eLuxurySupply Mattress Review 2020

eLuxurySupply Mattress Review

What does eLuxurySupply Mattress have to offer? If this is your first time hearing about this brand, here’s a short introduction. The company was born in the garage of Paul Sanders in Evansville, Indiana. It was 2009 when eLuxurySupply started selling bedding. And from then on, it has grown to offer a wide array of sleep products.

Prior to this, Sanders was working in the logistics and aviation industry serving the military. After seven years, he started eLuxury, which remains true to its small company vision and mission to date. It is not just focused on making profits. It also gives back through supporting charities and including a handwritten thank you note in each mattress order every day.

Now get ready to know the brand’s 10-inch Gel Memory Foam. If you are looking for more all-foam options, then you can check this one out. Peep the Table of Contents if you want to know why or why you should not buy this bed.

eLuxurysupply Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The eLuxurySupply 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress features memory foam as its comfort layer. With a thick profile, it offers that contouring and sink-in feel the material is known for. Check out what’s inside it:

Cotton Cover – This bed’s cover is made of 100% cotton. Its thin design allows it to regulate temperature, promoting breathability. It also ensures it will not keep you from feeling the effects of the comfort layer.

Comfort Layer – A 3-inch gel memory foam acts as the comfort layer. It conforms closely to your body and lets you sink in a little to relieve pressure points. Traditional memory foam can be a heat trap, aggravating the experience for people sleeping hot. But gel is infused in the memory foam to regulate temperature, keeping you cool in the process. 

Base – Completing the construction is the 7-inch, high-density polyfoam, which serves as the foundation. It provides the bed’s structure and durability. While it is firm, it responds quickly to pressure. This results in giving you good compression support.

Firmness & Feel

Firmness is a subjective metric, and individuals may experience the mattress differently. With eLuxurySupply, the soft, gel-infused comfort layer contours to the curves of your body. This will give you a general plush feel. But the quick transition to the firmer base layer is going to be felt if you add a little more weight. This means you may feel medium firm that leans toward the soft side.

Some may put it at 4.5, let’s say the lightweight to average weight. Those who weigh heavier may assign it a 6.5 score. If you sleep on your side and back, you will find sufficient support from this bed. The range is pretty good from how we gauge it. But no model is perfect, so we are making an exception. 

If you are a hardcore stomach sleeper, especially on the lighter side, you may only come in contact with the top layer and less with the base layer. So you might not receive the most optimal support for your sleeping position. Back sleepers on the heavier side should probably look for a thicker profile, too. Perhaps a hybrid or an innerspring mattress should do.


All-foam mattresses, especially those featuring memory foam, tend to absorb a lot of heat. Without regulating temperature, the bed can make sleepers feel uncomfortable as they stay longer on it. If you sleep hot, you should look for one that has cooling properties and/or temperature regulation capabilities. In this case, how does the eLuxurySupply Mattress perform?

eluxurysupply mattress cooling

As discussed earlier, this one has gel infused in it. The gel beads act as a cooling element in the foam. They get rid of the excess heat instead of trapping it. Boosting this effect is the open cell technology applied to the memory foam. Together, these components can help cool your body down. For this reason, this mattress model is better than most of its counterparts.

Temperature regulation, by the way, refers to how quickly the bed can release the heat coming from your body. How quickly fresh air can flow into the foam to keep the whole thing ventilated. And based on expert and user reports, the mattress under review does not disappoint. So, you have a good chance of feeling cozy throughout the night. No worries about your mattress sleeping warm.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Sharing the bed with someone else is entirely normal. But whether realizing it or not, some people can be affected by one factor that can let them use the whole surface area of their bed. We are talking about edge support, the presence of which can expand the space you can lie on especially if you like rolling away from the center.

Across the eLuxurySupply Mattress, you will feel supported whatever spot you end up lying on. Snoozing on your back does, you won’t encounter any trouble. Compression is subtle at the perimeter. There is some stability there. It is easy to move around as well. But when you roll on your side, there may be some compression and less stability. Both occur on the top layer.

What about when sitting on it? There is deep compression to be seen in this situation. It’s as expected from an all-foam design. So if you like tying your shoes or reading your papers in this position, you may find the perimeter prone to sinkage. Early sagging may happen depending on how you use the mattress. But without abuse, you can rest assured your bed can last within its minimum life of 5 years.

