Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers in 2020

Best Mattress for stomach sleepers

The best mattress for stomach sleepers should have the right kind of firmness and softness factors. It should allow proper alignment of the spinal cord with the back bone, back muscles, and the neck and shoulders. It should provide support for the abdomen and hips for maintaining the posture at comfortable levels. It should be able to cool the body by absorbing the excess heat. It should provide sufficient ventilation for the smooth breathing without any hassles.

If you are a stomach sleeper, the probability of changing the postures to side, back, and other positions could be high. So, the mattress should support the unintentional shift of position without causing any side effects to the muscles, joints, and tissues. It should have the sufficient number of layers to support the body weight from BMI under 19 to BMI closer to 30+. The design and structure of the top mattress cover should preferably have microfiber patterns to distribute the body weight, provide firm grip over your body, and fit into the contours of your body with ease.

At Phatfusion, we have been working relentlessly on determining the best mattress for stomach sleepers based on the above criteria. At present, we have found these 5 mattresses to be the best for stomach sleepers‘ needs.

1. Loom and Leaf Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Loom & Leaf Mattress-Best Mattress for stomach sleepers
You may not spend the entire night on stomach sleeping. But you may spend the maximum part on the stomach while taking the other postures occasionally. The Loom and Leaf are stated to use the best quality 5LB memory foam with multiple layers to give you the most comfortable experience while sleeping on your stomach.

Design and Construction

Base Layer

The base layer of the Loom and Leaf mattress is made from the highest quality standard foam. It has the maximum density and tensile strength. It provides firmness to the other top layers. It absorbs the maximum shocks and vibrations from the top layers without buckling or breaking. It absorbs the maximum heat from the top layers and dissipates it to the bed foundation on which it rests. It also provides the adequate reverse pressure from the base layer up to the top layer which in turn gets transferred onto your body. It is this pressure, which keeps your body floating on the top without sinking into the mattress. The construction of the base is similar to that of a series of springs which are installed in parallel lines across the length and width of the mattress. It takes the maximum load from the stomach sleeping, regardless of your Body Mass Index level.

Mattress for stomach sleepers

Transition Layer

The transition layer of Loom and leaf mattress is made of Visco elastic memory foam material. The Centi-Pur Technology certification for the transition layer is due to the maximum performance when two obese persons with higher Body Mass Index (BMI) are on the queen or king sized mattress. It has the maximum flexibility. It has the best shock and vibration absorbance capacity. It can last for many decades without losing its original density and dimensional integrity.

Gel Layer

The Gel over the transition layer has sufficient density and flexibility to accommodate your stomach sleeping posture. Weight distribution happens at the top layer from the position of your body to the length and width of the mattress in circular patterns. However, the absorption by the layers prevents disturbing your spouse when you change posture on the mattress. The gel layer also absorbs the maximum heat from your body and cools it. The heat emanated by the stomach side of your body is generally higher in volume.

Top Layer

The top layer of Loom and Leaf mattress is made from organic cotton with foam layer quilt to absorb heat and moisture from your body. It results in natural cooling of skin’s multiple layers from the epidermis top to the hypodermis and the subcutaneous levels. The top layer can change the temperature level based on the external environment. During winters you can experience warmth, while summers keep the top layer cooler. The Loom and Leaf mattress top layer has a porous structure for allowing the free circulation of air. So, you can breathe freely on your stomach sleeping posture also. The gel layer and the top layer perform another important function of suppressing your snoring. It is due to the enabling of deep breathing cycles in spite of being on the stomach down position.

loom & leaf mattress


The functionality of the Loom and Leaf mattress is mainly providing perfect alignment to the spine. Unless back sleeping where the alignment is linear, back sleeping can’t keep it straight. It may result in back pain in some cases. But it is not the same for everyone. At Phatfusion, we have conducted several research works on stomach sleepers and their physiology.

