Extending Space: Trends in Renovating Attics

Home remodelers charge between $15,000 and $85,000 on average to renovate an attic, according to Thumbtack. The loft or attic is often an overlooked and wasted space in homes, often acting as storage for old items. What most homeowners don’t realize is that they can convert the roof area into usable living spaces, such as bedrooms. While remodelling a loft into a master bedroom, for instance, can be expensive, it can significantly increase your property value. But before you can start your renovation project, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in designing an ideal master bedroom. This step will help you select design ideas that enhance your space and fit your preferences. 

Hire Remodelers to Make Perfect Designs

Loft conversions are complicated remodeling projects that require professional services. Seeking expert guidance from a home renovation contractor regarding floor layout and interior designs is therefore a wise move. Experienced remodelers will analyze your needs and personal taste for aesthetics to create the plans that will transform the spaces into a new room that you’ll love. Since home remodelers are familiar with attic bedroom design trends, they can guide you in picking the best. Depending on your personality, you can choose between minimalist, modern country, high tech, or eco-friendly designs.  

Additionally, home remodelers understand building codes. They will ensure plumbing, electrical, and wall structures meet the construction regulations in your state. When you do it yourself, you might overlook rot, lack of insulation, and faulty wiring, which can impact the safety of your entire household. 

Maximize Natural Lighting

Attics tend to be unwelcoming because they receive a minimum amount of light. However, you can enhance the interiors by placing windows strategically. The general rule is that windows should take up 20% of the loft space. Keep in mind the shape of the roof will dictate window placement based on size and position. For instance, if the roof area is long and shallow, you can maximize the flow of natural light by spacing windows evenly along its length. In the case your room is wide, consider installing a single, large window. You may also try other ways of brightening rooms to create inviting loft spaces. These include fitting skylights, atriums, and roof lanterns, and the use of mirrors for interior decor.  

Balance Home Proportion

In most cases, homes have sufficient living space downstairs but lack enough bedrooms and bathrooms. Converting an attic into a one or two-bedroom with en suite bath can help you balance out your home. You only need to incorporate creative design ideas in the loft to maximize space. Think of adding dormers to increase space where you can fit furniture, or utilize for storage. You should also inspect the roof pitch before remodeling. That way, you can create designs that allow you to fit walk-in wardrobes, bathrooms, or fit in a study or relaxing nook.  

Lofts are difficult spaces to access, given that most properties feature a retractable ladder for going up and down. Aside from being inconvenient, a retractable ladder increases the risk of accidents, so it is definitely worthwhile to consider installing a staircase during renovations. With these design tips, you can transform any loft into a unique and livable spot.

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