Best Mattress for Sex in 2020

Spending intimate moments together grows and tightens the bond of couples. Your mattress plays a key role in making this important bedroom activity pleasant and memorable. To help our readers enjoy this event, we scoured the web for the best mattress for sex.

During our research, we considered essentials like springy bounce, cooling comfort, stable support, enough elevation, and even eco-friendliness.

After comparing the top models, we are ready to reveal our list to you. We are also discussing the most important factors to consider when buying a bed that performs well for sleep and non-sleep activities.

Construction and materials are investigated in the individual reviews. Read on to find out which products made the list.

Best Mattress for Sex

1. Best Overall Mattress for Sex: Casper Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids have the most positive impact on passionate nights. For this reason, we’re hailing Casper Hybrid as the more topnotch in this category. An upgrade of the Casper Original Mattress, this foam-spring combo gives you that elevated feel thanks to its individually-wrapped coils. These are gentle and responsive, so you can savor every second of your couple’s tango.

Noise, motion transfer, and durability won’t be a problem as the spring base is fortified by perimeter coils. The top foams conform to the body’s natural shape. A Zoned Support layer is included, allowing the bed to be firm under heavy areas, like the hips, and soft under the rest, like the shoulders. All foams are certified by CertiPUR-US. This mattress also stands tall enough at 12 inches.

Your new bed will arrive in a box. Setup can be easy breezy, especially if you do it together. You can test it out for 100 nights and request a return if it doesn’t suit you. It may sleep warm, so you have to be adding a cooling mattress topper and/or keeping a well-ventilated room. 

The price point for this design is one of the most affordable on the market. A queen version can be yours at $1,195.

  • Responsive yet gentle spring system.
  • Enhanced edge support.
  • Ideal for passionate nights.
  • Highly affordable.
  • May retain heat.
  • May feel uncomfortable lying on your stomach.
Why we like it
  • Excellent response.
  • Solid edge support.
  • Price point is friendly to many customers.

2. Best Innerspring Mattress for Sex: Saatva Classic Innerspring Mattress

Saatva Classic Mattress

Get your groove on with the familiar bounce of an innerspring bed. With Saatva Classic Innerspring, you can comfortably find your rhythm while feeling like you’re in a hotel room. This mattress took inspiration from luxury models, starting with the coil-on-coil system. The dual coil technology stays responsive and conforming even as it is stiff and breathable at the bottom.

For enhanced back support, you can rely on the zoned features of this model. An active wire Lumbar Zone technology targets the middle of the mattress. Meanwhile, a high-quality memory foam layer provides relief to the lower back. Such details can let you and your partner focus on pleasure rather than pain. It’s also nice to know that Saatva is recommended by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. 

One more thing to love about Saatva is its several firmness options. Choose from Plush Soft (3), Luxury Firm (5 to 7), or Firm (8). Luxury Firm is your best bet for maintaining the mood. Having the right feel is so important during sexytime. Go plush and you’ll risk sinking in the sheets. Go firm and you’ll feel like being on a rock.

Saatva sizes come in 2 heights: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. A queen version retails at $1,099.

  • Responsive and bouncy.
  • Enhanced contouring and support via dual coil tech.
  • Relieves lower back pressure points.
  • Recommended by leading US chiropractors.
  • Multiple firmness options.
  • Shorter life span.
  • May be too heavy to move around.
Why we like it
  • Great responsiveness and bounce.
  • Uses dual coil technology.
  • Comes in several firmness options.

3. Best Hybrid Mattress for Sex: The WinkBed

Winkbeds- Best Mattress for Sex Review

Maximum comfort is attainable with the Winkbed by WinkBeds. This hybrid model is good for your muscles, joints, and spine. Although you’d need the tension as you indulge in amorous activities, you’d have to do away with it in your sleep. So the extra thick layers of this mattress work to relieve the pressure off your back.

