Sleep Number Bed Review 2020

Sleep number bed review

Sleep number bed is the latest innovation in design and construction of smart bed for your family at home. It is adjustable. It is scalable. It has the most comfortably designed mattress. It is strong and durable. It gives you the most relaxing moments during resting and sleeping. It lets you stretch your body easily. It flows with your body movement. It wraps around your body‘s contours. It has the sensitiveness to provide warmth and cooling effects to your body exactly where and when they are needed. Well, these are the things I have personally experienced with the Sleep Number bed so far.

Customized bed from Sleep Number is available in various sizes and styles. The brand offers you twin, twin long, full, double, queen, and many versions of king size. You can choose anyone depending on your family and bedroom size.

The construction of the Sleep Number bed is the most elegantly created part. It has depth, softness, firmness, dimension, load-bearing capacity, and the elite class aesthetic appearance. You can use it not only as a sleeping platform but also as décor furniture to match with your room architecture and interior designs.

Sleep Number Bed Review – My Personal Experience

Sleep number bed


I feel the contentment of writing about how Sleep Number transformed my sleeping and working routines. There is no magic. It is pure physics and chemistry in action to influence the physiology and psychology of my resting and sleeping patterns.


By writing, I contribute something to those who are still searching for the perfect bed to heal their insomnia and health problems. I can share my experience of how I benefited practically from Sleep Number bed.

Sleep Number Bed – Design and Construction


The Sleep Number bed has eight layers of foam pattern stacked over each other. Every layer is designed for a unique purpose. The firmness of the bottom layer is the highest. It has a modular base with strong legs, deck panels, side rails, and supports beams. The panels slide into position for the perfect snugly fitment. The panels have many air circulation holes to allow the bed to breathe. They ensure complete oxygenation and removal of contaminated air.

The head frame seems to be carved to accommodate the bed with its mattress and accessories. The bed based and the structure has precision alignment. Once they are assembled, you can use the coverlet to cover the bed and place the mattress on top. Pillows, sheets, and few more accessories should make your bed complete in all the aspects of design.

Texture of sleep number- Sleep number bed review


The Sleep Number mattress has the strong base with firmness control system. It allows you to vary the parameter according to your specific requirement. Many models of Sleep Number allow you to connect it to the left and right parts of the mattress just beneath the foam pads. Then you can install the air chambers, topper pad, foam border, base pad, foam comfort layer, and mattress top. Often you may wonder why Sleep Number bed is so complex in construction. You will understand the need for every part (as I did) when you read ahead from here.

Firmness Control

Firmness control system is a digital box with two hoses connected to it. The other ends can be connected to the two air chambers on the left and right sides. Many styles of Sleep Number beds may have only one air chamber. The firmness control will also be designed similarly. You don’t find any problems in connecting the two with each other. The system offers a remote through which you can control the firmness according to the software setting on the app. The firmness is always set in numbers. So, you can know which number corresponds to the specific level of firmness

Sleep Number Mattress– Anatomy of Perfection

Sleep number mattress review

Mattress Cover

It is the base of the mattress which comes into contact with the bed platform. It has the two openings for connecting the firmness control hose pipes. The cover has a zipper which opens up the cover top.

Foam Base Pad

It is the first bottom layer within the Sleep Number bed mattress cover. The soft side is always down. It takes the load of your body and distributes along the width and length of the mattress. It is also responsible for absorbing stress, fatigue, and other negative vibrations from your body while you sleep.

Air Chamber

Air chamber is the layer above foam pad. It is possible to inflate or deflate it using the air pressure blowing from the firmness control system. Some of the Sleep Number mattresses will have two such chambers, while the others have only one.

Foam Comfort Layer

It covers the critical part of your Sleep Number mattress. It gives support to your body by applying reverse pressure towards the top. At the same time, it absorbs the stress, fatigue, heat, and other negative elements from your body. In fact, it is the medium through which your body and mind get complete comfort.

Border Wrap

It is the exterior protection for the entire Sleep Number mattress. It is waterproof, firm, soft, hygienic, and provides the modernist aesthetic finishing to the Sleep Number mattress.

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Sleep Number Bed – Remote Settings

sleep number bed remote review

The Sleep Number has a remote control for adjusting many of the variable parameters associated with it. It has a setting button at the top, side button, firmness increase/decrease buttons, and a menu select button. It also has a display to show you the values of various settings. You can lie down on the bed, check the settings physically, and then change them using the remote controller. It’s almost like space-age technology working for you to enable healthy sleep and healed body and mind.

Sleep Number Bed – The Inner Workings

Firmness Control System

Sleep number bed firmness

The firmness controller is an external object for the Sleep Number which can connect to the air chambers. It can pump or suck out air from the chamber depending on the UP and DOWN button you press for firmness changes. The volume of air and its pressure also determine the dynamic tensile strength of the Sleep Number bed and the pressure resistance to the load from your body. You can use the remote controller to change the other related parameters also. Once the setting is according to the physiology of your body, it is possible to enjoy the healing benefits of Sleep Number bed completely.

Air Chamber

Air chamber of Sleep Number is designed for ultimate performance to provide comfort to your body. The firmness factor controls the extent to which you can flex and turn on the mattress. I have used it to provide relief to the pressure points on my body when it gets stressed out. The stress absorption rate of the mattress depends on the settings you make here. Initially, you may not know how to set the values. It is natural. The best way is to measure the level of comfort you experience with your body’s response. Turn and toss on the mattress as much as you want. Count the time for finding the best posture. The moment you hit that point, it is the best setting you can make for your body.

