Stearns & Foster Mattress Review 2020

Do you look forward to snuggling in bed after a productive day? A restful, around 8-hour sleep is essential to having renewed energy for tomorrow. Lack of shut-eye for a few straight nights can slow down your body. You can even up your risks of falling sick. Think of a machine without charge or a car engine without fuel.

Aside from dealing with sleep disorders, snoozing on a good mattress can contribute to a better night’s rest. One of the long-standing brands in the industry, Stearns & Foster, promises craftsmanship that helps you curate your bedroom. But in this review, we want to explore if it also translates to a comfortable and healthy slumber.

The Stearns & Foster Mattress Review (Unbiased & Updated)

Stearns & Foster is a division of Tempur-Sealy that specializes in hybrid mattresses. It has 4 collections you can choose from to date.

  • The Estate Collection combines layers of standard memory foam, gel memory foam, and polyfoam, the latter containing pocketed coils for support. The spring system is patented by the company while the memory foam is designed by Tempur-Pedic scientists. The models in this collection are the Estate Hurston and Estate Rockwell. 
  • The Lux Estate Collection comes in several firmness options under 2 categories: Standard Luxury Feels and Pillow Top (PT) Feels. Within the latter, the memory foam lies on top of pillow-top memory foam and gel memory foam layers. At the bottom, pocketed coils are enclosed in polyfoam. The model belonging to this collection is the Lux Estate Cassatt.
  • The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection contains 2 standard memory foam layers and one layer of gel memory foam. The support core sports foam-encased pocketed coils. The model, Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock, delivers Standard Luxury Feels. I like the others, it features premium design using upholstery-grade velvet accents, embroidery, and copper air vents.
  • The Reserve Collection comprises one layer of hybrid pillow top foam, followed by one layer gel memory foam, then another pillow top foam, and a base layer of standard memory foam. The support core is made of pocketed coils within polyfoam. The Reserve Hepburn represents this collection.

Construction & Materials

A common feature shared by the models across all Stearns & Foster mattresses is the IntelliCoil HD system. It is a patented coil-in-coil design. Inner coils are nested within external coils to provide strong support to sleepers. They give in more easily to heavier pressure points like the hips and gentle to lightweight areas. Outer coils, on the other hand, increase durability while reinforcing the core springs.

The other material you need to know about is the Indulge Memory Foam. This layer is crafted using Advanced Adapt Foam. It typically offers a more plush experience to ensure comfort. It also scores high in responsiveness and recovery. Responsiveness refers to how quickly the mattress adapts to pressure changes. If it’s slow, it will stay indented after you switched positions. Faster is better if you often shift sides.

Moreover, its PrecisionEdge System improves edge support, so nobody rolls over to the floor even if they tend to sleep near the perimeter. S&F Air Vents are also present across all the brand’s designs. As its name suggests, this feature enhances breathability within the mattress. These copper-infused vents allow the hybrid mattresses to absorb heat and sleep cool. 

Speaking of cooling properties, the PrimaCool Elite gel memory foam delivers more temperature regulation for greater comfort. This performance is reinforced by the cover, which carries the PrimaCool LuxStretch Performance fabric with Tencel. Tencel is a fabric derived from botanicals leveraged for its soft and gentle qualities. It’s also highly breathable.

Lastly, for this factor to consider, the hybrid pillow top found in the Reserve Collection is composed of thousands of nano coils, which prevent the typical sagging pillow tops are known for.

Firmness & Feel

There is a corresponding firmness for each Stearns & Foster mattress. However, the company does not display a figure corresponding to firmness. You would usually encounter a brand’s definition of what Medium or Medium Firm is, e.g. 5.5 or 6, respectively. So to get an idea, we are going to use estimate levels on the 1 to 10 Firmness Scale.

Below is a breakdown of the Firmness Level. 