Transverse Pressure

Pressure on the transverse abdominal region from the mattress can spread along its length. The other affected parts are the internal abdominal oblique, external abdominal oblique, and the rectus sheath. It can provide maximum comfort to your body and the spinal cord. It is especially true when your body mass index (BMI) is higher than the normal levels. It is stated that the pressure on the lower back increases when obese people try to sleep on back posture. Hence, the probability of lower back pain is more. The transverse pressure on the abdominal areas slowly transfers to the abdominal muscles and tissues. It is one way of enhancing the metabolism and cardiovascular activity and system efficiency. The top and the transition layers can absorb the maximum stress from the abdomen and belly areas in the form of heat and provide relief and cooling effects. If your BMI is within the normal levels, your body benefits from the energizing of the abdominal and the hips muscles. It is due to the natural process of enzyme activation which improves the cardiovascular and metabolic organs.

Energy Transfer

The transfer of energy within the cardiovascular organs is stated to be optimum when you sleep on stomach posture. It is natural when your BMI is normal or moderately higher than the normal range. The circulation through the spine can happen freely since the neurons are not under any pressure. So, the flow of oxygenated blood and micronutrients through the spine happen much faster. The Loom and Leaf mattress has the most aerated structure to allow maximum breathing. So the volume of oxygen absorbed by your lungs will remain almost the same compared to the side posture. The only risk you have to consider is the probability of misalignment in the spine if the movements of your legs are not in line with the spine. Otherwise, your body can get energized much better in stomach sleeping posture.

Body Weight Balance

The probability of body weight balancing on stomach sleeping is very low when you use low-density mattresses. Loom and Leaf mattress has the 5.5” core base which can ensure maximum weight balancing with its support and firmness factors up to the top layer. What exactly happens when the stomach weight gets transferred through the top layer, memory foam layer, and transition layer onto the base layer? The vertical transfer of weight results in reverse pressure from the base back to the top layer. The intensity of this pressure may vary depending on your BMI. Since it is directly proportional, your body experiences bouncing effect. It prevents your body from sinking into the mattress. At the same time, it avoids an excess of pressure on the stomach which may block the breathing. The balance of pressure results in body weight balancing due to spreading of the weight along the horizontal lines.

Pressure Point Contacts

The acupressure points on the stomach and the chest are located on the lung meridian, conception vessel meridian, and the heart meridian. The exchange of pressure between these points and the Loom and Leaf mattress layers results in many benefits. At Phatfusion we have been able to conduct a comprehensive study of the benefits you get from the Leaf mattress as a stomach sleeper.

Loom and Leaf Mattress Benefits for Stomach Sleepers

In our research we came across some major benefits of using a mattress that is customized according to your needs. Here are some of the key aspects of it that we’d like to share with you.

Circulation BenefitsLung BenefitsChest BenefitsUmbilicus Benefit
The V14 meridian is located on the abdomen, which moves towards the Sternum region. The pressure exerted by the memory foam and the gel layer of the Loom and Leaf Mattress can positively stimulate the pressure points. Our extensive research on many of the sleepers discovered relief from depression and anxiety. It resulted mainly from the meridian lines originating from the abdomen and migrating towards the chest and the cardiovascular system. The memory foam gel is known for its thermal transmission property when your body comes into contact with it. So, the contact between the V14 meridian line and the foam layer can transfer the heat into the cardiovascular muscles. The gentle heat can expand the muscles internally. It leads to the enhanced circulation and absorption of oxygen into the lungs enables the higher efficiency of the cardiovascular system. It also results in the healing of chest oppression, which is responsible for most of the inconveniences during breathing and heartbeat.
The lung meridian located on the chest and shoulder passage also gets affected by the reverse pressure effects of the Loom and Leaf Mattress memory foam and the transition layer. If you were to sleep on the back or side posture, the probability of this point coming into contact with the mattress would have been zero. Since the pressure point gets contact, it can experience the benefits of relief from consistent coughing. You can experience the results when the pressure points in contact with the lungs and the breathing pipes in which the mucus gets accumulated. The transfer of heat from the memory foam mattress onto the lung meridian can result in dissolving the mucus completely. It gets eliminated through the kidneys and the bowels. It releases the chest from inflation and eases breathing. You can get better relief from blocked nasal canals when you have the symptoms of sinusitis disorder, asthma, or other lung related issues. The Loom and Leaf Mattress layers can also absorb the fatigue in the chest and the lungs completely. It provides relief from an excess of stress.
The meridian point passing through the sternum near the chest nipples is responsible for connecting the intestine, liver, gallbladder, and the kidneys. Pressure on the meridian passing through the nipples can provide relief to the top and bottom sections of the chest. The passage of the meridians to the other listed internal organs can also provide stress relief to the nerves and the veins located there.
If you are a woman, the pressure on the umbilical meridian beneath the belly button can help relax the muscles, nerves, and the veins connecting to the uterus. While this position is not recommended during the late pregnancy, early-stage pregnancy can certainly benefit from the gentle massaging effects. The Loom and Leaf Mattress foam gel layer can provide the maximum benefits of stress relief.

