Idle Sleep Mattress Review 2020

Idle Sleep Mattress

“Two sides are better than one.” This is the catchphrase of Idle Sleep, an online mattress brand that was born during this decade’s bed-in-a-box boom. But it differentiates itself from its competitors and contemporaries by bringing back the two-sided bed in circulation. This is, as the company says, how mattresses used to be 15 years ago.

All of the Idle Sleep Mattress models are two-sided. You can flip them over to prevent body impressions and sagging, prolonging their life span. Currently, it has five options to choose from: The Hybrid, the Latex, the All-Foam, the Dual Feel, and Idle Air. We will briefly discuss each one while giving you the most important details.

Scroll down to read our review. Together, let us find out if two sides are indeed better than one. You can also skip to the factor you are most interested in by checking the Table of Contents.

Idle Sleep Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The All-Foam is composed of six layers. A cover with phase change technology-like at the surface turns warm when you are cold and cold when you are hot. Then there’s the soft Idle Quilting Foam on top of the proprietary Idle Gel Swirl Buoyancy Foam, which has 4x pressure relief and quicker response than memory foam. They make up both sides. At the center is the high-density foam for support.

The Latex Hybrid also sports the same number of layers. But its cover uses all-natural organic cotton. The same Quilting Foam comfort layer is present, yet now, it sits above the 100% Talalay latex that offers breathability and bounce. At the core is the supportive and durable Quantum Edge-to-Edge Pocketed Coils. Remember you can flip Idle Sleepover? Both the Quilting Foam and Talalay Latex Foam complete the other side.

Hybrid is the brand’s bestseller. There are a total of eight layers in this one, as the top 3 and bottom 3 mirrors each other. It’s got the All-Foam’s Thermocool cover right next to the Quilting Foam. Then, the aerated and bouncy Idle Air Flow Response Foam follows. Underneath it is the Cooling Buoyancy Foam, similar to the Gel Swirl Buoyancy Foam in specifics.

All three foam layers are found inside the bottom side of the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress. Giving this bed its shape and structure is the support layer of Quantum Edge-to-Edge Pocketed Coils.

Now, we have the Double-Sided Dual Firmness. Unlike the first three models, which are 14 inches thick, this one is 12 inches thick. It is also flippable. So both sides are wrapped in Thermocool fabric with Quilting Foam underneath. They also contain the Idle Cooling Buoyancy Foam, but it’s 4x better and faster than memory foam in Medium and 8x times in Luxury Firm. 

An Idle Support Foam provides a transition to either end to introduce you to gradually to the High-Density Foam Core. Altogether, that’s a total of eight layers.

Last but not least, Idle Air is the company’s answer to other airbed companies. It’s packed with nine layers with an optional sturdy foundation. First is the Euro-style pillow top, followed by a rotatable comfort layer sporting Natural Latex and Memory-Cell. Next is the multi-zoned posture grid support that customizes support from head to toe. There is also an exclusive moisture barrier backing to protect the inner components. 

From there, you have the 5-zoned Anatomic Support layer with its five distinctive zones that offer targeted pressure relief. Then you have the Memory Weave-wrapped Power Edge Support on top of the shimmering gray/black side panels. There is no need for an external hose or pump with Idle Air. So that’s one less problem for you to deal with during setup.

All Idle Sleep foams are certified by CertiPUR-US.

Firmness & Feel

So most Idle Sleep mattresses come in two firmness options. Either option has its own firmness setting. For the All-Foam, you have the Medium feel (6 to 7). This is ideal for combination sleepers, as well as those who snooze on their back, side, and stomach. The other option is the Luxury Firm (9 to 9.5). This one’s for stomach and back sleepers.

The Medium version of the Latex Hybrid has a 6.5 to 7.5 firmness rating. All sleeper types are accommodated here, as this still falls slightly within what is considered as universal comfort. And so are combo sleepers. The Luxury Firm version scores 8 to 8.5. Back and stomach sleepers benefit from this one, too. Heavier folks will also get optimal support from this side.

As for the Hybrid, the Medium and Luxury Firm edition have the same scores as the All-Foam sides. So expect Medium to cater to the three sleeper types and, of course, combo sleepers. Luxury Firm is good for back and tummy sleepers.

Flippable firmness is highlighted in the Double-Sided Dual Firmness. Here, one side is Medium and the other is Luxury Firm. If you can’t decide which feel you are most comfortable with, you can go for this model. The Medium side features a 5.5 to 6 firmness rating. The Luxury Firm side registers 7 to 7.5 on the firmness scale. Like the others, you can consider Medium if you are a back, stomach, side, or combo sleeper. Luxury Firm is suitable for heavier sleepers, as well as stomach and back sleepers.

How about Idle Air? The beauty of an airbed is that it has an adjustable firmness. With this model, the softest you can get is 3 and the firmest is 9. This means you can customize the firmness according to preference or weight. Your call!

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Idle Sleep Mattress

Temperature neutrality is a highly desired feature in mattresses. Nobody wants to spend ⅓ of their day in a space that is uncomfortably hot. At the same time, people want to feel warm and cozy during the colder seasons. While not all bed types can be relied on in this area, especially traditional memory foam ones, brands are integrating various ways and materials to keep sleepers cool into their offerings.

