Sealy Mattress Review 2020

Sealy Mattress

Why Sealy Mattress? This must be the burning question that has led you here. The name Sealy has been synonymous with traditional mattress-making. But constant innovation is the reason it has stayed as an industry leader for over a century.

Let’s take you on a short trip down memory lane and learn more about the company’s history.

It all began with cotton gin builder Daniel Haynes, who made cotton-filled mattresses for friends in Sealy, Texas in 1881. Eight years later, Haynes invented the machine that compressed cotton, patented it, and licensed others to use it. The licensees were to name their products “mattress from Sealy.”

Over time, Sealy would be recognized nationwide and would go through multiple transfers of ownership. Today, Tempur-Pedic holds that claim. And Sealy sells its mattresses under 3 main brands, among which is Sealy Posturepedic..

What Is Sealy Posturepedic?

Posturepedic Technology is the star of the Sealy Mattress brand. The company has developed it to target the part where the body applies pressure the most. And according to Sealy, your back and core are the heaviest when you hit the sack. So, the tech provides reinforced support in the middle of the mattress.

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

You’ll notice that every mattress from the Sealy line will stay level at the center. That’s Posturepedic Technology at work. In particular, it “holds,” “hugs,” or “holds and hugs” your body depending on the mattress type you have. You’ll learn more about how Posturepedic keeps you supported in your sleep later.

Sealy Mattress Review (Unbiased & Updated)

Construction & Materials

Not all Sealy mattresses are created equal. Their construction depends on the line and collection they belong to (learn more about these below). The Response Line sports an hourglass-shape coil system that provides deep compression. True to its name, the Conform Line is an all-memory foam that conforms to your body’s curves. Meanwhile, the Hybrid Line balances comfort and support with encased coils and advanced memory foam layers.

Firmness & Feel

The firmness also varies. These multiple firmness options give customers greater flexibility to customize their mattress. Here is a summary of firmness levels for each line:


  • 1-10 Firmness Scale
  • Ultra Plush – 3
  • Plush – 3.5
  • Cushion Firm – 5
  • Firm – 6.5
  • Ultra Firm – 7

Response Line

  • Essential – Plush, Cushion Firm, Firm
  • Premium – Plush, Cushion Firm, Firm
  • Performance – Plush, Cushion Firm, Ultra Firm

Conform Line

  • Essential – Plush, Cushion Firm,
  • Firm Premium – Plush, Cushion Firm,
  • Firm performance – Plush, Ultra Firm

Hybrid Line

  • Essential – Firm
  • Premium – Plush, Cushion Firm, Firm
  • Performance – Firm, Plush, Ultra Plush

Motion Transfer

The two important things to know here is how the classic coil and pocketed coil systems perform. Essential models except for the Conform Line sport classic coils, which transfer motion. It’s not recommended for couples or families sleeping together in one bed. Those with encased coils, however, reduce motion transfer well. 


Sealy mattresses use cushioning or conforming gel foam not only for support and comfort but also for that added chill. This is essential, especially to the all-foam models.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Through Posturepedic technology, Sealy mattresses target specific body areas. 

This is how the Posturepedic technology applies to each line:

  • Response Line – Support that “holds” you mean there is reinforced support in the middle area of the mattress quilt.
  • Conform Line – Support that “hugs” you refer to the premium memory foam’s property of conforming to the unique shape of the body. It is reinforced by the Posturepedic Technology which provides more support at the mattress’ center zone.
  • Hybrid Line – Support that “holds and hugs” you are, as you’ve probably guessed, the combination of the properties of the Response Line and Conform Line.


Sealy mattresses retail at various price points. The Response Line features more affordable models, while the Conform Line and Hybrid Line have some above average prices. Prepare to shell out over $1,000 for Response and Conform Premium Collections, as well as the 3 collections under the Hybrid Line.

Other Factors

Delivery depends on the retailer’s policy. For instance, if you purchase on Amazon, it can be shipped to you for free. 

The other important factor that customers should check is the warranty. The 10-year warranty is divided into 2 types: One has the 10/10 label, which means no additional charges will be incurred for the replacement of a defective mattress. The other, having the 5/5 label, constitutes prorated charges for the replacement mattress which you should pay from Year 5 to  Year 10. 

