What is the Best Bed Size for Couples to Sleep in?

Best Bed Size

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Is it King or Queen? What about Split King? The abundance of choices can sometimes paralyze consumers. It can confuse you to the point that all options look appealing, making you fear you’ll miss out. 

Don’t let the trendy and shiny blind you. Just because your friends swear by their California King doesn’t mean you should get one, too. When you are after the best bed size for you and your Significant Other, the smart move is to consider several essential factors.

You’re up for some basic yet interesting checklist of things to know before you buy. Of course, we’ll look at the Queen and why it is the most preferred size among couples. But if you also have questions like “How many people can sleep in a Double bed?” We’re going to answer some of those, too.

Go ahead and browse this guide for the lowdown on the best mattress sizes for couples.

Standard Options


A queen-size mattress measures 60 x 80 inches (width x length). It fits most master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. If you and your partner choose this, you’ll have 30 inches of width space each. That’s not bad, especially if you love to cuddle together. This size is also the most common in the mattress world. So it’s easy to find one in your desired bed type, from foam to hybrid.

Usually, this popular option has the median price among a model’s sizes. Any budget has its corresponding set of high-quality choices. When you invest in a Queen, you may be able to expand its use to accommodate children or pets in the future. Make sure that you’ll place this in a room that won’t look and feel cramped afterward. Meaning, there’s still space for two persons to move around comfortably.


Next, the King has dimensions of 76 x 80 inches. So it adds 8 inches of width space to each side. This size is the second-most popular one. Fit for royals, it is large enough to allow couples to stretch and switch positions. You often find this in hotels or master bedrooms. And it can act as an area for doing other activities, including working, chilling out, or being intimate.

Its price is a bit higher than that of its Queen counterpart. It’s like the peak of the price range for a certain model. But, more often than not, it proves to be a worthy purchase. A growing family can share it. And when your home is roomy, it can complement the space, giving it a touch of sophistication and beauty.

Split King

Typically, these are two Twin XL beds put side-by-side to make a King. You can go this route if you want to customize the firmness on each side. It can also be a less expensive option for some customers.

California King

This bed size is popular in the West Coast and a typical feature in Hollywood mansions. Hence, the moniker. It also goes by its other name, by the way: Western King. Its main difference from a Standard King is its dimensions. Its dimensions are 72 x 84. Take the 4 inches from the width, add it to the length instead, and voila! You now have the longest mattress.

Cal King shares the same price as the King edition. It makes for an ideal pick for places with narrow and long layouts. If you’re drawn to odd designs, you may also want this to be your centerpiece. But at the most practical sense, this size is built for tall individuals. You can take advantage of the extra legroom if you and/or your partner are around 6 inches tall.

Other Options

Twin/Twin XL

Twin and Twin XL mattresses are 38 x 75 inches and 38 x 80 inches, respectively. They are not recommended for couples because of their narrow surface. However, as we said earlier, you can combine two Twin XLs to create a Split King. You can do this if you want to save some money. But it’s also for customizing the firmness level of each side.

You can buy two Twins if you happen to sleep separately. In the movies or on TV shows, you may come across such scenarios. Royals and presidents, for instance, may not share a bed. That is if we’re going by what’s depicted in The Crown or House of Cards. Certainly, the characters there aren’t using Twin mattresses. But you can, especially if you’re on a budget and space is limited.

Double/Double XL

The Full or Double bed covers 54 x 75 inches. It’s just as long as the Twin, but wider. You can enjoy more freedom and flexibility here if you’re single. But if you have a co-sleeper, that will leave you with 27 inches of width each to explore. Meanwhile, a longer double-size mattress is not just a dream. 

At 54 x 80 inches, the Double XL gives tall people an opportunity to extend those legs. It’s almost like a Queen, right? If you have a lower budget, you may opt for either the Double or Double XL. But sometimes, the difference between their price and the bigger Queen’s price is minimal. 

So consider the floor space next. If you need a sleeping space that doesn’t take up much room, Double or Double XL is your best bet.

Olympic Queen

This may be the first time you’re encountering this size. It comes in 66 x 80 inches. It’s the same length as the Standard Queen, but wider. It throws in another 3 inches each to each side of the mattress. And that works for those who toss and turn a lot in their sleep.

It can occupy most rooms that a Queen can. But the Olympic Queen may come at a higher price. Plus, you may have a hard time shopping for accessories in this size. But isn’t it good to know that you have this option?

California Queen

It seems like the West Coast has also created its own version of Queen. This one shares the same length as Cal King. Basically, it adds 4 inches to the Queen’s length, so it measures 60 x 84 inches. Clearly, it’s an upgrade meant for couples who are tall. Having that additional room to stretch your legs can add to that relaxing feeling.

It may be of the same price as the Standard Queen. But sheets that fit this size may also be rare. If you’re going for a Cal Queen, might as well have the linens tailor-fit to your mattress.

Benefits of Choosing the Correct Mattress Size


The benefits differ based on the actual size you choose. But when it comes to King vs Queen, one particular effect is on the closeness of the couple. With Queen, there is less wide space to snooze in. This can promote more snuggling and cuddling. By no means, this suggests that a king-size mattress won’t encourage intimacy between partners. However, the latter has a smaller surface area that “forces” it.