2. ZENHAVEN Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Zenhaven mattress-Best Mattress for stomach sleepers
We have chosen ZENHAVEN Mattress for stomach sleepers to help ease your breathing, body weight distribution, comfort, relaxation, and deep sleeping. We have also found it to be highly beneficial to prevent health risks associated with stomach sleeping.

Design and Construction


The design of ZENHAVEN Mattress is based on five zone construction of comfort layer, latex support, organic cotton cover, and organic wool layer. Latex is the core ingredient of the mattress. The molding process of mattress makes it breathable. Customization of the mattress in different zones makes it beneficial for your stomach sleeping posture. Neutral value of ph ensures it is free from skin irritation, allergic reactions, inflammation, and numbing effects.


Talalay mold is used for making ZENHAVEN Mattress latex. The processes of press hydraulics, freezing, and vulcanization transform high-quality natural latex into a perfectly engineered material. Procedures induce properties of high tensile strength, flexibility, heat absorption and cooling, body weight support and distribution, and pain healing. Resulting material reduces accumulated stress from your body. It eliminates fatigue. It enables perfect sleep cycle by balancing body ph, temperature, and water content. You can experience undisturbed deep sleep every night.


ZENHAVEN Mattress has multiple support cores beneath Comfort layer. They provide complete support for your body by combining firmness with softness and spring action. You don’t experience the feeling of sinking once you lie down on the mattress. At the same time, it feels soft and warm.

ZENHAVEN Mattress – How it Works

Complete relaxation of muscles and nerves is the first feeling you experience after a few minutes. Circulation becomes efficient, and breathing becomes deeper. Body temperature becomes normal due to heat absorption. Blood pressure becomes normal. Transition to sleep happens naturally due to neurological stimulation of brain and body. Your sleep will be deep and undisturbed for the duration planned.

Healing Points

Healing points on your chest, left and right shoulders, abdomen, knees, and legs come into contact with five zones of ZENHAVEN Mattress perfectly.

Leg ZoneKnee ZoneAbdomen ZoneShoulder ZoneChest Zone
Leg zone provides warmth and stress relief. It takes away accumulated pain due to carrying your body weight over the entire day. Nerves in your heel get relaxed, and veins expand. Efficient circulation and nerve stimulation heals stress and eliminates fatigue.
Knee relaxation leads to the maximum elimination of stress and pain from the lower body. Pressure points get healed, and circulation gets normalized.
Abs Zone eliminates pressure from muscles and nerves that connect to lower back and spine. It also relaxes abdomen muscles and tissues connecting to the metabolic system.
Left and right shoulder muscles get de-stressed. Circulation becomes normal, and pain healing happens naturally from shoulders to hands.
Relaxation and healing of chest muscles lead to efficient circulation through the cardiovascular system. Healing effects extend up to the brain due to deep breathing, toxic removal and sleep stimulation from the brain.

By following simple maintenance according to the user manual, it is possible to extend the lifespan of ZENHAVEN Mattress for decades.

3. Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

Next up on our list is Tuft & Needle Mattress, we have already reviewed this mattress in-depth on our site earlier. If you’d like to read it then click here – Tuft & Needle Mattress Review. If you’re in hurry than here’s a quick overview of why we have listed it in our top 5 list.

Material and Construction

Material and making processes of Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress create the perfect platform for stomach sleeping. Construction of the mattress considers pressure relieving points located on the front section of the body. Multiple layers are designed to distribute body weight evenly across horizontal and vertical lines at every point of contact. The mattress can adjust its comfort zone cell alignment along spinal cord length, regardless of the angle in which you position your body while sleeping. It provides maximum relaxation and healing effects.