Its dual comfort layer is made of gel-infused Hypersoft Foam, regulating your body temperature while you’re moving or resting on the bed. Mini-steel coils lie beneath another layer of stabilizing memory foam to reduce motion transfer. And at the base, individually wrapped coils provide enough pushback to targeted zones. More such coils wrap around the perimeter to prevent sagging. This mechanism lets you use the entire surface area as well.

To top it off, you can pick a firmness option that satisfies both of your preferences. Should you go for Softer (4.5), Luxury Firm (6.5), Firmer (7.5), or Plus (8)? Heavier folks would be happy to know the WinkBed Plus was made with them in mind. The WinkBed price (Queen, $1,599) is above the market’s average price point, but still less expensive than premium models.

  • Extra thick, high-performance layers.
  • Relieves pressure points and tension.
  • Reduces motion transfer.
  • Great edge support.
  • Pricey for those on a tight budget.
  • Requires 30-day break-in during trial.
Why we like it
  • Reliable, high-performance layers.
  • Excellent pressure relief.
  • Enhanced edge support.

4. Best All-Foam Mattress for Sex: Brooklyn Bedding Bowery

Having a consistently satisfactory intimate moment can strengthen the bond between you and your S.O. The mattress you have plays a significant role in achieving this. But what if you cannot afford a hybrid? You heard low-cost all-foam choices tend to have a lot of giving, causing you to sink during sex. Fortunately, there is Brooklyn Bedding Bowery, the affordable all-foam essential from Brooklyn Bedding.

This bed elevates you. Engineered into it are several thoughtfully-made foam layers. Blending the responsiveness of latex and the pressure relief properties of visco-memory foam is the top-layer, patented Energex foam (3 inches). It sits atop a 2-inch, transitional comfort foam, which recovers quickly from body indentation. It also transitions you nicely to the 5-inch, high-density base foam that completes this mattress model.

You can rotate your bed to enhance its life, but flipping is not advised. That’s because the medium feel it comes with is served through its top layers. You’d get a hard feel from the high-density foam base if you reverse it. As we said, the Brooklyn Bowery is easy on the pocket. Its queen version retails at $699. It is delivered to your doorstep in a box.

  • All-foam layers with elevated feel.
  • Uses Energex foam for enhanced response.
  • Conforming and resilient.
  • Easy on the pocket.
  • May lack bounce.
  • Weak edge support.
Why we like it
  • Responsive and conforming.
  • Resilient comfort foam.
  • Very affordable all-foam mattress.

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5. Best Memory Foam Mattress for Sex: Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf Mattress

This is the second mattress line from the Saatva brand family on our list. While Saatva Classic gives you that traditional spring feels, Loom & Leaf brings you the contouring support of memory foam. Plus, eco-friendly materials make up this bed. That earns the brand 100 brownie points from green couples. Feeling confident about your mattress affects your psyche, adding to the fun and excitement of lovemaking.

The Spinal Zone Gel makes up the top layer of this premium mattress, just underneath the quilted organic cotton cover. Next to this cooling gel-infused layer is the 5-pound, eco-friendly memory foam. Reinforcing the contouring and cooling effects of earlier layers is the multi-layer foam base. It is also breathable and eco-friendly. Couples who sleep hot should not have an issue with this one.

It may be one of the more premium and pricier memory foam beds, but Loom & Leaf’s deal is better than the likes of TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze. But wait, there’s more! It’s specifically designed to complement adjustable bases as well. It’s perfect for couples who are suffering from conditions or require special care. You can buy a queen bed for $1,499. White glove delivery and old mattress removal are complimentary.

  • Spinal Zone Gel layer for contouring.
  • Enhanced cooling across all layers.
  • Ideal for couples who sleep hot.
  • Uses eco-friendly materials.
  • A bit pricey for a memory foam.
  • Little to no bounce.
Why we like it
  • Blends contouring with breathability.
  • Uses eco-friendly foams.
  • Sleeps relatively cool.

