Leesa Mattress Review 2020

Leesa Mattress Review

Looking to replace your old, battle-tested mattress? If you’ve had it for years, you might find the choices have quite advanced and multiplied. You can now buy a bed out of a box. And it gets shipped to you in a matter of days, free of charge. It’s a no-frills solution that many homeowners and sleep enthusiasts have considered. Why don’t you join in on the fun?

Your introduction to online mattress shopping shouldn’t be overwhelming. The brand and model should still feel like store-bought ones, sans the crazy cost. The Leesa Mattress checks both items. 

Our Leesa Mattress review contains all the information you need to decide if it’s the right fit. All without leaving the comforts of your home study desk… or old bed, which you must discard now.

Here’s an outline of what you will find in this guide. Feel free to click on the parts that matter to you the most (firmness, motion transfer, cooling, etc.).

The Leesa Mattress Review (Unbiased & Updated)

Leesa is one of the companies that started the online mattress store revolution. It sources its materials in the United States and puts its products under rigorous testing. But aside from high-quality craftsmanship, we also like how Leesa is tying up its commercial efforts with social impact. If you love some story on impact-driven or conscious enterprises, check out Leesa’s 2018 Impact Report.

Now, on to the mattresses. This guide will both consider the original memory foam mattress, the Leesa Mattress, and the hybrid model, the Leesa (Sapira) Hybrid Mattress.

Construction & Materials

Its multi-layer memory foam brought Leesa to online and nationwide fame. These layers have various functions. The bottom, 6-inch high-density foam provides support for all body and sleeper types. The middle layer, all 2 inches of memory foam, is where the pressure relief and contouring work happens. At the top, which touches your body, is the soft and comfortable 2-inch premium foam reigns.

The surface sports the signature Leesa gray cover with four stripes. It’s a seamless zip-off cover, which you can remove for easy cleaning. 

Leesa Mattress Materials

The hybrid mattress comes with the first two top foam layers, plus a spring layer. So you get the comfort and recovery layers. And then there’s the pocket spring system sandwiched between two support foams (one as the middle layer and another as the base). The pocket springs are individually wrapped, and altogether measure 6 inches thick. 

A perimeter edge support is included to enable the bed to adjust to all kinds of body and sleeper. With this, the hybrid design is poised to yield a lot of support. It offers the best of both worlds by combining foam and spring. If you want an all-around mattress, get this one.

Leesa Mattress
Image Source- Leesa media

Firmness & Feel

Different sleepers have different preferences for firmness or softness. But there are also recommended firmness levels for each body type. For a start, know what’s good for you. Experts use a scale ranging from 1 to 10, with 1 as the softest and the 10 as the firmest. 

The Leesa Mattress has a medium firmness level or 5.5 at the scale. This is considered the level that gives universal comfort. So this memory foam bed is doing great in this area, catering to all shapes and sizes. Side sleepers, however, seem to be the ones who will benefit the most from the pressure relief provided by the Leesa.

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress, on the other hand, is springy and bouncy at 6.5. This level is considered a medium firm. It’s also great at alleviating pressure, but some individuals may find it too firm. That’s not surprising given that Leesa Hybrid is denser than other hybrid mattresses. Those who fall on the heavy side should take advantage of this model.

At the end of the day, firmness is a preference. And the factors we mentioned, such as sleeping style and body size, come into play. But overall, both Leesa mattresses score high in our book in this area.

Motion Transfer

Are you a light sleeper? Do you sleep with your partner, kids, or pets at night? This might be a top consideration for you. Motion transfer is when you feel the movement of the other person through the materials of the bed. You would want it incredibly reduced to achieve restful sleep.

So, how does the Leesa Mattress fare? Memory foam mattresses are the ideal choice here. Their density isolates movements to a great degree. And Leesa, for that matter, does not disappoint. The 10-inch thick memory foam performs well, posing a significant decrease in motion transfer. 

What about the Leesa Hybrid? This spring-and-foam combo is thick at 11 inches. And the multilayer foam inhibits motion transfer just as well as the Leesa Mattress. So light sleepers and anyone with a bed partner can tick this box off their list.


Best Leesa Mattress Review
Image Source- Leesa media

Foam-based designs tend to sleep hot. This is not just a challenge for Leesa but for all brands creating memory foam beds. However, we believe Leesa has done a good job of addressing this issue. The top layer uses Avena® foam which regulates airflow and facilitates cooling. Leesa is one of the better options for those who hate sleeping hot in its category.

The hybrid version fares much better because it absorbs body heat. Its comfort layer features a cooling polyfoam, so it’s expected to sleep cool. Together with all the other benefits it provides, this aspect makes the Leesa Hybrid a strong contender for the Best Online Mattresses in 2020.

Edge Support & Sinkage

For some people, edge support is not that big of a deal. For others, it is. Which side of the boat do you belong? One of the reasons it matters that much for others is that the edges are prone to sagging. It’s because that’s where you sit to tie your shoes or when you wake up, and other circumstances.

