Spindle Mattress Review 2020

Spindle Mattress

Many are the mattresses that come in a box. But few are those that trace their origins four generations back in the business of making beds. Actually, this description fits only one company: Spindle. 

The brand specializing in creating the Spindle Mattress, a latex offering in a sea of memory foam/mixed-foam models, has its founder grew up in a family exposed to manufacturing mattresses. This somehow makes the company old-fashioned–meaning, it doesn’t jump into the next best trend in a heartbeat. Instead, it is stable and dependable in providing sleep solutions, even if it leads customers to buy somewhere else.

It focuses on providing you with natural latex mattresses, which have a “mellow” feel. This type is dubbed as the mattress maker’s mattress. If you are looking for an option containing this particular material, you are surely in for some interesting features and benefits.

Before you click that Buy button, make sure you understand what value are you going to get. We want to tell you from the outset that latex mattresses are some of the more expensive choices out there. Spindle sells them for less than average, so it’s also important to know if you’re going to get the best value for less. Why don’t we get started?

Spindle Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

Okay, natural latex. What’s the deal with it? Latex is a typical fixture in all-foam beds. In some cases, it also acts as a top layer for innerspring and hybrids. Spindle uses latex in all of its three layers. They can be arranged in different ways to deliver a certain feel (more on firmness later).

So latex is highly customizable. You can also flip it to yield a firmer feel, as the bottom is denser. The Dunlop processing technique makes this possible. Rubber tree sap is extracted, poured into a mold, and sealed into the foam material we know. The sediments settle at the bottom, resulting in the denser bottom.

There are three layers of this natural Dunlop latex that fit into your bed. These may vary in firmness, which Spindle will help you determine. Then, you will receive your combination and arrange it as recommended. You can also adjust it any way you want, maybe several times, to get what you desire throughout the trial period.

In other words, you are getting an all-latex foam. The material is certified by OEKO-TEX and Rainforest Alliance, so you’re sure it’s good for you and Mother Earth.

Firmness & Feel

Here comes the customization part. The Spindle Mattress comes in four firmness options: Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Firm, and Firm. As we said, you get to arrange the layers yourself. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one or the other, following the suggested order of the latex foam layers.

If you go for Medium, which is a good start for many sleepers, you will receive 2 Medium and 1 Firm latex foams. You can then organize it Medium, Medium, and then Firm. This is how mixed-foam models usually do it, too. The comfort layer is on top, followed by the transition layer. The support layer lies at the bottom to give the bed its stability and structure.

The company says there are 24 ways to arrange the mattress in Medium. But most people end up with only 2 to 3 feels. 

If you want Firm, you will have to place the Firm foam in the middle. This order yields some cushioning but with the support brought up near the surface. It’s like when a high-density polyfoam pushes back near the comfort foam. Or it is thick enough to deliver that firm feel.

In the end, there are four firmness categories by which you can determine if a Spindle Mattress satisfies your needs and wants.


Latex foams are known to sleep cooler than other types of foam. This is due to the open cell structure sported by latex foams. They contain pinholes through which the air flows in and out, allowing for better ventilation. Meanwhile, traditional memory foams are notorious for trapping heat. These days, more memory foam types adopt an open cell structure to facilitate airflow.

Given how latex works in this regard, Spindle Mattress is actually a reliable model. You can feel more cooling comfort through this bed. One reason is because of the Dunlop latex that does not retain heat as much as memory foam does. The quicker response may not allow for close conformity. But it means it dissipates heat faster, preventing you from sweating the bed.

It may seem, however, that Spindle is being safe by advising those who sleep hot to find something else. It may be a mechanism to save its reputation from being ruined if the bed sleeps warm. We think, though, that there is much to work around. And that breathability is reinforced when you get that lifted feel, instead of the sink-in feel.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Edge Support is needed by individuals who like snoozing on the edge of the bed. This is for support and stability at the perimeter. If you are this kind of sleeper, you may also like the added benefit of having a wider surface area to use if the perimeter doesn’t sag when pressure or weight is put on it. This is especially helpful if you’re sharing the bed with someone.

Unfortunately, the Spindle Mattress has only fair edge support. There is not much to expect from this natural latex mattress as all-foam models perform more or less the same way in this regard. They have little to no perimeter reinforcement, a common feature in innerspring and hybrid mattresses. You’re better off buying either if this is an essential factor for you.

Couples who don’t want to fight for the central zone should consider something else, too. Without good edge support, your bed can sag at the sides when you sit or lie down on them frequently. This sagging can happen prematurely, shortening the lifespan of your mattress. You will have to deal with the feeling of falling off the floor whenever you drift off. This may affect your sleep quality.

