Best Air Mattress Review in 2020

Best Air Mattress

Camping out or having guests over requires some savvy skills in logistics. On top of that, you really need good bedding to make the experience dreamy, not nightmarish. An air mattress would be the perfect accessory in such occasions.

Peep our best air mattress review before you navigate the bouncy and quite tricky world of bed shopping. We scoured the web for the top-rated and most-reviewed airbeds. Find the one that fits your needs, quirks, budget, and plans. 

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There were many to choose from, but our page space and time are both limited. So when this kind of thing happens, we are glad we have developed a method to decide which qualifies as best on your behalf. We’ll talk more about our approach at the end of this guide. But first, have a look at the Table of Contents to see what we have in store for you.

All right, we’ve hyped up our list enough. You want no further warming up. Let’s give you the list.

Best Air Mattress – Individual Reviews

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep is a family-owned business that specializes in sleep products. It is known for its air mattresses, which serve a variety of needs. Thousands of satisfied customers have provided positive reviews about its indoor model, the Dream Series. And so, why don’t we find out what makes this collection a hit?

For a start, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Queen Size is elevated as if you’re sleeping on a traditional mattress. It’s not meant to replace a permanent bed, but this should last a long time when used to house guests and as needed. Setup should be a no-brainer. The patented 1-click internal pump should inflate it in a breeze.

Soundasleep air mattress

Comfort and support are balanced with two key features. ComfortCoil Technology uses 40 internal coils to keep the bed flat and firm. Added support to prevent sliding comes with the SureGrip bottom. Spills and punctures are two of the most annoying things to happen on an air mattress. But the Dream Series got you covered with its really thick flocked top. 

One common issue faced by customers is that this temp mattress loses air after several hours. But letting the bed flex and stretch (add some air to flex) should fix the issue. We suggest leaving it inflated for a day or two after initial use. A queen-sized Dream Series sells at $159.99. But it’s currently on sale at $119.95.

  • ComfortCoil Technology and SureGrip bottom work together to keep the bed flat, firm, and stable.
  • Thick but soft flocked top is waterproof and puncture-resistant.
  • Short time to inflate using the 1-click internal pump.
  • Affordable luxury.
  • Takes some technique to keep the air bed inflated throughout the night (when this is done, the inflated mattress retains its firmness all the way).
Why we like it
  • Inflates easily.
  • Keeps flat, firm, and stable.
  • Comes at a great price.

2. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat Pump

Insta-Bed produces airbeds that are perfect for those who travel regularly. The brand seeks to provide comfortable sleep especially to those who don’t want any surprises in their accommodation. The company has designed most of its products using the NeverFlat Technology.

Arguably, the best air mattress from Insta-Bed is the Raised Air Mattress with NeverFlat Pump. The item actually bears the Amazon’s Choice badge. Its raised height enables you to sleep as if you are on a conventional bed. It allows you to go in and out of bed easier. This airbed also comes in plush, medium, or firm for more customized comfort. 

Insta Bed Raised

Getting good support is also possible with this air mattress due to its 35 circular coils and vertical and horizontal reinforcements. But there’s more happening in the background after you’ve inflated the Insta-bed Raised Mattress. The NeverFlat Pump is activated and maintains air pressure while you sleep. Insta-bed calls it the secondary pump. It keeps the bed from deflating overnight and works silently so.

If you travel and want a reliable mattress wherever you go, you can carry this one with you. A nifty carry bag is included in the package. Make sure to use it only indoors as intended, even if it can be tempting to take it out to camping. The Insta-Bed Raised Mattress with NeverFlat Pump is sold at $174.95. It is also available in King and Twin Air Mattress Sizes.

  • Air mattress that can be carried anywhere, making it ideal for travelers.
  • Offers good support and stability while you sleep.
  • Elevation mimics that of a traditional mattress.
  • Built-in pump technology keeps the bed inflated overnight.
  • Can be hard to obtain for customers on a budget.
Why we like it
  • Inflates fast and all night.
  • Offers great support.
  • Raises as high as traditional mattress.

3. Intex Dura-Beam Pillow Rest Mid-Rise Airbed with Internal Pump

Intex strives to be an innovative company in the family product business. It distributes a wide range of items, from air beds and furniture to spas and pools. It matches high-quality goods with exceptional customer service. Throughout the years, the company has also worked on improving its carbon footprint.

