have an active cooling component, unlike the Casper hybrid models or Tempurpedic foam models. 

What you get then is a neutral mattress in terms of temperature. Those who sleep hot can rely on the springs to do their job. At the same time, because of its firm build, you feel lifted instead of sinking in. This scenario reduces the number of materials you come in contact with. It should help in keeping you cool while you snooze at night.

A machine called cool control system used to be sold separately on the WinkBeds website to boost cooling. But it seems the company has discontinued the product this year.

Edge Support & Sinkage

To continue our close look at this hybrid’s performance, we’ll now see how it fares in the edge support department. Given its mattress type, it has the advantage that comes with its construction and materials. However, we consider it to be fairly decent. There are other hybrids with excellent edge support. So if this is the most important thing you want out of bed, you better shop for another.

But why is edge support important? For co-sleepers, it means an expanded surface area. You can rollover, even sleep near the side without the roll-off feel. The compression should be minimal to nothing at the perimeter. This makes that part of the bed less prone to early sagging. As a result of perimeter sagging, your sleep space may feel uneven after a few years. This won’t be an issue in the near future with your WinkBed.

Motion Transfer

If foam types aren’t the best when it comes to edge support, innerspring ones tend to disappoint in terms of motion isolation. Springs have been notorious for transferring motion, which can be noisy, shaky, and disruptive. This is not the best situation for light sleepers. If you are one and have a co-sleeper who shifts or gets up frequently at night, this is a crucial factor to consider. 

As a modern innerspring or hybrid design, though, the WinkBed has fair motion isolation capabilities. It performs better than a traditional innerspring. However, it is not the best in this regard. It is probably because of the thin comfort layers it sports. An all-foam mattress or a hybrid with a good amount of cushioning is your best bet here. As a light sleeper, you’ll benefit most from this. You will no longer be bothered by movements from the other side.


The WinkBed is well within the average price for hybrid mattresses on the market. But compared with other online mattresses, it can be pricier. It is a little more expensive than Leesa. But it is far less than the price of Tempur-Adapt. A queen edition costs $1,599. It belongs to the affordable luxury category, giving you value that goes beyond its price.

Throughout the year, you can watch out for promos and discounts from WinkBeds, such as $200 off your WinkBed purchase. These seasonal and holiday deals include Memorial Day, Black Friday, etc. But if you are wondering if there’s financing, the answer is yes! WinkBeds’ third party financing partner is Bread, which offers a 0% APR financing option. Just follow the steps on how to apply on the manufacturer’s website.

However, the $200 monthly payments may still deter those who are on a tight budget.

Other Factors

Like other beds in boxes, the WinkBed mattress is compressed and vacuum-sealed in plastic before placed inside a box. This is what you should expect at your doorstep within 7 to 14 days. It ships free of charge via FedEx if you are a resident within the contiguous U.S. There is no delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada as of publication date.

You can test out your WinkBed mattress for 120 nights. This is a common perk among online mattress brands. Within that period, you can initiate a return request if you are not satisfied with your bed. However, you will have to wait for the 30-day break-in period to elapse before the company handles your request. This can be a challenge for those who may feel early and persistent discomfort because of the mattress.

But if you’re happy with your purchase, then you can enjoy the 10-year limited warranty that comes with it. Make sure to know the terms of the warranty policy. You may find this on the product page. It is a pop-up section with the title Trial Period and Warranty Terms.

Why You Should Buy A WinkBed Mattress

With multiple firmness options to choose from, the WinkBed Mattress is a reliable model for individuals and couples. It doesn’t matter if you love snoozing on your back, side, or stomach, this bed will accommodate your needs and preferences. And the same goes for your co-sleeper. Isn’t that a treat?

Those who want to enjoy a restful, restorative sleep are a step closer to their dream when they order this mattress. It is designed to provide support and relief to your lumbar area. It contours to your body well, including pressure points. And it sports pocketed coils that align your curves naturally for superior comfort.

A lifetime warranty coverage is one of the most generous perks you can get for buying an online mattress. While you would rather have the bed live out its expected lifespan, it’s good to know that you have a warranty to fall back on when something unexpected happens to your mattress.

Why You Should Not Buy A WinkBed Mattress

This is a heavy mattress. If you live alone or relocate often, this might not be the mattress you would want to have. It is hard to move and lug around. Cleaning can also be a challenge, as there is no handle to use for flipping or rotating.

Is your budget tight? This is probably another reason to skip this option. You can buy a similar model at less than the price of the WinkBed. If you already applied for financing and got rejected, it would not be ideal to go for this mattress brand and model.

Lastly, a WinkBed Mattress may be difficult to return despite the 120-night sleep trial. The company requires a 30-day break-in period before you can file a return request. The good part here is that it does take the body around 30 days to adjust to the mattress. But you shouldn’t wait that long if the bed is making you uncomfortable.

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The Verdict

WinkBeds is an online mattress brand that has built its reputation for offering excellent mattresses. This value is embedded in the WinkBed, so you get more than what you pay for. This hybrid model contains premium materials and is handmade in the company’s factory in Wisconsin. It’s one of those few manufacturers that are strict about quality control.

However, the WinkBed Mattress is not for everyone. Although you can say it caters to a lot of people. It’s the heavier individuals who are well-placed to get the most out of this bed. The features are optimized for their maximum benefit. And rightly so. The mattress space is definitely in need of high-quality, durable models for those who weigh above 300 pounds. 

These can be harder to produce, so the efforts of WinkBeds are appreciated. So, what do you think of this WinkBeds creation? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section.

Winkbed Mattress Review
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