How To Move A Mattress By Yourself

How To Move A Mattress

Wondering how to carry a mattress on your own? Maybe you are moving out of an old home to a new one. Or you’re simply cleaning your bed. You’re probably thinking it’s hard to do this by yourself. So we’ve rounded up the ways you can slay this solo.

But before you proceed, think about whether or not you need to move it with you while relocating. Check out the section “Should You Move Your Mattress or Not?” for more. You can also dip into the steps of handling your mattress if you have to wash or clean it.

By following these steps, this task should not be as tricky as you fear it would be. Here is a detailed guide on how to move a mattress by yourself.

Should You Move Your Mattress Or Not?

Consider this if your mattress has been with you for a time. On average, beds can live between 5 to 10 years. This depends on their type: all-foam, hybrid, innerspring, or airbed, among others. Check for compression, deformation, infestation, and other signs of wear and tear. Use all of these factors to determine whether or not to relocate your old mattress to your new home.

Be honest. If you’re seeing 2 or more problems, it must be high time to replace your mattress altogether. Pressed for time? You can order from an online mattress shop and have the bed in a box delivered to your next address. This should take off some of the panic and pressure you’re feeling.

This choice is an additional cost to you. But if your bed is due for disposal, wouldn’t you feel relieved that you have bought a replacement sooner than later? Also, lugging your current mattress would now be an unnecessary chore.

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Tips On How to Carry A Mattress

Here are the steps on how to move a mattress alone if you’re moving out of your apartment or home.

Step 1. Cover It

• Buy a Plastic Mattress Cover

Okay, so you have decided to bring your current bed with you. Its sides will be placed on the floor and on top of the car. It can collect some dirt, dust, germs, what have you while you drag it through your house and the road outside. To keep it from these unwanted situations, you should buy a plastic mattress cover.

You can use this to protect your bed from being blemished during move-out and move-in. To buy this item, try your local hardware store or any moving supplies store. It should cost you between $5 and $10. Take note that a plastic mattress cover is different from a mattress protector.

• Remove the Sheets

The mattress is one of the last things you’ll pack. On your move-out day, remove all sheets, including the fitted sheets, blankets, and duvets. You can also leave the fitted sheets with the mattress pad if you want. But remove everything else.

Do this right before packing the bed to avoid dirt and dust from accumulating on your sleeping space.

• Slip the Plastic Cover Over the Mattress

Since you’re alone, work methodically from one end of the mattress to another. First, let it stand on one side and then slip the cover slowly. Make sure one side of the bed is leaning on a wall. Work through its length to prevent it from sliding toward the floor. This can cause accidents if the mattress is quite thick and heavy. 

Take your time until you’ve run the plastic cover over the entire mattress. 

• Check for Wrinkles or Creases

Don’t zip the bag until you’ve checked that the mattress is neatly placed inside the cover. If this is the case, zip the cover shut. Use packaging tape to close the opening tightly. You want the corners of the bag to rest nicely over the edges of the mattress. In other words, it should be a good fit.

If your plastic cover does not have a zipper, fold the extra section of the opening and then shut it with packaging tape. Use as much as you need to be sure the tape won’t be loose. If you are putting your bed on top of your vehicle, you want to be sure it won’t slip from the cover, or the cover’s flap won’t be open in transit.

Step 2. Fold the Mattress

Wondering how to move a king-size mattress by yourself? The simplest way is to fold it in half. Why do this? Lifting or dragging can be tough if your bed is this big. However, you can only do this with a foam mattress. Be careful with hybrid and innerspring types when considering this.

Fold the mattress width-wise from the center. The head and the foot should now be level with each other. Your sleeping surface should be hidden while the bottom is exposed. If your mattress is twin or full size, you can just lay it on the dolly (see Step 3) as is. 

Step 3. Tie It Down

Secure the fold by tying the mattress down. You can use 2 to 3 ratchet straps to hold down the item while you take it to and strap it on the vehicle. Leave about a 2-foot space between the straps. Hook the strap onto the ratchet and then loop it through the bent bed. Make sure the tie-down straps are wrapped tightly.

