Latex for Less Mattress Review 2020

The latex mattress is one of the more expensive mattress types on the market. The very existence of Latex for Less is based on the idea that it can give customers more value for less. This company has put a lot of thought, preparation, and inspiration into its sleep products, chief of which is the Latex for Less Mattress.

This bed is handcrafted using materials that are good for the environment and free from harmful chemicals. And it has two sides and two firmness options. Yet, the highlight is the single-origin natural latex, which we will talk about more later. Also, it’s the brand sending a message that it’s focused on sustainability. So it is raising the bar in this regard. 

In this Latex for Less Mattress Review, we are going to see if the company and its mattress live up to the expectations. If you are considering this model, then keep reading.

Latex for Less Mattress Reviews – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

Inside the Latex for Less Mattress are four kinds of layers, two of which are used twice–as this bed comes with flippable firmness. But first, what is single-origin natural latex? Latex for Less works directly with farmers in Sri Lanka, allowing it to know what exactly goes into the mattress.

  • Ultra-Soft Organic Cotton Cover – Wrapping up this design is a stretched cotton cover that is certified 100% organic. Better than conventionally-farmed cotton, the material used here provides the softest surface to the Latex for Less Mattress. Also, it is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This appears on both sides of the bed.
  • 100% Natural Wool Fire Barrier – This fire barrier has two benefits: it is a flame retardant and it is also a cooling property. It is made of 100% natural California wool that passed safety standards, so you know it’s free from toxic chemicals. Both sides have this layer, so you’ll feel cool wherever side you sleep on.
  • Medium Natural Latex Layer – This two-inch natural latex layer is first of two. Sporting a medium feel, it is composed of a 100% natural latex from Talalay Global. This material is known for its responsiveness. So expect a little more give from this side. It is also certified by OEKO-TEX.
  • Firm Natural Latex Layer – This six-inch one features a 100% natural Dunlop latex from Arpico, which offers firmer support. It can mold to your body, but it offers more support. It just sits side-by-side the Talalay latex layer at the core. But you’ll experience bumped-up firmness if you flip to this side. It is also certified by OEKO-TEX.

up again, both latex layers are 100% natural. Meaning, they are neither synthetic nor blended. They’re inside the 9-inch profile, which is now the only available profile. The 10 inches and 12 inches may still be found on Amazon, though.

Firmness & Feel

So, the Latex for Less Mattress has flippable firmness. If you are not sure which firmness exactly you want, this feature can help you customize it. You can change your firmness just by flipping the bed over. The Medium Firm side uses Talalay latex and the Firm one uses Dunlop latex. A label on the mattress will tell you which side is which.

Medium Firm registers a 6 on the 1 to 10 Firmness Scale. It acts as a comfort layer at the core. Firm scores a 7.5, which serves as a support core layer. As mentioned above, Medium Firm uses Talalay, which conforms to your body closely and responses to it quickly. It aligns your spine naturally and relieves pressure points effectively. This works for those weighing 230 pounds or less.

The firm has Dunlop latex. It conforms less to the body as it is firmer. It fits individuals on the heavier side, as well as those who sleep on its back and stomach sleepers. Meanwhile, Medium Firm is great for side sleepers. But remember that firmness is an objective metric. Having the option to flip over the mattress for better customization is a highlight of this latex mattress.


Temperature neutrality is such a tricky factor. Keeping you cool may not always be a big deal for you. In colder seasons, you need a warm sleeping surface instead. So, instead of just having a cooling component, a bed should be able to regulate temperature. This will serve you better throughout the year.

Of course, you need an all-foam mattress that does not trap heat. It should dissipate it and drive it away from your body by enabling fresh air to flow into the layers. Good thing the Latex for Less Natural Mattress uses an open cell structure that allows this. Meaning, air can freely circulate inside the mattress. Latex foams are quite famous for this functionality.

But the ability to neutralize temperature goes beyond that. The surface feels cool to the touch when it is hot. And the surface warms if you are feeling cold. It retains less or more heat depending on the situation. This is something that is difficult to find in other all-foam designs.

Edge Support & Sinkage

All-foam mattresses differ from each other in terms of delivering edge support. Sleepers also differ when it comes to their preferences. Those who like being cocooned, stretched, or simply lying on the edge may need this area to be solid and stable. This characteristic will make them feel supported and not as if they are going to tip over.

Now all-foams are generally not great at this, but the Latex for Less bed is an exception. Its Firm side is particularly the place to be if you and/or your partner are often inclined to sit and sleep at the perimeter. You will be able to roll toward the edge without worries. There is no significant sinkage where your body is, as latex does not retain body impressions.

