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Why Does Heat Make You Sleepy?

Have you ever felt lethargic and confused while walking outdoors during the day? Wondering why does heat make you sleepy? It is common for people to feel tired, sleepy, lethargic, or confused during the summertime, mainly if their work involves staying outdoors for a long time. Just think about it. Even when you spend 1-2 […]

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How to Put on a Duvet Cover?

Did you buy a new duvet? Are you wondering how to put on a duvet cover over the fill properly? If sleeping on a memory foam mattress feels like floating on a puffy cloud, wait till you fill-up the duvet cover with a duvet or comforter. A duvet provides protection from cold weather, keeps you […]

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Is Sleeping Naked Good for You???

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to sleep buck naked at night?  Sleeping naked feels a lot better than wearing a t-shirt and pajamas in bed. Even if you wear minimal clothing, a night of sleep without regular clothes is more relaxing and peaceful.  The good feeling continues to persist the next morning […]

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