What Is Celliant Fiber & Celliant Fiber Technology?

Celliant Fiber Technology

Even the most educated buyer has a lot to keep up with when it comes to recent innovations in the mattress industry. There are many different construction and materials as there are models on the market. And the technology used in them can be just as diverse.

One of the more popular components is Celliant fiber. You can usually find this in mattress covers. Some sleep accessories, like bedsheets, also list it as their main material. It does its best job being close to the mattress surface, working wonders for your body. It’s said to convert heat to infrared–leading to a refreshing and rejuvenating sleep.

But how does it really work? Where does it come from? Do you need a mattress covered in Celliant fiber? Many of your questions will be answered in a quick while. Continue reading to learn more about this product and how it can benefit people as they drift off on it.

What Is Celliant Fiber?

Mostly known for its cooling properties, Celliant has more contributions to bring to the table. This proprietary synthetic fiber is produced and marketed by Hologenix LLC. Using 13 natural minerals mixed with PET and polyester resin, it can be embedded in mattress materials to facilitate a biological process.

This biological process involves absorbing heat, converting it to infrared, and reflecting the latter to the body. In turn, it can provide you with a restful sleep, helping you wake up refreshed in the morning. Celliant is a Food and Drug Administration-approved wellness technology. It’s present in athletic apparel, but it’s also been introduced into mattresses and sleep accessories in recent years.

Celliant Fiber Properties

There are 3 areas of life that benefit from the use of Celliant fiber. These are performance, recovery, and sleep. In this section, we will focus on the functionality of Celliant to help boost sleep.

  • Increases blood circulation – In general, improved blood circulation is good for the body. It is also useful during bedtime. Your cells, especially in the brain, need oxygen and nutrients to work well. These are transported in the blood. So if your blood flow is poor, your cells won’t get all the help they need.
  • Promotes cell recovery – Your body repairs itself during sleep. And the very functionality of Celliant makes it possible for you to achieve deep, uninterrupted sleep. This is the kind of rest we need so our cells all the way to our organs can regroup for the next day.
  • Regulates temperature – This quality has made Celliant a popular choice for mattress construction. It’s usually infused in the cover to facilitate cool sleep as needed. The traditionally hot memory foam gets an upgrade when it works in tandem with Celliant fiber.
  • Enhances sleep – With the ability to promote blood flow and cell recovery, it follows that Celliant is capable of enhancing sleep. It can also regulate temperature, which bumps up the comfort level which you require to rest well at night.
  • Improves overall well-being – Aiding the production of more fuel for you to use during the day, this material is shown to have a positive impact on overall well-being. The FDA has certified it as a wellness product.

How Does Celliant Work?

Step 1.

Celliant is made of a proprietary mix of 13 thermo-active minerals. These are infused in the core of polyester fibers during the extrusion process.

Step 2.

Celliant-infused products now gain the ability to absorb the energy that our body emits in sleep. 

Step 3.

The same minerals then alter the wavelengths of this energy, converting it into light energy or infrared. The converted energy is reflected back to your body, penetrating layers of fabrics until it is absorbed by your tissues.

Step 4.

The recycled energy triggers vasodilation in the capillary bed and increases the amount of oxygen available to your cells. In turn, it creates more fuel for your body.

Step 5.

As this natural, biological process improves circulation, it increases tissue oxygenation to 7%. This allows for the efficient use of oxygen in your body.

Mattress Covers

To maximize the effects of Celliant on sleepers, it should come in close contact with their skin. In this case, you will often find this fiber in mattress covers. This topmost layer can be infused with Celliant to deliver desired results. And it doesn’t take much for it to do wonders. A small amount should do when it comes to absorption, conversion, and emission.

That said, mattress covers are never 100% made of Celliant. Instead, it is integrated with other fabric blends, such as cotton and polyester. Most of the time, only about ⅕ of the mattress cover is composed of Celliant.

Other Uses

Some users report about their positive experiences in using non-mattress products with Celliant fiber. For instance, those who bought a pillow for neck pain say they’ve felt relief. Others leverage the tech as it is infused in their blanket. With the temperature regulating, circulation-improving benefits of this material, it’s easy to see why people would choose to have it in a product that will keep them comfortable and cozy.

Celliant’s other properties–high drying efficiency, durability, and hypoallergenic, among others–make it a top choice for clothing and sleepwear. As we said earlier, you can already find it in athletic apparel. 

But do note little studies and tests have been done to prove it’s efficient and effective in all the aspects mentioned.

Mattresses Using Celliant Fiber

Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid has a hand-quilted cover interwoven with Celliant fibers. The material uses the sleeper’s body heat to maximize your recovery during sleep. It also improves its performance during the day.

The bed’s ultra-soft top foam layer is infused with a cooling gel, giving the comfort layer a cloud-like feel. Beneath that is a premium foam layer, followed by a layer of responsive transitional foam that provides airflow and premium pressure relief.

These layers sit atop a series of individually wrapped coils to offer excellent lumbar support, as well as the optimal spinal alignment for side sleepers. The bottom layer is high-density foam, ensuring sturdiness and durability.

The Hybrid mattress is comprised of CertiPUR-US® certified foam and is made without dangerous toxic materials or ozone depleters. Try the mattress risk-free for 100-days and rest easy knowing that it’s backed by a 20-year warranty.

Read our full review of the Bear mattresses.

Amerisleep AS3

For the best memory foam for athletes, Amerisleep has a contender in the AS3 model. This bestseller features Bio-Pur and HIVE comfort layers combined with a Celliant cover at the top. You already know what Celliant can do from our Bear Mattress review. The Bio-Core foam makes up the base. Following is the affinity transition layer, which yields the “feels-like-I’m-floating” experience. 

The Bio-Pur and Bio-Core foams are plant-based, not petroleum-based, so it’s safe for you and the planet. 

