How to Choose A Base for Your Sleep Number Mattress

Sleep Number Mattress

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Do you have a Sleep Number mattress or want to own one? It’s the brand that offers smart bed options, customizable and adjustable models that fit multiple needs. Feel weightless as you drift off on a zero-gravity surface. Use SleepIQ technology to track your sleeping behavior. Share a split-sized version with your S.O. to personalize pressure relief on each side.

To fully enjoy all of these features, you’ll have to buy an adjustable bed base. In this case, you don’t have to look far. The company also provides Sleep Number base choices. Fortunately, these bases fit standard bed frame sizes. If you don’t want to shop separately, you can purchase one with your mattress at checkout. 

This guide will help you pick the perfect match. To avoid making a costly mistake, you need to go over a few questions before you buy a base. We will also differentiate adjustable bases and modular bases. Dip into the Table of Contents to check out what else awaits you.

Do I Need A Base?

Sleep Number recommends adding an adjustable base for any of its mattress offerings. For a quick recap of what you can expect from its smart beds, read our full review of the Sleep Number Bed. A customized base should enhance the features found in the mattresses. For one, it gives support to the zero-gravity bed, makes shifting from one position to another easy, and elevates your sleeping space.

The company creates its own adjustable and modular bases. But buying from the brand is not required. According to Sleep Number, any standard-size frame is all right, as long as it’s a flat surface. So you can choose a platform bed or a slatted foundation, but a box spring is not advised. The latter lacks the support needed by the air chambers inside the mattress.

It has to be a firm and stable surface. If you’re getting a slatted base, the slats should not be more than two inches apart. When it comes to materials, wood or metal should do the job. But with all the movements your adjustable bed will make, find one that can withstand all that pressure and weight.

How to Choose A Sleep Number Base or Bed Frame


Like said, your Sleep Number mattress will fit in any standard-sized furniture. But if you’re inserting a base between the mattress and foundation, you’ll have to make some adjustments. Your best bet would be a platform bed or a bunkie board, with slats that are two inches apart. Also, do not use a traditional box spring as an alternative base. This base cannot provide adequate support to the adjustable mattress.

Here are the dimensions of the Sleep Number FlexFit Adjustable Base for your reference:

Width x Length

  • Twin XL: 37 inches x 79.5 inches
  • Full/Double: 52.5 inches x 73.5 inches
  • Queen: 58.5 inches x 79.5 inches
  • King (Including Split and FlexTop King): 75 inches x 79.5 inches
  • Cal King (Including Split and FlexTop Cal King): 72 inches x 83.5 inches
  • Height (all sizes): 7 adjustable settings ranging from 13.75 inches to 18.25 inches (see below)
  • Weight of base: FF1: 110 pounds, FF2: 116 pounds, FF3: 138 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 600 pounds per side

And these are the height settings, defined as the distance between the floor and the bottom of the mattress, and their corresponding clearance measurements, which the FlexFit base will clear.

All figures are in inches:


Source: Sleep Number

If you’re choosing the modular base, which Sleep Number also makes, you can refer to its different dimensions here;

Width x Length

  • Twin: 37.5 inches x 74 inches
  • Twin XL: 37 inches x 79 inches
  • Full/Double: 52.5 inches x 74 inches
  • Queen: 59.5 inches x 79 inches
  • Split Queen: 29.75 inches x 79 inches per side (2 pieces)
  • King: 37.5 inches x 79 inches per side (2 pieces)
  • Cal King: 35.5 inches x 83 inches per side (2 pieces)
  • Height without legs(all sizes): 8 inches
  • As Height with low profile legs (all sizes): 12.5 inches
  • Height with standard legs (all sizes): 12.5 inches
  • Weight Limit: 400 pounds per side 

Modular or Adjustable?

As a rule, we recommend you think of the adjustable base as the dedicated base for your adjustable bed. It has the bells and whistles, such as head and foot adjustment, zero-gravity feel, and even a timer in the case of Sleep Number bases. Together with the mattress, it can really be expensive, though.

Meanwhile, the modular base from Sleep Number is a flat and firm base that takes the place of a traditional box spring. Even without the fanfare, it can support an adjustable bed well. It’s just as durable as other types of foundation. The modular base comes with legs that can be extended, so you can customize its height. Also, you can add a headboard and a footboard as you please.

Sleep Number Bed Frame Options

Adjustable Bases

There are three kinds of adjustable bases available on the Sleep Number website and its designated physical stores. They all come under the collection called FlexFit.

FlexFit 1

This model is your basic adjustable base option from the company. You can adjust the head on either side if you are using the split version. This also allows you to raise one side of the head area if you or your partner wants to read or watch TV in bed.