If the edge support is weak, sinkage may occur over time. And that can cause the mattress to be lopsided. It can lose some of its original comfort-giving features. Also, a more immediate situation to consider is that with weak edge support, you might fall off the bed if you tend to roll over to the sides in sleep.

In general, memory foams are not the best performers in this department. They will need an extra, high-density foam wrapped around the perimeter to fare better. The Leesa Hybrid is just as all right as the others. Sagging may be expected at the edges as the mattress goes through the typical wear and tear.

The Leesa Hybrid, however, is a different story. It’s a hybrid mattress feature. But the pocket spring system of the Leesa Hybrid is reinforced with a perimeter edge support. So it provides solid support to your body and won’t sink as quickly as the original Leesa if it ever does.


The Leesa brand falls at the pricey side with regard to online mattresses. But the Leesa Mattress is one of the best models when it comes to value for money. Compared to retail models, however, its cost is already considered below average prices. So whatever budget you’re coming from, the Leesa Mattress is considered a good deal.

Here is the full list of prices for this model:

The Leesa Mattress

  • Twin – $595
  • Twin XL – $695
  • Full – $895
  • Queen – $995
  • King – $1195
  • King Cal – $1195

The Leesa Hybrid is a premium hybrid design with quality that’s hard to rival. It’s prized for its durability and support. If you can invest in one hybrid model, make it one that’s going to last years. Let’s say you buy a Leesa Hybrid Queen Mattress and use it for 5 years. Your investment will amount to $.93 per day. That’s less than $1 in exchange for a good night’s sleep!

Here is the full list of prices for this model:

The Leesa (Sapira) Hybrid Mattress

  • Twin – $1095
  • Twin XL – $1195
  • Full – $1395
  • Queen – $1695
  • King – $1895
  • King Cal – $1895

Financing is also available if you want a Leesa mattress now. The monthly payment is around $52.

Other Factors

This Leesa Mattress review won’t be complete without the following factors, which are applicable to both the Leesa Mattress and the Leesa Hybrid Mattress. 

  • Bed In A Box – The designs are compressed in a box, shipped to your home, and then decompressed onsite. You can do the latter yourself. Just follow the instructions, which require you to unbox it, remove the plastic wrap, and leave to inflate. 
  • 100-Night Risk-Free Trial – Is it really risk-free? Yes. You can test out either mattress for 100 nights. Within that period, you can return the mattress if you realize it’s not the right fit.
  • Free Shipping & Returns – Your purchased mattress will be delivered to your home for free. You can even request for it to be set up (but doing it yourself looks really fun). But here’s more. When you want it returned within or by the end of the trial period, Leesa will handle the shipping and costs. What else could you ask for?
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty – Deciding to keep it? Then it’s yours. You can apply for financing during purchase. And then you can enjoy a 10-year limited warranty as a Leesa mattress owner.
  • Fits Various Bed Frames – Leesa also makes adjustable bases, platform beds, and other bed frames. It only follows that the Leesa mattresses are compatible with any of them.
  • CertiPUR-US®-Certified – This certification means Leesa beds are tested for non-toxic and high-emission content. It’s guaranteed that these mattresses are safe.

Why You Should Buy A Leesa

Reasons to Buy Leesa Mattress
Image Source- Leesa Media
  • You Need Pressure Relief – Both Leesa Mattress and Leesa Hybrid are designed to relieve pressure off parts of your body. Your shoulders, hips, and curved parts are cradled into proper alignment. Side sleepers would love the memory foam while everyone wouldn’t find the hybrid design difficult to get used to.
  • You Want A Balance Between Support and Bounce – The Leesa Hybrid wins tons of points when it comes to providing strong support with a touch of bounce.
  • You Support Companies with Social Impact Initiatives – Leesa openly shares about its social impact initiatives on its site. It also donates one mattress to a chosen charity for every 10 it sells.

Why You Should Not Buy A Leesa

  • You Want A Bouncier Bed – Some people prefer the spring and bounce of an innerspring mattress. The Leesa Hybrid does not contain this feature although it produces enough bounce, which is important for couples who prefer it during sex. The Leesa Mattress can also generate some bounce, but it won’t be significant for those who prefer bouncier beds.
  • You Change Positions A Lot In Sleep – You might get stuck in a position because the memory foam can restrict your movements during sleep. Some who move a lot in sleep admit they eventually came to like this effect.
  • You Cannot Tolerate Off-Gassing – Both Leesa beds can give off some off-gassing odor. But this should dissipate after a few days.

The Verdict

Leesa is indeed one of the best online mattress brands we’ve come across with. The Leesa Mattress is a contender in terms of value for money. The Leesa Hybrid can also go head-to-head with leading hybrid mattresses like those from Bear and DreamCloud. 

Complete your Leesa Mattress review by reading the 10 Best Hybrid Mattress in 2019 [Complete Guide & Reviews]. Both mattresses also score high in construction and material, firmness and feel, motion transfer, cooling, pricing, and other factors.

How does the Leesa brand compare with top online mattress brand Casper? Read our comparison article Leesa vs Casper Mattress Review in 2019 [Complete Guide & Reviews].

Leesa Mattress Review
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