Live and Sleep Mattress Review 2020

Live and Sleep Mattress

There’s no shortage of memory foam mattresses on the market. It has the classic models and contemporary beds in boxes. Amid this tough competition, Live and Sleep Mattress seeks to become the best. It belongs to the second category in this case–the product compressed and sealed in a bag, the prices devoid of ridiculous markups, and the buying process made so much easier.

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But are the brand’s unique selling propositions really unique? We can argue that these qualities are also found in other mattress models. In fact, the company isn’t the first to contain any of these features. The likes of Casper have been creating similar designs since the online mattress boom. Yet, we can also start our review by digging deeper into what Live and Sleep Mattress.

 Is it another run-of-the-mill brand? Or is there more than meets the eye to its offerings? Let’s go ahead and see what the Classic, Elite, and Luxury Mattress have in store for sleepers. These are the models in its current lineup. Why don’t we get started?

Live and Sleep Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

Let’s begin by uncovering the Classic Mattress. With a 10-inch profile, it consists of a 2.5-inch responsive memory foam top layer. It conforms closely to your body’s curves, which is the desired effect from memory foam. Beneath it is the 7.5-inch high-density support core base. You can feel it right away as the bed doesn’t have a transition layer. It’s a simple design that delivers nonetheless. Wrapped around the layers is a stretch-knit cover that provides softness and breathability.

Next, let’s check out the construction of the Elite Mattress. This one is also 10 inches tall. However, it has three layers, two of which are memory foam-based. The top comfort layer uses a 2.5-inch premium memory foam, which is contouring and responsive at the same time. It’s followed by another memory foam, .5-inch tall and infused with gel for cooling on top of its contouring and pressure relief.

A base made of 10-inch high-density foam provides support. Luxury fabric adds finishing touches to this mattress.

And then you have the Luxury Mattress with its 12-inch profile. There is a premium memory foam in it that is 2.5 inches tall, serving as the comfort layer. A 1-inch gel cooling memory foam sits below it, aiming to relieve your pressure points and cradle your curves. A supportive and solid high-density core foam base completes the layers. It’s built to last and stands at 8.5 inches.

A luxurious fabric that contours to your body aren’t just a cover but also a complement to the memory foam layers of the bed.

All of the foams used in these mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX, two trusted third-party certification bodies. This early, we don’t know how these materials differ from those found in famous brands. We’re hoping it becomes clear to all of us what Live and Sleep engineers into its foam if there’s any.

Firmness & Feel

Firmness is a subjective factor. But then, bed makers have to use a unifying firmness scale. The popular one is the 1 to 10 Firmness Scale, with 1 being softest, 10 being firmest, and 5.5 to 7 being “just right”. Various companies take liberties in devising their own firmness scale based on the standard one. Naming conventions become the most customized aspect. Here’s what Live and Sleep rely on.

Ultra Plush, Plush, Balanced, Firm, and Extra Firm

The Classic sports a medium-firm feel, with its firmness level located between Balanced and Firm. You will feel the softcover and conforming memory foam before you are pushed back by the thick foam base. This dynamic benefits those who snooze on their back or stomach the most. 

Live and Sleep Mattress Review

Meanwhile, the Elite is undeniably firm. That is exactly its designation on the Live and Sleep scale: Firm. There are two layers of memory foam inside it which yield contouring comfort. As this is firmer than Classic, stomach and back sleepers are also the ones to gain optimally from lying down on this bed.

Luxury has the best feel among the three. It features a balanced firmness, so it caters to all sleeper types. Side sleepers can join back and stomach sleepers from maximizing this sleeping space.

With three firmness options, you can find something here that fits your personal preferences. They also allow you to feel unstuck while hitting the sack.


A cooling, the breathable mattress should be your top priority if you sleep hot, especially when you want a memory foam type. Summer nights aren’t going to be kind on you. The traditional version of memory foam is infamous for being a heat trap. But most companies are making progress in keeping it cool these days. Depending on the elements or layers used, it can still sleep warm. 

With light and breathable covers, all three models are aided in transferring heat fast and allowing air to flow. Yet, air circulation should be promoted across all layers. The Classic lacks the cooling component of the Elite and Luxury. Without the gel, which lowers down the temperature, the first model has the highest chance of retaining heat. Plus, airflow is hampered by the high-density foam at the bottom.

The other two have some buffer against a slew of factors, such as your skin temperature, the room temperature, and the climate. But the main thing they all lack is temperature neutrality, which can enhance your snooze. With this feature, you won’t just feel cool during the warmer months but also feel warm during the colder months. This is made possible by using phase change technology or materials.

Edge Support

Feeling a “roll-off” when you sleep near the edge of the bed can be disappointing, more so if you tend to sleep that way. You won’t be able to take up the entire bed surface as well. And you will notice that compression is deep or significant at the perimeter–whether you are sitting or sleeping on it. It’s an all-foam issue that can only be solved by considering hybrids instead.

The good news is, edge support in the Live and Sleep mattresses is better than in other all-foam types. You can get the most out of the surface area with the Classic Mattress. There is very little compression on the sides, so it’s great for both solo sleepers and co-sleepers. You can expect the same performance from the Elite. And the same can be said about the Luxury Mattress.

