Nectar vs Purple Mattress Review 2020

Nectar vs Purple Mattress Amazon Review

What do Nectar and Purple have in common? A few things. First, they’re both online mattress brands built only within the decade. Despite being greenhorns, they’ve managed to carve a name in the competitive mattress industry.

That’s the second characteristic they share. Third, they’re both driven to provide an affordable premium-quality to sleepers in the United States. And based on their sales, they’re succeeding. They are definitely a match for each other.

So we are excited to bring you this Nectar vs Purple review to determine which one is better. We are just as curious as to how this will end.

Before diving into the comparison, let’s get to know each brand. Nectar is the memory foam mattress brand of Resident, which provides various household products. Technically, it has a background in this consumer space through its parent company. Yet, you can say it is also its own person/entity.

On the other hand, Purple may be a newcomer. But its founders are brothers-slash-engineers who have been licensing their cushioning tech patents to a slew of international brands.

Thankfully, they decided to put up their own mattress company to leverage their invention. So now we have Purple with 40 years of expertise on its back.

Nectar vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Nectar vs Purple Mattress Review

Construction & Materials

It’s great to compare these two brands because they both feature an all-foam design. To start this Nectar vs Purple mattress review, let’s take a look at their layers and benefits to you, the sleeper. 

Why don’t we start with the 5-layer goodness of Nectar? The highlight of this model is its adaptive foam, which you’ll learn more about below. Contouring and comfort are the priorities of this all-in-one solution. Inside the Nectar Mattress are the following:

  • Quilted Gel Memory Foam – A gel memory foam layer makes up the top layer to give your body a lift and keep it cool throughout the night. It is quilted to enhance its look and function.
  • Gel Memory Foam – Dubbed as Lush Foam™, this patented gel memory foam absorbs and distributes heat.
  • Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam – This is what we’re talking about: a recovery foam is meant to adapt to your pressure points. It delivers proper contouring to your curves, preventing you from waking up sore in the morning.
  • Breathable Base Layer – With an all-foam design, Nectar has to ensure it is still circulating air inside. This compact foam base here takes care of the job.
  • Tencel Cooling Cover – Wrapping up this bed is a cooling cover made of Tencel fabric, a material that wicks heat away from your body and promotes airflow.

Meanwhile, 3 foam layers are found inside the Original Purple Mattress. The All-New Purple Mattress upgrades that construction by adding a base comprising individually encased coils. The top layer, found in both versions, is the versatile material called the Smart Comfort Grid. It is a heavy-hitter in terms of pressure relief, motion isolation, and breathability.

  • Smart Comfort Grid – Featuring the patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology, Purple creates an open-grid design dubbed as the Smart Comfort Grid. This system has a gel-like feel that is supportive and pressure relieving. 
  • Support Layer – At 3.5 inches thick, this 1.8-pound high-density polyurethane foam enhances support while also providing comfort to the sleeper.
  • Base Layer – This foam is the thickest among the layers at 4 inches. It also weighs 2 pounds. All of its look and feel tells you it’s designed for durability and support.
  • Spring system (Hybrid) – In addition, the New Purple aka the hybrid version features individually wrapped coil to support heavier folks and endure daily wear and tear longer.
  • Soft, breathable cover – This is what completes the Purple mattresses regardless of the type.

In addition to the gel-like feel, the Purple Grid is super stretchy and cushiony. This means it collapses under pressure points to contour your natural curves. At the same time, the open grid structure reduces motion transfer and promotes air circulation–both of which we will discuss a bit more below.

Winner: Purple

Firmness & Feel

Both beds sport a medium firmness level. This means they are in the realm of universal comfort, which offers just the right feel. However, there are still minor differences when it comes to this criterion. As the firmness scale used here is 1 to 10, with one being softest and 10 being firmest, the beds may take on any score between 5.5 and 7. 

Leaning toward 5.5 means you’re on the soft and medium-soft space yet. Going on 7 means you’re on your way to being firm. Differences in sleeping positions and body weights can affect the final assessment. So, let’s check out where both mattresses actually stand.

Nectar has a medium-firm score, placed within the range of 5.5 and 7. Back, side and stomach sleepers should find this suitable to their needs and preferences. This bed nails the requirement of being not too hard and not too soft.

Purple scores 6.5 on the standard scale. This is considered a medium-firm. If you weigh below 130 pounds (lightweight), you will feel like floating on air. Weighing between 130 and 150 pounds, you’ll have a bit of sink-in feel. Heavyweights (150 pounds and up) will sink deeper and, thus, may find it too soft for comfort.

Winner: Nectar


This one is looking to break the tie so far. But we’ve seen how strong contenders Nectar and Purple are in this regard. The gel-infused in the foams of the former is an expensive material that is meant to dissipate instead of trapping heat. It is the antidote to the ability of conventional memory foam sleep hot.

