Best Mattress Under $500 in 2020

Best Mattress Under $500

What bed can your $500 buy? In the age of online shopping and seemingly endless options, the answer to that question is “any of the products mentioned in the several million results Google will show you.” Oof, ain’t nobody got time for that! Alternatively, this guide will help narrow down your search for the Best Mattress under $500.

We’ve sifted through expert and user reviews dug up additional details about brands and products and made sure you’ll find the information you need to make smarter buying decisions.

And here we present the top 8 mattresses that can fit your budget and fulfill your needs. All in the name of good, quality sleep.

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Best Mattress Under $500

1. Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress

Best Mattress Under $500

Brooklyn Bedding makes mattresses that can go toe-to-toe with those of high-end brands. If you’ve been eyeing this company, you’ve probably wished for its models to be more affordable. Fortunately, it has an all-foam design that fits your budget. It’s called the Brooklyn Bedding Bowery. And its prices start at $399.20. This is perfect for kids and college students, as well as guests.

Even if you can’t go for a hybrid yet, this bed is enough to give you that responsiveness that mimics the bounce of springs. This must be music to couples’ ears. The 3-inch Energex foam at the top possesses this property while also providing pressure relief. Next is the transition layer made of 2-inch comfort foam, a material that recovers fast and does not retain body indentation.  

At the base is the high-density foam that is 5 inches thick. This adds support and durability to the entire bed. Altogether, this construction lifts rather than sinks you. It’s reversible so you can flip the mattress and prolong its life. The original top layer has a medium feel while the high-density foam layer has a firm feel. You can customize the firmness further based on your comfort level.

This product will be delivered to your doorstep in a box. Your order comes with free shipping, a 120-night trial, and a 10-year warranty. The company will also shoulder return costs if you decide the mattress is not for you. You may also check out this item on Amazon.

  • Responsive and contouring.
  • Recovers fast and free from indentation.
  • Flippable for better durability.
  • Medium and firm feel in one bed.
  • Weak edge support.
  • Fair breathability.
Why we like it
  • Energex foam features enhanced response.
  • Resilient and contouring.
  • Two firmness options in one bed.

2. Allswell Signature Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Under $500

Allswell is committed to creating hybrid mattresses that are both high-quality and affordable. And it all starts with the Allswell Signature Hybrid Mattress. This bed is the brand’s entry-level model. Yet it looks sophisticated enough to match any bedroom interior. If you tell someone you got a Queen for $345, they’ll probably be shocked–and maybe scramble to buy one for themselves.

Inside this hybrid, you’ll find 2 gauges of coils that go hand-in-hand with memory foam. The coils are individually wrapped to ensure exceptional motion isolation. It also supports the top layer, which in turn is infused with graphite and gel. These components help wick away body heat to keep you snoozing coolly. A quilted top panel with the brand’s signature A wraps up the entire bed.

With a nice balance of support and pressure relief, the Allswell signature mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers as well as back pain sufferers. It sports medium firmness, which is not too soft and not too firm. This feature makes it all right for other sleeper types. Another thing you’ll love about this foam-and-spring combo is its contouring and bounce. Edge support is also good.

Upon ordering, you can avail of Allswell’s free ground shipping, 100-night risk-free trial, and 10-year limited warranty. You may also request white glove delivery and mattress removal, but you may be charged with recycling and related fees.

  • Contours and supports.
  • Provides pressure relief and bounce.
  • Exceptional motion isolation.
  • Good edge support.
  • May not be for side sleepers.
  • May be too soft for heavier folks.
Why we like it
  • Has bounce and contours.
  • Balances pressure relief and support.
  • Good motion isolation.

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3. FLIP by Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding- Best Mattress Under $500

Nest Bedding crafts luxury beds that are more affordable than retail store models. Still, if you are under a tight budget, its products can prove to be pricey. Good thing the brand has a budget mattress specifically made for its Amazon customers. A bed in a box you can get for only $449. And we are talking queen size here. Introducing FLIP by Nest Bedding

This mattress got its name from its standout feature: flippable firmness. On one side, you can experience soft. On the other, you can enjoy the firm. Both sides are topped by a Visco gel support foam. Just pick the one that caters to your preferences for that comfortable contouring. You can rely on the 660 gauge caliber coil found at the core for that springy, supportive finish.