Of course it keeps changing with the season, room temperature, humidity, physical stress intensity, fatigue level, etc. That is the reason for making the air chamber construction so flexible. The other important benefit of the air chamber is its heat absorbing capacity. It can also provide warmth to your legs by moderately increasing the temperature in that zone. The combination of upper body cooling and lower body warming induces the healthiest sleep cycle you have ever experienced.

Foam Base Pad

Functionality of foam base pad is to provide firm support to the air chamber. It can also absorb the shocks from your body which gets transferred through to the chamber. It flexes as you move around over the bed during your sleep cycles. It has indirect contact with the joints, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues of your body. It can transfer the stress, heat, and fatigue to the bottom layers of the mattress without itself undergoing any dimensional changes.

Once you start using the mattress, your body will resist the pressure exerted by the pad. So, you may feel like turning over to every possible imaginable posture. Surprisingly, you will find the best support from the pad, for every posture. So, it is your task to find out which is the most comfortable posture that decreases the time to enter the deep sleeping phase.

Sleep Number foam

Foam Comfort Pad

It is the layer which comes directly in contact with your body beneath the mattress cover top. As you can see, it has a layered structure. In fact, it is like a number of waves woven in a specific pattern. The center of comfort pad has many circular structures which almost resemble the landing spot of UFO flying saucers. Initially, I didn’t understand why it was designed so. But once I lied down on the mattress, I could experience the firm grip beneath my lower back and hips. No matter which way I turned and changed my head position, I could feel that grip. Soon I discovered the secret behind this construction. It is meant for relieving the stress from the lower back and hips region.

Having an obese body, it is natural for me to experience stress and pain in the lower back and hip region every day. Previously, I had tried many other methods of hot water shower, oil massage, and other sprays. All of them worked well. But the relief was only temporary. The pain and tingling sensation would return after an hour. But the Sleep Number comfort gave me the perfect support. I was able to experience a considerable reduction in lower back and hip pain within a few weeks. 

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The other problem for which I got the solution is my joint pain. No, I don’t have arthritis problem. But my joints pained a lot during the late evenings. The most affected parts were my knees. Somehow I had got used to the pain. But my experience with the Sleep Number bed changed it completely. Even now I get joint pain during the day. But its intensity has decreased considerably. My body has become more flexible than ever before.

Sleep Number Bed – The Healing Factors

Insomnia Healing

Insomnia healing- Sleep number bed review

The human body is supposed to sleep for six to eight hours a day for a healthy life. It should happen at a stretch and not like cat naps. But many of us find ourselves sleepless over the bed and sleepy in our office chambers. It is due to the state of insomnia induced by excess stress and fatigue. I used to work like a machine after six in the evening till about 10 in the night. Then I would down a couple of Martini, swallow some food, and hit the bed. I used to wake up around 2 in the morning. The torture of insomnia replaced the thinning effect of martini. I thought of a sleeping pill, but my wife strictly said no.

Today, I don’t need the martini or the pill to get 7 hours of peaceful sleep after we switched over to Sleep Number bed. That really made me study the “thing called insomnia” in depth. Unless it is a genetic problem which it is not, it can be cured by changing foods, habits, and lifestyle. The bed you choose to sleep is the most critical component of altering your lifestyle. It is simply because of the deep sleep your body gets and the healing processes that happen during this period.

Sleep Number bed construction can relieve the stress from every limb, node, muscle, joint, and tissue as well the cell in your body. The brain gets the relaxation signals from the body and reciprocates with the release of sleep signals to its sleep-inducing neurons. These signals get transmitted to every part of the body. Soon, the conscious parts of body shut down. The unconscious parts of the body get extra activation. Insomnia will be a thing of memory.

Hypertension Healing

Deepest frustration feelings in our subconscious mind, physical stress, improper diet, and lack of workout can push our body towards hypertension. Many of us have felt it come and go at times. Palpitation, breathlessness, and a constant feeling of fatigue have always plagued us. We have tried many known and unknown methods to overcome these issues. But we always felt short of our goals.

If you feel you are one among us, the Sleep Number bed is just for you. It is due to the structure and function of the air chamber, comfort pad, and the base pad. Absorption of excess body heat makes it cool down to normal temperature.

The second best aspect is the warming of legs. It is a wonderful technique which naturally controls and manages the circulation rate and pressure. You can experience best results when your feet and heels get healed just before sleep. It gives you the most comforting feeling and relaxation to the entire body.

Cardiovascular Healing

The volume of oxygen consumption by the body is directly proportional to the health of the cardiovascular system. The deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you get and the better the circulation your body gets. But most of our breathing cycles are short. Smoking and pollution further shorten them. The only time to increase its depth is during sleep. The Sleep Number bed has the perfect design and construction to transform our shallow breathing cycles into deep cycles within two weeks.

I have practically experienced it. I smoke a lot during the day to keep my stress away. But I see my dependence on nicotine reducing consistently after I changed over to Sleep Number bed. I haven’t stopped smoking or consuming martini. But I don’t use them as crutches to come out of stress and get into sleep. My heart rate has improved and its health stabilized.

Final Thoughts

I have got very good impressions from Sleep Number bed so far. The most important part is the restoration of my working, resting, eating, relaxing, playing, and, sleeping schedule. My productivity has certainly increased.

Efficient metabolism is one of the biggest gifts I got from the Sleep Number bed. I am free from constipation, acid refluxes, and many indigestion problems. Of course, I do drink a lot of water to make it happen. I don’t doze off during my office hours, because my mind and body keep me active.

There’s one more thing I wanted to share before I forget. The Sleep Number bed is very simple to assemble. You can use the DIY procedure by just reading through the user manual. It takes about an hour of time. It is designed for complete safety and protection from infectious elements of all sorts. Cleaning and maintenance are simple to perform.