Morphiis Mattress Review 2020

Morphiis Mattress Review

What if there is a way for you to customize the firmness of your mattress? Like, really customize it–not just choose from the multiple firmness options that have been pre-designed for you. That is, you will have to configure the bed yourself. That is the premise behind the product created by Morphiis.

This Morphiis Mattress Review will explore the different ways you can personalize your sleeping space. Forget about popular one-size-fits-all solutions (which the company doesn’t shy away from challenging). Its main demographics seem to be couples or co-sleepers since it allows adjustments on each side of the mattress. And we’re not talking about the firm-and-soft combo.

Are you a solo sleeper? Don’t worry. This model can also be customized based on your answers to several questions on the company’s site. We’ll talk more about the questionnaire in the following sections. Isn’t your curiosity piqued yet? For a brand that just launched recently, it sure has a promising feature to bring to the table.

Morphiis Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The Morphiis Mattress is an all-foam mattress that is compressed and rolled into a box. Its comfort layer is composed of ULTRA FOAM, a polyurethane foam that is Morphiis’ proprietary answer to the traditional memory foam. It sleeps cool and recovers from body impressions. It is also said to let you move freely across the surface. Although soft and comfortable, it seems to lack the contouring of memory foam.

The ULTRA FOAM is certified by CertiPUR-US.

Providing support is the high-density polyfoam placed at the core. Aside from giving the bed its shape, it features a diamond-cut at the bottom to fit an adjustable base. Now, the exciting part comes. In between these two layers is the customizable transition layer. This section is hollow with some pieces of foam to structure the perimeter. This is where you fit any combination from the 36 comfort inserts.

There are 12 inserts each for Soft, Medium, and Firm. In the Firmness & Feel Section, you will learn more about how to configure these inserts according to your needs and preferences. But for now, we’d like you to see how “customizable” the mattress actually is. The upside here is that you can adjust the layer’s firmness as personal as possible. The downside is you will have to do it yourself.

Firmness & Feel

Typically, we present the standard firmness scale used across the mattress industry. It’s 1 for softest and 10 for firmest, with 5.5 to 7 accounting for medium or what’s considered as universal comfort. But we have to deviate a bit to understand how the inserts work inside the Morphiis Mattress. First of all, know that they are color-coded. Blue is Medium, Yellow is Soft, and White is Firm.

To get the proper spine alignment, the company suggests varying the firmness for major body parts. The shoulders and hips should hit the softer surface, while the thighs (medium), head (firm) and lumbar area (firm) should be supported by something firmer. A configuration like this calls to mind the zoned layers of some all-foam mattresses. But Morphiis takes it to the next level by affording sleepers 64 possible firmness configurations.

Morphiis Mattress
Image source- Morphiis

Among its most popular configurations are the following:

  • Side sleepers who are short – soft inserts each under the shoulder and hip, a firm insert under the torso, and medium inserts under the rest of the body
  • Back sleepers who are short-medium inserts except for the lumbar area, thighs, and feet (firm inserts)
  • Side sleepers who are tall – soft under shoulder and hip, firm under torso, and medium under remaining parts (you can add a second firm insert if you’re extra tall)
  • Back sleepers who are tall – firm under torso, add a second firm insert if you are extra tall, and medium under remaining parts
  • Pregnant women who sleep on their side – soft shoulder insert and firm torso insert (replace with soft or medium if this is too firm)
  • Pregnant women who sleep on their back – firm torso and medium all over

Other configurations include those for people suffering from back pain, recovering from a hip injury, or looking for pressure relief. Morphiis has a questionnaire for solo and partner sleepers to determine which configuration suits them.


All-foams differ in their capacity to cool your body down. To add, the memory foam found inside some of them tends to sleep warm. So it’s up to the cooling components in them to provide some reprieve. The ULTRA FOAM layer of the Morphiis Mattress has no such element. But its transitional layer delivers some breathability. It allows air to circulate, so the heat is not trapped inside the foams.

On top of that, the cover is composed of a cotton blend. This boosts the breathability of the transitional layer. Together, they keep the mattress ventilated. Fresh air enters the layers, driving the heat they have absorbed so far. A quick heat transfer enables the bed to cool down. And the promotion of airflow prevents it from bringing the heat back to your body.

However, this model still lacks the ability to regulate temperature optimally. Temperature regulation is necessary for cooling you down during the hot summer months. And it warms you up during the freezing winter months. Morphiis is still a new brand and has the chance to improve on this feature as it grows. If you sleep hot, you might want to look for a hybrid or innerspring version for now.

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Edge Support & Sinkage

As this mattress model belongs to the all-foam category, we are not expecting edge support as one of its strong points. Although the customizable transition layer has space for pieces of foam at the perimeter, these are not enough to keep the edges stable. You will notice some compression if you sit or lay down to the farthest side. There’s significant sinkage that’s stopped only by the core layers.

Depending on your size, weight, or sleeping position, you might not get the support you need if you’re an outlier. Rolling toward the edge won’t be easy. Plus, weak edge support can reduce the surface area you can use. While this will make you huddle toward the center with your partner, you won’t be able to maximize your side’s personalized firmness. 

One more problem with minimal edge support is the early sagging that may occur over time. This can leave the perimeter with a dent, which in turn causes the bed’s surface to look and feel uneven. This affects its durability and lifespan as well. Those who are lightweight or average weight can probably get this to work. But heavier individuals may encounter more issues than usual.