Breathability is not an issue in this bed. It is guaranteed safe, too. All of the materials found inside FLIP are certified by CertiPUR-US. This third-party group checks for volatile organic compounds. With an ergonomic design, this mattress accommodates back, side, and stomach sleepers. Given its accessible rates, the king-size would be enough to support a growing family.

So far, this model has been gaining a good rap on Amazon, where it was specifically intended to be distributed. Because of this setup, the 30-night sleep trial term typical of Amazon applies. On the other hand, returns are made easier by the e-commerce giant. Customer service is also consistently helpful. And if you choose to keep it, your purchase will be covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Flippable firmness options for optimal comfort.
  • Supportive and breathable.
  • King is large enough to fit a growing family.
  • Caters to all sleeper types.
  • Fair edge support.
  • Still has a lot of room to improve.
Why we like it
  • Features flippable firmness.
  • Great for all sleeping positions.
  • An affordable hybrid mattress.

4. Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress

Brentwood- Mattress Under $500

We like recommending Brentwood Home models for various reasons. First, the company practices ethical sourcing of its materials. Second, it works with artisans and designers in and around Los Angeles, California, to provide you with premium-quality products. One of these is the Cypress youBamboo Gel Mattress. What’s great is that this model retails at $495–for an 11-inch Queen at that.

Handcrafted in Brentwood Home’s factory right outside LA, this bed is composed of bamboo, wool, and gel foam. The materials are certified safe for you and the planet. Let’s start off with the CertiPUR-US-certified gel foam. This layer is guaranteed to multitask. On top of enhancing the cooling capabilities of the mattress, it contours and alleviates pressure points. It even reduces motion transfer.

Boosting that cooling comfort is the zipped cover. It feels soft to the touch and looks luxurious. It’s infused with bamboo and JOMA® New Zealand wool that is certified by OEKO-TEX. These natural materials are responsible for ensuring your sleeping surface is also clean. Further, you can remove and wash the cover to keep the bed fresh and free from bacteria and microbes.

This all-foam design comes in 11 and 13 inches. The firmness differs between each thickness. The 13-inch Queen, for instance, has a medium feel. The 11-inch one is medium firm. But all sizes are durable enough to withstand daily wear. You can order this bed and it will be shipped to your home free of charge. It is backed by a 25-year warranty.

  • Contours and alleviates pressure points.
  • Reduces motion transfer.
  • Has 2 firmness options.
  • Materials are certified safe.
  • May not be ideal for side sleepers.
  • May be too soft for heavier folks.
Why we like it
  • Features eco-friendly materials.
  • Contours and relieves pressure points.
  • 2 firmness options to choose from.

5. Lucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid Mattress- Mattress Under $500

Lucid has claimed its stake in the online mattress scene by launching several models. With almost 10 years of experience serving customers, it seeks to address varying needs and preferences. At the same time, it wants its beds to be accessible to as many people as possible. Hence, the low prices. To get started with this brand, why not go for the Lucid 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress? 

A queen version can be yours for only $249.99. But with such an affordable price, what exactly is in store for you? At 10 inches tall, this model comprises a soft gel memory foam top layer and a supportive foam base. The gel foam conforms to your body’s natural curves. It aligns your spine and relieves your pressure points.

The foam base is strong and stable, enhancing the bed’s durability. A soft and breathable Tencel fabric cover completes the design. The foams have certification from CertiPUR-US. And they dish out a plush feel. Support- and firmness-wise, this mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. It isolates motion well, too, which couples would love. However, you ought to know it only has little bounce.

With all these features, we can say this Lucid bestseller packs a punch. It doesn’t shortchange you. Shipping is free of charge. And the product is backed by a 10-year warranty. Perhaps because of the low price, there seems to be no sleep trial indicated.

