How to Improve Productivity and Sleep while Working from Home

This year, there have been so many people who have switched – or continued – to work from home. But while this has brought a little more personal time and less tiredness, working from home has had its impact on the sleep and productivity.

Flexibility in the workplace was meant to improve productivity. But did it? Are there too many tasks at work and too little free time? Do you wonder how to build your own blog bigger and bigger, every day? 

Well, if the answer is “Yes”, then maybe it’s time to pay more attention to sleep and productivity concept. 

work from home

Here are some ways to improve both productivity and sleep while working from home:


While you can wear your pajamas and keep the Netflix on all the time, keep in mind that it can affect the productivity. So, the first thing to do is avoid working from bed. As nice as it may be to have your laptop there and the pillow at your back, that will be a big distraction from your work.

Then, speaking of Netflix, you should avoid working where you can be tempted by other activities, or distracted. Don’t forget that you will need to have the same behavior as the one at the office. So, no TV, no other usual daily home stuff, and no other activities.

Also, keep a balance between increased interaction with the other people in the home and social isolation. Neither is good for the work productivity. While we know that interacting often with your relatives or other people in the home will keep you distracted, isolating is also not an option. So, try to have a chat once in a while with a colleague, a friend, or even your spouse. Also, having a break from work once in a while will help you be back more focused.

Last but not least, it is very important to have a plan – from the location in the home, to the working hours, the schedule, the lunch time, the meetings, the communication, and so on. Having a plan and trying to stick to it will boost your work confidence.


Working doesn’t have to take a heavy tool on you, so sleep is also extremely important while working from home. You may feel that the sleep schedule isn’t that strict as before because you avoid the fatigue after the long hard days at the office, and also get to have at least one hour of more sleep in the morning. Anyway, a consistent and constant sleep schedule must be kept. You have to preserve the quality and quantity of sleep even with a more relaxed working schedule.

Another risk for your sleep is what, how, when, how much and where you eat. Meals can be a mess if you go down the slippery slope of having enough time to do all that you want. Keep in mind that the regular balance diet you may have had at the office has to be followed the same at home now more than before. That is because now you lack the physical activity.

Exercising and natural light will also help you sleep better at night, while keeping your body clock synchronized all the time will make it “feel” when is time to have breaks, or when is time to just call it a work day. 

It is important also to know when to put aside the phone and the laptop. Don’t work or check emails too close to bedtime, otherwise you will have difficulties falling asleep. Also, mind the caffeine! 

After all, productivity and sleep work hand in hand. If either of those is affected, you will surely fell the bad effects on the other one. So try your best to optimize them as much as you can.

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