Estate Collection

  • Estate Hurston – Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush (Standard Luxury Feels) & PT Firm, PT Plush (Pillow Top Luxury Feels)
  • Estate Rockwell – Firm, Plush, Ultra Firm (Standard Luxury Feels) & PT Firm, PT Plush (Pillow Top Luxury Feels)

Lux Estate Collection

  • Lux Estate Cassatt – Firm, Plush, Ultra Firm (Standard Luxury Feels) & PT Firm, PT Plush, PT Ultra Plush (Pillow Top Luxury Feels)

Lux Estate Hybrid

  • Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock – Cushion Firm, Plush, Ultra Plush (Standard Luxury Feels) 

Reserve Collection

  • Reserve Hepburn – Firm, Plush (Standard Luxury Feels) & PT Plush (Pillow Top Luxury Feels)


1 to 10 Firmness Scale
(1 is soft and 10 is firm)

  • Standard Luxury Feels

-Ultra Firm – 9 to 10
-Firm – 7 to 8
-Cushion Firm – 5 to 6
-Plush – 3 to 4
-Ultra Plush – 1 to 2

  • Pillow Top Luxury Feels

-PT Firm – 5 to 6
-PT Plush – 3 to 4
-PT Ultra Plush – 1 to 2

Next, are the features we analyzed to support our estimates. This reference was taken by Tuck!

Estate14″ to 15 1/2″Pocketed CoilsMemory FoamGel Memory FoamStretch-knit Tencel® lyocell Blend
Lux Estate14″ to 16 1/2″Pocketed CoilsMemory foam pillow Top LayerStretch-knit Tencel® lyocell Blend
Lux Hybrid13 1/2″ to 15″Pocketed CoilsMemory FoamGel Memory FoamStretch-knit Tencel® lyocell Blend
Reserve16″ to 17″Pocketed CoilsMemory FoamGel Memory FoamHybrid and Standard Pillow Top LayersStretch-knit Tencel® lyocell Blend

Because the information is not readily available, we are assigning the brand only 3.5 stars.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is the transfer of movement from one area to another in a mattress surface. Innerspring mattresses from yesteryears are very poor at reducing this event. You would usually find open coils in them. However, more advanced systems have been developed for better performance. The pocketed coil system is an example. Offset coil system is another. The ones in the Stearns & Foster models are pocketed coils.

Hybrid mattresses do not often isolate motion well. They are no different from all-foam beds in this regard. But the hybrid designs from all 4 collections are performing above average. They reduce motion transfer significantly. In part, this is due to the sophisticated coil system at the base/support core layer. But it is also the thick layers of comfort foam that set them apart.

These mattresses get our seal of approval under this section. We recommend it to couples who tend to awaken from slight movements at night. It is also ideal for small or growing families who need to accommodate youngsters and parents in one bed. If you’re on the heavy side, you might also appreciate this feature in any of the harder Stearns & Foster models.

Together with their high responsiveness capability, couples can further enjoy this bed for sex.


The PrimaCool Elite gel memory foam has cooling properties and promises to wick heat away from the body. On top of that, literally, is the PrimaCool LuxStretch Performance fabric with Tencel serving as a cover. It is not just meant to endure the wear and tear of bed ownership. It also increases airflow to help you sleep cool.

Some users, however, find it to sleep hot. This is quite expected. Usually, hybrid mattresses score well when it comes to temperature neutrality. But the Stearns & Foster mattresses also contain thick foam layers. This is where the performance can get compromised. If you don’t sleep hot, you better select a firmer model to keep you lifted. Sinking gets you in close contact with the foam layers, which may feel warm.

Given these considerations, we are giving the beds to review a collective cooling rating of 3.5 stars. It’s not that they’re not cool enough. But the company is yet to nail the perfect balance of cooling and thickness. This is not to say that its gel memory foam and other temperature-neutralizing materials are substandard. They’re on par with other hybrid mattresses. But they’re not just one of the best.

Edge Support & Sinkage

We have already mentioned the PrecisionEdge System feature earlier. It works hard to keep you from falling off the bed while snoozing or even dreaming. But what is it exactly? It is a high-density border that provides you with strong perimeter support. It all has to do with the outer coil system we have also touched on above.

