BedInABox Mattress Review 2020

BedInAbox Mattress review

BedInABox is an American Brand, known for its vast range of high-quality bedding products. They include Mattresses, Foundations, adjustable beds, pillows, sheets, and mattress accessories. The brand promotes its products through the authorized retailers all over the United States from San Francisco to Philadelphia, and Florida. I have bought many of the products from BedInABox and found them to be comfortable and healthy.

The range of products from BedInABox can benefit everyone who has just come out of the cradle to the ones who need crutches to stand and walk. They give comfort and rest to the body. They relieve the stress and eliminate fatigue. They induce natural sleep and prevent insomnia. They absorb pain in joints and connective tissues. They reduce and heal the pain in the lower back, spinal cord, upper back, and neck. You can learn more about the benefits and how you can have them as you read further.

BedInABox Mattresses Review – My Experience with The Brand!

I wrote this review for three solid reasons. Number one, I wanted to express my gratitude for being able to enjoy a sound sleep today. Number two, to share my experience of getting relief from the joint pain that used to bother me. Number three is to share my joy of having a healthy body and a sharp mind at 40+.

BedInABox offers a vast range of mattresses with a unique name for each model. Serenity, Silk Symphony, ADAGIO, AZUL, TRANQUILLIUM, and PACBED (Original and LITE) are some of the models you can find right now on the website. The designers have used the combination of softness and firmness in various ratios to enhance your sleeping and resting experience for better.

Serenity Mattress

BedInABox’s Serenity mattress is made from multiple layers of support foam, comfort foam, and quilted top cover. I’ll go in details about this particular mattress because that’s the one I’ve been using for some time now.

Support Foam

The support foam is a combination of two distinct layers, made from sure-align support foam and soy material transitional foam. The core is made of 2.2lb density material. Initially I thought soy was meant to be a food grade material that is useful for making recipes. But my perception changed after I came across Serenity mattress.


The Micro-flow design of Soy-based foam provides enhanced compression strength, structural stability, and thermal insulation. Rigidity factor of the foam makes it capable of carrying heavier weights and absorbing the stress. The mattress can support the weight of 2+ kids with absolutely no problems. The most appreciable factor is its firmness without dimensional breakdown for years. The same design makes it capable of enduring the harsh climatic conditions wherever you take it.

Soy-based foam mattress

Weight Distribution

Even distribution of body weight across all the directions is the other quality feature of soy foam and the align support foam. You may sleep at the center or the edge, your body weight gets distributed evenly. The core at the bottom foam extends its support to the top layer of the comfort foam and the quilted top cover. The material can support most heavy-weight individuals to provide maximum relief to the body and mind. According to my personal observation, the layers don’t bulge or expand when you roll on the mattress randomly. Also, the recoiling force is too low to cause any body ache.

Posture Support

The BedInABox Serenity mattress can support anybody posture while sleeping. You may sleep on your back, stomach, or side. You may stretch your arms and legs in any of the angles over the mattress. I have seen some elders sleep in the baby posture. All of them experienced a sound sleep with no signs of internal disturbances from the body and mind. Psychologists call it the state of dreamless sleep. Your body and mind go through the initial stages of sleep to the sound state within the shortest span of time.

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Stress Absorption

The hectic schedule during the day can fill your body with stress. You may use the hot shower to get relief, but it works only partially. Your supper can reduce fatigue by 30%. It is only when you stretch your body on the mattress, you feel a real sense of “stress relief”. You don’t have to make any extra effort to reach a state of blissful sleep. The combination of the materials, design, and the construction make it happen. The most important part of stress absorption is from your hips and the lower back. Personally I have tried many other mattresses. I even tried sleeping on the floor with no mattress support. But nothing seemed to work for me until I came across BedInABox.

