Eco Terra Mattress Review 2020

Eco Terra Mattress

Going green is not just a trend. It’s a necessity. If you’re planning to buy an eco-friendly mattress to reduce your carbon footprint, now is the time. 

However, you may have encountered options that are affordable by the standards of this model, but not of mattresses in general. This is where Eco Terra Mattress enters. This brand wants to bring you a natural latex bed that also fits your budget.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the design, materials, pricing, and other factors that make the Eco Terra Latex Mattress special.

Below, you will also find our recommendation and advice as to who will benefit the most from this model. So stay with us until the end.

Eco Terra Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

What’s not inside Eco Terra Latex Mattress is just as important as what’s inside it. That is, the tag on the bed appropriately and completely discloses the materials used to make it. Actually, this is what the law requires. Based on weight, these are what you’ll find when you deconstruct it: natural latex (73%), wool (21%), and certified organic cotton (6%).

What you won’t find in it are the following: polyurethane foams, memory foams, NO synthetic foams, latex blends, chemical adhesives, and chemical flame retardants. The Arpico 100% natural latex that tops this model is sourced from sustainable farms in Asia. It is ECO-INSTITUT Standard 100 certified. Meaning, it doesn’t contain harmful substances that can affect your health. This layer lets your body be cradled as nature intended.

Meanwhile, the organic wool layer is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). According to the company, it carefully harvests the wool, so you’ll enjoy only the comfy goodness of this cozy fabric. Sitting on top of it is the organic cotton cover. Again, it’s 100% certified organic by GOTS. It does away with blends, harmful dyes, and chemicals.

Completing the design is the 15 gauge premium steel coils that are created for center support. Another 16 gauge one ensures edge support. This coil system uses upcycled steel coils, so what a way to reduce your carbon footprint. This is responsible for giving you that feeling of being lifted and supported, aligning your spine, and improving air circulation. 

It’s the same system that reduces motion transfer, so you can rest without interruption from a partner who always shifts positions. We’ll talk more about this later. But there you have all the materials in the Eco Terra. It’s really impressive.

Firmness & Feel

This beauty comes in 2 firmness options, which are medium and medium firm. This bed allows you to customize the feel according to your preference. The medium version has an indentation load deflection (ILD) of 24-26. The medium firm version has an ILD of 29-31. You can see from this discussion that the higher the number, the firmer the bed is.

Another standard used in the mattress industry is the 1 to 10 Firmness Scale. Here, 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. There are instances when the company declares a different firmness scale, where 1 is firmest and 10 is softest. The descriptions and names are also not definitive. For instance, 5 is Medium for some and Luxury Firm for others. Let’s help you gain your footing a little.

This is the widely adopted firmness scale:


1 is soft, 10 is firm

  • Ultra Soft – 1-2
  • Soft – 3-4
  • Medium – 5-6
  • Firm – 7-8
  • Ultra Firm – 9-10

So now, you probably have an idea of where the Eco Terra mattress lies in terms of firmness and feel. The organic cotton cover blended with wool can give you a little plush. But when your body hits the bed, you will feel if there’s some or no give. If there’s no give, you’ll instantly feel the pushback of the support layer. 

This is good if you’re a back sleeper with back pain. Or you’re a stomach sleeper who just needs minimal softness. But if you’re a side sleeper, this may feel a bit uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is little give in our featured natural mattress.


Natural latex, the kind that is not blended, has a way to circulate air through open cells. This is especially true for Talalay latex. However, when the construction is poor or mediocre, or maybe traditional, this foam can still trap heat. It may not be as bad as memory foam, but it’s there. So, how does this latex bed from Eco Terra fare among its competitors?

Well, according to both users and experts, it regulates temperature well. This is as expected. We’re reviewing a hybrid mattress and this mattress type scores high in this area–more often than not. The foam in the Eco Terra Latex Mattress is 3 inches thick. It is not a high-density polyfoam that does not show any sign of ventilation. So it’s already performing well at the surface.

But let’s go deeper and check the coils. These quantum coils are independently encased. For the hybrid, this means that the air will be able to flow more freely within the base. And this will allow the bed to be ventilated. We can, therefore, say that this model is breathable. It enhances the natural and organic materials so you can sleep fresh and clean. 

Edge Support & Sinkage

Edge support is an important factor for several reasons. First, great edge support is not just “good on paper”. You can actually feel it as a sleeper who tends to roll over to the perimeter. If you like being that one wrong turn away from the floor, you’d appreciate the stability of a bed that has got this area covered. 

Also, you’d love that it makes your bed bigger than it is. That’s because you get to use a bigger surface area. If the edge support is poor, you’ll feel instead that the mattress is cramped. And you and your partner (or sibling or pet!) will be fighting for the center zone. Thank goodness the same quantum coils in the center zone are also available at Eco Terra’s perimeter.