6. Best Firm Mattress for Sex: Bear Hybrid

Bear mattress- Best Mattress for sex

Are you and/or your partner combo sleepers? If you said yes, you need a bed that allows you to switch positions easily. You’ll also need the same feature during sex. In this regard, the Bear Hybrid is a top contender. It strikes a balance between bounce and contouring. And it’s got just the right support for you at the bottom. So you can move as freely as you want.

The top layer sports a Hypersoft Foam layer that is infused with cooling gel. Underneath it is an adaptive comfort foam that fits the curves of your body, so you’re supported all throughout. Next, a responsive transition foam lies between the comfort layers and the high-density support foam. The perimeter is reinforced by a Quantum Edge Support System to aid those who want to sit on the mattress edges.

The Bear Hybrid has a 6.14 firmness level (medium-firm) which is recommended for side and back sleepers. This helps them align their spine optimally. The pocketed coils isolate motion while still enabling ease of movement across the surface. These also prevent you from falling over in the heat of your passion. You can get a queen version of this hybrid for $1,390.

  • Balances bounce and contouring.
  • Cradles and supports body curves.
  • Isolates motion well.
  • Great edge support.
  • Pretty responsive.
  • May not work optimally for heavier folks.
  • May feel too soft for stomach sleepers.
Why we like it
  • Good bounce, contouring, response, and support.
  • Reduces motion transfer.
  • Great edge support.

7. Best Latex Mattress for Sex: Leesa Mattress

Leesa mattress- sex mattress

An all-around performer of a bed handles your sexytime needs smoothly. This is what the Leesa Mattress offers. A premium-quality mattress from a socially-conscious company, it is adaptive, temperature neutral, contouring, and supportive. It even gives that nice bounce that couples are thrilled to have. It’s only been a few years since it launched. But it certainly speaks to the all-around performer in you. 

First to showcase its strengths is the 2-inch premium top layer that cradles the body. It is also bouncy and cooling. Sitting below it is the middle foam layer that’s 2 inches thick. It’s responsible for additional contouring, allowing for optimal spinal alignment. At the base, the 9-inch, high-density support foam is strong and stable to support your weight. As an all-foam model, it does not trap heat.

In addition to targeting pressure points, this mattress scores medium-firm feel on the Firmness Scale. Side sleepers get the right support for their shoulders. Those suffering from back pain get relief from their condition. It isolates motion significantly as well. A Leesa can be yours for $995 (Queen). Financing is available, but this price point is already competitive and does not break the bank.

  • Adapts to your curves for maximum comfort.
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Recommended for side sleepers and back pain sufferers.
  • Price is below average price point (Queen).
  • May sleep warm.
  • Little off-gassing may occur.
Why we like it
  • Cradles your curves.
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Pretty affordable.

8. Best Dual Firmness Mattress: Layla Mattress

Layla Mattress- Best Mattress for sex

One of the most popular and well-loved online mattresses is also a hit among couples. In fact, it made our list of best mattresses for couples. When it comes to your most intimate moments, this bed can be a source of enhanced comfort and enjoyment as well. The cooling and deep compression are good. And the flippable firmness does not disappoint.

This model’s top layer is a memory foam infused with copper, which is known in the industry for its cooling properties. The element absorbs heat well, resolving the heat-trapping issue typical of traditional memory foams. The support layers are just as breathable to ensure consistent cooling. On top of this, the Layla Mattress offers deep compression. You can perform your amorous activities without hurting your back.

But the highlight of this design is its flippable firmness. If you’re not sure about your firmness preference, you can test out the Layla. It sports both a firm side and a soft side. It’s like buying 2 beds for the price of one. And speaking of prices, a queen mattress retails at $999. So this bed is good for your bank account, too.

Since it’s an all-foam mattress, the trade-off here is the lack of bounce.

  • A popular, well-loved online mattress.
  • Flippable firmness options.
  • Contains cooling foam layers.
  • Highly affordable.
  • May emit some off-gassing smells.
  • Lacks bounce.
Why we like it
  • Flippable firmness options.
  • Sleeps relatively cool.
  • Very budget-friendly.