It has the capability to support heavy pressure exerted on the edge of the bed. You can sit on the border of the bed while tying your shoes, looking out the window upon waking or playing with the kids. There’s no need to be worried about the area giving in, sagging, or deteriorating. It is flexible and durable.

Hybrid mattresses typically win in this regard. The blend of innerspring system and foam layers make them strong contenders in this context. Yet, there are also honorable mentions. As it’s often said, give credit to whom it’s due. This is why the brand earns a high score from us this time. We believe this is the strength of Stearns & Foster mattress models. 

While its beds lift rather than sink, the edge support is really strong to cancel out fair sinkage performance.


Stearns & Foster traces its origin from over a century ago. It’s one of your traditional mattress providers. While this sounds like a disadvantage, it works for the brand. Even in the era of bed-in-a-box online mattresses, brick-and-mortar bed stores still command a good portion of the market. Their names are trusted and performance, proven. This is especially true for Stearns & Foster.

That said, the company has “earned” the price points it dishes out to the market. We won’t lie. They’re pretty high. And you’re paying more for the brand and craftsmanship than anything else. Following is a sample pricing for the Queen versions of the models across 4 collections.

  • Estate Hurston – $1,499
  • Estate Rockwell – $1,799
  • Lux Estate Cassatt – $2,299
  • Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock – $2,799
  • Reserve Hepburn – $3,999

The Estate Collection models both carry entry-level prices. You may buy them in the company’s brick-and-mortar stores, as well as partner outlets. Online, the beds are available on Amazon.

Obviously, if your budget is under $1,000, you should be looking at other options. 

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Other Factors

One of the most common customer complaints is the heaviness of the mattresses. A Queen model can weigh between 70 and 150 pounds, making it hard to carry and move around. If you’re the type who rotates the bed out of habit to enhance the firmness, this may sound a lot of load for you. 

When you purchase one from the store, it will be delivered to you as is. You’ll have to ask the delivery persons to take it to the place where you need it to be. It’s not as convenient as those beds in boxes to set up. Shipping charges depend on the physical store. On the other hand, Amazon delivers free of charge.

Moreover, all Stearns & Foster mattresses are subject to a 10-year limited warranty. As we said, they’re all thick. Make sure to put them on a firm,solid-surface, non-spring foundation, or adjustable bed base. One bit of good news is that select purchases come with free box spring from the brand.

Last but not least, you may want to know: How long does a Stearns & Foster mattress last? Some users report early sagging and deterioration. Durability is another quality the company is yet to deliver consistently.

Why You Should Buy A Stearns & Foster Mattress

People who are on the lookout for a thick hybrid mattress with multiple firmness options should check it out.

Go for it if you want a responsive, motion-reducing mattress with strong edge support.

Those who want a specific design or style for their bedroom may consider it. The designs from each collection are created in a way that covering them up or not is okay.

Why You Should Not Buy A Stearns & Foster Mattress

A Stearns & Foster mattress is not for you if your budget is below $1,000.

Skip the collections, too, if you’re looking for just the right thickness and weight. Your current foundation or bed base may not be able to handle it. You’ll damage both items in a flash if you’re not careful.

Also, pick carefully if you are after the brand. Stearns & Foster may have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t exempt them from disclosing specifications, such as the materials they’re using in each model.

The Verdict

As much as we’re ready to back a mattress with strong edge support, excellent response, and multiple firmness options, we cannot ultimately decide whether we’d buy a Stearns & Foster mattress ourselves. These days, it is important to tell consumers what exactly is inside their mattress. If a brand has all the certifications to elevate its status, it should brandish them. 

The durability is also yet to be decided. There are more complaints than praises regarding this capability. Still, we admit Stearns & Foster is a good, enduring brand. And for that, you should give it a chance. Analyze how well it fares using our guide.

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Stearns & Foster Mattress Review
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