DreamCloud Mattress Review 2020

DreamCloud Mattress

The word whimsical comes to mind when we hear about DreamCloud. The company, another Resident brand like Nectar, adds a dreamlike quality to its branding. That’s not to say it doesn’t use concrete terms to describe its mattress. But it does emphasize getting a good sleep so you can make your dreams happen. Along those lines.

In our DreamCloud Mattress review, we’ll check if this is just glib messaging–you know, too good to be true. Or there’s more to it than meets the eye. So, first, let’s go over the promised features and benefits of this luxury mattress.

DreamCloud Luxury Mattress

Combines the best of latex, memory foam, tufting, and coil technology.
Balances support, contouring, cooling, and comfort.
Elevated bed experience

Check out our Table of Contents to see our review of each key factor. Put together, they will help us understand if DreamCloud can indeed provide you with “the best sleep money can buy.” Read on.

DreamCloud Mattress Review (Unbiased & Updated)

Construction & Materials

This part is akin to uncovering a mattress. And boy is there a lot to uncover in this mattress! Its 15-inch-tall design is composed of 8 layers. For its first comfort layer, the DreamCloud Mattress uses gel-infused memory foam. So you feel cool and supported when you dive into sleep. 

Underneath it is the quilted foam that’s unique to this bed. It’s super soft, complementing the bounce of the latex layer beneath it. You can see that the top layers are all about cushioning and contouring. Even the cashmere cover, tufted by hand, is meant to make you feel like dreaming on clouds. But we’re just halfway through at this point.

More support and conforming features are found in the next half. Let’s start with the high-density memory foam placed just above a super-dense yet super soft memory foam. Expect these to work hard in cradling your curves no matter which position you prefer. A pocketed micro coil compression system stabilizes everything while letting the airflow. At the base is another high-density, ultra-soft foam layer to complete the job.

This model contains CertiPUR US-certified materials, which should last around 7 to 8 years.

Firmness & Feel

DreamCloud Mattress Review

A medium-firm (6.5) rating is appropriate for this thick mattress. It has a lot of giving and conforms to your body effectively. While it falls within what’s considered universal comfort (5 to 7 on the firmness scale), it lets you sink a bit. In contrast, a medium rating or 5 will not have to give but contour your body well.

We would definitely factor in our weight in deciding whether this firmness level is good for us. We’d use our body mass index (BMI) as a metric. The thing is, heavier sleepers may find the DreamCloud Mattress softer. Those who are lightweight may feel it’s firmer. You can see from this comparison that average to heavy folks may enjoy this bed better.

There is something for all sleeper types as well, such as relief at different pressure points. Stomach sleepers would love the natural spine alignment, back sleepers the lumbar spine support, and side sleepers the targeted shoulder, hip, and knee support.


Traditional memory foam mattresses sleep hot, and it’s a problem. And this bed has layers of memory foam. The difference is that the company infuses gel, a known material with cooling properties, into the top layer. But based on our research, this constitution tends to sleep warm at some point. Plus, we know DreamCloud uses high-density foam all throughout. How does it address cooling issues?

The answer lies in its spring system. In particular, the encased micro coils in the 7th layer (near the base) allows air to flow in the surface. This is the case for hybrid mattresses. By default, they regulate temperature well. They don’t have the same breathability challenges that come with memory foam.

In this regard, we recommend this luxury hybrid mattress for folks who sleep hot. You can trust the micro coils together with the cover to keep you cool.

Edge Support & Sinkage

With multiple layers of foam and pocketed coils, the DreamCloud Mattress is quite enormous. A bed of this size should have built-in perimeter support. Unfortunately, that is excluded from its design. No wonder it has weak edge support. This is not something we concluded based on researching the facts. We’re simply echoing the reviews of actual users and testers.

Now, we’d like to add that the roll-off in this model is fair. But it’s not like it will sink to the bottom if you put all your weight on the edge. It’s just that you won’t be able to occupy that area as much as you’d like to. And if you’re a combo sleeper, you might feel unstable when you doze off on your side. 

For some people, edge support it’s not a big deal. But if you’re a side/combo sleeper who moves a lot in bed, this won’t do.

Motion Transfer

On the other hand, all that work that went into building this foam-spring combo has positive effects on couples or small families sleeping together. The bed contains motion significantly. That is, when someone on one side rolls over, the person/s sleeping on the other side won’t feel the movement. If it’s quite a movement, it will only be felt subtly across the mattress. 