A Quick Look At the Sealy Mattress Lines

The Response Line

Traditional innerspring mattresses are still in vogue because they’re great at responding to movements, making it easy to go in and out of bed. They’re preferred by combination sleepers, who tend to switch from one sleeping position to another. Bouncy beds are also ideal for sex and play. Both adults and kids would love them for sure. 

Sealy features 3 collections from this line: the Essential, Performance, and Premium. All of them offer the familiar comfort and feel of a spring mattress across various price points. Check out the collections to see which one is right for you:

Sealy Essential Collection

The most affordable design from this line, Sealy Essential sports the standard Sealy support and quality. It has an exclusive coil design that provides deep support underneath a layer of soft and breathable cushioning foam. It’s covered with stretchable knit fabric for added plush. The brand’s reliable edge support is also present in this product.

It’s available in Plush, Cushion Firm, and Firm in all standard sizes including Twin XL, Split Queen, and Split King. With the Essential Collection retailing at $499, you’ll be able to afford a Sealy mattress for your home. Use this tool to find a retailer near you.

Sealy Performance Collection

Obviously, this is an upgrade with its exclusive Posturepedic Technology feature. Choose this if you want a denser memory foam that targets the heaviest parts of your body. While it enables you to move easily, it also isolates motion well enough to prevent your bed partner from disturbing you when they roll over.

On top of the encased coils are the cushioning air foam and cushioning gel foam designed by Sealy. For maximum cooling comfort, you’ll be lying on a mid-loft soft-knit fabric that wicks moisture away. The Performance Collection is available at the same feels and sizes as the Essential Collection. Get it at $699 from a retailer near you.

Sealy Premium Collection

Sealy Premium is everything Sealy Performance is, and more. Instead of a cushioning gel foam layer, you’ll get one made of conforming gel memory foam for that extra chill you need at night. The hourglass-shape coils found in the latter are also here, more densely packed than ever. Better edge support makes for a more usable sleep surface. And speaking of surface, its high-loft soft-knit fabric is not just moisture-wicking but also hypoallergenic.

Sealy Premium Mattress

Instead of a Firm feel, Sealy Premium offers Ultra Firm. It’s available in all the standard and additional sizes for Response Line mattresses. Prepare to shell out $1,499 for this baby. Check out retailer locations here.

The Conform Line

Memory foam meets Posturepedic Technology. This is essentially what the Conform Line seeks to bring to sleepers. It’s that feeling of being hugged while not sinking too much as if you’re drowning. Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for sleeping hot. But the collections in this line use climate control to yield a more consistent temperature.

If memory foam mattress is your thing, go ahead and learn more about your options.

Sealy Essential Collection

A firm base made of gel-infused supportive foam combines with innovative gel memory foam to provide you with conforming, full-body support. A super-stretchable, mid-loft cover is added to complete the job. The Conform Line Essential Collection is about tailoring comfort to every sleeper. It’s flexible and durable, so you’ll get the most out of your investment.

This design comes in Plush, Cushion Firm, and Firm feels. You can choose from all the standard sizes and more: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Queen (Foundation), King, Split King, California King. This mattress sells at $699. Look for the nearest retailer to order.

Sealy Performance Collection

From this collection, expect the boost that comes from Posturepedic Technology. The same gel supportive foam base as Essential gives the support your body needs. This is reinforced by two layers of gel memory foam. The ComfortSense Foam brings comfort by conforming to your body’s natural shape while the Chill Gel Memory Foam keeps the mattress cool to the touch.

Sealy performance collection

The same soft fabric as Essential gets a power-up with MoistureProtect, which draws moisture away from your body while you sleep. You can choose from the 3 feels and 8 sizes mentioned above based on your needs and preferences. This big boy costs $1,249. See if it’s available in stores near you.

Sealy Premium Collection

More body-hugging moments await with the Conform Line Premium design. The strong supportive foam infused with gel delivers the cushioning support you need. On top of it, the cooling gel memory foam and responsive gel memory foam work together to make your sleep cool and comfortable. The cherry on top, so to speak, is the super-stretchable, mid-loft knit fabric with Chill Cooling Technology.

The Sealy Premium Collection from the Conform Line comes in only two feels, Plush and Ultra Firm. The sizes are standard plus Twin XL, Split Queen and Split King. For a whopping $2,099, you should be sleeping feeling like royalty. What are you waiting for? Check it out in a shop in your area.

