Layla Mattress Review 2020

Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress is synonymous with flippable firmness. It’s like scoring two beds for the price of one. Packed with that and other features, it gives you a good night’s sleep. And the company that crafted this bed believes this is paramount. A good night’s sleep helps make you a good person.

It’s why it strives to deliver a sleeping surface that can check your weight, reduce your stress, and boost your immune system. The Layla Mattress sports six layers of high-quality materials that make all of these possible through adequate contouring and support. Back sleepers stand to benefit the most from its design.

But how does Layla get things to work? We will find out in the following review. So put on your thinking hat on and join us as we gauge how effective Layla truly is. At the same time, let’s see if its side benefits enhance its overall impact.

Layla Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The white/gray stitched hexagon pattern defines the soft side of the Layla Mattress. It has Thermo-Gel cooling technology, which adjusts accordingly to your body temperature. A copper gel memory foam making up the top layer follows. It’s copper component is not only antimicrobial; it also facilitates heat absorption and dissipation. This layer also provides support for body parts that compress differently on the mattress.

At the core, you will find the Max Airflow Support Foam, which has deep channeling to maximize airflow. It also has zoning features for customized support via the Surface Modification Technology. These first three layers work together to deliver the plush feel you desire. Flip it and you get the same Thermo-Gel cooling cover, this time with a black/gray stitch hexagon pattern.

A copper gel memory foam is sandwiched between the cover and the support core. It’s thinner than the copper gel memory foam of the soft side but firmer. Yet, the copper is still powerful enough to offer deep compression support and quickly cooling effect. This layer is also infused with gel, another known cooling element.

As we mentioned, the firm side also has its Support Core Foam. This 4-inch high-density layer delivers superior motion isolation and minimal bounce. It is also responsible for maximizing the lifespan of the mattress. And so now you have an idea about how the Layla Mattress’ dual-sided design works. It’s basically two different thicknesses of the same foam layers, but their functions are the same.

The real star here is the copper-gel combo. When compressed, its particles form a thermal superhighway within the memory foam. This allows for heat to be transferred quickly, so the layer does not end up being a heat trap–a typical issue among traditional memory foams. Further, copper is said to improve blood circulation.

Firmness & Feel

There is a firmness scale that the mattress industry is familiar with. It scores beds from 1 to 10, with 1 as softest and 10 as firmest, to give customers an idea of the feel they’re going to get. Here is a legend for those who are encountering this for the first time:

  • Ultra Soft – 1-2
  • Soft – 3-4
  • Medium – 5-6
  • Firm – 7-8
  • Ultra Firm – 9-10

Layla applies this standard, more or less, to its dual-sided mattress. But it is not particular with the score. So we are assigning its soft side a rating based on user feedback and expert reviews. This places the bed within the plush category. Even if it’s cushy, the surface doesn’t yield a quicksand feeling. The support is good and consistent. This makes it ideal for side and back sleepers.

On the other hand, the firm side falls within the medium to medium-firm category ( on the scale). The support here is bumped up against some more. If you snooze on your stomach or a combination of positions, this one suits you. It’s also quite the surface that fits those who are seeking more firmness. This may include athletes and active individuals. In fact, it’s great for those with physically demanding lifestyles.

Couples can also take advantage of customized firmness options. If you need to find a compromise, you can try out the two sides. One may have to adjust more than the other. But this bed can help you meet in the middle. Plus, you can switch the firmness when one is missing a softer or firmer feel. Flipping your mattress can also extend its lifetime. So it works.


As you read above, the copper-gel infused in the memory foam layer of each side is responsible for regulating the temperature inside the mattress. But the polyester blend cover also has Thermo-Gel for cooling. This material is cool to the touch. And since this one is used on the cover, you will feel that cooling sensation right away. It keeps a low temperature which in turn cool down the cover.

Meanwhile, copper and gel work together inside the top layer of each side to promote airflow. This combination boasts of the heat conductivity of copper. Meaning, heat passes through it quickly, preventing the memory foam from trapping heat. When you lie down on the bed, the layer compresses and the copper-gel particles create a thermal superhighway, transferring heat away from the body. This reaction is applicable to both sides.

layla mattress review

Now, the gel-infused in memory foam has some temperature regulating properties, an innovation introduced in the early 2010s. It was an upgrade from the memory foam consumers were used to back then–the one NASA developed for flight emergencies. However, whether it’s gel beads or thermo-gel, the effect isn’t that significant. Gel memory foam may not sleep hot the way traditional memory foam does. But it may still sleep warm. 

All-foam mattresses are expected to perform okay in terms of temperature neutrality. But they still tend to sleep warm at some point. What makes the Layla Mattress a bit better than its counterparts in this regard is the addition of copper. So you won’t have to worry about feeling warm or sweating as your sleep deepens. That’s for both the soft and firm sides of this bed.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Edge support is an important factor for those who share their bed with another person or those who roll toward the edge when they drift off to dreamland. A stable and solid perimeter enables you to use the entire surface area of the bed. And you won’t feel as if you are falling when you hit the side. How does the Layla Mattress fare in this department?

Users and experts alike find the edge support in Layla minimal. You cannot roll toward the end of the bed on either side without feeling the compression. This can really be a bummer for couples, especially if one hog the center zone and the other is used to the perimeter. This also means that you cannot maximize the mattress’ surface area. Couples could’ve used the expanded space.