The AS3 has a medium feel that accommodates side and combo sleepers. This memory foam mattress conforms to your body while keeping you cool and comfortable. With a price tag of $1,399, this dream bed for athletes is within your reach. It comes with free shipping and return, a 100-night trial, and a 20-year warranty.

IronMan Pure Energy

Inside the Radiance series, you will find the ECOTEX™ Soy Foam Core combined with latex upholstery layers. This blend of materials allows for solid support. But to boost your sleep quality, you’ll be happy to hear this mattress is also packed with Celliant alongside CellActive and Cellitex. These 3 are all examples of restorative sleep technologies.

Meanwhile, there are 2 kinds of ECOTEX™ Soy Foam Core in the IronMan Pure Energy Radiance Mattress. These are the single high-density and the multiple ultra high-density ones. Soy-based foams are chosen for their high natural content. They are not only durable but also safe and healthy, as certified by the prestigious CertiPUR-US. The base has stable, uniform support and eliminates motion transfer. 

Now, get to know the exclusive techs that belong to the Pure Energy Sleep System. One of them is the proprietary CellActive tech. This material is created to maximize your snooze time by helping your body rejuvenate and recover–pretty much like Celliant! Its other effects have clinical proof: enhancing sleep quality, speeding up recovery, increasing energy, and improving overall wellbeing.

And speaking of Celliant, with its body heat to infrared light conversion properties, manifest its benefits in this bed by helping you drift off quickly, increasing blood circulation, increasing oxygen levels, and improving cell vitality. It works by letting the infrared penetrate muscles and tissues.

Lastly, Cellitex Recovery Latex is a form of latex with natural healing characteristics. It is said to accelerate recovery, reducing soreness and muscle fatigue, and increasing strength and stamina.

Other Sleep Products Using Celliant Fiber

Yaasa’s Infinity Blanket

Made of 72% organic cotton and 28% Celliant polyester, the Yaasa’s Infinity Blanket can deliver the promise of Celliant to users: increased blood flow, enhanced recovery, and enhanced sleep quality.

It comes in regular size, which is commonly found in households. This is what you use to snooze or cuddle. It is also available in travel size, which is great for taking a shuteye on the plane or keeping yourself warm inside the camping tent or RV. A blanket like this is perfect for a minimalist bedroom as well.

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Aside from sporting Celliant fiber, this throw blanket is proud to say it’s made from non-GMO plants. With earth-friendly materials and a reversible design, it is a delight to use while sleeping, napping, or just lounging. Caring for it is easy as well. You can machine-wash it cold and tumble-dry it at a low setting.

Celliant Socks & Gloves

Celliant’s benefits are not limited to sleep accessories. You can also find them in clothing items. As it can be integrated into fabrics, it can easily be used as a clothing material. Activewear is among the first to leverage this tech. 

You can find it in the pajama Tom Brady wears because remember, it can boost muscle and tissue recovery? It’s the ideal material for a piece of apparel you can slip on after an intense workout.

But it’s more than just clothing. Socks composed of 50% Celliant and gloves composed of 100% Celliant can help increase blood flow in the skin. This is according to a 2003 study by Dr. Lawrence Lavery, an associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at Loyola University Medical Center.

Celliant has some serious recovery aiding powers, so take advantage of that!

Pros & Cons of Celliant Fiber Technology


One of the things that make Celliant tech such a steal is its durability. It can last hundreds of wash cycles, particularly if used in bedding items.

Those who have neck pain and used a Celliant-infused pillow found relief. That’s another pro. But it can be a placebo. Plus, it may also be in combination with or a different feature of the pillow that has brought out this result.

Meanwhile, other benefits of Celliant tech in clothing is that it could increase oxygenation and circulation. These could then lead to less shortness of breath during exercise.

Of course, when it comes to sleep quality, Celliant is becoming a star in its own right. It is known for its cooling properties. This is especially great for those who sleep hot. You won’t have to worry about sweating excessively while drifting off. The improved blood flow actually aids in regulating body temperature during sleep.

The cool thing about Celliant is that it can penetrate through layers of material. It is usually found in covers in mattresses, as well as clothing. And yet, the infrared energy is able to reach your muscles and tissues, promoting their recovery at night. It is also important that it comes in contact with you during sleep when your body is busy repairing itself.


This is not so much a disadvantage as it is a search for assurance. Take note that Celliant is a wellness product certified by the FDA itself. However, when it comes to its impact when interlaced with the materials used in mattresses, blankets, shirts, socks, and whatnots, studies are still few and far between.

In other words, the reason you may not buy a Celliant-infused item is that there is no specific study stating how effective it is in that product. You can only rely on the general idea that it works and has multiple benefits.

Don’t worry. The lack of specific studies should only grow as Celliant becomes more and more popular in the mattress and activewear industries. The price may differ based on the product. So when Celliant becomes cost-effective, more companies can afford to use it. And then more people will be able to reap the benefits.


The list of benefits that come from Celliant fiber is ever-growing. We cannot fault the skeptics if they’re not sold to the idea of infusing it in sleep systems. But the number of studies and tests can still rise, with interest being piqued from different directions. The FDA already approved it as a wellness product. Scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs are investing resources to gain more information and insight. 

Perhaps, for now, we should be leaving our options open. As Celliant remains expensive, there will be very few companies who will take the risk and use it. Also, the experimental nature of some brands may show we are in the nascent stages. These reasons should not keep us, though, from seeing that the tech has promise.

We should also wish for the best. When the business and science worlds come up with a cost-effective way to produce Celliant, we customers can benefit. But for now, those who have an injury, illness, or a physically demanding lifestyle have nothing to lose if they try the mattresses and other sleep products that contain the Celliant fiber technology.