The final reason would be sagging. Who wants premature sinkage on the areas where they sit? You surely like hanging out on the edge of your bed before leaving the bedroom for good for the day. Even if you don’t, you’ll probably worry about your partner’s bottom leaving the edge more sunken than the rest of the bed. It’s not a good sign and sight.

Motion Transfer

Latex can be responsive and showcase some bounce. But it can overdo these functions and cause some difficulty for the sleeper when it comes to shifting positions. Eco Terra mattress’ latex works just fine. But the star here remains the quantum coils at the base. This independent coil system is not just about being sustainable, it also gets the job done.

So, what does it do in terms of motion isolation that’s good? Well, it enhances the motion isolation that the latex layer is already highly capable of doing. It contains and minimizes motion so one side won’t get awakened by the other side in their sleep–no matter how active the other side is. If you snooze beside a combo sleeper, you probably know what we’re talking about.

But it also matters that you are a light sleeper in this regard. And that you’re sharing your bed with someone else. It can be your partner, sibling, or pet. You won’t have to worry about being disturbed when they toss and turn beside you. The coils will contain their movements and prevent them from transferring to your side. Motion transfer is a really cool mattress function.


One thing that may drive you away from buying an eco-friendly mattress is the price. That’s because they’re higher than regular beds. They command a few hundred to a few thousand bucks more than their counterparts. We connect this with the cost to obtain and process materials used in these eco-friendly options.

You’ll find, for instance, brands and models like the Happsy Matress, Amerisleep A3, and PlushBeds Natural Bliss Latex Mattress to command prices above $1,000. They retail (Queen) at $1,399, $1,399, and $1,499, respectively.

Eco Terra Mattress tops that by offering a high-quality latex bed for just $999 (Queen). Even the king edition costs less than the queen ones mentioned above. It’s good for couples who are just starting out, as well as students who are off to college and stay in dorms.

Here is a pricing guide we made for you: 

Twin – $649
Twin XL – $699
Full  – $899
Queen – $999
King – $1,199
Cal King – $1,199

Other Factors

The Eco Terra Mattress is handcrafted in the company’s factory and delivered directly to users. You can order your bed and expect it to be at your doorstep in 3 to 7 days (as published on the site). On top of saving money on the mattress, you get to enjoy free shipping.

Meanwhile, Eco Terra has a shorter trial period than others. But it doesn’t really skimp on its offer. Ninety days is pretty fair in our opinion. It has a required 30-day break-in period, though. This is also fair because our body takes around that time to adjust to a new bed. 

Returns are on the same boat as well. The company offers a curbside pickup and a full refund if you fulfill the break-in and trial period terms. Last but not least, check the warranty coverage. As an owner of this sleep product, you get access to a non-prorated warranty for 15 years from your purchase date.

Why You Should Buy An Eco Terra Mattress

If you’ve been searching for an inexpensive eco-friendly mattress, search no more. This mattress is made of high-quality materials, but not pricey as its contemporaries. It’s fit for a budget below or equal to $1,000 (Queen). It’s the perfect introductory mattress for eco-conscious college students as well. It won’t be so hard to convince your parents to buy you a full-sized version of this one.

Do you have very particular needs that this natural mattress should meet? You should go ahead and buy this one if you sleep hot. It’s an effective breathable hybrid solution for your high temperature in bed. Another thing is that it is great at contouring and providing pressure relief. We would be so sad if it’s just a pretty bed that checks all the right eco-friendly things except sleep benefits.

Are you a couple? Are your kids ready for the bid kids bed, but not necessarily by themselves? Then this is the perfectly safe and green choice. Your bedroom environment can be affected by the toxic materials and harmful chemicals found in beds. But the Eco Terra Mattress has been found to be healthy as it only contains natural materials.

Why You Should Not Buy An Eco Terra Mattress

Are you a lightweight individual? You may find this mattress to be too firm. While the universal comfort falls within 5 and 7, if your weight is below 120 pounds, a medium plush feel may be the right one for you. So might as well not risk it.

Do you want a risk-free night trial to go with your purchase? It’s not that fortunate that this mattress is only offered together with a 90-day trial. And that it requires you to test it out for 30 days before requesting a return. That means if it’s not what you expected based on the reviews and information you have, you’ll be stuck with it for one month.

The Verdict

An inexpensive natural latex mattress is within reach of many mattress buyers thanks to the Eco Terra Latex Mattress. Its label is honest about the materials it contains. The natural latex, organic cotton, and organic wool are certified by third-party bodies. This bed is guaranteed safe and healthy. It’s good for you and the planet.

In terms of performance, however, we feel like there are also similarly great green beds. It is not alone in claiming eco-friendliness. For instance, we have Happy Mattress which has its entire product certified eco-friendly. The edge of the Eco Terra is that it is less expensive. Make it your entry-level mattress if you’re trying to live as an eco-conscious individual or family.

There you have our review of this mattress. Complement this by reading our review of eco-friendly mattresses here. And if this guide has helped you, feel free to share it with your family and friends.

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