DreamCloud Mattress

This strong-motion isolation is another strong point of hybrid mattresses. In DreamCloud, it is enhanced by the individually wrapped and compressed coils. The high-density foam layers then help to contain motion even more.


Like other online mattress brands, as well as retailer competitors, this luxury mattress can be bought at discounted prices during special occasions. The recently concluded July 4th sale is one. But throughout the year, the regular rates are already lower than traditional seller prices. They’re also within range as those of their bed-in-a-box rivals.

A budget of a little more than $1,000 can afford you a queen bed. A Cal King/King is under $1,500. Here is the breakdown of pricing for DreamCloud Luxury Mattress:

  • Twin – $699
  • Twin XL – $899
  • Full – $1,099
  • Queen – $1,199
  • King – $1,399
  • Cal King – $1,399

Other Factors

The DreamCloud Mattress is available only on DreamCloud’s website. You cannot buy it in physical stores or online marketplaces, including Amazon. However, other sleep products may be available outside the company. 

Shipping is free of charge and white glove setup is optional. An industry-leading 365-night sleep trial comes with your purchase, and/or a lifetime warranty (Everlong Warranty) should you decide the mattress is the right fit. Don’t like it? DreamCloud will handle the pickup and refund your payment in full. Financing is available for eligible customers. 

Instead of a box, the DreamCloud Luxury Mattress is rolled and compressed inside a bag. It’s delivered to you within 1 to 5 business days of your order. (Should we call it bed-in-a-bag?) It’s easy to set up and compatible with any bed frame or foundation. It works with a platform bed, adjustable bed, slatted bed, or metal bed frame.

Why You Should Buy A DreamCloud Mattress

Highly responsive and motion isolating, this mattress is built to support combination sleepers. Shift your position in bed with ease, without disturbing your partner, child, or pet–or vice-versa. Side and back sleepers also get a lot of pressure relief and support from this hybrid performer.

The cashmere cover, as well as the pocketed coil system, are features usually found in higher-end mattresses. DreamCloud makes it more accessible to the wider market through this product. So, if you’re dreaming of a luxurious sleep without compromising your budget, this brand and model should be on your shortlist.

This is also for you if you’re looking for a durable bed that can give you the best value for your money. You know, something that can last you a long time. Even if you take on financing, you’ll still be paying just a few bucks every day in exchange for a good night’s rest.

Why You Should Not Buy A DreamCloud Mattress

This mattress features a thick profile. If your bed is not fit to hold a 15-inch bed, then skip it. Make sure to also check your bed’s height. As the DreamCloud model is significantly taller than standard-sized mattresses, you might end up “climbing” the bed literally if you place this hybrid on an already tall foundation.

If you’re a lightweight sleeper who prefers a plush bed, this one may be firm for you. Again, this is a matter of preference. Not all lightweight sleepers like a soft bed. But we reiterate that average and heavier individuals may benefit the most from using this mattress.

Mattress Comparison

DreamCloudCasperLeesaNest Bedding
ModelDreamCloud MattressCasper Hybrid MattressLeesa Hybrid MattressAlexander Signature Hybrid
Mattress typeHybridHybridHybridHybrid
Spring SystemEncased pocketed micro coilsSpringPocket springQuantum Edge pocketed support coils
Cooling PerformanceGoodGoodGoodGood
Firmness OptionsNoneNoneNonePlush, Medium, Luxury Firm
Price (Queen)$1,199$1,095$1,695$1,299
Edge SupportAverageGoodAverageVery Good
Sleep Trial365 nights100 nights100 nights120 nights
WarrantyLifetime, limited10 years, limited10 years, limitedLifetime, limited
AmazonCheck out the prices here!
Dreamcloud Mattress
Check out the prices here!
Casper Mattress
Check out the prices here!
Leesa Mattress
Check out the prices here!

Nest Bedding

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The Verdict

A hybrid mattress with great cooling and motion transfer capabilities? Plus, it’s got the luxury label for a lower price point? It sounds like the bed of your dreams. But to keep you grounded, the things that may be important to you or a bed partner should also be considered. Weak edge support. Relatively firm feel for lightweight people.


Recognizing which factors are a big deal for you and your partner/children/pets can help narrow down your options. Is it a yes or a no? Do remember that no bed is perfect. You don’t have to compromise what’s important. But you need not sweat the small stuff, too. So, do you still think the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is the bed of your dreams? 

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