T&F adaptive foam is a 10” thick mattress material is created to provide comfortable bounce from its core to the top layer. It keeps you floating over the mattress without sinking in. At the same time, it provides the firmness needed to establish contact with pressure points all over your body.

Healing Effects

Healing of pain and stress is the first step towards deep sleep for stomach sleepers just like others. But the process gets delayed (or sometimes doesn’t happen) when you select a low-density mattress. Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress can absorb stress factors from your body. Contact with pressure points provide relief and relax the muscles and nerves. Circulation becomes normal due to various point pressure relief.
Nerve StimulationMuscle StimulationSleep StimulationBreath Stimulation
Stimulation of lateral thoracic nerves located on middle part of your body can enhance healing effects for your entire body. The other section that comes into contact with T&F foam is Anterior thoracic nerves located from upper chest to lower abdomen. They connect to different muscles and internal organs through the spinal cord. T&F foam provides complete body healing through stimulation of these nerves. Of course, it takes time. Five to six hours of everyday deep sleep on T&F foam can help you achieve it.
Oblique, abductor, biceps, Trapezius, Latissimus and anterior muscles on the front section of your body receive maximum relaxation and healing. Soft tissues located in the core of cardiovascular system also get relaxed. The results are normalized blood pressure, efficient circulation, and healthy deep breathing. Toxic elements accumulated in muscles get eliminated.
As a stomach sleeper, you may find difficulty in experiencing deep sleep. It takes more time for regular stimulation of sleep cycle. Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress can stimulate early sleep cycle due to the pressure relief from chest and abdomen sections. Metabolism normalization and cardiovascular efficiency are the twin benefits you get from T&F foam as a stomach sleeper.
Your lungs are not the only organs that breathe. Your skin is, in fact, the largest organ that breathes. Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress has thousands of micron level pores which allow your skin to eliminate heat and sweat. It also stimulates dissolving of toxic elements accumulated within skin pores. Free circulation of oxygen through the skin can also lead to streamlined circulation. Relaxation of skin connecting nerves leads to healing of many stress factors that may delay your sleep cycle. Breathing becomes more in-depth, leading to increase in oxygen intake and carbon elimination through lungs.

4. Leesa Mattress

Leesa is another brand that we think highly of when it comes to mattresses that are good for stomach sleepers. Here is a quick overview of what’s inside of a Leesa mattress and how it is beneficial for your health.

Material and Construction

LEESA Mattress is made from the combination of two foam types AVENA foam for free air flow and memory foam for healing and relaxation effects. The core base of the mattress is six inches thick. It is designed to provide maximum strength, stability, firmness, and support for your body. It can also speed up the transition from light sleep to deep sleep within a few minutes. You’ll wake up with a fresh mind and completely healed body to face the next day. Healing of muscle stress and fatigue is the core befit you get from the material and construction of LEESA Mattress.

CertiPUR certification of LEESA Mattress denotes the quality of design, material, and construction standards. The mattress is completely free from volatile and harmful chemicals since the making procedures eliminate them from the core.

Support Foam

Support foam of LEESA Mattress is the core base. It is firm enough to absorb stress due to your body weight. It distributes the weight along its length and width evenly. So, the top layers are relatively stress-free. This foam is also engineered to provide reverse pressure to the top layers to keep the stable without sinking. The base also absorbs heat from your body that is transmitted through the top layers. It preserves the heat transmits to the top layers when heat level dips below normal room temperature. It is one way of balancing your body temperature without fluctuation. During cold seasons you can experience warmth while sleeping on LEESA Mattress due to this reverse heat transmission technology.

Are you a side slepeer? Then you quickly need to check this Article!

Memory Foam

Memory foam of LEESA Mattress is known for its healing effects. This layer absorbs stress from various pressure points on your body. Muscle tissues and cells resume their regular functions when stress is eliminated. Pain reduction and relaxation are twin key benefits of LEESA Mattress memory foam.
Nervous StabilityMuscular Stability
Nerves in your body become unstable due to stress. In fact, they can develop fatigue syndrome which can turn into numbness in muscles and tissues. Memory foam keeps stimulating the nerves through the upper cooling foam. It keeps them active throughout your sleep cycle. So, the internal functions related to metabolism and cardiovascular systems become more efficient. Digestion and elimination of waste to the bowels and kidneys happen efficiently.
Muscle fatigue is a negative impact of a stressful day at work. If you are a sports person, the probability of muscle pain turning into cramps is very high. LEESA Mattress memory foam shapes its cells according to your body contour. Movement can quickly realign the cells. They provide warmth to the muscles and let the cells expand slightly. It leads to complete muscle healing. It also brings stability to the muscles by helping the removal of toxic elements.