With sustainability and excellence in mind, it dishes out air mattresses that are great for indoor and outdoor use. One of its most popular offerings is the Dura-Beam Pillow Rest Mid-Rise Airbed with Internal Pump. This all-around bed features Fiber-Tech Technology, which employs thousands of high-strength polyester fibers. The surface feels soft and velvety. These qualities combine to provide you with maximum comfort and support.

Intex dura air mattress

To ensure your firmness preference is achieved, a built-in AC electric pump can be used to adjust the firmness level of the mattress. This same device will inflate and deflate the bed in minutes. Speaking of built-in, there’s no need for pillows when you’re sleeping on the Dura-Beam airbed. It already contains one, which is enough to give you comfort while you snooze.

This queen airbed is ideal for guests as well as camping or traveling. It is lightweight and durable. And it’s one of the most affordable solutions on the market. A queen version starts at $49.99. Similarly, a king or twin air mattress will cost more or less. If you’re lucky, you can score an even cheaper deal on Amazon.

  • Provides support and comfort.
  • Firmness level can be customized with built-in electric pump.
  • Lightweight and durable, so it’s applicable in many settings.
  • Very affordable.
  • Some may not be able to use the carrying bag (although this depends a bit on the folding technique).
Why we like it
  • Supportive and comfortable.
  • Portable and useful in many settings.
  • Very affordable.

4. King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress

King Koil seeks to provide its customers with luxury sleep experience. Through the years, the company has built a name for itself backed by prestigious awards and endorsements. It is the only manufacturer endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association. It follows that the King Koil treatment is expected to be first class.

This is the company that manufactures and distributes its own mattresses. If you haven’t tried it, make the King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress your introductory option. By “raised”, we mean 20 inches of thickness. If only for this, King Koil is already a standout. This gives you the feeling of sleeping on a real bed. Although that doesn’t mean you should be buying this for permanent use. 

King koli luxury mattress

Another quality that enhances your slumber is the comfort this luxury mattress provides. Thanks to Comfort Coil Technology, it maintains its shape and firmness. So you can sleep without worrying if it will lose air and stability. Pro-tip: Set the firmness level you desire by letting the mattress inflate up to that point.

One more interesting feature of the King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress is its ability to carry up to 600 pounds. This makes it an ideal camping bed for couples. Just bump the firmness up to the maximum to reduce motion transfer. Unfortunately, airbeds still lack the tech to isolate motion as traditional mattresses efficiently do.

The King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress Queen retails at $179.95. But it’s currently available at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s website. Depending on your needs, you may also opt for a king or twin air mattress.

  • Thick mattress which resembles the height of traditional mattresses.
  • Maintains shape and firmness throughout your sleep.
  • Adjustable firmness level using internal pump.
  • Overwhelming positive reviews on online stores.
  • Carrying capacity of 600 pounds
  • No significant negative review has been found.
Why we like it
  • Maintains shape and firmness.
  • Works for heavyweight sleepers.
  • Well-liked by verified Amazon buyers.

5. Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double High Airbed

Coleman is a well-established brand that makes outdoor appliances and items. You’ve probably bought Coleman cookware and grills, camping items, and drinkware. Thus, the same high standard applied to its products is expected in its line of airbeds. Whether you need one for yourself or for family and friends coming for a visit, a Coleman air mattress should be on your shortlist.

We recommend the Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double High Airbed. It’s thick enough to mimic the feel of a long-term mattress. It has the capacity to handle the weight of two persons. That’s great news for partners or people hosting several friends in their home. Despite the size, this airbed is pretty quick to set up.

Best Air Mattress

With regard to pressure, the firmness you reached when you first pumped it up with air is maintained because of its AirTight system. The PillowTop design provides you with a raised edge to keep pillows from slipping off your head or bed. You won’t have to worry about odor, mildew, or fungus ruining the surface because it’s antimicrobial. With all these positive features, you’ll be ready to roll out this one for other people’s use.

One more thing you don’t usually find in an air mattress is good edge support. Yet the Coleman SupportRest does not disappoint in this area. You can sit on the edge of the bed without falling off it or, at the least, feeling like you will. It’s a worthy investment for an $84.99 inflated bed (Queen).

  • Firmness is maintained throughout use.
  • Raised edge keeps pillows in place.
  • Great edge support.
  • Antimicrobial surface is resistant to odor, mildew, or fungus.
  • Affordable price for its quality.
  • Size can be smaller than standard queen-size according to some users.
Why we like it
  • Keeps you and pillows in place.
  • Great edge support.
  • Built for the outdoors.

6. Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Mattress

Fox Airbeds is known for producing superior-quality mattresses. It is the brand behind the Plush High Rise Mattress, which comes in 4 sizes: King, Queen, Full, and Twin. This air mattress‘ prices are affordable despite the premium label.

What sets apart its mattresses is the stability and support they provide. The air flow design prevents you from bouncing on and toward the middle of the airbed. Those who require strong back support will appreciate its super flat surface as well. The edges are also stable, which is rare among air mattresses.

Fox Airbeds plush

The Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Mattress also lives up to its name. It’s high enough to enable easy and convenient transitioning in and out of the bed. Its sides are made of 60-inch vinyl, much thicker than what others use, allowing for greater capacity. But what we really find impressive is that you don’t need to wait for the mattress to stretch and over-inflate to get the right firmness.

Try this one if you need an alternative mattress or an extra for accommodating guests. A queen-size airbed should be able to cradle two people. With this one, you’re confident that you and your visitors will wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Elevated like traditional beds for getting in and out of it more easily.
  • Inflates to the right firmness.
  • Cushions you toward the middle of the bed.
  • Stable edges for greater support.
  • Thicker than usual airbeds, enough to handle two people.
  • Some users reported about the sizes being smaller than standard ones.
Why we like it
  • Rises as high as traditional beds.
  • Achieves right firmness.
  • Can carry two sleepers.

7. Wondersleep Classic Series Air Mattress

Wondersleep takes pride in its soft inflatable mattresses. The company continues to develop and improve its offerings in order to deliver its promise of restful nights to customers. It desires to make them easy to use and portable. Like the others, the airbeds work best if they’re used temporarily and sporadically.

The Wondersleep Classic Air Mattress is made for such times. It is flat and firm, so you can sleep peacefully throughout the night. No anxieties about beds deflating and people ending up snoozing on the floor. The flocked surface is thick and waterproof, giving a great deal of comfort. It is also durable and puncture-proof. The reinforced bottom, on the other hand, prevents slippage. 

Wondersleep Air Mattress

The air compressor of the Wondersleep Classic is built-in. That speeds up the pumping, so you have your bed ready in more or less 5 minutes. A queen-size Classic costs $89.99. Some online stores offer discounts on the item. However, the price is already relatively cheap.

  • Stable support from top to bottom.
  • Top is thick, durable, waterproof, and puncture-resistant.
  • Cushions you toward the middle of the bed.
  • Easy to set up.
  • One of the cheapest options on the market.
  • The need for stretching and flexing occurred more frequently in some users’ experience.
Why we like it
  • Gives stable support.
  • Durable, waterproof, and puncture-resistant.
  • Easy to set up.

8. AirExpect Airbed

AirExpect is a home improvement brand based in China. It has been in business since 2013. The company says it has acquired certification for being green and safe. It also allows returns of its products should they fail to deliver on the AirExpect promise.

The AirExpect Airbed, however, seems to have exceeded expectations as attested to by online customers. It combines high-tech duracoil technology with 21 internal coils that result in the 3 essential benefits of an airbed: support, comfort, and durability.

Airexpect bed mattress

For that plush feel, this air mattress sports a suede top, reinforced by a puncture-resistant and waterproof material. It takes several quick minutes to set it up thanks to its built-in pump. When inflated, it can carry as much as 660 pounds. It’s ideal to use both in-house and on camping trips.

You can get an AirExpect Queen Airbed for a little over $100. But some online stores are selling it for a fraction of the original price.

  • Excellent support, comfort, and durability.
  • Top is thick, durable, waterproof, and puncture-resistant.
  • Soft flocking top provides added support.
  • Can carry up to 660 pounds, perfect for people with bed partners.
  • Built-in pump for faster setup.
  • Works in-house and in camping trips
  • Affordable premium-quality airbed
  • Some users think it should have a better system to scoop the body into the middle.
Why we like it
  • Fast setup through built-in pump.
  • Works for home and camping use.
  • Good quality yet affordable.

9. Noble Double High Raised Air Mattress

Noble creates mattresses made of eco-friendly PVC. These are sold on online stores like Amazon at affordable prices. Among its offerings is the Noble Queen Double High Raised Air Mattress. It can be used for both home and outdoor purposes.