Yet, the Purple Grid also has a good chance of claiming a spot here. The open grid design of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer is specifically designed to promote airflow. And it is also placed at the top of the bed to ensure the benefits are felt right away by the sleeper. So there’s a good chance we’re looking at another tie here.

Nectar has the hardworking duo of cooling gel and Tencel cover. These can draw heat away from the body, so you’ll feel cool when you hit the sack. However, as all-foam, this capability does not last throughout the night. The bed may sleep warm at some point.

Likewise, Purple has a performer in the Smart Comfort Grid. the open grid design lets air circulate well within the surface layer. At the bottom, the New Purple brings ventilation to the entire bed through the isolated coil construction. But if you stick with the all-foam Original Purple, there is a possibility of sleeping warm. So we can say neither is a winner here.

Winner: None

Edge Support & Sinkage

The all-foam design is expected to not break away from the poor edge support performance of memory foam. The edge support of Nectar may be okay. But when compared to hybrids, it is not really up to par. This means you might have to prepare for premature sinkage at the perimeter. You may also feel unstable when rolling over the edge.

This is quite not an issue with the All-New Purple Mattress in particular. The original may have been a poor performer, too. But the brand has made sure the latest delivers in this department. It’s quite nice to sleep on the edges of the new Purple. That’s thanks to the Smart Comfort Grid and the individually wrapped coils.

But to be fair to Nectar, Purple just wins by a few notches here. Edge support, after all, may not always be a big deal for everyone. It can be if you want to prevent early sagging. Using the edge as a seat or sleeping surface is pretty familiar–you don’t even think too much about it.

Plus, if not for the All-New Purple edition, Purple would be stuck with poor performance in this area. You need a stable and supportive perimeter, but all-foam is quite limited in this department.

Winner: Purple

Motion Transfer

This is a big deal if you are sharing your bed space with another person or pet. And it is something that usually happens in households. You have a partner, children, or a dog sleeping with you. Having motion transfer reduced helps to lessen interruptions at night for light sleepers like you. 

Purple Mattress Motion Transfer

Nectar is not a laggard in this regard. It definitely has some capabilities to isolate motion. There are still some movements to be felt when one moves on the mattress. It is not ground shaking so as to disturb you and caused your sleep quality to decline.

But Purple again gains the upper hand here. It shows significant motion isolation even when the other person is shifting involuntarily yet frequently even as they’re asleep.

Winner: Purple


Online mattress brands have found a way to buck the old trend: sell premium mattresses with high markups. They got away with dealing with and paying middlemen to distribute their beds. Instead, these newer companies ship directly to consumers, not having to spend on a brick-and-mortar store. Thus, they’ve passed on the savings to us.

Nectar and Purple started with this vision. Their founders wanted to bring affordable yet high-quality mattresses to people’s homes. However, Purple is able to upgrade its offerings. The New Purple is double the price of the Original. But we have to keep in mind that it’s a hybrid. And hybrids command a higher price.

Here are the respective breakdowns of the two brands’ pricing:


  • Twin – $499
  • Twin XL – $569
  • Full – $699
  • Queen – $799
  • King – $999
  • Cal King – $999

Original Purple

  • Twin – $649
  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1,299
  • Cal King – $1,299

All-New Purple

  • Twin XL – $1,299
  • Full – $1,499
  • Queen – $1,599
  • King – $1,899
  • Cal King – $1,899

Winner: Nectar

Other Factors

As a bed-in-a-box model, Nectar’s mode of delivery is, well, compressing the bed into a box. This allows for easy passage through doorways and convenient setup. From the time of purchase, a 365-night trial is already in effect. But one year is generous enough of the brand to offer.

Free returns also apply should people decide the Nectar Mattress is not for them. For owners, a lifetime warranty is in the offing. We find Nectar to have some of the best perks in the industry. However, we are not sure about getting a full refund in case of a return.

Purple beds are also placed in a compressed package. When taken out of the box, your bed can be set up easily. It comes with carrying handles for easy movement to or within the room. Expect faint off-gassing which can last a few hours to a few days. Don’t worry because it’s safe for you and your room environment.

The Purple mattresses are known for holding up longer than traditional memory foams. A sleep trial lasting 100 nights gives you a risk-free means to test out the mattress. If it turns out less than expected, you can return it to the company. Purple will cover return costs and refund your money in full. Otherwise, you get a 10-year warranty.

Winner: Tie

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So, who wins in this Nectar vs Purple face-off?

Purple has the upper hand because of the investment it has put into creating the All-New Purple. It wins as the more innovative mattress brand in our book. Nectar is still worth watching out, though. We wouldn’t say it is lagging behind. It is a close second in terms of this assessment.

And if you just compare the all-foam models, we’d say they’re both winners with a lot of room to improve. The differences lie in which functions they’re strong at. Plus the price if you are observing a tight budget.

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