Ghostbed Mattress Review 2020

Ghostbed mattress

Launched in 2015 by manufacturer Nature’s Sleep, online bed-in-a-box retailer GhostBed offers its customers mattresses created from a hybrid of latex and memory foam at discount pricing. Nature’s Sleep brings with it 35 years of experience in the area of creating quality mattresses, toppers and bedding.

The company now makes two models: the original GhostBed and the Luxe. Each option offers customers the support of a memory foam mattress as well as the bounce that comes with latex mattresses. Customers can purchase the GhostBed in any standard mattress size, with each mattress standing 11 inches high. A combination of three layers work together within each GhostBed: while the core is comprised of polyfoam, an additional layer of gel-infused memory foam is laid on top of that, with the top layer being made of synthetic Dunlop latex. The entire mattress is covered with a woven polyester fabric blend.

GhostBed Mattress – Materials

GhostBed Mattress is constructed of a thick, 11″ mattress made of a hybrid of latex and memory foam. The top 3.5″ of the mattress is a layer specifically constructed for the comfort of the sleeper, while the bottom 7.5″ is a high density support foam base. The comfort layer is further broken down into two separate layers, with a 1.5″ cooling layer on top of a 2″ layer of support. The comfort layer is constructed of aerated latex foam and offers users total comfort and instant responsiveness, while the support layer contains gel memory foam meant to give support and pressure relief.

ghostbed layers

In addition, the GhostBed is surrounded by a 100% polyester cover that holds a specialized dimpled pattern. This pattern offers users a sense of being massaged. The thin cover ensures proper airflow, which further allows for cooling to take place. All materials used in the beds’ construction are Certi-Pur certified manufactured in such a way that they will produce zero emissions.

The bed is constructed in the shape of a square, which is done so in order to offer additional support.

Is GhostBed Mattress Suited for You?

Because the mattress is given a 6.5 rating in terms of firmness, this bed is better suited for back or stomach sleepers, as it offers more support. In addition, the holes found within the top latex layer allow for additional airflow, making the GhostBed a great option for those who find themselves a bit too hot as they sleep. Most back and stomach sleepers who tried out the GhostBed gave it a review of “good” to “very good”.

The GhostBed is also a wonderful investment for those looking for a mattress constructed with high quality materials at a discounted price.

Ghostbed mattress review

However, sleepers who prefer to lay on their side may not appreciate the GhostBed as much as the pressure can be felt on your shoulders and hips while laying in this position. Those who prefer the classic memory foam feel will also be disappointed by the GhostBed, as there is some motion transfer associated with this mattress. In other words, you will still be able to feel it when someone sleeping in the bed next to you moves. Side sleeper users of the bed who weigh less than 130 pounds rate the bed as “fair,” while those weighing more than 130 pounds rate the bed as “good”. Here are a few mattresses that we recommend for Side Sleepers- Check now!

The weight of the person is something else that should be taken into consideration when looking at mattress firmness. A person of more substantial weight may find the mattress better supports their weight, while a slimmer person may not have the same experience.

While it is difficult to find a mattress that is comfortable on a universal level for all sleepers no matter what position they may lay in, the GhostBed is able to provide a balance that works for most sleeping preferences.

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Customer Service

Customer service available through the company will be discussed in greater detail in the following sections, but as a whole is typical of other “Bed in a box” online retailers. Services include but are not limited to: a free trial of 101 nights, free shipping – typically within 24 hours, a 20 year warranty, no questions asked free returns, and each bed is American made.

Trial Period

Upon ordering a GhostBed, users receive 101 nights to try out the bed, with a company requirement of keeping the bed for at least 30 days before making any final decisions. However, if the bed was purchased through Amazon, be aware that the full trial is 30 days in length with no minimum requirement. All returns must be coordinated with Amazon’s customer service department.

Your GhostBed will be shipped to you in a vacuum-sealed package within a box. There are no additional delivery services available, and the company does not offer removal of your old mattress. However, the bed is very easy to set up as no additional assembly is required. In addition, the bed is guaranteed to ship within 24 hours of placing the order. Shipping is free throughout the continental United States, with an additional $600 freight charge for those residing in Alaska or Hawaii.

Ghostbed mattress review

It is highly suggested that customers unroll their mattress upon arrival, as it can take up to a full day for the mattress to expand and be fully ready for use. This process can take longer if the mattress is left under very cold conditions.

While it is fairly common for an odor to be emitted from foam mattresses upon unpacking, many customers report that this is not the case with GhostBed, stating that no smell was noted when opening the packaging or rolling out the new bed. As a result, users are able to sleep on the bed the first night they have it.


A 20-year warranty is offered on the GhostBed Classic by its manufacturer, Nature’s Sleep. The mattress will be repaired or replaced by the company for the first 10 years of that warranty if any defect in the creation of the bed is detected. All costs associated with this will be covered by Nature’s Sleep, with the customer being held responsible for shipping and handling fees. In the last 10 years of the warranty, a pro-rated cost will be associated with the replacement or repair of the mattress in addition to shipping and handling.

Because the bed has only been on the market for the past two years, it is unclear how durable it is as of yet. However, most high-quality foam and latex mattresses do tend to hold their shape and support system for long periods of time.

GhostBed Classic

ghostbed classic

The classic version of the GhostBed is available at a medium level of firmness, better known as the “universal comfort firmness option“. In addition, because it is a combination of latex and memory foam, it does offer some motion isolation. While additional movement on the bed may still be detected, it may not be as present as it is on a traditional mattress.


The perimeter of the bed is not reinforced, as is the case with most foam and latex mattresses. As such, an innerspring mattress may offer more support while sitting on the edge. However, the GhostBed does have a high-density support core, offering its users more edge support than a typical memory foam mattress. Many users of the mattress report minimal sinkage or rolling toward the middle when using the bed, even when sitting at the edge.


The combination of latex and foam found within the GhostBed allows it to regulate temperatures fairly well and keep its users at a comfortable level of coolness throughout the night. This is due to the levels of aerated latex within the mattress as well as the gel-infused memory foam. It may be of importance to note that users did not feel a build up of heat or stickiness with the GhostBed that is typical of the more traditional memory foam models.


The bed offers users a strong support system through its use of various foams. As a result, the neck and spine are kept in better alignment throughout the night. While the base foam allows for a solid foundation, the memory foam and latex work together to provide additional comfort by reducing the amount of sinking users feel while at the same time increasing the amount of bounce the mattress has.

Although the memory foam layer within the mattress does allow for some contouring, the latex layer prevents the amount of sinkage felt. As a result, the contouring is not as strong as it would be in a typical memory foam mattress.


firmer mattresses available on the market, the materials used to create the mattress soften as the user continues to use them. Thus, GhostBeds appeal to a large number of people.

In addition, the thickness level of the 11″ mattress offers the comfort and support necessary for a good night of sleep. The bed also features cooling technologies within the mattress that allows for optimum comfort levels as you sleep.

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