Plank Mattress Review 2020

Plank Mattress

Plank Mattress sounds like a straight, firm mattress. You know, like the fitness pose you need to endure to achieve your desired form. But of course, the mattress is not as stiff as it sounds. This relatively new brand is actually a line from a longtime bed-in-a-box company: Brooklyn Bedding.

Just last year, it launched the Plank in the Las Vegas Market. And it has been in circulation since. This sleep product caters to folks on the heavier side, particularly those who sleep on their back or stomach. It is inspired by the minimalist approach to sleep in the Far East, as said on the Brooklyn Bedding website.

In this review, we will dig into the design, features, and benefits of this very flat, firm, and flippable mattress. In a hurry? Skip to the reasons why you should or should not buy a Plank Mattress. Take a peek at the Table of Contents for the link.

Plank Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

There are many firm and flippable mattresses to choose from on the market. How is Plank any different? This was also a question on our minds when we first encountered this option. So, why don’t we break it down into its layers?

A thin, quilted top layer introduces us to the sleeping surface that is called the Plank Mattress. It employs continuous stitching to eliminate loft on the ultra-firm side. Then, a layer of Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary TitanFlex foam follows, offering deep compression. It also injects a transition feel. Supporting the rest of the bed is the high-density foam that makes up the bulk of the construction.

Now, if you flip the bed, you will find another quilted layer right above the high-density foam core. This is a bit thicker at 1.5 inches, patterned with tack-and-jump stitching to give you minimal loft on that side. An optional top cooling panel is available for both sides. This panel uses phase-change technology to neutralize your body’s temperature while you drift off to dreamland.

All of these layers are thoughtfully engineered into the mattress. While the quilted layers are made of memory foam, they are not as conforming as other beds made of this material. Plank is true to its claim that it is flat. 

Firmness & Feel

While firm mattresses abound, they typically start at around 7. Some can go as high as 9. But according to Plank, these options cater to those who are looking for typical firmness. If you are familiar with our reviews, we often mention how a particular model can feel too soft for some users. This is despite the mattress being a 7 or even 8. 

The ones who need that extra-hard feel are this company’s target customers. It wants to give them options. And two firmness options in one flippable mattress they do get. One side is Firm, garnering an 8 on the firmness scale. This is the part that gives you minimal loft if this is something you’d like to have. The other side is Extra Firm, which equals a 10 firmness rating.

Both sides are ideal for those who snooze on their back or tummy, especially the heavier ones. But anyone who prefers to sleep on an ultra-firm and flatbed can actually use the Plank Mattress. The Extra Firm end can even be harder than you expect, as Brooklyn Bedding gives it a 12 in a commercial. That is not included in the standard scale yet. So take note closely.


This model still belongs to the all-foam mattress category. Usually, memory foam and polyfoam make up the design of such beds. This combo lets the surface absorb heat, but it is slow to release it. So some people may experience sleeping hot. This situation leads to our review of this important aspect of any potential sleeping surface. Does Plank perform as poorly as it is expected in this regard?

Plank Mattress

The good news is that it does not sleep hot. Neither does it sleep warm when you have spent a few hours lying on the bed. This all-foam can regulate temperature better than most of its counterparts. Partly to thank is the breathable cotton-polyester cover. The quilted top layer composed of memory foam is also infused with gel, which has cooling properties.

For an additional price, you can also opt for the cooling panel which you can place on both sides. This can further neutralize the temperature of the surface you’re in contact with. It was added in early 2019. All of these features can work together to provide you with a cool, cozy, and comfortable sleep. These cooling materials are very similar to the ones found in Brooklyn Bedding Aurora.

Read our full review of the best cooling mattresses in 2020, where Brooklyn Bedding Aurora tops the list.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Another weakness attached to all-foam beds is their lack of or poor edge support. You can actually observe this when you sit on the mattress’ edge and it shows significant sinkage. We know this is not always a dealbreaker. Just that some may need it more than others. But if you like to roll toward the edge to sleep, you want to support in that area as well.

The Plank Mattress stands out again in this aspect. Despite being made of foam layers, it delivers solid and stable performance at the perimeter. It’s being very flat and firm definitely has something to do with this. The layers used in this design are harder than those found in soft or medium versions. This affords the bed to resist sinkage when weight and pressure are applied at the perimeter.

