Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review 2020

Tomorrow Sleep Mattress

Have you always wanted to own a mattress from an industry juggernaut? It seems an impossible dream because the price can be sky-high. But what if you can buy one: something in a box and competitively priced? We are talking about the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress. This will be the focus of our Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review.

Behind it is the brand called Tomorrow Sleep. If you haven’t heard of it before, that’s because it only started sometime around 2016. Behind the brand is the industry juggernaut Serta Simmons Bedding. It lends the startup its expertise in research and development. 

But this is not your ordinary bed-in-a-box company. It is a sleep company, as it claims. The hybrid mattress it offers is just one part of an entire sleep system it developed. This sleep system is powered by smart technology. Its other products include a sleep tracker and accessories like pillows, bedsheets, and mattress protectors.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress comes in two firmness options: Medium Soft and Medium Firm. The composition of the two differs. Here, we will focus more on the Medium Firm version. 

Construction & Materials

The top layer is composed of a thin memory foam, which sports an open cell structure air circulation. Sitting below it is another member memory foam, this time infused with gel. It takes care of pressure relief and cooling at the same time. The following layer is another memory foam with a dynamic response–a component present only in the Medium Firm edition.

A layer called Tomorrow Ventilated Foam follows before you reach the individually encased coils. Sitting right below is the high-density base foam. All in all, this design leaves the mattress at 10 inches tall. You will not see the pocket coils if, say, you take off the cover and examine the layers. That’s because that part is enclosed in foam.

Speaking of covers, this bed is wrapped in a phase change material. This means that if you touch the surface, you will find it cool to the touch. All of the foams used here are proven safe from toxic chemicals and have passed the low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission test. They are CertiPUR-US-certified.

It follows that the Medium Soft version has a similar construction, except for the dynamic response memory foam.

Firmness & Feel

As mentioned earlier, the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress comes in two firmness options. The Medium Firm and Medium Soft versions can have different effects on different individuals. So while we are focusing on Medium Firm, we will also be touching on how Medium Soft will affect you. So you will know which one is the better fit for you.

Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Medium Firm scores 5.5 to 7. It does get the medium firmness to feel that the industry assigns to what sleepers deem is universally comfortable. This means it caters to back, side, and stomach sleepers. It has enough firmness when you initially hit it. Then it lets you sink in until you can feel the pushback from the pocket coils. There’s superior responsiveness and support as you snooze on it.

On the other hand, Medium Soft registers between 3.5 and 4.5 firmness levels. It is a more plush hybrid feel. This is due to the quick transition between the memory foams and the pocket coils. You sink in more deeply, allowing for more bounce–than traditional innerspring feel is invoked. This feel is best for lightweight and average weight sleepers who snooze on their back and side.


Now let’s see how the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress fares in terms of temperature neutrality. Naturally, hybrids are good at regulating temperature. Pocket coils promote better breathability. This is the baseline for this bed. And it has fair cooling capabilities. However, it tends to sleep warm at some point. But not to the point and at the speed memory foam mattresses do.

Speaking of memory foams, there are components added to them to improve how they absorb and disperse heat. Some of these are gel, graphite, and copper. Open-cell structure and phase change technology are two other alternatives. You can find some of these in the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress. First off, there is the open cell structure. It lies right at the top of the bed’s construction.

The memory foam under it is infused with gel. This material is known to make you feel cool. Imagine placing a cold compress on your skin. It can relieve your discomfort if you sleep hot. There is also the phase change technology in the cover. This tech enables the bed to adapt to your skin’s temperature. It lets it cool down if it’s hot and warm if it’s cold.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Edge support exists to give you support and stability at the perimeter. If you tend to roll over the edge, you will benefit a lot from getting a bed with good to great performance in this area. This allows for an even surface from the center zone toward the sides. If you share your bed with someone, it will also feel wider–more room to sleep in.

Hybrids have a natural quality to deliver in this area. The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress has good edge support. As you know, it has pocket coils. The perimeter is also encased with high-density polyfoam. But this feature varies depending on the firmness level. You can get this strong and solid stability from the Medium Firm one. No obvious sinkage appears when you sit or sleep on the side.