Comfort Foam

Serenity Mattress Materials- BedInABox Mattress

The comfort foam of the BedInABox Serenity mattress is made from high quality memory foam. You can feel it when you press the top layer with both your hands. The product manual tells you about one more layer of material called the adaptive foam. It is a layer which traps air molecules and absorbs the maximum volume of body weight impact. It can also act as a shock absorbing layer. It prevents the transfer of shock waves from one end of the mattress to the other. So, you can continue to sleep undisturbed, when your spouse moves out of the mattress. It will also absorb the shocks when your children jump and dance on the mattress.

Body Wrap

The BedInABox comfort foam changes its contours according to your body shape. It is unlike the rigid surface which remains static. The stress absorption from your body starts on this layer of the mattress. It is a normal practice for me to twist and turn on the mattress, in an effort to find the most comfortable posture for pain relief. Mostly I ended up getting frustrated. The pain on my heels seemed to continue for weeks and months with no signs of relief. My knees hurt and my shoulders ached. After switching over to the BedInABox, I have experienced considerable relief. Of course it happens slowly. It’s not that I experienced a miracle, which removed the stress and pain overnight. But it happened naturally, and I am sure it will happen to you too.

Pressure Relief

The pressure points of our body are located on the ankle joints, lower abdomen, outer thighs, feet, knee back, spine, neck, and the head. Of course, there are many more on the other body parts. These are the points which come into direct contact with the mattress frequently when you sleep. The neck muscles that connect to the jaw-line are stated to be the most sensitive points for relaxation and sleep. The memory foam on the BedInABox absorbs the stress from these pressure points (listed above) and the neck muscles. So, you can get into the perfect sleep cycle within a few moments after resting your body on the mattress.

Quilted Top Cover

The quilted top cover of the BedInABox Serenity mattress is made of tiny capsules containing the phase changing material. It can absorb and preserve the heat from your body for a long time. It cools your body to the normal temperature. When the exterior temperature goes below the normal room temperature, it releases the heat and keeps your body in war. It happens when the room gets too cold due to excess of cooling.

The quilt is also designed to act as the perfect medium to transfer the stress from your body into the comfort foam.

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Serenity Mattress Firmness

In spite of supporting your body with the soft contours and foam structure, the BedInABox Serenity mattress is firm in construction. It can endure the stress from your body weight + your spouse’s body weight + your children’s body weight comfortably. The enhanced compression strength is responsible for absorbing the load and distributing it along the eight directions within the mattress.

Morning after Serenity

You can know about the efficiency of a mattress in two distinct stages. The relief and comfort you get while sleeping and the state of your body and mind on the next morning. It doesn’t matter how long you sleep. But it matters how deep you sleep. The BedInABox Serenity mattress can give you the perfect sleep with no internal disturbances from your body and mind. On the next day morning, you feel fresh and lively.

BedInABox Medical Benefits

  • Considerable relief from insomnia
  • Balanced blood pressure
  • Relief from lower backache
  • Comfort to the pressure points
  • Pain healing from joints and connective tissues
  • Balanced circulation and deep breathing
  • Relaxation of the central nervous system
  • Pain healing from the spinal cord
  • Streamlined circulation in the brain
  • Freedom from psychological stress

Of course, you can list out many other benefits after experiencing the effects first hand. The blissful feeling you get on the next day morning is the perfect sign of how deep and peaceful your sleep has been. A light shower and a nutritious breakfast should prepare you perfectly for the hectic schedule ahead.

BedInABox Mattresses – Other Models

The other models of the BedInABox Mattresses have their own unique features. They also share many common features like the support layer, comfort layer, and the top cover. The application of added materials could be silk, polyester, rayon, pocketed coils, tempered steel coils, and the others. The designers have created the models based on the nature of support required for your body while sleeping.

You can choose any of the model based to your specific requirements. I wrote the review because I have first-hand experience with Serenity Mattress, it might not fit your needs so you should also check out the other models as well. You may wonder how it is possible to get the practical experience of so many models, unless I am a retailer. But now, we are a large family with users from 3 years old to 70+. So, our need for a mattress is always more, and the models we use are also different.

BedInABox Foundations

In the Foundations category, BedInABox has many types of products to offer. Encompass mattress foundation is one such product. The others are the bed frame, bed, headboard, and the others.