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Motion Transfer

For those with a bed partner–a partner, a child, a sibling, or a pet–the issue of feeling the movements of the other from their side of the mattress to yours can be persistent. It is a big issue if you sleep lightly and get interrupted by such motion throughout the night. You won’t want to be bothered by the wakefulness of the other person–no matter how much you love them.

Now that you know the basic definition of motion transfer, you should know about motion isolation. This is the ability of the mattress to contain or insulate movements. So if your partner moves a lot in their sleep, their motion will only get transferred minimally. In some cases, there is no motion transfer at all. But this is not a strong point for all-foam beds, including the Spindle Mattress.

Your best chance to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep is getting a hybrid mattress. This type can have you snoozing without disruption because of the pocketed coils found beneath the foam layers. As for Spindle, you may get minimal motion isolation. But it’s nothing to write home about. You can go for it if this factor doesn’t affect your sleep quality, which is another thing worth considering.


We already mentioned how the Spindle Mattress differs from most latex foam models out there. It is categorized as an affordable luxury. Meaning, it uses premium-quality materials while retailing at a less expensive price than what you would expect to pay for having that kind of material in your mattress. bed-in-a-box models usually belong to this category, whether they are all-foam or hybrid.

Now the regular price for the queen-size Spindle Mattress is actually $3,099. We wouldn’t call this affordable by the typical bed-in-a-box standard. But considering that some latex foam mattresses can go upward of $5,000, it is within the competitive range. Make sure to also stay tuned for discounts, as Spindle is generous about giving them. For instance, you can get the same queen-size version for only $1,499.99 during its Labor Day Sale.

Checking out its availability on online marketplaces, such as Amazon, can yield a more affordable shopping experience. You just have to make sure that the customer-centric policies of the company are honored there. It will be so if you buy from the store’s page on these sites.

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Other Factors

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to understand what the policies of a company are for returns, warranties, etc. So in the case of Spindle Mattress, you can look at the terms it states to guarantee that your needs as an online shopper are met and your rights are protected. After all, it clearly states that its mission is to find your perfect mattress match.

Yes, the company even says that it will recommend a different brand and model if it has to. So, that provides you with some kind of relief. But how does it hold up in terms of execution? As for shipping, the free edition is only available within the continental United States, specifically the lower 48 states. It also excludes U.S. Military APO/FPO addresses and PO Boxes.

There is a 365-day trial that comes with your all-latex mattress purchase. This is one of the longest and best in the industry–the most generous, too. If you decide it doesn’t give you your desired comfort, Spindle Mattress says it will refund your money in full. That is for as long as you donate your bed to a charity. 

If you don’t return it, you can benefit from the Comfort Life Program which helps you save 30% on replacement layers. The product is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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Why You Should Buy A Spindle Mattress

If you want a mattress whose comfort and feel you can customize, this is definitely a must-buy for you. The many ways you can order the latex layers can let you explore which firmness is the right fit for you. You will just have to be patient about it.

Those who are also working on a budget under $5,000 can check out this all-latex mattress option to get the best value for their money. The spindle can give you the best offering among latex mattresses because it uses premium materials and has customer-centric policies.

That last bit leads to our last point being the company having a very hands-on approach in dealing with customers. The spindle will work with you as you try to experiment on the mattress firmness. It will allow multiple returns and exchanges if needed. Its sleep trial is one of the best, longest, and most generous versions in the industry. Pick it if customer loyalty is your thing.

Why You Should Not Buy A Spindle Mattress

Don’t buy this mattress if edge support is essential to your sleep quality. This is for those who sleep toward the edge of the bed, as well as couples who want a bigger sleeping surface. You are better off buying a hybrid mattress in this case.

If you are also particular about motion isolation, this is not the choice you want to make. It has minimal motion isolation capabilities, not guaranteeing that you will not be interrupted by the movements of your bed partner at night. Light sleepers can do better with a hybrid once again.

Lastly, if you are impatient or don’t have the time and energy to arrange the materials of your mattress, then skip this. This is like a do-it-yourself project which you have to build from the ground up. The latex layers will be shipped in the box. Then you will put them together and zip into their cover yourself.

The Verdict

Now you have read about the pros and cons of buying a Spindle Mattress. It is an affordable latex mattress with premium-quality materials and helpful customer policies to boot. If you have the money to purchase it, we won’t stop you. You are now well-informed to make a smart decision about it.

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