GhostBed vs Casper Mattress Review 2020

GhostBed vs Casper

Bed-in-a-box brands GhostBed and Casper have retained their position at the top since they started. As a popular choice among users, experts, and the media, Casper almost needs no introduction. Born in 2014, it is often credited as having begun the online mattress revolution. The Time magazine once touted it as one of the best inventions in 2015.

A GhostBed vs Casper comparison is not far-off with GhostBed being founded in 2015. But it was not exactly a newbie in the industry as it was backed by 25 years of mattress design background. The founder created it because he needed support for his neck and back. To date, it is known as the bed designed for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle.

Our review will focus on the GhostBed Luxe and the Casper Original Mattress–the companies’ flagship mattresses. We will see how they perform across seven metrics, which we use throughout our best mattress comparisons and guides.

GhostBed vs Casper Mattress Comparison

GhostBed vs Casper Mattress Review

Construction & Materials

Thick and tall, the GhostBed Luxe comprises seven layers. Its top layer is already packed as it is a combination of a topper, a memory foam, and a cover. In particular, it features the 1/2-inch, cooling Ghost Hug fabric-woven topper. The memory foam underneath is infused with gel, which has cooling properties. And the cool-to-the-touch Ghost Ice Fabric covers these layers. The whole combo takes care of cooling.

A series of patented foam layers follow, first of which is the phase-changing Ghost Ice Layer. It employs a technology that adapts to your skin temperature. Another Gel Memory Foam is used to dissipate heat and allow air to circulate within the mattress. Below it is the Ghost Bounce with its unique contouring like memory foam and responsiveness like latex foam. And there’s the supportive 7.5-inch, high-density foam base.

Meanwhile, the Casper Original Mattress features four layers of foam, including the zoning transition layer. A soft polyester cover in the signature Casper colors (white and gray) wraps it all up. Right under the surface is a light polyfoam layer that keeps you cool and comfortable. It sits above a memory foam layer that conforms to your curves, providing relief to pressure points.

Next is the transition layer sporting a proprietary tech called ZonedSupport. This boosts the memory foam’s conformity while giving the right kind of support to your pressure points. For instance, it lets your shoulders sink a bit more than your hips. As such, your spine is aligned naturally. To complete the construction, a 5-inch, high-density polyfoam is placed at the bottom for added support and durability.

Winner: Casper

Firmness & Feel

The firmness of most online mattress models is determined using the 1 to 10 Firmness Scale. As the industry standard, it means 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. For most sleepers, the average, universal comfort score, or the sweet spot is 5.5 to 7. Back, stomach and side sleepers find this not too soft and not too hard. 

In this regard, GhostBed is considered a medium-firm as it snags a 5.5 to 6 firmness rating. Designed specifically for those suffering from back pain and such, it has a superior medium feel that is supportive. This also helps injured and sick individuals to recover quickly. While it’s firm enough for sleepers of all shapes and sizes, it’s still best for back sleepers.

Casper also gets a medium firmness score from users and experts. During its introduction, its ability to cater to all types and sizes of sleepers made it a hit. Its zoning features adjust to your pressure points accordingly, so you will feel maximum comfort whatever position you assume in sleep. Support for the hips is firmer than support for the shoulders. And support for the knees is the least firm.

This targeted support lets the spine curve naturally, so your posture is corrected in the process. While it is made for lightweight to heavyweight people, those who are heavier may not feel 100% supported.

Winner: GhostBed


Do you sleep hot at night? Lying on an all-foam bed can aggravate this situation. This mattress type is notorious for trapping heat. Models that include cooling components may still sleep warm. So, it is best to look at the layers of the bed. As we have done that earlier, we will just dig deeper into how certain materials affect the breathability/temperature regulation of GhostBed vs Casper.

From top to bottom, GhostBed seems to be all about keeping you cool. The 3-in-1 top layer sets cooling in motion. The combo of gel memory foam and latex-like foam promotes airflow. The high-density foam is balanced by its breathable structure. And GhostBed itself markets its mattresses as having ghostlike cooling, even chilling, features. 

Sometimes, memory foam and other types of foam rely on materials that wick heat and moisture away from the body. Some innovative ones infuse their memory foam or latex foam with gel, copper, or and/or graphite. Two other alternatives are the open cell technology and the phase change technology.

Casper employs this open cell technology, with its foams containing small pores through which air flows. This keeps the entire bed ventilated while letting heat escape. There are reports, however, of the mattress sleeping warm as users lay on it longer. The usual suspects for this situation are the high-density polyfoam included in the design and the adhesive used in putting the layers together. 

Winner: GhostBed

Edge Support & Sinkage

The need/preference for edge support differs from one person to another. If you want a solid and stable perimeter when you sit or sleep on it, give yourself one point. Do you want your bed’s surface area to be maximized? Another point. Do you want to avoid early sagging at the edges? One more point for you. One or more points mean you’ll benefit from considering this factor carefully.

