Best Mattress for Couples in 2020

Best Mattress for Couples

Looking to shop for a mattress for you and your S.O.? You’re on the right track. By simply Googling “best mattress for couples” (that’s how we assume you ended up here), you’re taking this task seriously.

A relationship requires two parties to meet in the middle. And you know that “best” means what’s best for both of you. So, you get bonus points for researching your options. 

There are several factors to consider as you try to reach a compromise. Your partner may sleep starfish-style or curl up in his corner of the bed. Meanwhile, you probably are a back sleeper through and through. Your body weights and types, firmness level preferences, and physical conditions like back pain also matter. 

To speed up your decision making, we already mixed and matched these variables for you. All you have to do is read through our review of brands and models.

Best Mattresses for Couples

1. Layla Mattress – Exceptional Value

Layla Mattress- Best Mattress for Couples

The Layla Mattress tops our list because of one standout feature: selectable firmness. No other manufacturer within Layla’s price point offers a 2-in-1 model. All you have to do is flip the mattress to your preferred side–firm or plush. You can also perform a two-way test to determine the more comfortable side for both of you. Back sleepers shouldn’t have any issues on either side. But if one of you is a side sleeper, you might want to lie on the soft side for a while. Stomach sleepers should stick with the firm side.

This 10-inch memory foam is copper-infused. Copper is a multitasker, killing off bacteria and keeping you cool as you snooze. Aside from providing you with enough support to relieve pressure points, the Layla mattress has a very low motion transfer and a significant hug feel. However, its Grade A- edge support is not-so-good news for couples who tend to roll toward the end of the bed.

One last interesting bit about Layla is that its mattresses are compressed and packaged in a box that you can easily carry from door to bed.

  • Easy assembly.
  • Dual-sided bed, two firmness options: soft and firm.
  • Infused self-cooling and antimicrobial copper.
  • Average edge support.
  • Low bounce, which is not great if you’re looking for that springy feel.
Why we like it
  • Offers two firmness options.
  • Infused with copper.
  • Relieves pressure points.

2. Helix Sleep – Best Hybrid Mattress

Helix sleep mattress

Backed by 30 years of bed manufacturing experience, Helix is known for its lines of customizable mattresses. It’s a company that lives and breathes the belief that people sleep differently. So it created options according to body type, sleeping position, and feel preference. What you get is an assortment of hybrid mattresses made of high-quality materials and Helix’s proprietary sleep technology.

The best part, however, is its specialty line. The Helix Dual Balanced and Helix Dual Extra are perfect for couples who have different firmness preferences. Both mattresses have a surface with a soft feel on one side and a firm feel on the other. Dual Balanced gives support to side sleepers and pressure relief. Meanwhile, Dual Extra features a body contouring capability and support for back and stomach sleepers.

Helix mattresses are also reasonably priced and delivered to any U.S. destination free of charge. They come with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period.

  • Split firmness.
  • Pocketed micro-coils that cradle the body.
  • Little to zero motion transfer.
  • Affordable standard and luxury lines.
  • May be too soft or too firm for one party.
Why we like it
  • Split firmness.
  • Supportive coil system.
  • Excellent motion isolation.

3. Loom & Leaf – Best Memory Foam Mattress

Loom and leaf mattress for couples

The Loom & Leaf mattresses play at the lower end of luxury mattresses. But that doesn’t mean the manufacturer scrimps on quality. 

The company’s unique take on memory foams includes the use of a 5-pound memory foam that is naturally cool and contouring. The mattress is also packed with multi-layer, eco-friendly support foams that enhance body contouring. The cooling spinal gel ensures you and your partner feel cool and supported. The surface is then covered with quilted, breathable organic cotton.

We find the cooling gel on the top layer a necessary compromise given that memory foams are known for “sleeping hot.” Because of this trade-off, you will feel slight movements when your partner shifts positions on their side. Further, its construction allows 2 to 6.5 inches of sinkage depending on your body size. Thus, this memory foam is best for side sleepers. Stomach and back sleepers may need to make some adjustments.