AVENA Foam at the top layer of LEESA Mattress provides cooling effects due to free air circulation. It also evaporates the sweat on your skin. You may change your stomach sleeping posture by moving your legs and arms in different directions during sleep. The AVENA Foam can adjust the ling of its cells to provide relaxation to your body.

5. Dreamcloud Mattress

Material and Construction

If you have ever imagined how it feels to sleep on clouds, it’s time to try the King size Dreamcloud Mattress today. Hand-tufted Cashmere top, gel memory foam, quilted memory foam; natural latex, soft memory foam, BestRest coils, and foundation foam are the layers of Dreamcloud Mattress on which you will be sleeping every night. You get multiple benefits of relaxation, healing, stress, and elimination, normalization of blood pressure, nervous stability, muscle healing and experience of deep sleep. All these benefits are due to the efficient functioning of multiple layers in the Dreamcloud mattress.
Cashmere Top LayerGel Memory FoamQuilted Memory FoamNatural LatexBase Layers
Cashmere is known for its ultra soft luxury features. It can change its shape according to your body contours. It provides warmth and healing effects to your skin. The heat generated by the material is sufficient to clean the pores on your skin and make them breathe fresh oxygen. The pores on the top layer enable free air circulation which keeps your skin free from sweat and germs. It also supports the joints, connective tissues and muscles to provide relaxation and healing effects.
Gel memory foam can absorb stress and fatigue from muscles and joints. It has a unique property of storing heat and transmitting it to the top layer when the temperature reduces below average level. The concentration of heat around muscles on the chest, abdomen, stomach, thighs, knees, and legs can provide the best healing effects for your body as a whole. The gel can also stimulate the nerves into action. Efficiently functioning nerves can, in turn, stimulate the activities of the metabolic and cardiovascular system. The result is a healthy body and calm mind.
It is the layer which provides the much-needed feeling of softness to your body. The cells move around and form a perfect replica of your body contours. This kind of wrapping can help heal many of the common skin and muscle disorders. Muscle fatigue syndrome is one such problem to be healed by the quilted memory foam of the Dreamcloud mattress.
Natural latex provides structural stability to the top layers and prevents your body from sinking into the mattress. It also provides sufficient cushioning to your body to keep it comfortable.
The other base layers of the Dreamcloud mattress provide support to the top layers. They can absorb heat when the temperature of the top layers increase above the normal level. They can transmit heat when the top layer temperature goes below the normal level. This heat transfer technology can provide complete comfort and healing effects on your body during all seasons.

Dream Deep Sleep

Deep sleep for six to seven hours can reduce the risk of diseases and disorders to a considerable level. Dreamcloud mattress can induce this state through the natural healing of muscle fatigue, nervous stress, and joint pain. Normalization of circulation and enhanced depth of breathing can stimulate deep sleep within few minutes after you lie down in your stomach posture on the Dreamcloud mattress.


The mattresses we have reviewed here work on the design efficiency of the multiple layer system. The exchange and transfer of heat, pressure, stress, and the elimination of fatigue are responsible for the increased level of comfort.

It is natural that you won’t sleep on your stomach for the entire night till morning. All mattresses designed to reduce the impact of vibrations when you unintentionally change the posture between the back, side, and the stomach sleeping.

The key benefits of using the above-reviewed Mattresses for stomach sleepers areas reviewed above. You will be surprised to know about the hidden benefits offered by the reviewed mattresses for healing and curing many of the chronic problems related to the cardiovascular and internal organs.

Editor’s Note
All the reviewed mattresses extend the pressure relief benefits to the back and neck muscles through the shoulder meridians passing into the lower and upper back, ultimately touching the spinal cord. You have to make the final choice based on the fact that which brand appeals you the most. In our opinion, any of the above listed brand would do good enough job satisfying your needs.If you have any questions or suggestions about our process then please comment below.