Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review in 2020

Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress

After a fully functional day, it is natural for your body and mind to experience loads of stress and fatigue. Having a hot shower only relaxes you to a certain extent. A perfect meal can bring some solace to the famished body.

The ultimate experience of comfort, stress elimination, and fatigue reduction can happen only when you stretch your body on the perfect mattress and slip into a state of dreamless (Of course, no nightmares also!) sleep.

The state of your body and mind on the next day morning will be so fresh and energetic that you can start the day early. Your efficiency levels hit the peak and you can have a contented day. You can expect this cycle to continue week after week with no downtime!

What I narrated just now may look like a sequence from a typical brand promotion ad, which aims to take you the unbelievable heights of imagination. I had felt the same way when I came across the Serta perfect sleeper reviews for the first time. But my experience with the mattress has made me share some of the interesting facts about this product here. Now I am free from insomnia, chronic fatigue, mood swings, and the risk of becoming a diabetic patient.

Top 5 Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress – Comparison

Serta Mattress – Materials Make it Perfect

Steel Coils

The materials used in the Serta perfect sleeper mattress include steel coil innerspring at the core. The foam encasement around the core is designed to carry the maximum load without breaking apart. The tensile strength and the flexibility factors provide maximum comfort to your body.

Gel Memory Foam

The Gel memory foam is designed to extract the excess body heat which is generated due to stress and fatigue. The result is the normalization of your body temperature, which automatically induces sleep. Besides, the memory foam is also known to flex, stretch and sink according to your body’s contours. The thickness of the steel coils and the construction provide sufficient reverse pressure from the core. So, your body doesn’t sink too much into the core. In addition, the coils distribute your body weight evenly across the length and breadth of the mattress.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

PillowSoft™ Foam

The PillowSoft™ Foam on the Serta Perfect Sleeper is created from the best manufacturing practices in which the layers are interwoven to perfection. It provides the much-needed softness for your body at the specific layers in the mattress. It acts as the medium which absorbs the elements of fatigue and stress from your body. You can experience the healing effects within a few minutes after you lay down on the mattress.

Balanced Support™ Foam

As the name suggests, it is meant for balancing the body weight and the pressure generated due to the contour of your body structure.

Mattress Construction – Balance and Support

Weight Balance

Serta perfect sleeper review

When I talk about weight balancing mattresses, it is a reference to the efficiency of weight distribution across its length and width. The dynamic structure of the foam improves the specific strength to weight ratio. After some research works on this foam, I was able to learn about the “physics” that makes it. The self-support length and the width are the key factors of material flexibility. The foam can stretch its layers internally to spread the weight of your body. Meanwhile, the material tenacity keeps it from breaking under the weight.

Movement Support

The foam gives the maximum support for the fluid movement of your body limbs during the sleep. It happens when your body is affected by the excess of stress. You may feel like stretching your entire body from the shoulders to the toes. This phase may continue till the first two cycles of the sleep. The Balanced Support™ foam can absorb the accumulated stress from the core of your muscles and relax them. Then your body naturally slips into the third and fourth stage of deep sleep.

Equilibrium Support

Serta perfect sleeper

When your spouse turns and tosses on the mattress, it is natural for you to feel the impact. Many times you might have lost your sleep when you were about to slip into slumber. It takes the next 2 to 3 hours for you to reach the same stage again. But the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress seems to be free from such negative effects. The vibrations due to the body or limb movement of your partner stay limited to the few millimeters around her. Initially, I did not realize what made it happen. But a detailed analysis of the pressure map on the back, side and the front showed me a few interesting factors that are responsible for the equilibrium.

Vertical Transfer

When your partner tosses and turns on the Serta perfect sleeper mattress, the layers absorb the pressure and distribute it along the vertical lines towards the steel springs. The mattress consists of 500+ such springs which absorb the load without creating a reverse impact. So, you don’t feel any disturbances at all.

