Linenspa Mattress Reviews 2020

Linenspa Mattress Reviews

Linenspa Mattress has been around since 2003. So how come you have never heard of it? The company admits it works behind the scenes, but its best selling mattress is one of the most affordable and popular online. The brand strives to offer the same quality as that found inexpensive ones for a fraction of the competitor’s price.

That said, we are excited to review the four mattress models in its collection. These are hybrid or innerspring types, mind you. Hybrid mattresses can cost a fortune if you buy them at the retail store.

Linenspa is aiming to change that. The question is: is it succeeding? Let’s find out in the following Linenspa Mattress Review.

Linenspa Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The Linenspa Mattress collection is composed of four distinct types: Memory Foam Hybrid, Gel Memory Foam Hybrid, Latex Hybrid, and Innerspring Hybrid. 

First off, let’s look at the Memory Foam Hybrid. Inside the 10-inch version is a 2.5-inch memory foam comfort layer that aligns your spine for comfort. Underneath it is the base layer composed of another couple layers of support foam above 6-inch tempered steel springs. 1.5-inch quilted memory foam forms the bed cover. Linenspa doesn’t provide a drawing of sorts, so feel free to imagine the arrangement.

Next is the Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, dubbed the softest mattress in the company’s line. Even at 12 inches, its design is for those who want that ultra-plush from their sleeping space. In tandem in the comfort, layers are a 2-inch gel memory foam and a 1-inch transition foam. The former is in charge of cooling while the latter takes care of introducing you gradually to the firm base. 

Third, you have the Latex Hybrid Mattress. The highlight of this bed is its responsive materials, starting with the 2-inch fast response foam and latex. It also has the right bounce which can make couples happy. Then you’re met at the bottom by the 7-inch individually encased coils with foam edge support. It’s a testament to its sturdiness and support. Completing it is the 1-inch quilted fast response foam cover.

Lastly, the versatile Innerspring Mattress is available for your kid’s room, guest room, or recreational vehicle (RV). You get the best of both worlds with this one. It features a quilted fabric cover and a foam layer on top of 6 inches of tempered steel coils. The cover is 100% polyester while the inner materials are made up of the following: 62% Polyester Fiber, 18% Rayon Fiber, 15% Polyurethane Foam, 5% Polypropylene Fiber.

Firmness & Feel

If you are wondering what firmness suits you, take a look at the legend below. This is the firmness scale used by the mattress industry. It ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 as softest and 10 as firmest. This is more or less what many brands use to describe the feel of their beds to customers. Others may deviate from this guideline, such as Zinus Mattress. 

Linenspa uses the standard 1 to 10 Firmness Scale.


  • Ultra Soft – 1-2
  • Soft – 3-4
  • Medium – 5-6
  • Firm – 7-8
  • Ultra Firm – 9-10

Its memory foam hybrid is considered medium: not too soft, not too firm. It nails the sweet spot, making it ideal for sleepers of all shapes, styles, and sizes. As we said, the Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the softest among the company’s offerings. It is Ultra Plush, letting your body fall on a soft surface. Nevertheless, you will feel the support from the firm base. 

linenspa mattress

On the other hand, the Latex Hybrid also delivers that medium-firm feel. It is good for those who snooze on their back, side, or stomach, even those who combine these sleeping positions. The Innerspring Mattress is the firmest among the models. Its 6-inch profile is specifically designed for growing and developing sleepers, such as toddlers, kids, and teens.


Temperature neutrality is not an issue with any of the Linenspa mattress models. We thought the quilted cover can be a problem, especially because it is the first material that comes in contact with your body. But it’s thin enough to let the gel memory foam or latex foam breathe. Memory foam tends to sleep warm, but the gel infused in it should cool you down.

Of course, latex is known for allowing air to circulate. Together with the coils at the base, the foams neutralize your temperature as fresh air flows into the mattress. Models with “thicker” comfort layers do not raise the temperature. This is a good sign. Usually, innerspring can sleep hot due to the polyfoam layers being dense, which doesn’t seem to be a problem here.

Edge Support & Sinkage

With the exception of the 6-inch Innerspring Mattress, all of Linenspa’s beds have good and solid edge support. Credit that to their construction. The pocketed coils reinforce the edges. The Latex Hybrid Mattress even has foam edge support to assist the spring base. It’s just that the innerspring one has a low profile, making it prone to deep compression.

What do these mean for you? First, you will experience minimal sinkage in areas where you often sit. You will feel stable even when rolling toward the perimeter. Couples and co-sleepers are able to take up all of the space of their mattresses. Thanks to this feature, you can worry less about it sagging or losing its shape early in its life.

Motion Transfer

The performance of each mattress model differs in this department. Let’s begin with the best one, the Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress. This foam-and-coil combo absorbs and isolates motion significantly. The Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, however, can reduce motion transfer. But the result is good instead of great. You may still feel some shaking when the other person moves in or gets out of bed.