The Hybrid Line

Usually, hybrid mattresses combine the strengths of innerspring and memory foam. And Sealy’s Hybrid Line does that as well. But it also packs 20% more coils at the center zone for reinforced support. You won’t miss the support Sealy is known for. If anything, it just got upgraded.  

If you happen to be a fan of both spring and memory foam mattresses, the Hybrid Line is a perfect fit for you. And it’s quite easy to customize the design according to your needs, wants, and other factors. You have various feels, sizes, and prices to choose from. So, let’s go over the final 3 collections.

Sealy Essential Collection

Despite the standard support, the Sealy Essential from this line still balances deep-down support with contouring comfort. The base sports the brand’s signature coil system. High-quality, durable foam layers make up the top layer, covered by ultra-stretch knit fabric that’s great at wicking away moisture.

This collection comes in all the standard sizes and more: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King. However, the only available feel is Firm. If that’s alright with you, take the Sealy Essential home for $1,099. See if you can get your hands on it in a retailer near you.

Sealy Performance Collection

Posturepedic Technology adds 20% more coils in the middle of the mattress for reinforced support. This allows the bed to stay level even if your back and core are putting a lot of pressure at the center. It would not work if the base and top layers were not up to the task: the encased coil system and advanced memory foam. But they are.

If you’re eyeing a Sealy Performance mattress, you’d be happy to hear it comes in Plush, Cushion Firm, and Firm feels. Find the right size for you from these 6 options: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King. Prices start at $1,299.

Sealy Premium Collection

Last but not least, the Sealy Premium Collection features everything that makes the Hybrid Line an all-around performer: Posturepedic Technology’s reinforced support system, an encased coil system as base, an advanced memory foam with Chill Technology for top layer, and an ultra-stretch, high-loft cover with a bolder color, Allergen Protect, and Chill Tech. It has everything you want from a mattress.

Sealy Mattress

You can get it Firm, Plush, or Ultra Plush. However, it is only available in several sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King. At $1,999, it’s a luxurious deal that’s difficult to resist. You can drop by the nearest retailer as soon as your mind is made up.

Order A Sealy Mattress Online

You can shop Sealy mattresses in furniture stores and department stores like Sears and J.C. Penney. This is a good way to get to know the line, collection, feel, and size you are most comfortable with. However, you might also have wondered if you can cut down the time and effort spent on purchasing a mattress in a brick-and-mortar store. How about ordering it online?

Good news, weary shoppers! Sealy mattresses are available on retailer websites. Alternatively, you can buy a bed-in-a-box design from the same brand. Cocoon by Sealy is a premium memory foam you can own with just a few clicks. It will be delivered to your doorstep, just like the designs you’re familiar with: Casper, Nectar, Leesa, etc.

Image Source- Sealy Media

The Cocoon Chill Mattress has cooling technology, premium memory foam, and a robust base that will make you feel the Sealy experience at an affordable price. Available in Medium-Soft and Extra Firm feels this mattress will fit many needs and desires.

Rates start at $549. Your purchase comes with a 100-night trial, free shipping, and 10-year warranty. Dissatisfied? Sealy will refund your money, pick the mattress up, and donate it to a charity. 

Why You Should Buy A Sealy Mattress

If you aren’t sure about your firmness preferences, you can test out the Sealy Mattress in a retailer near you. The multiple firmness options cater to more sleeper types and sizes. 

Back sleepers of any weight and side sleepers of average weight will also benefit from the all-foam mattresses of Sealy (Conform Line).

Why You Should Not Buy A Sealy Mattress

Unfortunately, if your budget is below $1,000, you can also get access to a limited number of Sealy Posturepedic designs. Your choices are mostly Response Line/Essential Collection models.

The warranty coverage and terms can also be less attractive than those of other brands.

In Conclusion

Sealy continues to deliver on its promise of producing high-quality mattresses. It may not be the most affordable brand, but it definitely returns the maximum value of your money. The company is also popular in other countries. High-end hotels prefer to use their mattresses in serving memorable and comfortable experience to their guests.

So if you’re wondering what bed you’re sleeping on during a vacation, check if it’s a Sealy! Over the years, the brand has also innovated not only in terms of engineering its products. It’s also brought the Sealy experience to more customers through its bed-in-a-box design.

This enables individuals on a budget to afford a Sealy mattress. With Sealy Posturepedic Mattress and Cocoon by Sealy, the brand will remain an essential fixture in many bedrooms in the years to come.<