While this sounds disappointing, Layla is not actually different from other all-foam mattresses. This is common among this type. You won’t worry about premature sagging at the perimeter if you choose a hybrid or innerspring instead. Consider this if you like sitting and sleeping on the side a lot. If the bed is prone to sinkage, you might have to deal with deformation of the surface early on.

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Motion Transfer

Just like edge support, motion transfer is another factor to consider for those who share their sleeping space. You would want little to zero motion transfer. A good application would be when one of you is a light sleeper and another is a combo sleeper/serial shifter. Your bed should be able to reduce or eliminate motion transfer to allow for uninterrupted sleep.

When it comes to containing movements, the Layla Mattress has to prove itself twice. The soft side, interestingly, does not disappoint. So does the firm side. They can insulate the disturbance, so it stays within the spot it originated. This is good news for couples, as well as siblings, parents and children, or people and pets who snooze together in one bed. The copper may have to do with this.

Layla is not unique in this regard. Many all-foam mattresses are able to contain motion significantly. However, hybrid and innerspring models are expected to eliminate motion transfer. This kind of performance can help you achieve asleep that is free from distractions. In turn, it can boost your sleep quality. All while not having the other sleeper and their movements be constrained by the bed. 


The average price for a queen-size all-foam mattress ranges from $500 to $1,500. Many popular bed-in-a-box flagship models, such as the Original Casper Mattress, fall within the midpoint of this range. And consumers have become accustomed to this. They expect online mattress brands to be way more affordable than retail store offerings. The savings from not having to operate a physical store are passed on to them.

Layla is a brand that balances medium cost with high quality. You can purchase a queen edition of its mattress for $999. During promos and holidays, you may get $100 off your order. This model is also available on online marketplaces like Amazon. And you know how the e-commerce giant can be generous in slashing down prices. You just have to be at the right place at the right time.

If you need financing, you can apply for it through Layla’s partner, Affirm. You can easily submit the required information on the brand’s site. And then, you will know right away if you have been approved. If you are, you can choose to pay your purchase in 3, 6, or 12 months with 0% APR. You may have to provide a down payment depending on how your application turns out.

Other Factors

The incentives that come with shopping your mattress online come with your purchase of the Layla Mattress. First off, you get free shipping if you live within the contiguous United States. For those who live in Alaska or Hawaii, you will need to shell out $125 per mattress. For Canada, shipping is $225 per mattress, inclusive of duties and fees.

When it comes to trials and returns, Layla offers a 120-night sleep trial. Four months is already generous and within the industry average of 90 to 120 nights. Layla has a shorter break-in period than other companies: 14 days or two weeks. It’s usually 30 days. This is for when you decide the mattress is not suitable for you. Layla requires you to donate your used mattress to a charity.

In this case, you won’t have to handle any pickup and shipping costs. However, you’ll be asked to provide documentation showing you’ve donated the mattress so the company will acknowledge your return request and issue you a full refund. Anyway, if you choose to keep your bed, you are entitled to a lifetime warranty, which is valid if you bought the product on the website or from authorized online marketplaces.

Why You Should Buy A Layla Mattress

Dual-sided firmness lets you customize the feel you want as you test out the mattress. If you haven’t determined whether you want soft or you want firm, you can buy this bed for this particular perk. It’ll be nice for couples as well who have different preferences.

Speaking of couples, they would also appreciate the good motion isolation of the Layla Mattress. This is great for those who have one light sleeper and one combo sleeper. This feature will allow the former to sleep without interruption and the other without constraint. If this is your concern, you can check out this option.

The price point of Layla Mattress is within the market average. It has a good balance of affordable and high quality. It is contouring, cooling, and supportive. And those who are on a budget can take advantage of this situation. Remember, it’s also like you are getting two beds for the price of one.

Why You Should Not Buy A Layla Mattress

Edge support is not that good in Layla Mattress. If you are looking for something that will provide stable and solid support at the perimeter, perhaps you should consider a hybrid or innerspring model instead. Rolling toward the side as you snooze should not be an issue. And reliable edge support will expand the surface area of your mattress.

There is a tendency to emit off-gassing odors with Layla. It will go away in several hours to a few days. But if this is something you are sensitive to, it would be better not to risk it. While the mattress uses materials that are certified safe, if your room is not well-ventilated, it might not be ideal for you.

Flipping the mattress may take some effort. Should you want to buy this for yourself, you should consider that it is not that easy to move around. Well, any all-foam with a medium profile can have that quality. So it’s really up to you to choose it or not. If it’s not a problem, then it’s probably not going to hurt you to flip it to customize the firmness.

The Verdict

Layla is one of the trusted online mattress brands by consumers. It offers dual firmness options, temperature regulation, proprietary technology, and motion isolation through the Layla Mattress. This model is ideal for couples, people who are not sure about the feel they want from a bed, and even athletes. It is able to compete with popular choices like Casper because of its performance and price.

However, this mattress may not be great for couples looking for edge support. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will require you to pay $125 to $225. And if you need to return it, you will have to look for a charity who will receive your discarded mattress. But aside from these, this one actually delivers its promise of providing contouring, cooling, support, and pressure relief.

Knowing all of these, we believe you are more than ready to decide if the Layla Mattress is the one for you. We will not get in the way of your decision. But don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Keep reading PhatFusion to know more about mattresses and how the right one can help you achieve better sleep.

Layla Mattress Review
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