While you can use ropes, these may turn loose during transit. Ratchet tie-down straps are your best bet. You can buy these in any hardware store or moving supply store. You wouldn’t need the straps if you didn’t fold your full- or twin-size mattress.

Step 4. Put It On A Dolly

You probably have laid your mattress on the floor or a flat surface again while folding. Let it stand on one side on a pushcart or a hand truck. You need a 4-wheeled platform to avoid dragging the bed inside and outside the house.

What if you don’t have a dolly or the like? You can rent one in stores that offer moving supplies, including U-Haul spots. Check out your local hardware store, as well. If you don’t want to spend more, maybe your building has one you can borrow.

A note on lifting:

Proper posture while lifting a heavy object is crucial for your body. You need to be in an optimal position to handle the weight well. This applies to you, whether it’s a medium all-foam or a thick hybrid you’ll be carrying.

Bend your knees and lift the bed only a few inches above the floor. Slide it slowly on the pushcart.

Tips On How to Carry A Mattress

Step 5. Strap It Tightly On the Vehicle

Wheel the Mattress Slowly

Make sure the bed is balanced on the hand truck or dolly. Wheel the mattress slowly and surely to keep it from tipping off. When you have to pass through the stairs, go down the steps one by one. Lean back to avoid the mattress from tumbling down the stairs.

Tie It On Your Vehicle

Assuming you are using your own vehicle instead of a moving van, you can tie your mattress at the top. You will need more of ratchet tie-down straps from earlier. Use your legs as the lever to lift the bed. Push it slightly in place, ensuring it is properly settled in the middle. Secure it with the ratchet straps.

Use 3 to 4 tie-down straps to hold the bed in place. Wrap it around the rack, if you have one, or the roof your vehicle. Then hook 2 ratchet straps at the front and back of your car to prevent your mattress from bouncing off or sliding down during the drive.

If you folded the bed, keep it that way. With a box, spring or foundation, put it under the bed to offer support.

Cleaning Your Mattress

When cleaning your mattress, obviously, you won’t need to cover it or tie it down. Just lift it on one side while bending your knees. You can fold it if it’s too thick. Lay it on the floor or any flat surface. Let it sit on old towels to keep the bottom of the bed from being dusty or dirty.

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When All Else Fails

Call A Friend

Two pairs of hands are better than one. So if you have a friend who’s available on the day you’re moving, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Call ahead of time. Waiting until the last minute may not be a good idea. You don’t want to surprise anyone, especially if it’s you’re calling to ask a favor. 

To move the mattress, stand on one length and have your friend stand on the other. Lift it and then let it stand without taking your hands off it. Now, position yourselves at the head and foot of the bed, respectively. Talk about who will be facing backward and forward. Naturally, the one in front should have their back toward the direction you’re going. 

Coordinate your game plan and movements well to avoid accidents, especially if you’re walking down the stairs.

Call the Pros

This is possibly the most expensive way to move your mattress. You will need to hire someone else to carry the bed for you. It won’t be practical if you only need the movers for this purpose. 

Then, you will need them again to take the mattress inside the new nest. Usually, you can hire such pros to help you take out all the contents of the place and vacate it.

Take note that professional movers can command high fees. This happens when you book them through an agency. The agency will charge commission fees. And then it will send you a crew, which can be composed of 2 or more persons. 


With the tactics shared in this guide, we hope we were able to show you how you can carry a mattress by yourself. Like the independent, go-getter person that you are, you will be ready to slay this without spending on moving van rental and hiring help.

As some people say, mind over matter. Determine what you are going to do it alone and complete what you set out to do. Believe that you can. And you will be able to lug this thick bed from your old home to your new place.

It’s worth trying, especially if your mattress is still in its prime days. However, if you realize it’s time to replace it, then there’s no point in hauling it off. Just use your energy to carry your other possessions.