Noble Double High Raised Air Mattress

What you might like about this airbed is that it promotes good posture while you lie down. It is constructed with coil beam technology to help you avoid sinking in your slumber. The soft flocking top is covered with suede for that extra comfort and body support. The whole bed is also waterproof and puncture-resistant. Children and pets can play on it without you worrying about damages.

With 18 inches of thickness, it is also high enough to give you that conventional mattress feeling. It’s much easier to get in and out of bed. The built-in pump is a no-brainer. Just turn the dial one way to inflate and the opposite to deflate. Sheets or no sheets, the surface is so soft that it might lull you to sleep fast and furious.

Your package will come with a carry bag. You can also use any secondary pump you like in case there’s no outlet where you’re bringing it to. Five minutes is already long for setting it up. A plus for couples: the airbed can hold up to 600 pounds.

  • Stable and firm, no sagging at night.
  • High enough to not restrict movements.
  • Resistant to spills and punctures.
  • Soft pillow-like cover provides maximum comfort.
  • Optimized for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Thick and strong enough to carry two people.
  • Really affordable.
  • It emits a strong odor during the first few days of use.
Why we like it
  • Comfortable, durable, stable, and firm.
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Supports 2 people.

10. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

Etekcity is an e-commerce company dedicated to providing homes with automation technology, home improvement items, and outdoor equipment. It upholds excellent products and exceptional end-to-end customer service. It’s made the processing of the order is available 24/7.

Product-wise, Etekcity continues to innovate. Its air mattress for camping is one of its kind in terms of customization. The Etekcity Camping Air Mattress sports the latest wave beam inner support to ensure durability and stability. This is better than coil-beam construction. It has undergone and This is better than coil-beam construction. like lead, phthalates, and cadmium. Its cover is thicker by 20%, but still puncture-resistant and waterproof.

There are also several qualities in which Etekcity wins. For one, it can be inflated in around 90 seconds. The 2-in-1 valve employs the first valve to put air into your bed quickly. The second valve is made for adding air to reach your desired level of firmness. For another, this camping air mattress can carry up to 650 pounds. That’s much better for those who like to camp out in groups.

An Etekcity falls under the affordable category starting at $89.99. It’s shipped free and comes with a 2-year warranty. This means you can extend your first-year warranty as long as you have your order number. A carry bag and adapters are included in your package.

  • Better construction material for support than before.
  • Passed 65 tests for non-toxic chemicals.
  • Customized firmness via a second valve.
  • Fastest claim time for inflation and deflation of air bed.
  • Low-maintenance airbed.
  • Made for camping and complete with outdoor items like carry bag and adapters.
  • Very affordable camping air mattress.
  • It may lose air pressure.
Why we like it
  • Uses supportive, non-toxic materials.
  • Customizes firmness through a second valve.
  • Made for the outdoors like camping.

Know Before You Buy

When you search for the best air mattress online, it can be hard to choose only one. You’ll probably end up with 3-5 options. Honestly, all of our recommendations here are great as they are. They’re like your children. You love them all–equally. The thing is, you have one or two favorites. But you have to pick one in the end.

So, here are some criteria to help you streamline your decision-making:

Construction & Design

The best air mattress models prioritize construction and design. The former pertains to the support the airbed provides, or how flat and firm it stays throughout your sleep. When you read about stability and durability, those also have to do with construction. Meanwhile, design usually refers to the cover or sides, what materials were used in them, and how those materials present benefits like puncture-resistant or plush or waterproof.


Air mattresses are made for temporary or sporadic use. They are not meant to replace real beds. Usually, people buy them as extra bedding. The most common purpose is to accommodate guests who are staying for a short time.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Tied with purpose is the setting. Determine what you need a mattress for. Will you be using it indoors, or will you be taking it out to camping trips? There are just a few air mattresses on our list that serve both purposes. The good thing is that that would really narrow down your option now.


A queen-size inflated bed has the capacity to carry two persons. Of course, a full or twin air mattress may only be good for a solo sleeper. A king is good for couples and for guests composed of a group of friends or family members.


Air mattresses are cheaper than traditional mattresses. Still, you’ll need to shell out a few hundred bucks to afford a luxury brand. Our list covers a wide range of prices to attend to most needs.

Other Factors

These are your seller terms, such as shipping, returns, warranty, etc.

The Verdict

We have given you a list of the best air mattress brands and models we found online. All of them have their respective strengths and weaknesses. But we’ve found that the pros always outweigh the cons. It’s our criteria that have helped us further eliminate other good choices. We hope you can also use this system to arrive at a favorable conclusion.

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