  • Aligns spine naturally as you snooze.
  • Soft yet contouring and supportive.
  • Caters to back and stomach sleepers.
  • One of the cheapest choices.
  • Heavier folks may find it too soft.
  • Sleep trial is not included.
Why we like it
  • Promotes good spine alignment.
  • Contouring and supportive.
  • Low-cost choice.

6. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

Amazon mattress under 500

AmazonBasics created its own mattress line even as Amazon itself is filled with similar choices. For one, the brand knows it can. It combined the best parts of the bestselling models on its site. Second, it actually caters to those who come to the marketplace looking for a good deal. And a good deal they shall find with the AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress.

At first glance, you’ll see that this model is simple. Not too fancy, but still aesthetically pleasing. At 12 inches, the queen edition can be yours for only $288.99. It packs 3 layers of foam that provides optimal comfort to lightweight sleepers who sleep on their back, side, stomach, and even like starfish. It gives you that elevated feel for better support.

Plushness is from 3 to 5, so it’s pretty soft to the touch. The top fabric is OEKO-TEX-certified. Underneath it is the memory foam layer that contours your body’s curves. The base is made of soft and hard foam layers. The soft foam has air holes and the hard foam has a wavy surface for better breathability. Together, they give the bed stability and durability.

This bed comes in 3 thickness options: 8, 10, and 12 inches. It has more customizing features than you could ask for in the best mattress under $500. You can avail of free shipping and are entitled to AmazonBasics’ one-year limited warranty. But no sleep trial is indicated as part of your purchase perks.

  • Conforming and supportive.
  • Improved breathability at the base.
  • Comes in 3 thickness options.
  • Good for lightweight folks.
  • Average to heavier folks may find it soft.
  • Little off-gassing.
Why we like it
  • A plush feel in various thickness options.
  • Contouring and supportive.
  • Good breathability.

7. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus mattress- Mattress under 500

Another affordable mattress maker is Zinus. Like Lucid, it is bent on providing a model for every need and preference. A quick visit to its website will introduce you to its memory foam and hybrid versions. More customization features await you when you explore them individually. But for the purposes of this guide, we will cover the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. Prices range from $156 to $344 (Queen).

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The Zinus Green Tea model is infused with green tea, which has odor-fighting properties. Together with ActivCharcoal, which is made of pure charcoal particles, it works to give you a cleaner bed to sleep on. It might even make you want to sleep in on weekends. Materials aside, the highlight of a Zinus mattress is its thickness options. You can buy one size and select a thickness for that size.

For instance, you want to buy a queen edition. You can choose from 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. This thickness variety also affects the firmness level. So, if you pick a 10-inch one, you get a 6.4 firmness level. In Zinus’ terms, this is plush.

To give you an idea, here’s a sample breakdown for the queen size:

  • 6 inches – 5.9
  • 8 inches – 6.1
  • 10 inches – 6.4
  • 12 inches – 6.6

The firmness scale used by Zinus is the reverse of the standard guideline we are observing here on our site. For this model, then, 1 is firmest and 10 is softest. The price range we gave earlier for the queen size alone is due to the thickness options. We’re pleased to share this bed comes with a 100-night trial, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty.

  • Various thickness options for each size.
  • Multiple firmness levels for further customization.
  • Uses green tea and charcoal for clean sleep.
  • Highly affordable price points.
  • May take days to fully expand.
  • May sleep warm.
Why we like it
  • Multiple thickness and firmness options.
  • Keeps you cool and clean.
  • Caters to many sleeper needs and preferences.

8. DynastyMattress CoolBreeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress 

Best Mattress Under 500

Where Allswell is focused on creating hybrid mattresses, DynastyMattresses channels its efforts toward perfecting gel memory foam beds. This is to cater to as many sleeper types as possible. It has its own appeal–being a brand that banks on plenty low-cost offerings rather than launching one competitively-priced model to accommodate everyone. Sometimes, a one-stop solution is harder to perfect. But the CoolBreeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress targets specific customers.