A little less effective in insulating motion is the Latex Hybrid Mattress. Typically, memory foam is better in this regard than latex foam. So there’s just some motion isolation in this one, but it is minimal. Meanwhile, the lack of a traditional comfort layer inhibits the Innerspring Mattress from reducing motion transfer notably. It also has a very low profile, which can transfer movements so easily.

Choosing a bed with good to great motion isolation capabilities will allow you to sleep without interruptions. This is particularly important if you sleep lightly and your partner or co-sleeper shifts frequently while asleep.


While innerspring almost cost as much as all-foams, hybrids and latex hybrids can be more expensive than both. The average price for a queen version of each type is as follows:

  • All-foam: $860
  • Innerspring: $950
  • Latex: $1,600
  • Hybrid: $1,850

So Linenspa belongs to a category of its own. It can be considered one of the cheapest mattresses across all types. Given that it offers hybrid and innerspring models, there is no denying it is a budget mattress. Just look at how much its offerings cost, all queen.

The Memory Foam Hybrid retails regularly at $249.99. Linenspa encourages buyers to purchase on Amazon, providing a link to its page on the e-commerce site. This version is sold at the same price. But you can get $50 off if you apply for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card. Meanwhile, the Gel Memory Foam Hybrid is available only on Amazon. You can get the 12-inch profile for $399.99.

Even the Latex Hybrid Mattress is super cheap at $299.99, both on Amazon and Linenspa. The Innerspring Mattress is it’s most affordable at $129.99. You can score a 16% discount if you purchase it on Amazon, ending up with $109.34. Everything Queen from Linenspa is under $500, making it great for those who have a tight budget or starting out (e.g. college students).

Given the prices, you may not be able to avail of financing. This is not included in the perks probably because the amount you need to shell out is already super low. However, you may try joining the Amazon Rewards program to earn reward points for this purchase. And when you are approved, you can also use the discounted rate at checkout.

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Other Factors

Linenspa ships its mattresses to your doorstep for free, provided you live in the continental United States. Your order also comes with a 30-day night trial. This is below the average length of trial periods in the industry. Some online mattress brands offer 90 to 120 days, 30 days of which are allotted to adjustment or break-in.

Returns are allowed but only within those 30 days. Returns are free of charge but handled by customers–that is, you are sent a UPS shipping label, pack your mattress, and drop it off at a local UPS store. You will also be issued a full refund. Some may find this too short as their bodies may not have acclimatized to the bed yet. 

If you go beyond 30 days, you will automatically be entitled to the company’s 10-year non-prorated warranty. You can file a claim if the product has any defects. 

Why You Should Buy A Linenspa Mattress

The multiple firmness options are Linenspa’s highlight. You can choose from plush, medium, and firm depending on your needs and preferences. You can customize the feel as you please, unlike with one-size-fits-all mattress models. The thickness also varies so you can customize further.

Good temperature neutrality is often absent in cheap mattresses. However, the coil-and-foam combo of some models by Linenspa is reliable in promoting airflow, cooling the layers, and regulating your body temperature. With the addition of gel in one model, the surface is instantly cool to the touch.

Price would be the top reason you might check out Linenspa. Each bed’s queen edition retails at below $500. If you are on a tight budget, you can definitely add the Linenspa hybrid and innerspring options to your shortlist.

Why You Should Not Buy A Linenspa Mattress

While the Linenspa mattresses are very affordable, the quality of some materials may be questionable. Take the Bonnell coils inside the Memory Foam Hybrid and the Innerspring Mattress. The oldest type used in innerspring mattresses, the Bonnell coil system is the least expensive but also the least durable among coil systems. The other two models use pocketed coils, which are more recent and better.

Related to the use of Bonnell spring is the durability of the two models. It may not be the most reliable material. Its hourglass shape and meshed spring system can aggravate pressure points and cause discomfort to the sleeper.

A 30-day sleep trial comes with your Linenspa mattress purchase. This is enough for your body to adjust. However, it doesn’t allow you to test out the bed beyond the adjustment period. This may be a non-negotiable for those who want to know how it’ll feel after your body becomes accustomed to its feel and performance.

The Verdict

When it comes to cooling, support, and comfort, Linenspa mattresses do the job. Add the highly affordable prices, and you have budget beds with decent features to rely on. You can choose from multiple firmness options, too. All four models have something to offer to different kinds of value seekers. You can use them as a starter bed for your kids or guests. Some are suitable for the master’s bedroom. 

We already mentioned the downsides of owning a Linenspa mattress in the previous section. While this brand and its products are great for those who are on a tight budget, there are also some red flags to watch out for. It is made in China, for one, which doesn’t automatically mean it’s low-quality (Apple products are made in China, too). But you should be wary of the materials used.

Unfortunately, Linenspa does not disclose material sources. There is also no certification from the likes of CertiPUR-US. The pros and cons are on equal footing here. So, with the information you have, it’s up to you to decide whether to buy or not.