Motion Transfer

What about motion transfer? This all-foam design is said to reduce motion transfer well. Meaning, it will contain the movements within they were generated. For the sake of illustration, let’s say you place a cup of coffee on one side of the bed. And then, you sit or sleep on the other side–just normally, you don’t have to jump or anything. Motion transfer should be minimal on this mattress.

In other words, the coffee should not spill. Couples who’d benefit the most from this setup are those who have one light sleeper and one combo sleeper (the one moving frequently). But it’s not just a big help for couples. It’s also great for anyone sharing their bed with a sibling, a kid, or a pet. Minimal motion transfer translates to less sleep disruption, which can boost your sleep health.

Another thing is that the one who shifts a lot in their sleep will not be constrained to move. The surface still allows ease of movement even if it isolates motion well. For that, we give this 10-inch Gel Memory Foam a 4.


The average market price range for memory foam mattresses is $500 to $1,500. The eLux Mattress retails at $879.99 (King). If you add a mattress pad, you can get both for $979.98. So if you are on the market for affordable memory foam, you can consider this one. Its king version is almost the same price as the queen version of other beds of this type.

Do you need financing? Monthly installments are possible through the company’s partner, Bread.  Its interest rates are competitive. Just choose the Bread | Pay in Monthly Installments as your payment method. You will know right away if the application is accepted or rejected. Alternatively, you can use the Amazon Store Card to avail of financing. Try it.

Other Factors

There are other important things to consider when you are shopping for a mattress. Most online mattress brands offer free shipping. It’s good to know eLuxurySupply does not charge for delivery as well. Your order also comes with a 120-night trial. You can sleep on the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress within 4 months to test it out. That already gives you ample time to adjust.

If you and the bed do not match, you can request a return. The company will handle the pickup for you. No need to roll the bed back into its box. It’s free, so don’t worry about the payment. You will even receive a full refund.

Also, it is backed by a 10-year warranty should you decide to keep it. A typical warranty among online mattress brands can cover 5, 10, or 20 years. So eLuxury is well within the industry standard.

Know more about how to choose a mattress via our complete guide.

Why You Should Buy An eLuxurysupply Mattress 

The 7-inch foam base is firm and supportive, which helps those suffering from pain and stiffness. It adjusts to your body shape and aligns your spine naturally. If you want relief from your pressure points to weak joints, this thick mattress can be a viable choice.

Do you sleep hot? It must have been quite challenging to find an all-foam mattress that regulates temperature well. Traditional memory foam can trap heat. Yet, the memory foam in this eLuxurySupply mattress is infused with gel to enhance temperature neutrality and cooling. This provides comfort to those who perspire a lot when they snooze. 

On the lookout for a budget-friendly mattress? Good thing eLuxurySupply is less expensive than many of its counterparts. Despite the affordable price tag, it does not skimp on features and even offers free shipping and returns, and full refunds in case of the latter.

Speaking of the perks you get from the company, a generous 120-days trial is yours for the taking when you order the 10-inch Gel Memory Foam. That amounts to four months of testing out the mattress risk-free. You can request a return in case its features do not satisfy you.

Why You Should Not Buy An eLuxurysupply Mattress

Are you on the heavier side? This thick and firm profile may still be too soft for you. If you are looking for a bed that is supportive enough, you should check out a hybrid or an innerspring. Find a thicker profile if you snooze on your back or stomach.

Speaking of sleeping positions, this option is not going to give the most optimal situation for stomach sleepers. If you are one, make sure to find one that is firm enough to support your body, especially your spine.

One thing that is not good about this bed is that it shows sinkage. Because of the significant sinkage when you apply pressure on it, its lifespan may not last beyond 5 to 10 years average of all-foam mattresses. It may leave the surface uneven over time.

The Verdict

You can get good value for your money with the eLuxurySupply Mattress. It is better than other options in its category because of its capabilities packed in a lower-cost bed. It has a medium firmness feel, which can accommodate the needs and wants of lightweight to average sleepers.

Those who require a firmer surface may not find this ideal, though. Think about stomach sleepers who may find it too soft. A good four months is provided for you to test out the mattress with zero risks. Should you decide to return it, the company will shoulder the cost.

Its price and features work together to appeal to individuals who want an affordable and quality sleeping space. If this one is the right one for you, try the eLuxurySupply 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.
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