Lull Mattress Review 2020

Lull Mattress Review

Are you a combination sleeper? Meaning, you usually hit the sack in one position and wake up in another. It can be challenging to find a mattress that accommodates your, well, rotating needs. This is why when we came across Lull Mattress, a review of its features made us want to share them with readers like you.

Lull Premium Memory Foam Mattress is the signature product of Lull, a company that was born out of an experience the founder had while shopping for a new mattress. Together with his wife, Sven Klein was dissatisfied by the unfriendly stores, pushy salespeople, and unequal prices across shops. So, instead of a new bed, he walked out with a business idea.

While Lull was not the first to upend traditional mattress selling, its direct-to-consumer model is on point. The question is: how does it differ from other online mattress brands and models? That’s what we’ll take a hard look on in this review.

Lull Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

Inside the Lull Mattress is a 3-layer technology composed of mixed foam. This 10-inch thick bed has for its top layer a 1.5-inch gel memory foam. It’s what gives you that sink-in feel. To neutralize that effect, though, a 1.5-inch transition foam layer lies underneath. This is not an exact science behind the design, but the polyfoam is supposed to stop the memory foam from hugging you tightly. 

Making up the base is the 7-inch polyurethane foam for support. All the foam used in the bed is certified by CertiPUR US. They meet the requirement of having fewer than 0.5 parts per million VOC or volatile organic compounds. This certification also conveys that no harmful chemicals are found in the creation of the mattress. Other materials you won’t find in the Lull Mattress:

  • Formaldehydes
  • Heavy metals like mercury and lead
  • Ozone depleters
  • Phthalates
  • PBDE flame retardants

Constructed with non-toxic and non-carcinogenic components, this mattress is safe and healthy for you to snooze in.

The cover that wraps it up blends polyester and rayon for that soft, comfortable feel. A mix of white on the surface and gray at the bottom lends the bed a clean, sleek look. It’s removable but not machine washable. Taking it off the multiform may not be a good idea because it’s a bit hard to put back. If there’s a spill or dirt, just spot clean the affected area. 

Alternatively, you can buy a mattress protector from Amazon that is removable, washable, waterproof, and spill-resistant.

Firmness & Feel

The 10-inch Lull Mattress features a 6.5 firmness level (1 is soft and 10 is firm). While the company does not specify medium-firm, this should be a near-accurate estimate. It still falls within what’s considered universal comfort. Side and back sleepers of average weight should find this design a good fit. Back sleepers of all sizes will also not sink too much in this bed.

It’s also a good match for heavy sleepers who lie on their side and tummy. Lightweight stomach sleepers, however, may get that feeling of being stuck in the mud. With one exception, Lull Mattress supports all the positions. It’s, for this reason, we think combo sleepers should include it in their shortlist. But being almost 7, it straddles a fine line between just right and firm.

Nevertheless, those who have a bad back can benefit from a firm mattress. It aligns your spine naturally while also supporting your hips and shoulders well. Go softer, and those latter parts will sink further. This is a recipe for waking up with aches and discomfort the next morning. 

Some users complain of the mattress being too firm. To give you an idea, we searched which models it is comparable with. We found that it is close to the firmness of the er Original and Casper Hybrid (6). While it is one level firmer than Leesa (or put another way, Leesa is softer at 5.5).

Read our full review of the Casper Mattress.

Motion Transfer

Combo sleepers would want to toss and turn without disturbing their bed partner. Or just want to rotate positions with ease and comfort. You should be looking at motion transfer as a metric if this is your chief concern. Memory foam or all-foam designs, such as Casper and Casper Wave, are known for isolating motion very well. The Lull Mattress is on par with industry-standard in this regard.

Owners report that it significantly reduces motion transfer. We see the 2 layers of memory foam and transition foam as the performers here. They absorb movements no matter how close or near they are to the resting body. Thereby, we deem it perfect for those who doze off in pairs. It’s optimal for a couple composed of one light sleeper and one combination sleeper (who moves often in sleep).

Moreover, families with little children can altogether slumber in this bed. Parents won’t have to worry about waking up the little one/s when they switch positions. The youngsters can also shift all they want without bothering mom and dad a lot. For these reasons, we’re giving the Lull Mattress a high score in this department.


The mixed-foam mattress features an open cell structure design. This means that the cell walls inside each foam are broken. In turn, this allows for better airflow within the material. It is your cue and clue as to how memory foam mattress can sleep cool.