While the high-density foam at the bottom can be less breathable, it does not disappoint in holding the mattress together. If your concern is to preserve the perimeter and prevent surface deformity, you’ll do well with any of the three models. Of course, you have to expect them to last shorter than a hybrid or innerspring. But the promise is there.

Motion Transfer

If you want to sleep without interruptions, this is a factor you should look into more deeply. Interruptions can be caused by a co-sleeper. That is, the movements they create on their side as they move in their sleep or get in and out of the bed in the middle of the night. Of course, noise from other sources is a different case. 

If you’re a light sleeper, shakes, turns, and tosses can be distracting. Fortunately, memory foam has a history of performing well in terms of motion isolation. It hugs the body closely, so movements are contained in the area where they were generated. The Classic, Elite, and Luxury score great in this regard. They’re able to insulate motion with light to moderate impact. However, some motion is felt from huge impact.

Any of these offerings can be a good choice for light sleepers. However, if you and/or your partner are on the heavier side, you should check out a hybrid version to be sure. Getting disrupted regularly can lead to insomnia. This sleep disorder can affect your sleep quality negatively. A deep, distraction-free sleep, on the other hand, can improve your health and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed.


Pricing can be a tricky factor because it depends so much on context. For instance, asking yourself “What is my budget?” can be a good start. If the answer is below the ones you are eyeing, you’re likely to look for financing programs to compensate. And that’s all right because there are good financing options out there. But if you search for a cheaper choice, are you settling or what?

Forget about that for a second and focus on the price points of each Live and Sleep Mattress model. The Classic Mattress retails at $549. You can own the Elite Mattress for $699, while the Luxury Mattress costs $849. These rates are applicable to the queen edition. These are considered affordable if you know that the average market prices for memory foam mattresses range from $500 to $1,500 (Queen).

Also, you can say they’re worth investing in because they use certified-safe memory foam on top of being affordable. Yet, if you factor in durability, you’ll be able to know how much you are going to spend on a mattress per day. If you think that way at all. The average lifespan for this all-foam type is 5 to 10 years. Live and Sleep mattresses may have a shorter lifespan.

Other Factors

Another thing, customer-centric policies can make or break an online mattress brand. This category promises to disrupt the traditional way of shopping mattresses. So if it’s offering a new way, it has to be better. We will see Live and Sleep Mattress through this lens. Will, it farewell or fail? Let’s go through its shipping, trial, return, and warranty policies to find out.

Standard shipping is free for Elite and Luxury mattress orders within the continental United States. Shipping is still free for those living in Alaska and Hawaii, but delivery may take longer. Your bed comes with a 30- to 100-night sleep trial. The 30-night trial is applicable to Classic owners. Meanwhile, Elite owners have 75 nights to test out their bed and Luxury owners have the full 100 nights.

We are not sure how Live and Sleep came up with this scheme. But the lower the price of the product, the less chance you can get a generous sleep trial. That’s based on industry practices, not just individual mattress brand policies. 

Break-in periods are related to this factor. Classic requires 30 days and Elite and Luxury need 50 nights before a return can be initiated. Fifteen days is lower than most adjustment periods, but note that there are only 15 days left to request a return. Fifty days is simply too long. For returns, make sure you get a Return Authorization Number.

A full refund will be provided once your return request is approved. If you choose to keep the mattress, you can enjoy a 20-year limited warranty.

Why You Should Buy A Live and Sleep Mattress

For those who are in search of multiple firmness options, the three models of Live and Sleep Mattress offer different firmness and feel versions. You have the chance to customize what will work for you and your co-sleeper. 

Back and stomach sleepers also benefit the most from the Classic, Elite, and Luxury. They offer a medium to a firm surface, so you can snooze in your favorite position without feeling sore at your pressure points.

The price points of each mattress model are also at the lower end of the market average. This makes it easier for the company to target more customers than its traditional counterparts, such as Tempurpedic.

Why You Should Not Buy A Live and Sleep Mattress

However, you have to know that the Live and Sleep mattresses are not cut out for the long run. The average life of all-foam mattresses is 5 to 10 years. But these ones may last shorter. So it may not be for you if you need something that can be used for a really long time.

Side sleepers may find the Classic and Elite mattresses to be too firm for comfort. Those who are on the heavier side may not also be satisfied by the firmness of the Luxury Mattress. It’s better to choose one that caters specifically to the needs of a side sleeper.

Off-gassing can occur with this mattress. Although it is certified to be safe and non-toxic, some users report that it can emit a smell that can last for days.

The Verdict

Live and Sleep Mattress is one of the most reviewed brands on Amazon. And it comes with a 4+-star rating. Outside of the e-commerce site, it may not be as popular yet. But it definitely does show some promise when it comes to conforming, edge support, and motion transfer. Its prices can also compete with Casper, Nectar, Leesa, and others.

One thing that’s understandable but crucial is the company’s choice to offer different sleep trial lengths for its models. The sleep trial for Classic is too short and its break-in period is already 50% of the trial period. This example goes against the grain of wanting to deliver the best memory foam mattress experience. Customer experience is definitely part of that promise.

Complement your memory foam mattress with memory foam pillows to maximize the conforming and pressure relief benefits from the material. For more mattress reviews, head over at PhatFusion’s homepage.

Live and Sleep Mattress Review
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