Aside from the feel, the Loom & Leaf mattresses showcase an elegant look. And from ordering to delivery, the company makes sure you only get excellent, professional service.

  • Best deal for a premium-tier bed.
  • Great for nighttime activities.
  • Contours and cools the body.
  • Memory foams are not ideal for everyone.
Why we like it
  • Provides premium sleep experience.
  • Great for amorous activities.
  • Contours and cools the body.

4. Saatva – Best Innerspring Mattress

Saatva mattress- Mattress for Couples

Saatva, the parent company of Loom & Leaf, blends comfort and support systems to ensure ultimate user satisfaction. It takes the classic coil innerspring system and tops it with memory foam comfort layers. It then encases the mattress in a Dual Perimeter edge support system, which prevents sagging and provides more sleep surface.

You and your loved one can choose among three options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. 

We recommend Luxury Firm as this model falls under medium firmness (5 to 7, with 10 as the most firm). This means it also caters to a wide variety of sleeping positions. Plush Soft is rated 3 in terms of firmness, and can work wonders for lighter weight couples. If you prefer a firm mattress and your doctor advises you to get one, you can pick out Saatva’s Firm mattress.

Relative to memory foams, Saatva’s motion transfer is a bit high. But it fares well as an innerspring mattress. If you are a light sleeper, you may want to check out something else. But if you and your partner seldom awaken at the slightest movement, Saatva is the luxury mattress you should go for.

  • Affordable luxury.
  • Support and comfort systems.
  • Caters to a wide range of sleepers.
  • Average motion isolation.
Why we like it
  • Contouring and supportive.
  • Multiple firmness options.
  • Provides more sleep surface.

5. Latex for Less – Best Latex Mattress

Best Mattress for Couples review

The Latex for Less mattress sports a flippable design with two firmness settings. On one side, it’s medium (5). On the other, it’s firm (7.5). It also comes in multiple thicknesses, with 7-inch and 9-inch models as current. The 10-inch and 12-inch models have been discontinued, but you may still find them being sold on Amazon. The two firmness settings are similar across all thickness variants.

Latex for Less mattresses scores high among all kinds of sleepers, especially side and back sleepers on the heavier side and side sleepers of average weight. It is also favored by those who like sleeping cool over all-foam mattresses. This is primarily because latex mattresses retain less body heat.

If you’re also just starting out as a couple, you might want to stick with a lower-than-average price point. This makes Latex for Less a perfect choice for you. And for the sustainability advocates out there, you’ll be happy to know that the company sources materials directly from farmers. You not only get the most affordable mattress but also sleep better on your single-source natural latex bed.

  • Temperature neutrality.
  • Medium firmness is good for sex.
  • Lower-than-average price point.
  • Sustainable.
  • Sinkage at the perimeter.
Why we like it
  • Comes in a design with flippable firmness.
  • Neutralizes temperature.
  • Good for sex.

6. Nectar Mattress- Budget Choice

Nectar Mattress for couple

Nectar only started in 2017, but it has already made a name in the world of mattresses. Its offerings are the best choice for couples on a budget. The manufacturer combines cooling, comfort, and contouring through several layers of foams. 

The breathable base layer is all about strong support. The recovery foam on top of it supports the body by providing the right bounce. The gel memory foam takes care of contouring. And then there’s the quilted gel memory foam just underneath the Tencel cooling cover. Since the surface layers work together to stimulate air circulation and wick moisture, Nectar is great for couples who like sleeping cool.

When it comes to firmness, Nectar mattresses are neither too soft nor too firm. They are just right (5.5 to 7.5). They are so molded as to cradle different body types. Aside from a budget-friendly price, Nectar also dishes out a 365-day trial period.

  • Excellent edge support.
  • Uniform sinkage for both heavier and lighter body parts.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • 365-day trial period.
  • Lacks buoyancy.
  • Memory foam layers are not ideal for stomach sleepers.
Why we like it
  • Provides universal comfort.
  • Caters to different body types.
  • Has the right bounce.

7. Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress – Best for Heavy Sleepers

Best Mattress for Couples in 2019

The bounce of a traditional innerspring mattress meets the cooling effect of gel-infused memory foam in the Alexander Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding.

Lighter couples will benefit from a bed that relieves pressure without causing too much sinkage. You will also feel enough support despite the soft surface. You have the pocketed coil system at the base to thank for that. Even if one of you tends to lie near the edge, you will still feel supported. 

For those who want to sleep undisturbed, the Alexander Signature Hybrid is impressive in its ability to isolate movements. It’s copper-infused so you can also stay cool and comfortable all night long. And for couples who specifically avoid insane retail prices, Nest Bedding presents you with competitive prices. 

Choose from Medium, Luxury Firm, Plush, Split Medium/Luxury Firm, Split Luxury Firm/Plush, and Split Plush/Medium.

  • Innerspring mattress with an excellent plush feel.
  • Provides universal comfort.
  • Good motion transfer.
  • Takes time to decompress after unboxing.
  • Bed retains a little heat.
Why we like it
  • Has multiple firmness options.
  • Reduces motion transfer significantly.
  • Affordable prices for a premium quality mattress.

8. WinkBeds Plus Mattress – Best for Heavy Couples

Winkbeds mattress for couples

WinkBeds, an eco-friendly mattress maker, creates some of the heftier options on the market. In particular, the WinkBeds Plus Mattress caters to couples on the heavier side. If you can’t risk rolling off the bed, the reinforced edge of WinkBeds Plus is your friend. For more comfort, it also provides enough support at the center. 

This mattress is also said to keep back and neck pain away. With a firm structure, WinkBeds Plus creates very few pressure points for back and stomach sleepers. It may not be ideal for side sleepers, though. The bouncy feel of its supportive coils allows you to switch sleeping positions with ease. Your comfort is maximized due to its layers of cooling gel and responsive latex.

Hands down, this is the best investment for couples who are above 200 pounds. You can see from its stitching to inner materials that it’s super durable.

  • Cooling system helps you withstand summer nights.
  • Pressure point support.
  • Super durable.
  • High motion transfer.
  • Less contouring or sinkage due to firm structure.
Why we like it
  • Relieves pressure points.
  • Sleeps relatively cool.
  • Lasts long.

Know Before You Buy

Things to Consider Before You Buy A Mattress

Construction & Materials

Couples would love to lurk in a bed that’s not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing. Form and function must meet in the middle. A well-constructed bed must then support their sleep and other activities. They can choose between a hybrid and innerspring for that traditional bounce with contouring. The right kind of memory foam mattress or latex mattress can also make them feel ready for sexytime.

Strike a balance between the cooling and responsive properties of springs and the cradling and motion isolating features of memory foam. It all starts with knowing what’s inside the mattress you’re infatuated with.

Firmness & Feel

A bed with a split firmness feature is the answer to couples who can’t meet in the middle. The one who likes a soft surface can stay on the plush side. The other can enjoy the firm side all to himself/herself. If you’re willing to agree on a comfortable feel, keep searching. Mattresses with firmness options can shed light on your dilemma.

On a practical note, firm mattresses are built to last longer–thanks to the layers and materials inside them which make them stronger. So, if you’re the partner who craves the fuzzy feel, you might want to go one or 2 levels firmer for good measure.

Lift & Bounce

Do you know what’s cool about clouds? You can float on or sink in them. To each human his or her own metaphor. But when you’re in the middle of a passionate night, too much sink can make you feel like drowning. Not cool. An elevating, bouncy bed, on the other hand, can take you straight to paradise.


Do you sweat excessively when you sleep? This can be the effect of your current mattress. All-foam designs tend to drive this event, especially if the foams are thick. Gel, copper, green tea, and other cooling components infused in memory foam mattress can improve the situation. But normally, we would just advise you to pick a hybrid or an innerspring. Talalay latex has improved breathability as well.

Motion Transfer

This is an important feature when you’re sharing your bed with somebody else. Even if he or she is your S.O., you can still get frustrated when your sleep is interrupted by the slightest movements from him or her. For solo sleepers, this may not be a deal-breaker. But to you, it is. It should be. Technological advances now allow almost all mattress types to achieve motion isolation.