Motion Transfer

While it doesn’t deliver in terms of edge support, this all-foam design bounces back in this area. Like its counterparts, it can isolate motion quite well. The surface is not memory foam, but it works like one when it comes to keeping the movements contained within the spot where they originate. This is the kind of performance couples need. It comes with the promise of uninterrupted and peaceful sleep.

If you’re a light sleeper, the slightest shake can awaken you. And it can be difficult for you to drift off once more. So it’s not enough that you can customize the feel of your mattress. It also has to reduce or eliminate motion transfer. The Morphiis Mattress can reduce motion transfer, not eliminate it. But it’s good enough to sustain you throughout the night.

For those who have a partner or co-sleeper who shifts frequently in bed, you have to prioritize this feature. You have to ensure your sleep won’t be disturbed by shakes and noises at night. Otherwise, your sleep quality may plummet and your health can suffer. Fortunately, you can trust Morphiis in both cases. Yes, this customizable product is super quiet, too.


To find a memory foam mattress within the average price range is already a good deal. Typical rates go from $500 to $1,500. The likes of Casper and Leesa fall within this category. If you’re talking about retailer options from Sealy or Tempurpedic, be prepared to shell out at least several thousand bucks. So, where does the Morphiis Mattress fit in?

The regular price for its queen version is $995. It’s got it slashed down to $495 at the time of writing, making its price below-average. You can even purchase it on Amazon for $175 to $575. Overall, this model is considered part of the affordable mattress category, which is dominated by bed-in-a-box brands. As a newcomer, though, Morphiis will have to prove itself as the better choice than, say, Casper.

It’s already attracting customers by offering to finance through its partner, Affirm. A 12-month term with 0% APR is available if you qualify. Just go to the website, click the button that says “Prequalify”, and fill out the form to apply. Alternatively, you can check out how the Store Card works as that allows 6 monthly payouts with zero interest.

Other Factors

Unlike companies like Brooklyn Bedding or Brentwood Home, Morphiis does not disclose the location where its mattresses are manufactured. Yet, if this is not a big deal to you, rest assured that your order will be shipped to you for free if you live within the continental United States or most of Canada. It will arrive at your doorstep in a bag, which you can easily carry and move around.

White glove delivery and mattress removal are not available at the moment. But if you’re curious about the sleep trial, you’re guaranteed 100 nights. That’s within the industry standard of 90 to 120 nights. It should give you enough time to adjust to your mattress, as well as test out different firmness configurations (as needed). A 30-day break-in phase is required, however, prior to requesting a return.

The return process can be tedious. But it is not unique in this regard. You will be given a complete refund once you send it to Morphiis proof that you have donated your bed to a charity. If you are rather happy with your mattress and its firmness configuration, be reassured by the 25-year non-prorated warranty that comes with it. Sound fair?

Why You Should Buy A Morphiis Mattress

The Morphiis Mattress truly defines the customizable mattress. The concept behind its inserts is promising. With 64 different configurations for firmness, you can personalize your side of the mattress according to your wants and needs. The company is quite helpful to customers when it comes to nailing the right configuration.

Those who sleep hot can also rely on the cooling capabilities of this bed. It has a well-ventilated transition layer (that’s where the inserts are). And its cover is made of cotton blend, which is said to be breathable. It fares better than other all-foam and most traditional memory foam mattresses.

Couples and co-sleepers who want to sleep without interruptions can go for the Morphiis Mattress because it transfers motion minimally. Like other all-foam designs, it is constructed to isolate motion, allowing light sleepers to snooze without disruption. Also, it is noiseless–something couples can appreciate especially as they perform other non-sleeping activities.

Because it is affordable, this bed becomes more appealing to buyers whose priorities are the above-mentioned factors. It can cover a wide range of budgets, especially those who are on the lookout for a mattress under $500 (discounted) or under $1,000. Financing is also available for those who are eligible to apply.

Why You Should Not Buy A Morphiis Mattress

Gaps in the transitional layer may form due to a few factors. One major reason we can think of is when you arrange the inserts poorly in the section allotted to them. Another is when the inserts are unstable in themselves that slight movements can cause them to be displaced. Either situation can bring a lot of discomfort to the sleeper–the opposite result of what customizable firmness aims to deliver.

Also, as Morphiis is quite new, the durability of its mattress model remains to be tested. It has some history of being tested at Stanford University. But the product being sold now is derived from the one that’s been tested and has a different patent. So, we shall see how it performs over time. If this is something you don’t want to risk, you’re welcome to try something else.

The Verdict

This Morphiis Mattress Review has checked the performance of the said model against the factors you should consider when buying a mattress. We hope that you’ve found the customization bit interesting as we did. It’s a different solution to the same problem that one-size-fits-all ones have somehow overlooked. For that, Morphiis gets an A for innovation.

However, there could be problems with the arrangement of the inserts inside the bed. There have been reports of slight gaps, which have caused discomfort to some sleepers. As the company is young, we think it can still improve in many areas. We hope it’s the type that appreciates the feedback.

Morphiis Mattress has promise, to say the least. But it also has a lot to prove.
Now, what do you think? Is this mattress right up your alley? Or are you on the fence with regard to the customization factor? Well, just test out the mattress personalization feature on Morphiis’ website. You have nothing to lose.

Morphiis Mattress Review
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