Granted, we’re thinking of couples who are in their early years of being together. In this phase, they are keen to pursue oneness. So a queen-size bed is a common choice for this cohort. And it can have some positive emotional and psychological impact. When two people bond through physical touch, they can grow more intimate. In turn, the connection can help them beat daily stresses and improve their communication.

Best Bed Size for Couples

Better Sex

The right size provides adequate space for couples to enjoy sex. It could happen before you sleep or after you wake up, so the bed plays a huge role. The wrong size could kill the mood. You may have to find another spot or risk encountering some issues under the sheets. In some cases, your bedroom is the only place where you and your S.O. can be private. 

On top of size, the mattress should be bouncy and resilient. A latex foam or a latex hybrid is ideal in this regard. You also won’t want the top layers to sink in too much. And yet, you don’t want them to lift you without offering a little give. When it comes to these factors, balance is the byword.

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Back Pain

Have you ever squeezed yourself with friends or family into one bed as a kid? Maybe you did it for fun. Also, you were probably smaller then. But imagine doing that now.

As an adult, you may wake up to pain and soreness if you get stuck in a tight space. The situation may force you to stay in awkward positions. This can disrupt the natural alignment of your spine. Your back may feel hurt afterward. At the same time, it can put a strain on other body parts, not to mention that it will be so uncomfortable.

Hitting the hay should be comfortable and supportive. If you got the best bed size, you can freely extend your limbs. There is room to toss and turn with the space divided equally (ideally) between the two of you. Plus, you get to maximize pressure point support, especially for your spine.

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Increased Space

Over time, couples may have more money and more people in their household. There will also be a point when they will need their individual spaces. This doesn’t mean sleeping in separate beds. But for instance, one tends to roll toward the edge. That person will probably still want to roll back toward the middle freely. A large mattress, in this regard, will enable you to achieve such wants.

It could be that you bought a bigger house and now have a huge master bedroom. Your old double-size bed may seem misplaced in that space. It’s all right to upgrade, especially if you have the means to do it. The increased surface area will give you the flexibility to move as you please. And it will offer your body the chance to rest without constraints.


The best bed size for you can also complement the look and layout of your room. A King or Queen can easily jazz up a spacious nest. For narrow and long units, a California King can do some wonders. Your body will thank you for how comfortable the mattress is. But your eyes, heart, and mind will love you for the harmonious, Zen feeling hovering over you.

Further, the perfect fit should not make the room look and feel cramped. There is a gap for you to move in and out of the bed. As much as possible, you should be able to place the mattress at the center or near a wall. If your area is limited, then it should still provide you with storage underneath.

Motion Isolation

You may be familiar with motion isolation. This is the bed’s ability to contain movements within the area where they were generated. For instance, if you are restless at night, you probably toss and turn a lot. Your movements should not disrupt the slumber of your partner. And you should be able to switch positions as you please. Reverse the situation and you will still benefit from good motion isolation. 

In choosing mattresses in general, consider this factor. But if you pick the right size with this feature, it will even be more effective. You can have your own side where you aren’t bothered by motion coming from your partner. If it’s you who shifts too much in bed, then you spare them from the negative consequences of your habit.


This last item is a factor to consider as much as it is a benefit. After thinking about the importance of buying the right bed size, you probably have an amount in mind. You might be telling yourself this is the price that aligns with a King, Queen, etc. A simple Google search can confirm your hunch. And then you can adjust your expectations accordingly.

But once you spend your budget on the correct mattress, you will be able to reap the returns later on. It’s meant for the long-term. You will soon see that you can use the bed up to the end of its lifetime. The bottom line is, you won’t be changing it every few years. And you can congratulate yourself for making such a smart investment for your relationship.

Best Bed Size for Couples

After looking at the dimensions and benefits, you may have an idea about the best bed size for you. While it may be easy for us to recommend one for you, it will really depend on your preferences and priorities. You will decide for yourself at the end of the day. But we are happy to provide you with the tools and information you need.

However, if we are to analyze the situation of couples in general, here are some of our thoughts:

  • Like the public, we think that the Queen mattress reigns in terms of dimensions, capacity, and pricing. It fits a standard master bedroom. 
  • If you can afford it, budget-wise and space-wise, invest in a King bed. This applies to couples from young to old. Give yourselves a chance to cuddle and enjoy your individual sides. And leave some margin for a third family member and so forth.
  • Twin XL, Double, and California King/Queen have their own place and time. If your case is unique, you may want to look at these options as prescribed in the previous sections.
  • Skip the Twin version. Having a partner means you now share parts of your life with another person. So say goodbye to your childhood and single days, when you used to snooze solo.


So here we are, at the end of another guide. We hope you find the information here useful in your mattress shopping. Before buying, consider the best bed size for you and your partner. Don’t just go for what other couples are using. The two of you have your own particular needs. And you need to consider those. Plus, there are criteria for this kind of thing.

As we like to say, think of your mattress as an investment. It is not only built to help you sleep well. It also exists to nurture and sustain your most intimate relationship. So, go ahead and make the smart choice.

The best bed size is the one that can provide you both. When it comes to yours and your partner’s wellbeing, do not settle for anything less.

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