BedInABox Foundations- Best Mattress

Encompass Foundation

Base Material

The base material of the Encompass foundation is high-quality American wood. The profile varies from 2.75” to 8”. It acts as the perfect support for the memory mattress from any brand you can find on the market today. It can support a maximum weight of 1200lbs.

Foundation Quality

The Encompass foundation quality conforms to the Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL), and the ISO guidelines. You can find the performance testing parameters being mentioned on every individual product. For example, the Encompass foundation (There is one more similar model called the Clever Connect Foundation with slight variation in the wood dimensions) serves as the best support for the memory foam mattress.

BedInABox Bed Frame

The BedInABox bed frame comes in two distinct models of Deluxe and ENGAUGE. You can choose from the Twin, twin XL, queen, king, and the CAL-King sizes. You can assemble the frame using the DIY procedure. The support legs are strong and firm. The frame design can support a maximum weight of 800LBs. There is an option to add the headboard to the frame for enhancing the beauty and aesthetic appeals of the bed as a whole.

The distribution of the mattress and the foundation will be even across the width and the length of the frame. The center frame with the three supporting legs takes most of the weight (mattress + body weight of sleeping persons). The design of the frame protects it from developing excess stress at any single point.

Observe the shape of the support legs. It resembles a cone with a broad base and a relatively narrower top. In the design of the ENGAUGE, the shape is exactly opposite. The support leg has a broader top and a shorter bottom. But the diameter is wide enough to support the frame. In both designs, the goal is to provide maximum support to the frame and absorb the shocks from the bed.

There are two more models of the BedInABox Bed Frame, which are the FREMONT, EASLEY, and ALPINE made from carbon steel. It is easy to assemble/disassemble and carry to any part of your home.

BedInABox Headboard

The BedInABox headboard is one of the easiest models to adjust on the frame. It is available in various colors and sizes, which can match with the patterns and designs of your choice. The high quality of the headboard can also easily match with the mattress style and type.

The BedInABox headboard is available in the sizes of Full, King, Queen, and Cal-King. The maximum weight of the headboard is 35LBs. The average height of the headboard varies from 45” to 53”. The headboard can be customized with the cushion to match the color of the mattress.

BedInABox Adjustable Beds

bedinabox mattress adjustable beds

Imagine resting on your poolside on a flexible bed that folds to the shape of your choice. You can adjust the base with head and foot articulation. Use the remote to flex the leg size. Fit it into the best frame. Spread the best BedInABox mattress on it. Adjust the back panel to the comfortable angle and enjoy your evening. Well, you can also carry it to the beach side if you have a car big enough accommodate all the furniture and the upholstery. The BedInABox adjustable beds are available in multiple models and sizes. You can choose any of them based on your expectations.

BedInABox Bed Accessories

Enhance the pleasure of resting on the complete BedInABox bed with the pillow top cover, Outlast® pad, thermal shield cushion, and many other accessories. The BedInABox can fulfill all the needs of a comfortable sleeping experience within its own inventory of products.


Before I discovered BedInABox, I used to shop extensively for the bedding materials and products. Coming from a large family, I had to find the exact needs of everyone perfectly. So, I used to keep the weekend for the buying spree.
After I discovered BedInABox, my shopping spree for bedding has been cut short drastically. Today I can find the entire inventory of the bedding at BedInABox.

Quality Consciousness

The makers of BedInABox seem to have incorporated the quality consciousness into every product they showcase online. Quality is an inherent parameter which they don’t even mention.

Stylish Designs

You can find the most attractive and stylish designer collections from BedInABox. Some of them are plain and moderate, while the others are bright or dark. You can choose the best options based on your specific requirements.

Customer Support

Pre-purchase support is something you can get from every online store and the shopping mall. At BedInABox, you can experience the best after-sale support. The probability of returns and replacements is stated (by the existing customer reviews) to be zero, due to the flawless quality and finishing of the first supplies you get from the stores.

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