The Multiple Sleep Latency Test

sleep latency

Do you feel drowsy most of the time? Do you doze off when you’re supposed to be awake? If you said yes to either question, you might have excessive daytime sleepiness. To accurately identify the cause, medical professionals may conduct a multiple sleep latency test (MLST). Getting enough hours of shut-eye at night is vital … Read more

What is a Coffee Nap and How Well Does It Work?

coffee nap

Do you need an energy boost in the middle of the day? Some would suggest drinking coffee. Others would nudge you to take a nap. Recently, there’s a trend that’s risen to replace either option. Its strong point: it’s a more effective productivity elixir. It’s actually nothing new. Just a combination of the two things … Read more

Why You’re Waking Up With a Headache, and How to Stop It?

waking up with a headache

Instead of waking up fresh and bright, you rise with a skull that’s threatening to explode. Or it could be a dull, throbbing pain that only means bad news. Morning headaches afflict millions of people every day. While this fact isn’t going to cure you, it might make you feel less alone. This condition can … Read more

Can You Sneeze In Your Sleep?

Can you sneeze in your sleep? It may be a strange question for some people, but your curiosity may have led you to this page. You probably heard someone cough in their sleep. You probably experienced it, too. But sneezing? Now that’s interesting. Apparently, sleep researchers have also scratched their heads over this. But they … Read more

How to Use A Pregnancy Pillow?

How to Use A Pregnancy Pillow

Is pregnancy interrupting your sleep patterns? With a host of changes happening to you during this period, the struggle to take a shut-eye can make things worse.  Insomnia can hit expecting women even if they did not suffer from sleep disorder before. Those who did are likely to experience more. Unfortunately, it can trigger or … Read more

Should You Use Melatonin for Sleep?

melatonin for sleep

Dubbed as the Dracula of hormones, melatonin is a natural hormone that comes out at night. Your body produces it through the pineal gland, a pea-sized gland that sits atop the center of your brain. This part of the brain is turned off during daylight. But when darkness arrives, it’s switched on and starts releasing … Read more

7 Ways to Fall Asleep Fast [Best Sleep Guide]

Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

Are you having trouble drifting off into dreamland? If you’re having a bout of insomnia or experiencing a one-off episode, there are several tricks you can do to beat wakefulness. The following recommendations are inexpensive and non-intrusive. These are mostly changes you can make with regard to your environment and lifestyle. Feel free to check … Read more

What to Do When You Can’t Sleep?

What to Do When You Can't Sleep

Are you having trouble finding sleep at night? Insomnia may be the culprit. Basically, insomnia means you can’t sleep at night. You have it when you struggle to fall asleep, stay awake for hours, rise up too early, or feel too tired upon waking up. And the episode is recurring—totally different from the occasional sleepless … Read more

5 Sleep Disorders You Should Know Aside from Insomnia

Sleep Disorders

The devil is in the details. No, we’re not talking about evil spirits preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. We’re telling you instead to pay attention to the details making up your less-than-satisfactory nocturnal experience.  Could it be that you’re not only suffering from insomnia? Your difficulty to fall asleep and stay asleep … Read more