Posture Support – Sleep like a Baby

My wife often complained about the awkward postures I made during my sleep. The natural curves of my spine had somehow changed after my obesity increased. I started sleeping on half side and half stomach postures. It was due to my inability for fullback posture (lower back pain), and the stomach posture (uneasiness in breathing). 

Posture support-Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

The Serta perfect sleeper provided the ultimate relief for my body posture. I was able to sleep on the side and back postures without the fear of rolling over and getting the lower backache. It is primarily due to the structural stability and the flexibility of the mattress.

The pressure sensors on the mattress can identify not only the volume of pressure but also its direction. The pressure gets transferred to the core steel springs. When the pressure distribution is uneven, the springs generate the recoiling impact which pushes my body until it reaches the posture of best comfort. According to my experience, the process happened gradually. But I was able to resume the best possible posture within a span of a few weeks.

From that point, my sleeping stages became a lot quicker. I was able to slip into a deep sleep within a few minutes after lying down on the mattress. The need to stretch, twist and turn were no more there. I started sleeping like a baby.

Peace for Others – Freedom from Snoring

After switching to the Serta mattress, I thought my problems with the sleep disorder were over. Once, my wife shook me awake at midnight. “Are you really sleeping or pretending?” was her question. I told her that I was in deep sleep. But she seemed to be still confused.

How come you are not snoring”, was her next question. Now it was my turn to be surprised. My snoring had started when I turned 35. After 10 years of getting conditioned to my snoring, my wife was somewhat disturbed by the deep silence during my sleep.

What Makes You Snore

Snoring is the art of generating a highly uncomfortable frequency of sounds from the nose and mouth (luckily the ears escaped) at various wavelengths. You have to really thank god for you can’t hear your own snoring sound and experience its effects! But it is certainly annoying for the others. 

Snoring problem solution- Serta perfect sleeper mattress

Some people say the causes are related to the growth of extra-nasal tissue. Others say it is due to the food you eat. There are also the other causes related to age, obesity, sinus problem, alcohol, and posture. I don’t know about the tissue, but I had all the other problems, so I snored.

What Stops Your Snoring

Solve snoring problems by Serta perfect sleeper

Comfortable sleeping posture can eliminate the 50% problem of snoring. The memory foam in the Serta perfect sleeper mattress provides the maximum comfort to the muscles and the nerves on the upper part of your body. The result is the increase in the depth of your breathing. Once the depth increases, the probability of the friction between the nasal canal walls and the air passing through it gets reduced considerably. So, the volume of your snoring gets reduced greatly. You may not stop snoring completely. But at least your spouse and the others around you can’t hear the sound anymore. Peace at Midnight!

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress – Complete Health and Fitness

Serta Perfect Sleeper- 5 reasons to have healthy sleep

I am not an expert on the technical and medical sciences of sleep. But my experience with the Serta made me curious to explore the mechanisms of sleep, circulation, metabolism, muscle relaxation, cardiovascular health, and so many other unknown things.

Sleep Mechanism

They say Buddha used to sleep peacefully on the cold floor with no mattress at all. But I was unable to sleep on the softest of the mattresses with plenty of accessories and upholstery. Later I realized the problem was due to the “extra softness”. Serta perfect sleeper mattress has the perfect combination of flexibility and the firmness to enable the body and mind transition from the first stage to the deep sleep stage in a quick sequence.

serta perfect sleep mechanism-Serta perfect sleeper review

The first mechanism is the elimination of resistance to sleep. As you are aware, our body contains several receptors to the sleeping process from the start to its completion. Stress and fatigue block those receptors from becoming active. The result is lack of sleep. The more you try and force the sleep, the harder it becomes.

The memory foam and the firmness of Serta heal the stress and eliminate the fatigue. The process starts at the upper back near the neck and gradually spreads to the lower back. The impact is also on the spinal cord nerves, which pass on the signals of relaxation to the brain. Now, the brain releases the stimulation signals which naturally unlock the sleep receptor blocks. Your body and mind naturally and progressively move towards deep sleep from the state of slumber. 

