Intellibed Mattress Review 2020

Intellibed Mattress Review

How does a company that calls itself “not just another mattress manufacturer” sound to you? This company may sell you a bed, but it offers more than that as well. It has positioned itself as a sleep and health wellness company.  We are referring to Intellibed Mattress, provider of luxury, therapeutic beds. It leverages the … Read more

Zenhaven Mattress Review 2020

Zenhaven Mattress

How does it feel to lie on a Zenhaven Mattress? As the future owner of this luxury latex foam bed, you’re about to find out. This line belongs to a group of mattress brands under Saatva. The other is Loom & Leaf, Saatva’s memory foam mattress line. Riding on the reputation of its parent company, … Read more

Awara Mattress Review 2020

awara mattress

What if you can have the qualities of an eco-friendly, a latex, and a hybrid mattress in one product? Will you take it? Awara is handing you this option through the Awara Mattress. It’s also organic and natural, so you are sure it’s safe for you and the planet. But before we get to know … Read more

Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress Review 2020

Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress

Affordable luxury has double meaning when applied to Brentwood Home. The maker of the Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress has been in business for 30 years. For the most part, it sold its beds through retailers, who placed high markups on the price tags. And that’s the situation with which customers came to associate the brand. … Read more

Latex for Less Mattress Review 2020

Latex for Less Mattress

The latex mattress is one of the more expensive mattress types on the market. The very existence of Latex for Less is based on the idea that it can give customers more value for less. This company has put a lot of thought, preparation, and inspiration into its sleep products, chief of which is the … Read more

Spindle Mattress Review 2020

Spindle Mattress Review

Many are the mattresses that come in a box. But few are those that trace their origins four generations back in the business of making beds. Actually, this description fits only one company: Spindle.  The brand specializing in creating the Spindle Mattress, a latex offering in a sea of memory foam/mixed-foam models, has its founder … Read more