Intellibed Mattress Review 2020

Intellibed Mattress Review

How does a company that calls itself “not just another mattress manufacturer” sound to you? This company may sell you a bed, but it offers more than that as well. It has positioned itself as a sleep and health wellness company

We are referring to Intellibed Mattress, provider of luxury, therapeutic beds. It leverages the gel matrix technology used in the healthcare industry to relieve pressure off the body. Another selling point: it delivers a firm and soft surface at the same time. Curious as to how the company does that? We are, too.

In this Intellibed Mattress Review, we are going to learn more about its mattress collections. These are the Legacy Collection, the Signature Collection, and the Limited Collection. Let us find out together what makes Intellibed different from other options on the market.

Intellibed Mattress Reviews – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The Legacy Collection is composed of three models. Their common layers are the gel matrix layer and the coil base. Both aim to provide superior pressure point relief. A three-zoned pocket coil system can be chosen, which adapts to your body’s curves. Some of the beds also contain the Serene Comfort Layer for that added plush. Meanwhile, Talalay latex is present to give you breathable, responsive comfort. 

The Signature Collection presents four models, all identified fundamentally as the Matrix. Similar layers from the Legacy line can be found here. But you also have the phase change cover, as well as an open-cell reticulated foam layer. More pressure relief is included with the Tifiber Energex, a material comprising polymers blended with titanium flakes with great compression and cooling properties.

The Limited Collection is made up of four models. They are packed with more or less the same materials as the first two lines. But the base sports either the 14.5-gauge Samson coil single-zone support system or the 15-gauge quantum edge elite five-zoned coil support system. Both offers targeted pressure relief and durability.

You may consider all of them as hybrids. Some of the models across the three collections have CertiPUR-US foam layers. 

Firmness & Feel

The gel matrix tech-backed beds are said to be firm and soft at the same time. However, on the firmness scale from 1 to 10, you can get multiple firmness options ranging from 4 to 7. The feel assigned to these scores are as follows:

  • 4 – Medium Soft
  • 5 – Medium
  • 6 – Medium Firm
  • 7 – Firm

These apply to all lines. Take note that most of the choices still fall within what most sleepers considered universal comfort. We are referring to the 5.5 to 7 firmness rating. The most accommodating score is 5 to 5.5–ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Those who are on the heavier side may not feel supported, though.

Intellibed Mattress Review

As for side sleepers, especially lightweight to average weight, they will need the gentler feel of the gel matrix mattresses. Their pressure points will be supported more by the sink-in effect, with enough pushback from the coils. But heavier folks may have to go for the firmest they can get.

According to some users, the beds can be too firm for comfort. Also, it may be hard to decide based on the general ideas of firmness alone.


Hybrids are known for keeping you cool at night. The coils are the best at promoting airflow. Intellibed mattresses are just as good at this job. Its spring systems across various models allow them to draw heat away from the surface effectively. At the same time, the other materials work together with the coils to yield better breathability.

Yet, the star of the show is the gel matrix technology used inside all of the mattresses. This is the same technology used in the medical industry. It provides ultimate comfort for those who need to be relieved from pressure and pain. And it comes with cooling effects to prevent those who sleep hot from feeling discomfort as they drift off.

If you fear it will sleep warm as the night deepens, we bear good news that Intellibed mattress models can regulate temperature pretty well. The gel matrix will dissipate heat and keep it from returning to your body. While the coils will introduce fresh air to the circulation. This is pretty impressive as springs matched with foams can sometimes be warm if the latter materials are high density.

Edge Support & Sinkage

You will need edge support when your sleeping surface is shared with another person. It could be your partner, sibling, children, or pet. And it matters more if you happen to like to roll toward the edge when you snooze. If the perimeter looks stable and solid, it will prevent you from falling off the bed. Also, it will extend the surface of the bed from end to end.

That said, Intellibed is generally a hardworking performer in this regard. The coils that support the foam layers can handle the weight and pressure at the perimeter. There will be little to no compression if you sit or lie down on the said area. You will not feel unstable as well. This just enables the other person to stay near the central zone while you enjoy your spot.

Another benefit from this is the extension of the bed’s longevity. Early sagging can be prevented as the mattress will not give in to daily wear and tear easily. As a result, you can prevent your sleep surface from becoming uneven–the opposite result for when the bed is deformed. For this, you’ll get good value from any of the Intellibed options.