Mainly, of course, it aims to serve those who are looking for the best mattress under $500. In particular, it’s good for sleepers who are after a medium-firm feel. That is, it’s not too soft, not too firm. A 3-inch memory foam using Sleep Cool Technology is responsible for this. The comfort comes from the contouring properties that do not sacrifice cooling, unlike traditional mattresses.

At the base, you have the 5-inch high-density support foam base, which reinforces the contouring and cooling capabilities of the top layer. It also bumps up the support provided by the 4-inch CoolAirflow Support Foam at the core. This one takes charge of breathability and support. This all-foam design is made of CertiPUR-US-certified materials. So you feel cool, comfortable, supported, and safe as you snooze.

The CoolBreeze is definitely a contender among those versions that give value for your money. It’s currently on sale for $429 (Queen). Aside from standard sizes, you can also choose from RV sizes (RV King, USA RV Queen) and split sizes (Split Head King, Split Cal King, Split King). The product comes with free shipping, a 120-night trial, and a 30-year limited warranty.

  • Contouring and supportive.
  • Sleeps relatively cool.
  • Materials are certified by CertiPUR US.
  • Many sizes to choose from.
  • May be too firm for lightweight sleepers.
  • Weak edge support.
Why we like it
  • Contouring, supportive, and cooling.
  • Safe all-foam design.
  • Various sizes to select from.

Know Before You Buy

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Mattress

Construction & Materials

Before hitting that ‘Buy’ button, make sure you know which type is good for you: an all-foam, innerspring, or hybrid? The design will affect several aspects, such as spinal alignment, pressure points, and skin temperature. How the materials are organized inside the mattress also matters. This is why we emphasize the layers and their functions in all of our reviews. We want you to match your needs accordingly.

Firmness & Feel

Another highlight is the firmness level, which usually follows a scale of 1 to 10–1 is softest and 10 is firmest. This number, or a corresponding description (e.g. Plush, Medium, Firm), gives you an idea about how soft or hard a sleep surface is going to be. It’s a detail you should always look for when you’re shopping mattresses online.


Usually, prices depend on the mattress type, as well as the materials. An organic hybrid mattress may cost more than a conventional all-foam mattress. It’s partly because of this that we go gaga over premium-quality all-foam or hybrid types that retail at below $500. They’re such a steal! Some of them are considered the best full mattress under $500, but others also come in queen size.

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This factor is something you can only find out about once you start using the product. It’s like this whether you buy online or in-store. You just have to trust the specifications, coming across terms like gel-infused or phase changing. It’s then important that you know the brand you’re buying from can be trusted. And that’s where our reviews come in handy.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Edge support is not a big deal for some people. But it may be for you if you’re concerned about premature sagging at the perimeter. This is going to make the entire bed surface uneven over time. You also have to feel stable when you’re sitting on or rolling over to the edges. At the price point, you’re aiming for, this may be compromised. So watch out.

Motion Transfer

Good motion transfer is a godsend to those sharing their bed with someone else. It means fewer interruptions for light sleepers. And hands down, it just enhances your slumber overall. Hybrids are your best bet when it comes to this feature. On the other hand, avoid innerspring with conventional offset coils. All-foams can work well, but they may sacrifice ease of movement on the surface.

Other Factors

Lastly, do not skip the boring parts, aka warranty policy and return policy. If you love buying online, you can prevent headaches by reading the fine print. Know what cases are covered by the company’s warranty or how its return process works. Say, Amazon dishes out the biggest deals, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask a brand if its free shipping and sleep trial apply on the e-commerce site. 

The Verdict

Just because you are not splurging on a bed doesn’t mean you should make do with a so-so option. Through this guide, you are closer to finding the best mattress under $500, which combines quality materials and design with affordable prices. 

To make your decision-making easier, start your list off with our recommendations. Use our buying guide to nail the perfect choice. And don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or more information in the comments. To spice things up, we like complementing this guide with another, such as our Best Online Mattress Reviews.

Finally, spread best mattress knowledge by sharing this article with others. We hope you enjoyed our time together and may you have the best sleep ever.