Fortunately, Idle Sleep succeeds in this attempt. Temperature neutrality in most of its mattresses is excellent. Expect the hybrid ones to provide the best performance. But even its all-foam and airbed offerings have good breathability and cooling capability. After all, these beds are packed with materials that deliver this kind of result. Those who sleep hot can rely on this brand to make their nights as comfortable as necessary. 

Edge Support & Sinkage

If not edge-to-edge pocketed coils, the Idle Sleep mattresses sport a high-density base foam. Either material enables the bed to deliver solid and strong support at the perimeter. This means less to no sinkage when you sit or sleep on the bed. This also makes it easy to get in or out of bed. And you don’t have to worry about it the edges sagging early in the mattress’ lifespan.

One more benefit of having good to great edge support is that your sleeping surface looks expanded. It lets you occupy more space and roll toward the edge more freely. As you do, you won’t feel like you are falling off the floor.

Motion Transfer

Some beds will transfer motion significantly. And this can distract light sleepers from drifting off soundly. If this is your case, you should buy a bed that can insulate motion well. If it can contain motion, you won’t have to be interrupted by the endless shifting of your partner, sibling, kid, or pet on their end. 

Both hybrids and all-foams from Idle Sleep Mattress have decent motion isolation. They can reduce or eliminate motion transfer as you lie on them. There may be some movements depending on the model. But in general, the high-density foam base and the edge-to-edge pocket coils are responsible for this. 


Both the Hybrid, the bestseller, and the All-Foam retail at $1,549, while the Latex costs $2,149. You can get the Dual Feel at $1,299. And Idle Air can be yours for $2,249. All of the prices mentioned here are for the queen version of each mattress. These are all within the average to above-average price points of their respective categories.

Financing is available through Klarna. If you are eligible, you can get a 0% APR if you paid in full within 6 or 12 months from the date of purchase. You can apply Klarna at checkout, provide some information, and know instantly if you’ve been approved.

Other Factors

So, now we’re down to the last few factors you have to consider. Learn about what perks and advantages can you get when you buy an Idle Sleep Mattress:

  • Free Shipping – This is customary among online mattress companies. Aside from taking the shipping cost off your shoulders, some can even set up your bed for you if you ask for it. However, Idle Sleep doesn’t mention any white glove delivery on top of free shipping on its site.

The mattresses are made to order. From the time of order, expect your bed to arrive in a box in 2 to 6 business days. However, if you got the latex one, you are bound to wait for 7 to 15 business days.

  • 120-Night Sleep Trial – This is within the industry average of sleep trial duration. This already accounts for four months.
  • Return – In case you find the mattress is not right for you, you may request a return. Idle Sleep requires you to break in your mattress for 30 days. It is only after then that it will initiate pickup, which cost the company will handle.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Decided to keep the mattress? Then your bed is backed by Idle’s limited lifetime warranty.

Why You Should Buy An Idle Sleep Mattress

You can buy an Idle Sleep Mattress at the firmness you prefer. This customization adds to the fact that all of the brand’s mattress types cater to specific needs. You can get deep contouring and support from the All-Foam, the Hybrid, and the Latex Hybrid. Meanwhile, you can get customizable firmness and targeted pressure relief from Idle Air. The Double-Sided Dual Firmness version sports two feels in one bed.

Idle Sleep is big on breathability. It not only dishes out designs that are well-ventilated. It makes sure that you also get superior temperature regulation. Upon hitting the sack, you are assured of the surface keeping you cool when you feel hot and warm when you feel cold in some models.

Another good thing about Idle Sleep mattresses is that you can rely on its edge support. This is thanks to the Quantum Edge-to-Edge Coil System present in its hybrid models. This means no premature sagging at the perimeter. Your bed’s life span is extended because thanks to this feature. Of course, you can also roll toward the edge more freely because of the expanded surface area.

Why You Should Not Buy An Idle Sleep Mattress

Now, if you are living alone, take note that the Idle Sleep mattresses may be difficult to move around. Remember that, save for one, they are 14 inches thick. This can be a bummer not just during setup but also during rotation. What’s the use of having a dual-sided mattress if you find it hard to flip it over?

The price points are still considered affordable. But not all of the models are budget-friendly. The difference between the All-Foam twin and king, for instance, is just a few hundred bucks. The smallest size still starts at above $1,000, which may not be for budget mattress buyers. However, not all hope is lost. See if you are eligible to avail financing from Klarna.

Of course, we won’t miss mentioning that lightweight individuals may find most of the beds too firm. Idle Sleep seems to cater to those who love really firm mattress or those who are on the heavier side. Still, the firmness options are its selling point, actually. And you can customize. But if you are below 90 pounds, this one may not be for you right now.

The Verdict

The Idle Sleep Mattress has many strengths, as we attested to in this Sleep Mattress Review. Cooling, edge support, and prices are the top qualities we want you to remember. Best of all is its multiple firmness options and flippable feature. 

As it seeks to bring back the dual-sided mattress trend of the past, the bed-in-a-box brand adds its own innovative touch to its offerings. Because of this, we are impressed by Idle Sleep. However, we believe no bed is perfect. And no mattress company can cater to all market needs and preferences. 

So if you deem something else can be a better choice for you, feel free to browse our mattress guides and reviews here at PhatFusion. But if it’s the right fit, then go for it.