How Getting More Bonuses Taught Us to be a Team Player

Playing in a team is one of the most important skills that we need. We might not need it in our area of work, but at some point or another, it is going to come in use. What you can’t achieve alone is what you will achieve together.

This might sound like big talk or motivational speech that you get sitting in the auditorium among hundreds of other people, but hear me out.

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Being a Team Player is a Universal Need

Whether you run a startup or a successful, multi-million dollar corporation, the one thing that all entrepreneurs or businessmen have in common is that they have to work in teams. Obvious exceptions aside, it’s impossible to run a business alone. 

You may be working with a small group of people, hardly a handful, or you may be working with thousands of employees, but every day you have to cooperate and get along with other people. 

No matter what role you play in the team, if you don’t get along with everyone in it, your presence in the office might bring about the company’s doom. 

How We Implemented It

Now let’s bring this big talk to what we need to discuss here. Having started many things and learned a lot of things, we started employing the tactics in our fun activities as well.

For example, the 29th of every month is casino night for our team, so instead of betting on different games and looking for this bonus code and that discount, we started playing the same game in various online casinos, this way we knew the game and got welcome packages in each one with free bonuses.

Now, whenever someone new joins us, we add them to our monthly extravaganza and teach them our logic of working in teams to get more experience and improve our chances of winning.


Winning is the only thing that matters to most people. What we forget is that winning right is more important than winning. You can’t make people the steps of your ladder; rather, you can rise together with people.

Working in teams makes it easy to fill the gaps in skillset. You can have someone do the things that you struggle with. This takes the pressure off of you and gives you time to focus on something that you know and can grow from.

You can’t force people to be team players, but you can show them the benefits of being one. Our simple activity that we indulge in to let off steam is also our source of lesson for any newcomer. It gives them an activity to bond and also teaches them the value of having people in your corner.

In life, whenever things happen, good or bad, you need people to share it with. Happiness is increased ten-fold, and sadness is distributed among the people, and it soon doesn’t seem as big as it seemed alone. It becomes easy to deal with anything. So, team building and being a team player is something that you shouldn’t forego, neither in professional life nor in personal life.

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