Lucid Mattress Review 2019

Lucid Mattress

Are you dissatisfied by the one-size-fits-all solutions you’ve found online? Well, here’s a brand that believes in variety to spice things up. Introducing Lucid Mattress. This company has several mattress types, such as memory foam, latex, and hybrid. Get to know these options in our unbiased and updated Lucid Mattress review.

During its inception, Lucid quickly realized that it had to consider many factors in creating beds for customers. For instance, do they want firm or plush, memory foam or latex? Do they sleep hot or cold? By starting with these questions, the brand has been able to define its current set of offerings.

Lucid Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Review

Arguably the most popular model in this category is the Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It comes in multiple firmness levels to fit many preferences. Just as the other gel-infused types do. Aside from 10 inches, you can also choose from 6, 8, 12, 14, and 16 inches. Let’s move on to the Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Review.

Lucid Mattress Review

Construction & Materials

Inside this model is the 3 inches of gel memory foam from which it derives its name. This top comfort layer contours your body’s curves, soothing pressure points. The remaining 7 inches are packed in a supportive foam base that caters to larger frames. These materials are certified by CertiPUR-US.

Firmness & Feel

Lucid labeled this bed Plush. Yet, it has adjusted it to medium-firm based on customer feedback. This means the brand listens to users even if it shows it hasn’t nailed its intended firmness level. The new assignment makes this model fit for average to larger frames, and ideally for back and side sleepers.


To combat the heat-trapping mechanism that memory foam is notorious for, this version features infused gel beads. These components are designed to draw heat away from the body. So far, they work in regulating temperature. But this type may not be as well-ventilated as a hybrid.

Edge Support & Sinkage

This is one of the Lucid models that lack edge support. So this may turn you off if you tend to roll toward the edge in your sleep. Premature sinkage is the #1 problem to deal with if this feature isn’t prioritized. On the other hand, if it’s not a big deal, you can probably make do. 

Motion Transfer

For couples who sleep lightly, motion transfer matters a lot. They need a bed that isolates motion. And this 10-inch design, alongside other thickness options in its family, is able to reduce motion transfer. Say goodbye to interruptions at night from your significant other who shifts positions in their sleep like there’s no tomorrow.


This is one of the most affordable memories foam mattresses ever. Check out how much a 10-inch Lucid Plush Memory Foam bed costs per size:

  • Twin – $189.99
  • Twin XL – $199.99
  • Full – $249.99
  • Queen – $299.99
  • King – $399.99
  • Cal King – $399.99

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Other Factors

Your Lucid memory foam mattress is compressed and delivered in a box. Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S. There’s a 30-night sleep trial–quite short by online mattress brand standards. The product is backed by a 10-year warranty.

LUCID 10 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress - Medium...
  • Sink into 3 inches of plush gel memory foam supported by 7" of high density foam that aligns the spine for incredible comfort and a medium plush feel
  • Built to relieve pressure by supporting the natural curves of your head, neck, and shoulders
  • Ventilated top layer and TENCEL blend cover ensure a breathable sleep environment

Lucid Latex Mattress Review

As one of the most versatile versions, the Lucid Latex Mattress has many uses. It’s great for your guest room, dorm room, or even a master bedroom. All sleeping positions are supported by this bed. It’s the combination sleepers of average weight, however, who can achieve optimal comfort.

Lucid Latex Mattress

Construction & Materials

A top latex layer highlights the construction of this model. It’s this 3-inch material that gives it a springy feel and is quick to respond to your weight and motion. The foam base is 7 inches, just like that of the memory foam model. Both foams are CertiPUR-US-certified. A Tencel lyocell blend cover makes the surface airy and soft to the touch.

Firmness & Feel

Compared to memory foam, latex has a firmer feel. In particular, this model sports a medium-firm feel, a gift to back sleepers and back pain sufferers. While it is contouring, there is also a little pushback from the layers. You can add some plushness by getting this mattress topper from the same brand.


Latex also sleeps cooler than memory foam. However, for this edition, the cover is responsible for breathability. But temperature regulation is not handled well by the latex foam layer. Sleeping cool does not last all night. So this might not be the best choice for those who sleep hot.

Edge Support & Sinkage

No improvements in this area can be found in the Lucid latex foam mattress. There is still a high chance of sagging due to daily wear. Consider this if you tend to roll over the perimeter. Over time, the edges may succumb to pressure and cause the bed surface to be uneven–sinking at the edges, elevated at the center. Not a good picture.

Motion Transfer

While this bed has some bounce to it, it is quite fair when it comes to isolating movements. It is not great, but it is also not bad. This can be overlooked if you’re on a solo flight. But if you share your sleeping space with someone–a sibling, a partner, a pet–then this may not suit your needs.


Shown below is the regular pricing for this 10-inch latex foam option based on its Amazon listings–Firm Mattress Only. This model seems to be exclusively sold on the e-commerce site. You may purchase a size either from Lucid or another seller.