Motion Transfer

This is another factor you must consider if you share your bed. The deciding detail here is that if you sleep lightly. Getting awakened by the slightest shake coming from your partner may not be good for your health. It might be that it is hard for you to return to sleep. This can negatively impact your sleep quality, worsening it over time.

So, it is important for you to choose a mattress with less motion transfer. If possible, buy one that has been tested and proven to eliminate it. Depending on the severity of your case regarding distractions, you can purchase an Intellibed model. The thing with them is that they can reduce motion transfer. But eliminating this is not possible with all of the beds in the three collections.

You need to go for one of those models with pocket coils or quantum edge coils. These are known to be hard-hitting performers when it comes to motion isolation. Hyrbids are naturally good at this, though, that you can take what Intellibed has to offer if you aren’t that prone to interruptions and insomnia.


This is usually where the customers can be divided. Mainly, the groups can be broken down into those who are after affordable luxury models and those who have the means to splurge on high-end ones. Before we proceed, which one are you? We ask because Intellibed is not exactly the most affordable option out there. Read on to learn more about its price points.

The range for the Legacy Collection models is $3,799 to $5,499. Meanwhile, the Signature Collection has price tags starting from $5,999 going up to $8,999. The Limited Collection may have the most expensive offering yet reaching five digits. The prices are $6,999 to $8,999. By the way, these figures apply to the queen version. Whopping, right? 

But who are we to say if our audience members can afford it or not? We have laid down what you should check out. If anything, you can apply for financing if you think one of the Intellibed models is the right mattress for you. You may be eligible to pay your purchase within 6, 9, or 12 months with 0% interest. It is good enough for those who want to take advantage of the gel matrix technology.

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Other Factors

This is the end of the factors to consider. As a customer of Intellibed Mattress, you will receive a flat rate quote of $269 for any non-adjustable unit and $369 for an adjustable unit. There are also a couple or so requirements you must follow. You need to schedule the delivery within normal hours–that is, business hours. If it has to be Saturday, you will have to pay a fee.

Delivery will include setup of the new bed. You can also request mattress removal for $99. Once you have slept on it, you may initiate an exchange or return in case you are not satisfied. For returns, users are required to complete the 30-day acclimation period. Meanwhile, you will have to shoulder the cost of the upgrade for the exchange.

A trial period of 60 nights is included. And Intellibed mattresses are backed by a full 20-year warranty. We must add Intellibed is quite strict in employing its warranty terms. So please read the fine print carefully. You may access it here.

Why You Should Buy An Intellibed Mattress

If you are looking for multiple firmness and thickness options, you can check out Intellibed Mattress models. You can further customize your sleep surface with this brand, according to your needs and preferences. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you can find one that’s fit for you.

Further, you can take advantage of the deep, restorative sleep provided by the Gel Matrix. This technology created by the company helps your spine align naturally for pressure point relief. Enjoy these benefits when you buy Intellibed. Some of the results are improved emotional health, memory, and longevity.

Sleep hot? Intellibed relatively sleeps cool. So you can actually rely on its beds to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. This is something you would expect from hybrids. But Intellibed has placed a special technology to make this possible.

Why You Should Not Buy An Intellibed Mattress

Are you facing any financial constraints right now? It might not be wise to choose an Intellibed Mattress because its offerings cost upward of $3,000 to $5,000 on average. You may avail of financing, but it’s worth asking if you can afford a high-end mattress right now.

Some policies of the company are not centered on the customers. And these are the ones that matter. You have to pay for the shipping of your purchase. Wherever you live in the United States, you will have to pay $269 for delivery. And you also need to break in your bed for 30 days. 

The Verdict

Packed with the most innovative features and advanced layers, the Intellibed mattresses have the stuff dream beds are made of. They cater to those who sleep hot, so you won’t feel discomfort as you doze off. Great pressure relief is achieved, leading to a better you during your waking hours. But it is not for everyone. You will have to shell out at least $3,000 for a queen version.

That said, it still has some merits that you should pursue financing for. Yet, you can find some worthy counterparts from the affordable luxury category if you must insist. Intellibed is something to desire after all. It does not disappoint in several areas. So, we will leave the decision to you. Will you take it or leave it? Your choice.