How to Pass Cisco 200-901 Exam: Are Practice Tests Worth It?

IT professionals are experts in their field. And perhaps this is why they are critical to almost all modern business models. If an organization depends on phones and emails, there are good chances that an IT professional is working hard, behind the scenes, to ensure smooth running of day-to-day operations. 

So, how is it like to work as a networking professional? Is it challenging? And what is Cisco up to with its new certifications, the DevNet badges?

Here’s your comprehensive guide to the ExamSnap Cisco Certification Questions, a qualifying test for the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification. Let’s get started, then.

About the Cisco DevNet Certifications

DevNet credentials are a new set of badges that measure the knowledge and ability of network professionals and software developers to work with specific technologies and products. As a new certification path, the DevNet career track commences with the Associate badges, followed by the Specialist ones. Lastly, Cisco offers the Professional and Expert credentials to sum up its DevNet career track. But what are the reasons to pursue the Cisco DevNet certifications? The answer will be in the next section.

Reasons to Pursue the New DevNet Certifications

The introduction of the Cisco DevNet credentials is a result of the obvious skill gap in the tech industry and a desire to shape the IT industry in line with the expected business goals. These certifications are meant to serve as tools for bridging the wide gaps between the business needs of an organization and the resources offered by its IT team. It is highly anticipated that through the new Cisco DevNet badges, candidates will acquire tangible knowledge to help them serve their organizations the right way. 

If you want to combine your programming skills with the infrastructure knowledge to help your organization achieve its minimum targets, the DevNet certifications offer the right path to do so.

Cisco DevNet Certification Exams

The DevNet assessments are quite comprehensive and focus on specific Cisco products and services. If you opt to tread this career track, you will have tons of options to choose from including the core and concentration exams like Cisco 200-901, 300-920, 350-901, 300-835, 300-535, 300-910, 300-635, 300-915, and 300-435 and .

Let’s now switch our attention to the Cisco 200-901 exam and its associate badge, the Cisco certified DevNet Associate.

Cisco 200-901 Exam and Its Related Badge Details

The Cisco 200-901 is a test that should be completed within 120 minutes and clears your path to attaining the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate credential intended to equip learners with vital skills that will prepare them to serve as IT Developers.

In addition to evaluating a candidate’s knowledge and ability to develop software, this Cisco exam also assesses your knowledge of the following topics:

  • Comprehending and Deploying APIs;
  • Infrastructure and Automation;
  • App Usage and Its Security;
  • Development of Cisco Platforms;
  • Networking Basics;
  • Development and Design of Software.

Thus, the knowledge gained from this exam is always centered on one’s ability to create and manage applications within the Cisco platforms.

If you’d like to sit for this assessment, you should have a minimum of 2 years of previous work experience. 

The official vendor highly recommends that all students preparing for their certifications in DevNet Associate should be well-prepared to face the test. That’s why we prepared some training options for you to perform well in the Cisco 200-901 exam.

Prepare for Your Cisco 200-901 Exam Using the Cisco Website

Cisco is known to support its certification exam candidates right from the time they choose their credentials until they become certified. For exam 200-901, Cisco provides effective training options that offer great mastery of the key exam details. Starting with the classroom training, you will enjoy unlimited access to a highly interactive training platform that also features committed tutors who deliver the training course in a manner that’s suitable for your exam preparation. 

Also, you can join one of Cisco’s DevNet study groups and study together with fellow exam candidates. This option exposes you to an active platform as you share your challenges, successes and personal experiences with the DevNet certification exams. 

Other training modalities you can always keep an eye on when preparing for your DevNet Associate certification assessment include Code Exchange, Documentation, Learning Path, Learning Labs, and Sandbox.

Prepare with the

Do you need an effective training modality that you can use at the comfort of your home? If yes, the is the ideal starting point. This website is a provider of verified practice tests and is also known for its excellent premium bundles that are intended to instill confidence in all exam-takers. For this exam, check out the Cisco 200-901 premium file ($39.99) that comes with updated questions and expert-verified answers for your preparation. What’s more you can opt for some free and actual practice tests that are available on the Examsnap. com. Once you check this website, you’ll instantly get access to them.

In addition, ensure you get the VCE Exam Simulator which mimics an environment similar to the actual exam testing atmosphere. 


Certifications can be powerful, sometimes even superseding work experience. In today’s fast-changing IT world, it helps to validate your skills on an everyday basis. While gaining a badge requires proper commitment and considerable investments, excellent pay is always at stake. Here’s hoping this post has covered most of the things you may have wanted to know about the Cisco 200-901 exam and the credential it’s leading to, the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate. Just make use of reliable websites such as the to enhance your growth potential and their free and actual practice tests will make all your career dreams come true!

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