There is some compression in the spot where you’re sitting or sleeping in the Medium Soft version. This proves that those on the heavier side may find this mattress a bit unfit for their needs. However, this should not be a cause for concern for lightweight and average weight individuals. A couple of effects of poor edge support are early sagging and an uneven sleep surface.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer can be an important factor for you. If you sleep with a partner, a sibling, or a pet, you can be awakened by their sudden or frequent movements. And if you are a light sleeper, you may find it hard to doze off again. In the long run, this can affect your sleep quality. Wakefulness can add to your sleep debt.

So again, by default, hybrids have exceptional motion isolation capabilities. The combination of memory foam and spring makes this possible. And with Tomorrow, this is definitely a strong point. There is no motion transfer from movements done shortly and lightly. However, they may be some disturbances if someone gets into the bed while you are asleep. It can wake or wake you up, a case-to-case basis.

But here’s something more surprising. That review is for the Medium Firm version. But with Medium Soft, the impact is even less. There is no motion transfer between the spot where the movements originate and the other side. In this case, Medium Soft is the better bet. Take this into consideration if you are after this particular feature.


Another appeal of the Tomorrow mattresses is the price points. Hybrids are considered the best mattress types. The blend of foam and spring can make them command high prices. On average, they can summon between $1,000 and $3,000. And Tomorrow mattresses are definitely on the lower end. The queen version retails at $990. Some memory foam beds are even more expensive than this.

You’ve considered the quality of the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress. So now you can probably tell if the price is worth paying for. According to some sources, you can avail of financing through Klarna. This is an additional boost for those who want to take advantage of this hybrid mattress. You may also want to check out the other products linked to the bed, such as the Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor.

The quality of the bed is more important than its price tag. And yet, with Tomorrow Sleep, you can rely on the research and development put into it because it’s backed by Serta Simmons Bedding. This company has carved a name in the mattress industry. It’s trusted by many sleepers. The one thing we are to prove is if Tomorrow is able to do just as well, or even better.

Other Factors

We are down to discussing the terms and policies of Tomorrow when it comes to shipping, trials, warranties, and such. As it is a bed-in-a-box brand, it has to offer a risk-free sleep trial. This is a perk expected by customers as they are not able to test out their purchase before clicking the “Buy” button. It’s trial period lasts 365 nights, one of the most generous in the industry.

Shipping is free within the contiguous United States. You can also ask for white glove delivery, where the company will send in people to set up your mattress. But this will set you back $75. Arrival from the time of purchase can take between two and five business days. We recommend you to unbox your mattress within 30 days from delivery. Break-in periods this long aren’t unusual in the business.

You can return the mattress within the trial period if you realize it isn’t the right fit. Pick-up will be shouldered by Tomorrow Sleep, which is a relief. You’ll be given a full refund. But if you used white glove delivery service, the fee associated with it won’t be refunded. Lastly, you have a 10-year warranty to back up your bed if you choose to keep it.

Why You Should Buy A Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress

We recommend this mattress in both its firmness levels to lightweight and average weight sleepers. Heavier folks can rely on its Medium Firm version to leverage its benefits. But as you can see, this works well for all sleeping positions. It is a pretty inclusive option. So investing in it can be a good call.

Its contouring, cooling, and comfort parallel those of high-end hybrid mattresses. The responsiveness you get, especially from the Medium Soft edition, is great for couples and sex. This is enhanced by good edge support and amazing motion isolation. This bed works wonders for light sleepers and sleepers who love to roll toward the edge.

Of course, pick this if you have been dreaming of owning a hybrid mattress. It is one of the more affordable choices. It recovers well. And its maker is backed by one of the best mattress brands in the industry.

Why You Should Not Buy A Sleep Hybrid Mattress

If you sleep hot, avoid the Medium Soft edition. It can let you sink in more deeply, which is good for compression. However, this can also affect your slumber if you sleep hot. The more materials you are in contact with while you snooze, the warmer you can get.

If you live alone, know that this bed will require more than one person to set up. Moving it around can be difficult for just you. So enlist the help of a friend if you insist on buying this one.

The Verdict

So, we have come to the conclusion of our Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review. This is one of the good hybrid bed-in-a-box options we’ve come across. If this ticks many factors off your list, you have something good going on there. If not, then there are other choices that remain.

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At the end of the day, Tomorrow Sleep promises you better sleep. If it has to employ smart technology to make that possible, it would. But don’t miss the forest for the trees. See if it really has what it takes to improve your sleep quality. This is your money and wellness we’re talking about after all. You deserve only the best.

So, is it yay or nay?