Purple vs Purple 2 Mattress Review 2020

Purple vs Purple 2 Mattress

It’s interesting to find an online mattress brand to expand its offerings. It sends the message that it’s driven by innovation. Given that most online mattress brands are less than 10 years old, it also shows quick thinking on its feet. What used to work with its flagship model needs an upgrade or a replacement. So now it’s come up with a newer model. 

It’s this kind of transition that surrounds the Purple vs Purple 2 comparison. While we are not implying an in-fighting, this side-by-side look should tell us what better stuff Purple has injected into its all-new mattress and what good stuff it has retained.

Just a little bit about Purple the company before we delve into the review. This digitally native brand was introduced in a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Its founders found a way to mass-produce their invention at a low cost and apply its technology in mattresses.

The invention is called the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and it is the main material in both Purple mattresses. Are you ready to learn more about how the two perform based on mattress buying criteria?

Purple vs Purple 2 Mattress Comparison

Purple vs Purple 2 Mattress Review

Construction & Materials

We are going to examine the flagship model and then upgrade, namely, the Original Purple Mattress and the All-New Purple Mattress in this review. 

As we said, both mattresses share the same technology that the Pearce brothers, Purple’s founders, have licensed to companies from various industries (including Nike). This invention is the cushiony, stretchable material called the Hyper-Elastic Polymer. It is the building block of the Smart Comfort Grid, an open grid system that makes up Purple and Purple 2’s top layer.

This comfort layer flexes underweight and pressure, providing adaptive support to your body. Strong, firm support is applied under your shoulders and hips. More gentle support is then directed to the rest of your body. This dynamic allows for the relief, even elimination of your pressure points.

A soft, breathable, and stretchable cover wraps up the Smart Comfort Grid and the other layers in the two mattress models.

The Original Purple Mattress has the following remaining layers

  • Support Layer – Sitting next to the Purple Grid is the 3.5-inch, 1.8-pound high-density polyurethane foam that yields support and comfort. It acts as a transition foam, easing you into the strong pushback of the bottom layer.
  • Base Layer – The 4-inch, 2-pound base foam enhances the support you get from the previous foam layers. It also makes the mattress strong and durable.

Inside the All-New Purple Mattress you will also find the following:

  • Coil support base – Following the Purple Grid is the system of individually encased coils at the core. This reinforces the dynamic pressure relief and support of the top layer. It is also in charge of the product’s durability. 
  • Mesh-wrapped base – This foundation keeps the mattress stable and well-ventilated. It works together with the rest to ensure superior comfort.

Purple blends engineering science and the art of mattress making to deliver its promise of better sleep quality. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer has been successful in dealing with pressure sores. 

Winner: Purple for lightweight/average weight/Purple 2 for heavyweight sleepers

Firmness & Feel

Firmness is a top indicator of how suitable a mattress is for you. The mattress industry has created a guideline around it to put brands and customers on the same page. Called the Standard Firmness Scale, it’s a scale of 1 to 10 that determines the firmness or softness of a model. The softest is assigned a score of 1 and the firmest, a score of 10.

The universal comfort is placed between 5.5 and 7, sometimes 4.5 and 7. The intervals and descriptors can vary. In some cases, the manufacturer reverses the scale in that 1 is firmest and 10 is softest. You don’t have to be bothered by this for now. But it’s good to keep it in mind while shopping for mattresses online.

Here is a legend for the standard version:

1 is soft, 10 is firm

  • Ultra Soft – 1-2
  • Soft – 3-4
  • Medium – 5-6
  • Firm – 7-8
  • Ultra Firm – 9-10

The Original Purple has a 6.5 firmness rating. It falls within the medium feel or universal comfort classification. But even if it leans toward 7 or Firm, it offers a less firm and floating-on-air experience. Back and back-stomach combo sleepers should gain the most benefit from this surface. It might be too plush for you, though, if you’re a stomach sleeper on the heavier side.

Meanwhile, the New Purple comes in multiple firmness options. This is clearly a level-up from the original model’s sole 6.5 availability. Still, both beds distribute weight evenly thanks to the Smart Comfort Grid. But going back to the newer model, its firmness depends on the thickness you choose:

  • 11 inches – 6.5 (Medium Firm)
  • 12 inches – 5.5 (Medium)
  • 13 inches – 4.5 (Medium Soft)

Winner: Purple 2


All-foam mattresses have been bogged down by breathability issues. The old-school memory foam ranks first in trapping body heat. The dense foams tend to block air circulation. As a result, they “sleep hot”. But with the open grid design of the Purple Grid, this doesn’t seem to be a big problem with the original Purple.

Purple Mattress Cooling

The said structure made of the super stretchy Hyper-Elastic Polymer can let airflow within the top layer. As air can circulate better within the grids, the bed can stay cool. The Lycra cover around it also boosts ventilation. However, it is still an all-foam model which cannot do away with high-density foam. So, some reports of it sleeping warm should help you manage expectations.

Being a hybrid, the latest Purple promises more cooling and breathability. The layer of individual coils lets air flow freely within the mattress. This advances the breathability and cooling function of the Purple Grid top layer. Add to these the ventilation coming from the base layer with its mesh-based material. 