Aside from the feeling that you are not falling off the floor, great edge support lets you occupy more surface area. It’s like it expands the space for you. Plus, you won’t have to think about premature sagging or surface deformation that can happen through daily wear and tear. If you pay for edge support, it will return the benefits to you tenfold.

Motion Transfer

This is another department where all-foams are found to underdeliver. Some innerspring may also be put in this group. Motion transfer happens when the person sleeping on the other side of the bed moves, and the bed is not able to contain the movements. Now, that doesn’t seem like an issue in itself. And you are correct to think of that. Like edge support, it’s regarded on a case-to-case basis.

Where does the Plank Mattress stand in all this? Well, the verdict is that it isolates motion rather well. You may be sharing your bed with someone else, so this is wonderful news for you. This means you can sleep without any interruptions as the bed is able to insulate the motion of your partner. You can prevent being awakened in the middle of sleep.

This sounds particularly relieving for those who have not had a deep, undistracted sleep for a long time because of motion transfer. This can help you improve your sleep quality, which in turn can boost your functioning throughout the day. We attribute this benefit to the firm nature of the foams inside Plank. 

You can put a glass of wine on one end and then move on the other end. That is motion isolation at its finest.


One other factor that can make or break a deal is the price. Some of you may be following a budget every day. And that bleeds into your mattress buying. So you only want something that is within your means. Others can have all the cash they need to pay for a high-end mattress. In the middle, you have those who can access credit with just a few clicks.

If you fall within any of these categories, you can go for a Plank Mattress. It is relatively cheap. Yet, it is packed with premium-quality materials. You can get the queen version for only $999. If you want to add the optional cooling panels to the two firmness sides, you will have to add only $250. That puts your total payment now to $1,249. 

Like its Brooklyn Bedding counterparts, this bed can be bought at a discounted price during holidays and sales. However, if you are on the lookout for financing options, there seems to be none available at the moment. Alternatively, you can check out Brooklyn Bedding’s page on Amazon. Watch out for price drops as is the custom on the eCommerce site.

Other Factors

What we love about the Plank Mattress is that it is still under Brooklyn Bedding’s set offerings. It is not an offshoot brand. So, its owners are covered by the same privileges offered to Brooklyn Bedding clients. And one of the best ones is the free shipping advantage, which is applicable to all 50 states and Canada. Some companies will offer free shipping on to the contiguous United States.

At the moment, white glove delivery and old mattress removal are not offered by Brooklyn Bedding.

Its 120-night sleep trial is well within the industry’s standard trial period. This duration already affords you four months of adjusting to your new bed. Now, what if you realize while testing it out that it is not fit for you? You can request a return within those 120 days. But Brooklyn Bedding will prioritize finding you the right match from its products. If nothing, you get a full refund.

Now, if it’s the opposite–you love your bed and don’t want to part with it–then you can enjoy the 10-year warranty that comes with it. Review what’s covered and not covered by this warranty by going to this page

Why You Should Buy The Plank Mattress

If the casual firmness is not enough for you, the Plank will not disappoint in bumping up the firmness level. It’s got two firmness options in one bed. You can choose your own comfort level. Pick between Firm (8) and Extra Firm (10) by just flipping over the bed. 

Are you a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper? And are you on the heavy side? If you check these two categories, then you are the best candidate to snooze on the Plank Mattress. This one caters to your needs and preferences.

Are you a couple? Do you share your bed with someone else? Good news! The Plank has great edge support and motion isolation. This means you can roll toward the edge and still feel stable, as well as sleep without disturbance even if your partner moves too much on their side of the bed.

Why You Should Not Buy The Plank Mattress

Obviously, you should not attempt to sleep on the Plank if you do not like hard surfaces. This one takes things up a notch, so you might feel sore if you are not the target sleeper of this bed. Side sleepers, we are referring to you. Those who are of average weight and lightweight may not find the firmness comfortable.

Do you want some loft in your sleeping space? Well, this is not the one for you. The Firm side has minimal loft, but the Extra Firm side has zero lofts at all. It’s flat-out firm and straight. 

The Verdict

The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding is a flat 4 in our review. Well, it is indeed flat… and firm. And this setup has interesting features and benefits for back and stomach sleepers on the heavier side. Those who would also love to lie on an extra hard surface can optimize their rest with this one.

This mattress is also backed by one of the reputable bed-in-a-box brands: Brooklyn Bedding. This company has an exceptional record in delivering reliable mattresses in several categories. 

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Plank Mattress Review
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