So, if there is an open-cell structure, there is a closed one? Yes, for a long time, memory foam sported this design. This construction is high in density and great in insulation. However, it is found to wick away sweat and heat poorly. While it is durable, the material does not breathe, unlike closed-cell foam.

Finding the optimal balance between insulation and breathability is one of the main thrusts of advanced memory foam makers. With the inclusion of a gel memory foam layer on top, Lull effectively provides those who sleep hot a comfortable night’s rest.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Edge support is a little weak in the Lull Mattress. Couples who tend to fight for middle-of-the-bed dominance may tip over to the floor if they’re not careful or they push too hard. However, this scenario seems exaggerated, don’t you think? One solution is to get a big-size bed, like a Queen or King. 

Another concern, however, when it comes to edge support is premature sinking or sagging. This happens when you sit on the perimeter a lot, maybe to tie your shoes. In this case, the rating dips a little for this model. It may show wear and tear earlier than other mattress types, like hybrid. But weak edge support is not unusual for memory foam.

On the other hand, the responsiveness of the Lull Mattress offsets its edge support performance. It has the right sink, which lets you feel comfortable. But the firmness provides support to the spine, shoulders, and hips, meaning, you won’t sink too much. This great response is ideal for those who miss the traditional innerspring feel but want the contouring benefits of memory foam.


All-foam mattresses are making the rounds on the web. Their prices are one of their main selling points. It’s easy to find a brand that dishes out a twin bed for over $500 and a queen mattress for a little under $1,000. Lull is therefore not alone in offering low-cost prices.

Image Source- Lull

What clearly differentiates it from the competition is the quality of its construction and materials. Certified and premium, the multiple-foam bed brand is able to sell mattresses at affordable rates. You will pay $2,000 more if you purchase a retail store design. To beat the competition, it offers a discount on its site and on Amazon. You can buy a Cal King for less than $1,000.

Check out the product here! (California King)

Moreover, financing is available. You can get access to 0% APR financing if you are qualified. Choose to pay your dues for 6 to 18 months.

Other Factors

Last but not least, consider durability, delivery, and warranty.

The expected lifespan of a Lull mattress is around 6 years. That’s actually an industry standard for memory foam mattresses. And it falls within the range. The weak edge support may or may not speed up deterioration. We suggest proper care, including flipping, for your foam.

What about delivery? It’s free if you buy it directly from the company or your order from Amazon. You will be entitled to a 100-night home trial in which you can test if the size you bought is the one for you. If it’s not, Lull will pick it up for free and return your money in full.

If you love it as it is, you can then enjoy the 10-year limited warranty that comes with your purchase. But as we know this can be a tricky spot, make sure to read the fine print before clicking Add to Cart.

Why You Should Buy A Lull Mattress

A back sleeper can gain the most from the Lull Mattress. This goes for individuals weighing less than to equal to 130 pounds, as well as those above 130 pounds. Other sleeper types and sizes can also benefit from this bed. Skip it only if you love to snooze on your tummy and pretty lightweight at the same time. 

Sharing the bed with another person? Combination sleeper? If you tick either or both, you’re also candidate owner. Great motion isolation capability is the main reason. But there’s also the balance between comfort and support, and firmness and response. 

Of course, if you want a high-quality all-foam mattress for a fraction of the price of physical retailer store models, the Lull Mattress is quite the perfect choice. Your order gets delivered to your doorstep, free of charge. So there are no overhead costs to worry about. Just take out your bed from the box, let it expand, and then enjoy.

Why You Should Not Buy A Lull Mattress

If you are very sensitive to smells, take note that this model has little off-gassing. It will dissipate in a few days. But we understand if you can’t stand even one minute of dealing with stinky smells. Pregnant women, for instance, can look for a brand with zero off-gassings. Those with conditions like asthma may also be spared from this situation.

In addition, the Lull Mattress has a rage thickness but medium firmness. This medium-firm profile is already leaning toward the firm you are a lightweight person who sleeps on their stomach, or you want a plush mattress, you can sink in this one. But the firmness balances the sink-in feel. It is not as bouncy as a hybrid or innerspring. Because of this, you may not totally love this bed.

The Verdict

This Lull Mattress review found that the pros outweigh the cons. That is especially true for the weak edge support being a minor consideration compared to conforming, overall support, response, cooling, and affordability. 

This model is on par with many industry standards. No single bed is perfect because every person differs in need and preferences. That’s why it’s hard to match the flexibility of the Lull Mattress in catering to most sleeper types. Therefore, we are grading the mattress 4 of 5 stars.

Curious about other online store mattress brands? Read our full unbiased review.

Lull Mattress Review
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