9. Best Air Mattress for Sex – Insta-Bed Raised Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat Pump

Purple Mattress- mattress for sex

Who said only latex foam, memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses are great for sex? Those who make airbeds beg to differ. Particularly, the people behind Insta-Bed want you to consider the Insta-Bed Raised Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat Pump. This product uses the NeverFlat Technology to let you enjoy passionate nights on an air mattress that does not deflate.

Airbeds are catered to individuals with small spaces or a nomadic lifestyle. And it does not disappoint when it comes to facilitating intimate moments between you and your partner. Its raised height makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a conventional bed. The firmness options are just as varied as the standard fare. Pick from plush, medium, and firm for customized comfort.

But are air mattresses as supportive as a memory foam mattress? Will it offer bounce just like innerspring mattresses?

The answer lies in the 35 circular coils and vertical and horizontal reinforcements that keep the Insta-Bed raised for all seasons. Further, it exhibits the NeverFlat Pump, which is activated and filled with air pressure when you’re snoozing. Insta-bed calls it the secondary pump.

Lightweight enough to carry during camping trips and reliable enough to use for a variety of needs, this air mattress is easy to carry wherever you go, whatever you do. It can be packed in a nifty carry bag, which comes with your purchase. This airbed costs only around $175 (Queen).

  • Does not deflate but maintains air pressure all throughout.
  • Supportive and stable.
  • Raised to the height of conventional beds
  • One of the most affordable options
  • May be uncomfortable to sleep in for some people.
  • May not be enough for users on the heavier side.
  • May be hard to change positions.
Why we like it
  • Smart Comfort Grid technology.
  • Adaptive and supportive.
  • Isolates motion well.

10. Best Luxury Mattress for Sex: DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

Best Mattress for sex

Do you belong to the heavier end of the scale? Do you like being wild during passionate nights? Well, get into the action without fear through the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. This 15-inch tall mattress contains 8 layers of foam and spring. You won’t miss the bounce of traditional innerspring with this one. Plus, the plush tufted cashmere blend cover feels as luxurious as it can get.

For the first few layers, you’ll be treated to contouring and compression. Your body sinks into the bed comfortably. And then it is gently pushed back by the support layers. These include the 5-zoned support base, which targets pressure points. Do you or your S.O. move frequently during sleepytime? Good thing this mattress has minimal motion transfer. At the same time, it is not too restrictive of movement.

With a luxury firm feel (6.5 on the scale), this hybrid caters to any sleeper type. It also caters to those whose budget is below $1,500–it costs $1,199, which is quite affordable for a hybrid type. 

We also think it worth mentioning that the trial period for this product is 365 nights or one year. And when you think the company is already generous in its trial offer, you’d also love that it provides customers with a lifetime warranty.

  • Tall and thick for heavyweight and active couples.
  • Provides contouring and compression.
  • Accommodates many sleeper types.
  • Affordable hybrid model.
  • May be too firm for lightweight sleepers.
  • Side sleepers may find it uncomfortable.
Why we like it
  • Good choice for heavy folks.
  • Provides contouring and compression.
  • Affordable hybrid mattress.

Read our full review of the DreamCloud Mattress here.

Know Before You Buy

Things to Look For In the Best Mattress for Sex


Responsiveness is different from the bounce. This factor means that the bed adjusts to the shape and shifts your body makes. That’s beneficial both in sleep and sex. If the foam is responsive, you can easily move on it if you’re a combo sleeper. It will also enhance sexytime as you try different positions.

More importantly, the mattress adapts to your body’s curves. So there’s just enough sinking where your body parts are heaviest. Some may refer to it having a little give. Any sleeper type can take advantage of this feature. Also, this goes hand-in-hand with great pressure relief.


Bounce may remind you of the familiar springy feel of innerspring beds. But traditional coils may also be reminiscent of back pains and sore bodies. Hard feels could also be an issue. These days, innerspring and hybrids have become more advanced. No more stiff coils to sully your experience of that springy bounce.

However, we suggest you prioritize hybrids in your search. This mattress type blends the comfort of foam and the bounce of springs. All-foam models are the least performers in this regard. There are models here and there that can provide some bounce. But this may not be optimal.


