Best Mattress for Heavy People in 2020

Mattress for heavy people

Hundreds of options are available as you shop for a new mattress. However, picking the wrong one can have negative effects on your sleep pattern as well as your health. In order to awake to feel fully rested and ready to begin the day, a person needs at least eight hours of sleep each night.

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The easiest way for this to happen is to find a mattress that is not only comfortable but also supportive of your body shape. This is especially true for those who fall under the classification of heavy people, as one of the negative effects on your health is additional weight gain.

Before purchasing a new mattress, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you choose the best mattress for your body type.

  • How many people will be using the mattress and what is their combined weight? Different mattresses are rated for varying amount of total weight so it is important to know this ahead of time. In addition, it can be helpful to know how much each individual sleeper weighs to get a feeling for how much weight will be placed on each side of the bed.
  • What is your comfort level? Do you like a pillow top or more structure?
  • Is this the bed you will be using every night? As a primary use bed it may be more beneficial to purchase a higher quality mattress, whereas a guest bed you may be able to make a lesser purchase and save some money.
  • On that note, you should have a budget in mind before heading out the door. Mattresses can have a large range in price and having an idea of how much you plan to spend beforehand can be very helpful.
  • Do you tend to be hot when you sleep or cold? Memory foam mattresses are suggested for those that sleep hot as the gel beads inside tend to disperse heat more evenly.
  • Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or back? While back and stomach sleepers have an even distribution of weight across a mattress, side sleepers should look for a deeper mattress to relieve pressure while at the same time finding one with enough structure to keep your spine from curving during the night.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to go about choosing the right mattress for you, here is a listing of the top 10 mattress options currently available for heavier people.

Best Heavy People Mattresses

1. Ghostbed Mattress – Queen, 11-inch

Ghostbed Mattress- Best mattress for heavy people

The Ghostbed features a combination of latex and gel memory foam that allows heat to circulate away from the bed, keeping the sleeper cool throughout the night, a great feature for heavier sleepers. In addition, after extensive research, the company determined 6.5 to be the perfect level of firmness in a mattress, and so that is the level of firmness you can find. Overall, all types of sleepers seem to be happy with this firmness level, with the exception of side sleepers. While other types of sleepers report any back pain being alleviated after use of this mattress, side sleepers state their pain getting worse.

Customers also report the mattress being quick and easy to set up, although they also said it did take awhile to break in compared to other mattresses.

The company offers a 100-night trial period and a 20-year warranty with each purchase. However, it is important to note that the terms of the warranty change after the initial 10 years.

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2. Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovation mattress- Best Mattress for heavy people

For those looking for a firmer memory foam mattress, this is one to look at. The 12 inches of thickness offers solid support and means that heavier people will not sink to the bottom as they sleep. It is considered to have a medium firm support, with many customers speaking highly of the balance it holds between soft and firm.

The mattress is constructed of two types of foam, with the bottom being a 9.5-inch thick layer of responsive memory foam and the remaining 2.5-inch top layer made of SureTemp foam. The two layers work together to provide support and cushioning, while relieving pressure points and regulating your temperature as you sleep.

Comprised of open cells that adjust to the body of each individual sleeper, the SureTemp foam is solely used by Sleep Innovations. The vented sides allow the foam to contour the body as you sleep while at the same time offering a way for heat to escape, making it a great option for those who tend to sleep warm.

The mattress also comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Ultimate Sleep ComfortMax Bariatric Mattress

Ultimate sleep mattress

Created especially for those weighing between 300 and 400 pounds, this mattress is a great option for those on the heavier side. The material used for this memory foam option is a combination of latex and advanced foam, which, put together, offer great durability. In fact, a number of customer reviews state that even after much use the bed does not show signs of sagging or wear. Firm support was also found along the edges of the mattress, allowing ease of use when getting in and out of bed.

In addition, the company offers mattresses tailored to the individual sleeper by making a note of the weight of the buyer.

It is important to keep in mind that the company does not offer a free trial on their products, as they consider it to be custom-made. A standard 10-year warranty accompanies each purchase.

4. Winkbeds Mattress

Winkbed mattress- Best Mattress for heavy people

A hybrid mattress, Winkbeds is a combination of spring and foam, offering 8.5 inches of supportive coils underneath a layer of memory foam. The result is firm support in addition to soft comfort.

While the mattress is available in soft, luxury firm, and firm, the firm option is highly suggested for heavy people, as it offers the most support to the midsection and lumbar areas while also allowing the sleeper to remain on top of the mattress instead of sinking into it. Side sleepers may wish to consider the softer options, but should keep in mind that they may sink more during the night.

It is unknown exactly how these mattresses stand up to use over a long period of time as the company is on the newer side, the mattresses have good reviews pertaining to durability in the short-term. While the mattress is considered to be custom made, it is accompanied by a 101-night free trial.

5. DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Dynasty Mattress- Best Mattress for Heavy people

This mattress features four layers of thick memory foam created especially to allow air to circulate and keep the sleeper from overheating during the night. In addition the mattress offers firm support and is very durable. While some changes were noted with usage over time, it was not enough to effect the sleeping patterns of the user.

However, the mattress did receive some negative reviews concerning setup, with some users noting a strong odor upon opening the package that did not dissipate for as long as 72 hours. Other reviews stated that several weeks went by before customers felt comfortable as they slept.