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Initially, the process may take about 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t panic. It is far better than spending the whole night without sleep. Slowly but surely, the time gap reduces to 5 or 6 minutes. I hope it makes you feel better now. Now I take about 7 to 8 minutes to get into deep sleep.

Free Circulation

If you wonder how a mattress like the Serta enables free circulation, here is my experience. The problem is not with the lack of circulation, but due to its concentration at a specific location. In my case, it was mostly around the belly due to overeating or wine consumption. It did give me a sensation of sleep. But it soon vanished after a few minutes. The state of insomnia always returned. The Serta perfect sleeper is designed to provide absolute relief to the pressure points in the circulation system. The memory foam cells heal the pain and the stress from sensitive spots. The resale of pressure enables free circulation. 

Complete Oxygenation

The first result of free circulation and the depth in breathing (as I explained earlier) is the increase in the volume of oxygen in the blood circulation. It also means faster digestion of the food you eat. Now, your sleep becomes natural and prolonged.

Best Detox

The removal of carbon and toxic elements from your body is caused by the efficiency of the circulation. It also depends on the improved detox mechanism of the cells and tissues in the internal organs and the muscles. Once you reach the state of deep sleep, the body detaches itself from the mind and starts working like an efficient machine. Believe me, the process of metabolism reaches its peak efficiency when you’re the muscles and the tissues in your body start to detox naturally. It creates so much of free space in them that they absorb all the proteins and vitamins from the circulation. At the same time, the toxic elements get eliminated into the kidneys and the bowels, besides the carbon to the lungs and the sweat from the skin pores. By the time your body completes the stages of sleep, it regains its freshness. 

Serta perfect sleeper mattress

Sleeping Hours

The number of hours you sleep may vary depending on the physiological and the present health conditions. I have seen people who sleep for four hours and stay fresh for the next 20 hours. I have also met people who sleep for 10 hours and walk like zombies for the next 14 hours. So, the issue is not how long you sleep. It is rather how deep you sleep. Since I started using the Serta perfect sleeper, my sleeping time has stayed constantly for 7 hours with a tolerance of few minutes on the plus side! My physician told me it is due to the coordination of signals between the body and the brain.

Serta Mattress – Body and Brain Connection

The human brain waits for the body to send the signals of relaxation and stress-free status before it can respond with its own signals. The foam layers on the Serta mattress provides the perfect curvature point for the spinal cord, regardless of the posture you take or the changes you make. The result is the increased circulation in the Central Nervous System (CNS) which connects to the spinal cord.

The relaxation of the CNS quickly reaches a stage of healing which sends the signals to the brain. Now, the brain neurons start inhibiting the signals from the sections which promote wakefulness. Once this force becomes predominant, your body automatically goes into the stage of sleep. The hypothalamus, brain stem, and the basal forebrain support the sleep drive. It happens due to the CNS connection from the spinal cord to the brain. The Serta mattress also supports the lower back and the middle back to eliminate the pain and enable healing. It is the initiation to the dreamless sleep you have always wanted to have and enjoy.


  • The Serta perfect sleeper is more of a medical solution to the problems of insomnia, stress, and fatigue than a product.
  • The designers and manufacturers have spent much of their quality time in analyzing the physiological and psychological aspects of sleep.
  • The Serta mattress supports the roots of the spinal cord and the connecting CNS to enable circulation and induce deep sleep.
  • The 500+ steel springs in the Serta core are designed to provide support for varying body weight and sizes.
  • Serta structure can reduce the intensity of snoring by enabling deep breathing.
  • Serta pushes the body and the brain quickly through the first three stages of sleep, enabling you to attain deep sleep faster.
  • Serta’s materials are absolutely safe from harmful chemicals, allergens, and the other irritants which can disturb your sleep.
  • Serta‘s structure can remove all the blocks on the sleep rectors cells in the body and the brain. It enables the seamless coordination between the brain and the body.
  • Your sleeping hours and the depth of sleeping get restored to the best possible levels. It may be slow in the initial stages. The perfection reaches within a few weeks. I hope you will be able to realize enjoy your dreamless sleep with the new Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress.
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