The Medium side does well, too. Still, overall, it is not as exceptional as edge support found in innerspring or hybrid mattresses. Heavier individuals should go for any of this type instead. But if you are lightweight or average weight, you should do fine. Latex is good enough to prevent early sagging at the perimeter, which can cause the surface to be uneven.

Motion Transfer

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Perhaps you are a light sleeper and awaken when your partner or co-sleeper moves. There is probably too much motion being transferred from their side to yours, which disturbs your sleep. This is something you should be discussing with the person you’re sharing the bed with. But also, your mattress should be able to isolate motion well.

Snoozing on a mattress that can reduce or eliminate motion transfer can positively affect your sleep quality. And the Latex for Less model helps you achieve just that. It is said to have above-average motion isolation capabilities. Latex can be good at this, especially the Firm side, which sports Dunlop. There is very little motion transfer when you lie on this side of the mattress.

Enhancing this functionality is the natural wool layer you can find in either side. This material can only allow very minimal energy transfer, so your sleep cannot get distracted by constant moving on the other side. Altogether, the layers work hard to provide you with this interesting feature. All-foams are naturally good at this. But this model definitely delivers.


The average price for latex mattresses ranges from $1,500 to $2,500. Natural, organic, and eco-friendly designs often command higher rates. Luxury versions can cost several thousand dollars. So, yes, this kind of bed is normally pricier than memory foam ones. Having a 100% natural latex that is affordable for many people is not so natural after all.

With Latex for Less, your pocket can get some reprieve. The 9-inch profile retails regularly at $1,449. This puts the model within the average, and at the lower end at that. More shoppers can get access to their advantages and benefits. Factor in that it is handcrafted and 100% natural. It lives up to its name in this regard.

Further, you can get financing from Klarna. The process is embedded in the purchase experience. You can choose the Klarna option at checkout. If you click it and answer a few questions, you will be automatically applying and will receive the result right away. If approved, you can then pay for your Latex for Less bed across 12 months. However, the final amount is subjected to APR of 9.99%. 

Other Factors

This mattress comes with the following: free shipping, a 120-night trial, and a 20-year warranty. If you think it isn’t the right fit for you, even after flipping it over, then you may request a return. You should fulfill the 30-day break-in period before doing that, though.

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Why You Should Buy A Latex for Less Mattress 

Enjoy everything that is good in a latex mattress–handcrafted, 100% natural–in the Latex for Less Mattress. It is definitely a catch given that it costs less than the average latex mattress. The materials are all-natural or organic, certified safe for you and good for the planet.

And if you want multiple firmness and thickness options, look no further. This one can let you customize firmness by offering two firmness options in one bed. Just flip it over to sleep on your preferred feel: Medium Firm or Firm. This is particularly ideal for lightweight and average weight individuals.

As a result of this dual-sided feature, you can have contouring and responsive or supportive sleeping surface. You can find solid edge support and significant motion isolation, both of which are not typically present in foam mattresses. Temperature neutrality is also great. You get all these for a price that does not break the bank.

Why You Should Not Buy A Latex for Less Mattress 

An allergic reaction to latex should definitely deter you from buying this one. Even if it is made of natural latex, the material in this can cause an allergic reaction that may range from mild to serious. If you don’t know if you are allergic to latex but have sensitive skin, please do further research.
Meanwhile, heavier individuals may find this mattress too soft for them.

Even the firm side can cause them to bottom out when they hit the sack. One alternative is to buy this bed with a mattress topper. But this differs from weight to weight. You should check out our guide for Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers if you want a more tailored solution.

If edge support is super important for you right now, you might want to search specifically for a mattress with springs. This is going to make a big difference.

The Verdict

The Latex for Less Mattress has many positive attributes. Its materials are certified natural/organic and sustainably sourced. It features dual firmness options, which really bumps up its value. Its cooling and temperature regulation is excellent for an all-foam bed. Those who share their space can benefit a lot from reduced motion transfer.

Best of all, you get all of these features in a product shipped in a tiny box, at a cost that is at the lower end of the market average. For a latex mattress, we can say this one is among the best.

However, it is not for everyone. Your needs and preferences, as well as your budget, are going to tell you if you should go for it. A clear understanding of your priorities and requirements, plus the factors we reviewed here, should lead you toward a smarter decision.

We hope you’ve reached that point or are getting closer to it after reading this review. If you aren’t there yet, more information that can help you is found on our homepage: