Mattress Size Chart & Mattress Dimensions

Best mattress size

Buying a new bed is an exciting experience. But before you begin, it is important to take into consideration all the different options available to you concerning the size of the bed, and all of the benefits that go along with each size. The size you choose is an individual decision in the end, but … Read more

How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Cooler

Are you a fan of memory foam, at least when it comes to your bed? The way it cradles the contours of your body makes you feel relaxed and supported. And this is the single best thing about this popular mattress material. But if you own one, depending on the other components it comes with, … Read more

Does Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Really Sleep Cooler?

Are you sleep-deprived because of the seemingly most innocent of culprits: night sweating? Your body may heat up, whereas those of others tend to go low. It’s probably the hot climate in your state or country. Or the hormonal changes. Or high metabolism. Whatever the cause is, there’s a way for you to beat the … Read more

How to Make A Weighted Blanket?

How to Make A Weighted Blanket

Are you thinking of buying a weighted blanket? Maybe you’ve heard about how it stimulates deep pressure stimulation, an experience that is a part of massage therapy. Stressed and anxious folks can try it out. And so do individuals who want to boost their sleep quality. But did you know you can make your own … Read more

What is a Trundle Bed?

what is a trundle bed

As time passes, the number of products designed to accommodate the priorities of sleepers continues to grow. This has brought to us the evolution of traditional innerspring to recent editions, such as foam and hybrid. Bunk beds and air beds and waterbeds abound as well.  It’s not only mattresses that get boot-ups. Bed frames, foundations, … Read more

Mattress Weight Comparison 2020

Mattress Weight Comparison

See the new Top 10 Mattresses Chart for 2020 Here How much do mattresses weigh? And how much weight can they carry? These two details are often overlooked, making way for more immediate factors like materials or pricing. This is because we get free shipping nowadays. Meaning, most consumers don’t pay for freight delivery, which … Read more

California King vs Twin XL Beds – Which Is Better?

Twin XL Beds

California King vs Twin XL beds. It seems like an odd comparison, isn’t it? If you shopped for a mattress before, you would know that the two sizes are on opposite ends of each other. King vs California King would be a more typical choice for comparison.  To understand how they are related, here are … Read more

Full vs Twin Beds: What Should You Know?

Some people aren’t looking for a Queen or King bed. They want the lighter, smaller models in their room or kid’s room. Indeed, there are advantages to choosing a Twin, Full, or even Twin XL. And we will be looking at some of these advantages in this article. The dilemma regarding Full vs Twin beds … Read more

What is the Best Bed Size for Couples to Sleep in?

Click here for a List of Promo Codes for the best queen and king size mattresses Is it King or Queen? What about Split King? The abundance of choices can sometimes paralyze consumers. It can confuse you to the point that all options look appealing, making you fear you’ll miss out.  Don’t let the trendy … Read more