Sleep on Latex Pure Green Mattress Review 2020

Sleep on Latex Pure Green Mattress

What do you find in a top-quality latex foam? And, in the case of Sleep on Latex, how do you find it? This quest brought the brand’s founder to the other side of the world–in Sri Lanka.

In this country, the natural rubber industry is well-established with a global reach. This inspired and drove Karl Shevick to develop the company’s signature Pure Green Latex Foam with a Sri Lankan factory.

This effort has since expanded to offer not just latex mattresses but also latex mattress accessories in the United States. Our Sleep on Latex Pure Green review aims to uncover what’s inside the mattress.

Plus what process it goes through before it gets delivered to your doorstep. Stick with us if you want to learn more about the brand and the product.

Sleep on Latex Pure Green Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

Three natural materials are found in this model: natural latex foam, organic cotton, and organic wool. These are put together to maximize their benefits. The main foam layers comprise of the latex foam. At 2 inches, the comfort layer is soft and conforming, alleviating your pressure points as you snooze. The base is 6 inches thick. Support and comfort are their main job.

The natural latex foams used in this bed are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard and eco institute. Their raw material is rubber, sourced from rubber trees grown in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Thailand. Latex derived from this source is natural. No fillers or synthetic latex is added to achieve the comfort, support, and durability it produces. Wool batting is laid on the top comfort layer to regulate temperature.

Also, wool is known to be inherently fire-resistant. So it protects the mattress while also keeping you cool in your slumber. This material passes federal flammability requirements. What comes in contact with your body is this design’s organic cotton knit face. This organic cover is soft and flexible, tailor-fit to the product specifications. An organic cotton quilt backing is found at the base to hold the face together.

Both organic cotton and wool are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means the cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Its manufacturing process takes place in certified organic factories. Meanwhile, the wool comes from certified organic farms in New Zealand. While the latex is processed in Sri Lanka, the mattresses are assembled in Sleep on Latex’ Niles, Illinois-based factory.

Firmness & Feel

Usually, firmness is determined by a scale ranging from 1 to 10–1 is softest and 10 is firmest. Some companies, however, create their own scale. As for Sleep on Latex, it provides 3 firmness options to accommodate all sleeper types. It simply classifies them as Soft, Medium, and Firm.

The Soft Feel is designed for side sleepers. The plush surface allows their shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress. In turn, this feature relieves their pressure points. The softness is also responsible for the spine to rest in its natural alignment. But side sleepers who may want a firmer bed can move on to the Medium feel.

The Medium firmness is not just good for this group of side sleepers. It’s also ideal for back sleepers. You can already pick up some hard feelings when you hit the sack. Still, it is not too firm or soft–a good kind of comfortable. As with many other models, Medium is the bestselling firmness choice among the 3.

The Firm feel yields a supportive firm surface as its name suggests. It’s strong but not without any give, so you won’t feel like sleeping on a rock. It eliminates pressure points and benefits stomach and back sleepers the most.


Temperature regulation is due to the organic wool batting found between the comfort layer and the cotton knit cover. It has cooling properties that keep you comfortable as you lay in bed at night. This means it retains less body heat, which tends to be trapped at the surface of the bed. 

But how does wool do it? The fibers in the wool allow air to circulate, enabling it to react to your body temperature. This is why it is also used in coats used in winter. It can keep your body warm when it’s cold and keep it cool when it’s hot. It follows that the wool batting in the Sleep on Latex mattress works similarly.

Since latex tends to sleep hot, this effect is somewhat average. Still, it performs all right to be given the grade of 3.5.

Edge Support & Sinkage

One inherent weakness of all-foam designs is the lack of edge support. If it exists, it is weak and still vulnerable to premature sagging. Without proper perimeter stability and strength, the bed will start to feel uneven when daily wear and tear takes over.

Another thing, you won’t feel supported when you’re the type who sleeps on the edge. You might even roll back toward the middle zone. It’s the same case for your partner if you’re sharing the space. You will hog and fight for the center spot, which can be sweet for couples. But sometimes, you also want to take up space you can call your own.  

We’re sad to say that the edge support in the Sleep on Latex Pure Green Mattress is not good. We’re assigning it a middle score because not all sleepers are particular about this feature. For some, it might not be an issue at all. However, we advise that you don’t take it for granted.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to the transfer of motion from one part of the bed to another. It happens when one sleeper shifts positions or moves slightly on the bed. The movement sends quakes, big or small, through the bottom all the way to the top layers. It is then felt like a disturbance by the other sleeper. If the latter dozes off lightly, his or her sleep will be interrupted.

This is why motion transfer is an important factor to consider. We always make it a point to provide you with a transparent score in this regard. Even if you are not a light sleeper, you might find it quite annoying to feel the motion produced by your bed partner. It is actually not a happy feeling. At the same time, it can be quite distracting during sexytime.