Good thing the GhostBed Luxe has reliable edge support. This may be attributed to the fact that it is packed with foam layers and designed for those who weigh at least around 130 pounds. This means the lifespan of the mattress is prolonged even if you sit and sleep at the perimeter. That area is able to withstand daily wear and tear.

On the other hand, the original Casper shows some sinkage whenever it’s sat or slept on. There is not enough assurance for you to roll over and risk falling toward the floor. Even if you do, expect that your spot will be prone to early sagging. This is nothing new in the all-foam world. Casper is not making an exception when it comes to its performance in this department.

Winner: GhostBed

Motion Transfer

This factor is about containing movements in a single spot. Say, you are sleeping on one side and your partner/co-sleeper on another. If one of you moves, the other person should not be able to feel the entire bed shake. For light sleepers, this can be a godsend as they are able to drift off without disruptions. This is actually good for anyone sharing their bed with someone else.

GhostBed vs Casper

You will be happy to hear that GhostBed has minimal motion transfer. Packed with multiple layers, it is able to insulate movements well. But as it is targeted to heavy people, it cannot eliminate motion transfer altogether. If you are a super light sleeper, this may not be the ideal setup for you. Interrupted sleep can affect your overall sleep quality.

Average weight or lightweight sleeper? You will be pleased with Casper’s exceptional performance when it comes to motion transfer. Very minimal motion is transferred by this mattress, according to users and experts. Its foam layers, particularly the closely conforming memory foam, enhance this capability. It can be better, but the original version is already good as it is.

Winner: Casper

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One of the most significant changes brought about by bed-in-a-box mattress models is their affordable price. Online mattress companies are able to cut down on operational and human resource costs. The average price for all-foam models ranges from $500 to $1,500 (Queen). At the least, their arrival has offered viable alternatives to the insanely-high prices that come with traditional mattress models.

GhostBed Luxe, with its special features, maybe at the high-end of the average price point. Its queen version costs $1,575. However, it is not unusual for the company to offer discounts and promos during the holidays. You just have to schedule your purchase around such events to take advantage. In any case, it’s easy to own this all-foam bed, financing being available. And the regular price is still affordable.

Now, Casper has won the hearts of online customers because it balances affordability with high quality. The original in queen retails at $995. Even the hybrid edition of the Casper is less expensive than GhostBed Luxe at $1,500. This average price point has enabled Casper to reach more customers. And those who want a taste of this affordable luxury can use cash, financing, or credit card.

Winner: Casper

Other Factors

Another advantage that the online mattress movement has provided is the ease of getting your order delivered to your doorstep. The customer experience is forever changed by this innovation. You no longer need to visit a showroom, pay for your mattress to be delivered, or lug it inside your car. So while we’re still viewing this as a GhostBed vs Casper competition, the real winner here is the customer. 

Alongside this, you can benefit from other customer-centric policies, which we will touch on below.

Ghostbed offers the following:

  • Free shipping. Your order can be shipped to you within 24 hours! While this sounds like you are going to have your bed the next day, it does mean GhostBed will process your order and initiate delivery within a day. The actual arrival date and time still vary depending on your location.
  • Sleep trial. You get to test out your bed for 101 nights. In case you want to return it, you may file a request after a 30-day break-in period.
  • 25-year warranty. This is one of the more generous offerings in the industry.

With Casper, you can enjoy the following perks:

  • Free shipping. Casper might as well have popularized free shipping of beds inboxes. Why would it stop doing what brought it to nationwide attention in the first place?
  • Sleep trial. You get three months’ worth of trial with Casper, which is fair enough. Some say your body needs 30 days to adjust to a new mattress. After that, if you find that the bed isn’t the right fit for you, you may request a return. The company will take care of pickup and shipping costs.
  • 10-year limited warranty. This length of coverage is within the industry average. All-foam beds are pegged to last within 5 to 10 years.

Winner: Tie

Pros & Cons

Ghostbed Mattress

  • Packed with seven layers of cooling layers.
  • Has a medium firmness feel for universal comfort.
  • Supports athletes, active people, and heavy people.
  • Edge support is reliable.
  • Lightweight sleepers may find it too firm.
  • Slightly more expensive than Casper.

Casper Mattress

  • Zoning features offer effective pressure relief.
  • Closely conforms to the body.
  • Sports medium firmness.
  • May sleep warm.
  • Fair edge support.

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Our GhostBed vs Casper mattress comparison comes to an end. And the result of the review is a tie

Both models have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. You may go for the Casper Original Mattress if you need a conforming and supportive mattress. Ghostbed is for you if you have back pain or an injury you need to quickly recover from. Or if you are an athlete or an active individual.

Also, lightweight and average weight sleepers can rely on Casper for their needs. Heavier people can trust GhostBed to cover theirs. As we mentioned, the real highlight of these brands is their ability to make the customer experience easy and convenient. They’ve shown it first by designing and manufacturing products that are affordable and use high-quality materials. Then, they continue to deliver through free shipping services, warranties, etc.

Now, based on the factors we have outlined, which one is the better fit for you? Let us know in the comments. And we hope to see you again in the next review.