Can Acupuncture Treat Insomnia and Sleep Apnea?

Integrative medicine refers to the combination of alternative and conventional treatments and practices. In recent years, researchers have seen the former’s promising impact. Included in its beneficiaries are patients contending with sleep problems. In particular, they have found some evidence that using acupuncture for insomnia, as well as sleep apnea, works. Still, acupuncture might not … Read more

Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome – Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

You might have heard about circadian rhythm disorders that make it difficult for a person to fall (and stay) asleep. Dysregulation of the internal biological clock or circadian rhythm usually leads to a delayed sleep cycle.  However, in rare cases (one percent of 1% of middle-aged adults), the circadian rhythm gets advanced. This condition is … Read more

Is Your Health Being Affected by Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome?

Delayed sleep phase syndrome

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) is a condition in which your body’s biological clock is not in synchronization with the daylight waking and night sleep cycle. You may find it difficult or impossible to fall asleep in the night and wake up in the morning like the others in your family or friends’ circles. There … Read more

Try These 15 Hacks to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

how to wake up feeling refreshed

The human body is like a car – its engine is repaired, and its tank is refilled with gas while you sleep. It’s biology’s way of getting you back up and running the next day. But, you also have a role to play. Assuming you’re a healthy individual, there are different things you can do … Read more

12-Month Sleep Regression

Parenthood is an exciting and challenging time. From the onset, it is filled with mixed emotions, horror stories, and life lessons. Somehow, some people who have raised a baby once opt to do it again. It’s probably the meaning this milestone brings to them. Romanticism aside, having a baby may also yield plenty of confusing … Read more

Does Marijuana Help You Sleep?

Are you losing hope for your sleep disorder? Maybe you’ve tried popping pills, listening to a hypnotherapy recording, or diffusing lavender oil in your room. Any of these may have worked for a time. But you haven’t stopped searching for a cure. In this case, might you be interested in a controversial one? Try cannabis. … Read more

Is Napping After a Workout Good or Bad for You?

Is it good or bad to take a nap after a workout? The short answer is it depends. Certain conditions may make it necessary for you to catch some quick ZZZs post-exercise, while some situations won’t allow you. It will take a good deal of knowing yourself to decide what’s right for you. At the … Read more

Sleep and Mental Health: How Does Sleep Affect Mental Health?

Are you feeling low? Chronic lack of sleep may be the culprit. For years, researchers have been looking at the link between sleep and mental health. While they have not reached a full understanding of the matter, they’ve seen how the relationship between the two is complicated. Sleep deprivation has been known to increase the … Read more

12 Plants that Help You Sleep Better & Improve Sleep Quality

Some people consider their bedroom a sanctuary. It’s where you wish to be at the end of a long and tiring day. Here, you can bond with your favorite people or pets. Or you can sneak in some quiet time amid a chaotic schedule. But what if your bedroom isn’t as livable as you think? … Read more

Is It Good to Sleep on the Floor?

Imagine a night of sleeping on the floor – no mattress to cushion your body, no bed to climb onto. It would be like when cave people, our ancestors, retired at sundown. They just drifted off on the ground. Or as close as possible to it. Our modern lifestyle has brought us a lot of … Read more