The mattress comes with a 30-year limited warranty.

6. Lucid 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid Mattress- Best Mattress for heavy people

This deluxe mattress offers 14 inches of support and cushioning, making it a perfect choice for heavier people. Highly rated among customers, the Lucid is comprised of three layers of foam that all work together to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for the user. The top layer is made of a one-inch thick bamboo charcoal memory foam, which is great for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. Underneath that is a three-inch memory foam layer for added comfort and a 10-inch high-density foam base.

The mattress is a great choice for heavy people, as the thick base offers additional support. Also, the layers of foam on top provide comfort and help to alleviate pressure points. In addition, the thickness of the mattress makes it one to consider for those who sleep on their side. It is important to keep in mind that the mattress is on the softer side, so those looking for firmness underneath them as they sleep may not be satisfied.

All foam used for the mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified. In other words, it has been put through testing by an independent company to ensure low levels of chemical emissions and off-gassing when it arrives. In addition, the mattress is hypoallergenic, and free of CFCs, mercury, and formaldehyde, all of which are typically used in lower quality models. Each purchase is accompanied by a 25-year guaranteed warranty.

7. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress

Cool Gel memory foam- Best mattress for heavy people

With 12 inches of gel memory foam on top of this mattress that adjust to both body weight and temperature, this is a great option for those looking for support to each individual portion of the body. In particular, the gel works to relieve pressure to particular areas of the body, such as the lower back, while also conforming to the body to reduce nightly tossing and turning. The mattress is known for durability and can be purchased with an adjustable base for added firmness, a great option for heavier people.

Despite a number of customers reporting sleeping cooler after purchasing this mattress, others state that they were still hot and actually felt as if the mattress was keeping heat inside. An odor was also reported by many customers upon opening of the mattress, but that it went away within 48 hours. While some reviews stated the mattress was too firm for them, this could actually be helpful to heavier people, who will be less likely to sink into the mattress.

The mattress is accompanied by a 25-year warranty.

8. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Dreamfoam mattress- Mattress for heavy people

Created especially for side and stomach sleepers, the Dreamfoam mattress offers gel infused memory foam lining that allows for full body support and does not cause overheating throughout the night. Reviews of the mattress found it to be good for spinal alignment, helping to reduce significant back pain.

Despite positive reviews left on the mattress, some customers did report sagging after the first few years which caused some discomfort while sleeping. In addition, the warranty often did not cover issues that users were running into and some customers said the company was unwilling to work with them if the issue could not be clearly seen in a photo.

While great for side sleepers, the mattress may not be the right choice for heavier people who sleep on their backs, as they may sink into the mattress throughout the night.

9. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

Zinus memory foam- Top mattress for heavy people

Created through a fusion of green tea extract and ActivCharcoal, the mattress is designed to keep users from sinking into it, while at the same time waking up smelling fresh. In addition, the memory foam conforms to the body and helps sleepers to not toss and turn throughout the night. Available in a variety of sizes and firmness levels, many heavier customers stated the firmer option was the most helpful to having a good night’s sleep. Other reviews speak to the durability and stability of the mattress.

Some customers did note a mildew smell upon arrival, and that it needed to lay rolled out for a total of 72 hours before it was ready for use. However, the mattress does come with a 30-night trial and 10-year warranty so users can try it out and decide for themselves how much they like it.

10. Zinus Ultima Comfort 12-Inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

zinus ultima spring mattress

The hybrid mattress is a three-layer combination of box spring and memory foam with a medium firmness rating. The bottom layer is 7.5 inches of iCoil pocketed springs, and is topped with 0.75 inches of high-density foam and an additional five inches of comfort foam.

Despite its thin width, many customers do report that the hybrid mattress stands up to use without changing shape. Despite its lack of foam, it is known for not having much transfer of motion, making it a great option for people with chronic pain. In addition, the foam within helps to relieve pressure while at the same time taking stress away from various parts of the body. The mattress is suggested for side and back sleepers.


When purchasing a mattress, no matter what your body type, it is important to keep a few key things in mind. For example, those who are on the heavier side should look for a mattress with high ratings in durability, comfort level, and support. Any other type of mattress could result in health issues, as well as sleep deprivation.

Firmness is one important factor for heavier people. Mattresses typically come in three levels of firmness: soft, medium, and firm. Heavier people should consider mattresses that are of medium and medium-firm support in order to offer enough support for the weight that is placed on the bed each night. This type of firmness level will also result in enough comfort to get a good night’s sleep.

On that note, edge support is a similar factor when considering which mattress to purchase. The firmer the mattress is, the less likely that the edges will sink down as the user is getting in and out of bed each day.

In addition, heavier people should also consider how breathable a mattress is, as it is typical for people of this body type to overheat at night. The more breathable a mattress is the better it will be at dispersing heat and keeping the sleepers cool all night long.

In the end, it is important to do your research and look for the mattress that best suits your needs. A mattress that claims it is a best seller may not be the best for your body type or sleeping situation. Affordability and durability should also be taken into account. An average-priced mattress should be able to help ease any health problems that heavier people suffer from, including backaches, joint pain, and sore shoulders while giving the sleeper a full night of comfortable rest.

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