It is not surprising at all that Purple 2 performs ideally in this department. The original model does not disappoint either. But the upgrade makes a statement when it comes to doing this particular job well.

Winner: Purple 2

Read our full review of the Original Purple Mattress here.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Edge support is all about the mattress having a solid and stable edge. It is another important indicator, but this time it’s for those who specifically sleep near the perimeter. You can add the variable of a co-sleeper who loves hogging the center zone, leaving you with no choice but to keep to your preferred spot.

With good edge support, you won’t get that roll-off feel. It also makes the mattress less prone to premature sagging, letting it live its lifespan. There’s only a little compression when you sit on the side as well. And as a tangible effect, the bed feels more spacious. This is because you are using up the entire surface area of your mattress. Sweet!

Considering all of these, the Original Purple cannot be relied on for perimeter support. Even with the Smart Comfort Grid, the rest of it is not enough to prevent compression. In turn, it is highly probable it won’t be spared from premature sinkage. It performs poorly in this area. As an all-foam, Purple is expected to perform this way. 

Its successor, Purple 2, seeks to resolve this issue. It’s a hybrid with durable and strong coils propping it up. The perimeter contains these springs, too. So, without a doubt, this one has enhanced edge support. 

Winner: Purple 2

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Motion Transfer

Are you sharing your bed with a co-sleeper? Do you sleep lightly? Then this indicator should top your list. Look for a mattress with low to zero motion transfer if you want to enjoy a good, uninterrupted sleep. All-foams, especially memory foam designs, have been able to insulate movements in a specific area of the mattress. Hybrids can also reduce motion transfer rather well. 

The Smart Comfort Grid is known to isolate motion significantly. As both Purple and Purple 2 have this star material, you can rest assured there will be little to no shakes across the mattress when someone moves. Light sleepers, as well as those suffering from sleep disorders, such as insomnia, can take advantage of this performance. 

Winner: Tie


As a bed-in-a-box brand, Purple is still within what’s considered affordable luxury. The Original Purple’s Queen retails at $999, which is at the mid-end of the all-foam average price range. So, compared to some of its competitors, it may come off as pricey. 

Hybrids are even pricier than all-foams, so it’s not surprising Purple 2 will fit only a certain budget range. This is because the power combo of foam and springs command a higher price. The starting price for Purple 2 is $1,299, which is already equivalent to the Original King’s price. The queen-size All-New Purple Mattress costs $1,599.

When putting within the context of online hybrid mattresses, Purple 2 is still one of the more affordable options on the market. Compare it to Tempur-Pedic Flex Hybrid Mattress, for instance, which starts at $1,999 (Queen). Purple 2 gives you access to a luxury hybrid without breaking the bank.

But Purple 2 isn’t the top choice if the price is the sole factor to consider. Similar models are sold for less, such as the Classic Saatva Mattress and Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress. Still, don’t look at the figures alone. The value should match or exceed the pricing. And both Purple mattresses are not overpriced in this regard. Plus, you can avail of financing if paying cash upfront isn’t possible.

Winner: Purple

Other Factors

This final item is about the seemingly extra factors that we should not take for granted while shopping for a mattress. Always check the fine print. Getting familiar with the company’s return and warranty policies can prevent unnecessary stress in the future. 

At the same time, you get to understand the terms underlying your purchase. Most online mattress brands include sleep trials and free shipping in the deal. These are two essential terms for having a delightful online mattress shopping experience.

The Purple mattresses are compressed and placed in a box. Shipping to your home is free of charge. Upon arrival, your model of choice can be removed from the box, decompressed, and set up on your own or with the help of family or friends. It has carrying handles to make assembly easier for you. Expect some off-gassing. Prepare your room by keeping it ventilated throughout the process.

On top of free shipping, you can ask for white glove delivery and in-home setup. These services are also free. And then, your purchase comes with free returns, a full refund, a 100-night trial, and a 10-year warranty. 

Returning the mattress should not give you headaches as Purple will handle the expenses. Do you love your Purple Mattress or All-New Purple Mattress? If you’re not returning it, you’re owning it. And this gives you access to the company’s 10-year limited warranty.

Pros & Cons

Purple Mattress

  • Purple Grid has superior pressure relief..
  • Serves side sleepers.
  • Reduces motion transfer.
  • Easy to move and set up.
  • May be too soft for some sleepers.
  • Poor edge support.

Purple 2 Mattress

  • Provides maximum support.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Isolates motion well.
  • Has good edge support.
  • May emit some off-gassing odors.
  • Can be pricier than other hybrids.


Our Purple vs Purple 2 face-off leans toward the latter. We made it clear in the beginning that Purple 2 is an upgrade of the original. It is logical to expect that it is the better version. We would have been disappointed if it wasn’t the case. And the All-New Purple indeed delivers in many ways.

The Original Purple has its strengths, too. It sports the Smart Comfort Grid, which can go toe-to-toe with many popular online mattress models. See the following mattress comparison guides:

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At the end of the day, though, the true winner is Purple. Its mattresses’ materials and construction, firmness options, performance, and pricing cater to a wide range of customers. Whether it’s an all-foam or hybrid you want, Purple has the product for you.

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