Three stars are all we can give this Sleep on Latex bed because it tends to transfer motion. This is typical of all-foams, as well as innerspring. And sometimes, the best solution is to get a hybrid. But it’s something that you can compromise on if you are after a latex mattress.


Latex mattresses belong to the more expensive types of mattress. They can command even higher prices when the materials are natural and organic. But thanks to the founders’ vision for Sleep on Latex, it’s signature model is a premium bed offered at affordable prices.

Here is the mattress’ price breakdown per size:

  • Twin Low Profile – $575
  • Twin Standard – $595
  • Twin XL Low Profile – $625
  • Twin XL Standard – $645
  • Full Low Profile – $745
  • Full Standard – $775
  • Full XL Low Profile – $775
  • Full XL Standard – $795
  • Queen Low Profile – $775
  • Queen Standard – $795
  • King Low Profile – $1,095
  • King Standard – $1,395
  • Cal King Low Profile – $1,095
  • Cal King Standard – $1,395

Other Factors

Last but not least, it’s time we discuss the terms you usually find in the fine print. It is often overlooked by mattress buyers when they’re in the thick of shopping. We want our readers to be wary about these incentives, or the lack of them, whenever they feel ready to click the ‘Buy’ button.

Shipping comes first as this is a pretty common feature nowadays. Sleep on Latex offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. It also indicates that it’s same-day shipping, so you can expect your bed to arrive within one or few days. Same-day shipping means all orders are shipped out at 3 p.m. CST on each business day.

There is no need to request for mattress setup because this one doesn’t require it. Just take it out of the box and wait for it to decompress It comes with a 100-night sleep trial to help you adjust to the bed before making a full commitment to own and sleep on it. 

A no-questions-asked return policy also applies, so it’s all fuss-free. You just have to request the return within the trial period to be fair. Should you decide to keep it, know that your bed is backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Why You Should Buy A Sleep on Latex Mattress

Are you big on customization? Because Sleep on Latex is big on customization. It not only offers multiple firmness options and sizes, but it also gives you thickness options for each size. You may have noticed this from the pricing we provided (i.e., Low Profile and Standard). This is great for all sleeper types actually. If weight is your concern, you can go for a thick and firm queen.

Back pain sufferers, take note. The conforming and pressure relief properties of this mattress is also on par with those of premium-quality latex mattresses. The latex is made to be comfortable, even during those days when synthetic or blended ones still ruled. Now that you have natural and organic in the options, it hasn’t lost its magic in this regard. 

Budget-conscious yet particular about quality? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Pure Green Foam Mattress is not just eco-friendly. It is certified organic and natural. It uses latex. All of these reasons are enough for the company to charge you as high as $1,500 for a Queen. But its most expensive versions are the King and Cal King in Standard. And these retail at $1,395.

Why You Should Not Buy A Sleep on Latex Mattress

If edge support really matters to you, then this bed is not for you. Maybe your kids love to jump up and down the mattress. Or you like sitting on the edge when you’re tying your shoelaces. Or you’re a combo sleeper who rolls over to the perimeter as you snooze. All of these may cause premature sagging, which is a legitimate concern when it comes to your household’s habits.

Do you sleep hot? This bed may sleep warm. Although it’s wool batting can regulate temperature, it cannot do the job alone. And as far as we know, the latex used here is not indicated as Talalay, the more breathable latex type. You may opt to buy this and bring the AC temperature down. But that won’t guarantee that the bed will wick away your body heat.

If you’re tall and heavy, you might still find the 9 inches (Standard) thickness to be too small for your needs. It won’t be easy to get in and out of the bed for you. It’s better to look for an alternative. The 7-inch version may not also appeal to many sleepers because it’s too low. Again, the issue here is the ease of getting in and out of bed.

The Verdict

As we progressed through our Sleep on Latex review, we were quite impressed by this mattress’ ability to use high-quality materials while also maintaining affordability. The foams are certified natural and the cotton and wool fabrics are certified organic. You have an eco-friendly mattress as a result, which should command a high price. For this reason, we really recommend this to eco-conscious buyers.

However, the jury is still out when it comes to the founder’s claim that the company’s Pure Green Foam is the best latex foam. You’ll have to compare and contrast all the latex foams out there. And while we’re not saying it’s a pure marketing gimmick, it’s also not 100% verifiable. We are also not discrediting Sri Lankan latex. In fact, we’re also impressed by it. 

But at the end of the day, the construction and materials are not the only factors to consider here. We’re committed to giving you unbiased and updated mattress reviews. For that, we believe the final rating we’re assigning this mattress model is just and fair.

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