  • Twin – $239.99
  • Twin XL – $435.99
  • Full – $319.99
  • Queen – $665.99
  • King – around $750
  • Cal King – around $879.99

Other Factors

Same incentives as those of the memory foam mattress apply. You get free shipping of this bed in a box. You can avail of a 30-day sleep trial. And you’re entitled to a 10-year warranty as an owner. See if Amazon’s return policy covers this product.

LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress - Firm - Ventilated...
  • Firm feel; 3-inch natural latex surface layer responds instantly with comfortable resilience
  • Latex layer is ventilated for airflow and breathability.
  • Conforms to body weight and curves to relieve pressure points.

Lucid Hybrid Mattress Review

Now we’re down to the last model–the Lucid Hybrid Mattress–to review. We’re curious about how the company has fit a spring-and-foam combo in one affordable bed. In particular, how has it been done in a 10-inch profile? We’re excited to let you know what our findings are.

Lucid Hybrid Mattress

Construction & Materials

Possibly the brand’s most advanced model yet, this one features 3 layers made of memory foam and spring. A bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam sits at the top, neutralizing odor and temperature in one go. The second memory foam layer keeps your sack fresh and clean.

But the tough performer here is the base composed of individually encased coils. It’s where the pressure relief is brought home. A breathable softcover wraps up this design. The prestigious CertiPUR-US guarantees the safety of these components inside the Lucid hybrid.

Perhaps, our only complaint is that contouring seems to be good enough, but not awesome.

Firmness & Feel

Interestingly, this mattress has a medium-soft feel (4.5 on the scale). This is one full level lower than the minimum level of what’s considered to be universal comfort. Based on actual use, however, this defines the comfort zone among Lucid mattress models. So it’s beneficial to sleepers of all shapes and sizes.


We love how a spring system naturally bumps up the cooling capabilities of its foam layers. The individual encasing promotes better breathability. Working together with the airy cover, the coils keep the entire bed well-ventilated. Those who sleep hot would be happy to snooze on this one. You’d be feeling cool, clean, and comfortable as you drift off to dreamland.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Another feature that gets an upgrade is edge support. At this point in our Lucid mattress review, you should already know how important this is to prevent premature sagging. We have the individually wrapped coils again to thank for this performance. 

Motion Transfer

While motion isolation is pretty good here, there’s still much that can be improved. The independent coils are good enough to isolate motion. To be fair, there is very little motion transfer to be felt in this bed. So it’s good enough for couples who aren’t awakened by the slightest movements.


This model can be bought exclusively on Amazon. The pricing for the 10-inch edition is as follows:

  • Twin – $249.99
  • Twin XL – $349.99
  • Full – $349.99
  • Queen – $399.99
  • King – $518.84
  • Cal King – around $499.99

Take note: On Amazon, prices may vary according to promo period and/or seller.

Other Factors

To complete this Lucid mattress review, we’d like to remind you to read the fine print included in your purchase. This pertains to the warranty coverage, as well as sleep trial and returns terms. Like the others, the Lucid Hybrid Mattress is delivered to your doorstep in a box, comes with free shipping and a 30-night sleep trials, and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

LUCID 10 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattress - Bamboo Charcoal...
  • Bamboo charcoal infusions eliminate odors and pull moisture away from the skin for a naturally hypoallergenic bed
  • High-quality transition foam infused with aloe vera creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment that promotes daily freshness
  • Medium-plush feel; memory foam, transition foam, and coils bring soft and gentle comfort underpinned by a well-balanced layer of support

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Why You Should Buy A Lucid Mattress

If you and your partner have different needs and preferences, you won’t get stuck with one option with Lucid. There are multiple thicknesses and firmness choices, to begin with. Plus, you can go for memory foam, latex foam, or hybrid if you want.

Is budget tight these days? If you really have to replace an old mattress, you can rely on the affordable price point of each Lucid Mattress model mentioned here. They all fall under $1,000–we’re even talking about King and Cal King here already. And the designs are decent to good quality.

Motion transfer may be an issue for you and your mate. You or they are not a stranger to light sleeper problems. This should be resolved by the Lucid Hybrid Mattress. This is the best mattress type from this brand according to our research. Get your best sleep by betting on a reliable model like this one.

Find out what else can you do if you’re a light sleeper.

Why You Should Not Buy A Lucid Mattress

The dreaded premature sagging may be a real cause for worry in your household. Maybe your kids love to jump up and down the bed. You or your partner may want to feel stable when you sleep on the edge because you reserve the middle zone for your kids. Or you just really sit on the edge of the bed without thinking too much about it.

If you take time to adjust to a new mattress, the 30-day sleep trial may not be enough for you. This is already set by Lucid and Amazon, so there’s nothing we can do about it. We understand if you prefer a longer trial period because you’re buying an online mattress that can’t be tested out prior to purchase.

The Verdict

As we close our Lucid mattress review, we hope you are now one step closer to buying your dream bed. Lucid is a company that bets on variety. It doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. And we’re all the better for it because it has come up with the Lucid Hybrid Mattress. We recommend this one for its capabilities. For paying its price, you’re getting good value in return.

You may still opt for the other 2 if you’re willing to compromise on edge support, cooling, and motion transfer. After all, their cost can really win you over. Let us know in the future how it works for you.

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