There is under-bed lighting to help you get in and out of bed at night. If you need to focus on your upper body, you can try this model as it’s also the most affordable. A queen version retails at $1,199. You can catch promos and discounts on special days like holidays.

FlexFit 2

A remarkable upgrade, FlexFit 2 sports six features that let you enjoy different positions. Aside from head adjustment, you can also elevate the foot area to allow your lower body to rest. One special setting, available in King and Split King, enables you to rest while being wary of your health. For instance, you can raise your partner’s head if they begin snoring.

Another draw here is the zero-gravity factor, which makes you feel as if you’re floating. The under-bed lighting feature is also present here. Finally, you can set a timer that will switch your position back to the original or a different one in the morning or at night.

You can own a Queen FlexFit 2 for $1,899.

FlexFit 3

FlexFit 3 is the most technical model among the three. It has all the six features of FlexFit 2, as well as a massage feature and a foot-warming feature. The foot-warming effect is said to help you sleep faster and better. 

A queen-sized FlexFit 3 can set you back about $2,399.

These bases can be purchased with legs, which will be visible when set up. If you want a model that comes with a bed skirt, you should choose from Sleep Number’s Silhouette collection. To estimate the price, you can add at least $600 to the original rates.

Why Choose FlexFit

The innovative FlexFit adjustable bases aren’t just about looks. They take your sleep experience to the next level, from the zero-gravity feature to the multiple positions to choose from. Owning a FlexFit will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your adjustable mattress to the fullest. 

Their prices are definitely a drawback. But if budget is not a problem, or you have good credit to afford monthly payments, you can grab this chance of achieving the ultimate comfort for your body. It helps complete a dream bed for many.

Modular Bases

Sleep Number Mattress

The modular base from Sleep Number is a good replacement for the traditional box spring. It’

box spring. It is firm and durable enough to handle your adjustable bed, with a capacity of 37 to 120 pounds. You can buy it as-is for $299 (Queen). Legs can also be added, which will add between $80 to $159.99 to your total cost. 

Why Choose A Modular Base

This option is still significantly cheaper than the adjustable base. Aside from the lower cost, you can expect fewer to no mechanical malfunctions with this one. It may look like a traditional frame, but it wins in functionality. It’s not prone to breaking down. That’s value for money right there.

What Is A Good Sleep Number Base Alternative?

Any foundation or bed frame with strong center support can be an excellent alternative to the Sleep Number adjustable bases featured here. If you have one at home, you won’t need to purchase a new if it fits the bill. You may add just the mattress or the mattress and the base on top of the existing frame.

Bed Frame

The conventional bed frame is composed of four legs and a base, which sports the rails and/or slats. Its middle zone is strong enough to support an adjustable mattress. Plus, it comes in many designs that can match your bedroom’s interior design. You can choose from a simple metal frame to a vintage cross frame.

Platform Bed

This type of foundation or frame is remarkable for its low profile. It often features a clearance underneath for storage, which helps save space. You can find this in minimalist setups. But it does not mean it’s too pretty for an adjustable bed. Because of its height, you can add an adjustable base without going overboard with your sleeping space elevation.

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Headboard & Footboard

These are not bed frames per se. But headboard and footboard are added to bases for a purpose, not just as accents. These accessories are functional, too. Mainly, they keep the mattress from sliding around and off the bed. However, make sure to get the measurements of your frame, base, and mattress before installing the headboard and footboard.

Canopy and Poster Bed

A four-poster bed typically goes with a decorative canopy. This design brings personality to your bedroom, even making you feel like a royal. If the poster bed is of the right size, you can place the adjustable bed and base here. But space may look cramped, or the styles may clash.


Are you a proud owner of a smart bed from Sleep Number? This brand and model have made their way into the homes of American consumers with innovative, functional, and beneficial features. Raising the bed can help prevent snoring. Feeling weightless through the zero-gravity feature can make you feel more rested. 

And the bed itself can track your sleeping behavior, allowing you to understand how your sleep quality is affected by daytime and evening routines. To enhance its effects, you can use the three Sleep Number bed bases under the FlexFit line. These will maximize your sleep experience. If you are on a tight budget, you can try the Sleep Number modular base instead.

We also mentioned in this guide that you are not limited to the Sleep Number base options. Even the company recommends any foundation or base, as long as it’s of standard size. Just take note of the requirements and precautions provided here. The point is that your Sleep Number smart bed can still work whether or not it’s placed on a Sleep Number base.

All things considered, what do you think will work for your mattress? Is it a FlexFit, a modular base, or a different bed frame or foundation?

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