You and your S.O.’s comfort is so important no matter if you’re sleeping or spending a passionate night. So this is more than getting a plush mattress. Medium-firm can even be better for active couples. Go for something too soft, and you’ll risk sinking in and feeling stuck in the mud. It can be suffocating when you hit the sheets.

As an additional note, comfort is a matter of compromise. Partners may not always agree on their comfort preferences. But that doesn’t mean they should let their differences ruin the adventures they plan to have on the bed.

Temperature Neutrality

Memory foams can be quite a problem for couples who sleep hot. Traditional versions are known for being heat traps. In the recent past, this has been resolved by some mattress manufacturers by infusing components with cooling properties. The most common materials are gel and copper. You’ll also find ones with Phase Change Technology. Fabrics such as Celiant and Tencel also regulate temperature.

The ideal bed for you, though, would be a hybrid or innerspring. Spring systems are designed to promote airflow. For hybrids, get one that features not-too-thick foam layers. The high-density foam may hamper air circulation.


For obvious reasons, you would want a bed that does not create too much noise. Avoid creaky ones because they could be a source of embarrassment. Aside from revealing your bedroom adventures to your neighbors, noises and creaks can also mean the bed is poorly made. These could also distract you from enjoying the moment.

Memory foam mattresses seem to be your best bet in this area. All-foam ones don’t have springs that can give you away. Old-fashioned innerspring models should be the thing to avoid. 


Given that you’re spending a third of your time sleeping in bed, it is important to stick with a model that will stick with you. Invest in a mattress that it is not just stylish and functional but also durable. Seeing that you’ll also be doing non-sleep activities on the mattress, your mattress of choice should be able to withstand the pressure and tension you’ll exert on it.

Edge Support

While edge support is optional in some guides, it is essential in our best mattress review. This is because of the 2 benefits it provides. First, good edge support enables you to sleep on the entire surface. This prevents you and your partner from hogging the middle of the mattress.

Second, the edge of the mattress is used not only for sleeping. You sit on it. If edge support is poor, this can lead to premature sagging. This means the bed may not be able to withstand daily wear.

Easy to Clean

Simple maintenance is an important factor when you are sharing the bed with somebody else. Spot-cleaning the bed should be easy. The cover should be zip-off and removable. This way, you can wash it using a washing machine or by hand to keep it clean and fresh.

If it is not removable, at least the cover should be a stain, odor, and water-resistant. It’s having some antimicrobial properties can also ensure you and your loved one are safe and healthy.


As a rule of thumb, an affordable mattress with all the key features should be comfortably placed between $500 and $2000. It should be enduring but easy on the pocket. Now, there are high-end options to aim for if you’re capable of splurging. Just remember that not all lower-cost choices are poorly-made. At the same time, not all expensive beds are worth the money.

We recommend looking for a model that strikes a good balance between high-quality and affordable.

Other Factors

Aside from pricing, you should pay attention to the incentives offered by each brand. Usually, online mattresses are shipped in a box to your home, free of charge. They come with free night trials, so you can test out the bed and decide if it suits you. If the answer is no, you can submit a return request. Some companies will pick up the mattress and shoulder the return costs.

Also, read the fine print regarding warranties. A typical industry warranty policy ranges from 5, 10, and 25 years to a lifetime.

The Verdict

The best mattress for sex combines multiple factors to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment. It should feature the right bounce, responsiveness, comfort, and support, among others. Of course, no one model can have it all. But your best bet should tick 3 to 5 off the list. In this light, we think hybrids are the most satisfactory mattress type for amorous activities.

Go through the buying guide we have shared over and over until you’re satisfied with your decisions. Read our individuals again and again until your heart says go for it. And don’t forget to ask your partner about what he or she thinks. Mattress shopping is a two-way street. The best couples find a way to meet in the middle. 

After all, your relationship is far more important than any material thing in the world. But the right bed can keep the fire of love burning.

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