Under $500 options exist for couples who are on a tight budget. Perhaps you’re also just searching for a starter mattress. It can be hard to find a cheap yet high-quality model. You have to scour the internet for the most trusted ratings and reviews. 

Good news is that we already did that for you! Read our full review of our candidates for the best cheap mattress 2020.

The under $1,000 range can still be quite limiting in terms of quality. But there are hybrids, innerspring, memory foams, and latex foams to choose from. Meanwhile, you can get access to premium quality within the below $2,000 range.

Upward of $2,000, it’s likely that the available choices are super customized. We’re talking about the IntelliCoil HD System, PrecisionEdge System, and the PrimaCool gel memory foam of Stearns & Foster for example.

Other Factors

Free shipping and returns are set in place by trusted brands. The sleep trial is also included. This is now standard practice across online and traditional mattress companies. The main difference is in the length. Another point of difference is the warranty they provide. Some give 5 or 10, others can go up to 20 or higher. A few don’t want to be beaten and dish out lifetime warranties.


What if you and your partner can’t decide on a bed based on the considerations above? Don’t worry. There is another way to resolve this matter. Go for a mattress that’s compatible with both of your sizes and sleeping style. In other words, it’s time the two of you learn the meaning of compromise.


The groupings based on body weight that you’ll see below are based on our extensive research. We just want standard data across our site, so it’s up to you if you will subscribe to them or not. For instance, we used them in the table to help our readers determine if a firm mattress is for them and how firm.

Read our review of the best firm mattresses in 2020.

We always follow the 1-10 firmness scale as well, where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest.

Weight Group Needed or Preferred Firmness Level By People in the Group

Below Average (<130 Pounds)4 (Medium Soft) 
Average (130 to 230 Pounds)5 (Medium) to 6 (Medium Firm)
Above Average (>230 Pounds)7 (Firm) and Higher

Sleeping Positions

Back sleepers – Do you or your partner like to lie flat on your back and gaze aimlessly at the ceiling? This is the most common position, so it’s not surprising if you like it. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of models catering to your type. But a firm mattress will maximize the natural alignment of your spine. 

Maybe pick a plush mattress topper if you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Stomach sleepers – This could be tough. If one of you is a stomach sleeper, the other must forgo the desire to hit the sack and just sink into slumber. It’s a recipe for neck and shoulder aches for your partner. What you should look for in a mattress with a good lift. The firm is still the keyword here, dear friend.

Side sleepers – Not all of the beds that hug the body can promise to support the hips and shoulders of a side sleeper. Finding one that has zoning features can help. A medium-firm model should also alleviate your or your partner’s pressure points.

Combination sleepers – This may seem like the best position because you get to try it all. But if you’re a combo sleeper, you know it can be pretty difficult. Sometimes, it feels as if you can’t find the most comfortable position to enter dreamland. Shifting frequently can also disturb your partner’s sleep. Two things: get a firm bed that facilitates ease of movement, and make sure it isolates motion well.

The Verdict

Now that you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to consult your partner if you haven’t yet. It’s actually more fun if you have someone who does things with you, including mattress shopping. If both of you want to confirm which mattress is the right fit for your sleeping position, body weight, and physical conditions, check out our guide on how to choose a mattress

As you’ve seen from the choices, the prices are affordable and competitive. There are also various levels of firmness. As a couple, you are making an investment in your relationship. So do not settle for anything less than what the two of you want.

Before we part, we would just like to say that your safety is our priority. All of the brands and models mentioned here are guaranteed safe. They all bear the CertiPUR-US certification, and you can verify this information on their respective websites. It also goes without saying that quality, not price, should be your standard. As such, we don’t recommend anything below $500 because of the risk of toxicity.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy doing research and brainstorming with your S.O. Buying a mattress shouldn’t be overwhelming. And you don’t have to do it alone.

How did you find our best mattress for couples review? Which one are you eyeing to purchase? Let us know in the comments.