Bear Mattress Review 2020

Bear Mattress Review

What if you can wake up ready to perform every day? Isn’t that everyone’s ideal day? According to Bear Mattress, this is possible! Getting restful and rejuvenating sleep is like recharging the body’s engines. And this can be achieved with the help of your mattress. 

For athletes and active individuals, conventional beds won’t cut it. Their sleeping space should be designed to cater to their specific lifestyle needs. This is where one mattress company comes in. In our detailed Bear Mattress review, we will look at its three models to determine how closely it delivers the ideal.

The three models are the Bear Mattress (memory foam, flagship mattress), Bear Hybrid (hybrid mattress), and Bear Pro (newest mattress). Browse our Table of Contents to see how each works in terms of seven factors to consider. You can also check out our recommendations and ratings at the bottom.

Bear Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

Let’s start with the original and bestselling model, the Bear Mattress. It features three foam layers and a Celliant fabric cover. The top layer is made of memory foam infused with graphite-gel. Both graphite and gel are well-known cooling components. Following is a transition layer that supports pressure points, so your shoulders, hips, and spine are cradled naturally. And under this responsive foam is high-density base foam for durability.

The Bear Hybrid is packed with six layers, starting with the Celliant cover. The Hypersoft Cooling-Gel Foam, which delivers plush, cooling comfort, is next. Underneath it is the adaptive Premium Comfort Foam, followed by the Responsive Transition Foam which promotes airflow and pressure relief. Yet, the true star of the construction is the Quantum Edge Coil System that boosts edge support. And then you’ll find the high-density foam base.

Meanwhile, inside the Bear Pro, Bear Mattress’ newest offering, are five layers of cooling and pressure-relieving goodness. You have the Celliant cover, copper-infused foam, gel memory foam, responsive transition foam, and high-density foam. Copper is known for its cleaning and cooling properties.

The Celliant fibers found in all of the brand’s mattresses are determined by the Food and Drug Authority as a medical device and general wellness. It can convert heat into radiation, which can speed up recovery and muscle build-up. Also, all foams it uses are certified by CertiPUR-US. Meaning, they are safe and free from toxic and harmful chemicals, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Firmness & Feel

At 7.1, the Bear Mattress is a firm bed. You can say this still falls within the medium-firm to firm category (5.5 to 7 firmness rating). Those who want to feel supported without sinking in too much would love this feel–it’s not too soft, not too firm. Even those who snooze on their stomach would find this firm enough. Their spine can still follow its natural curvature.

Now, the Bear Hybrid has a 6.3 firmness score, making it the firmest among the three mattress models. Its five layers, especially the coil system, are hard at work to make this happen. Side and back sleepers can feel comfortable and relieved from the pressure. 

On the softer end, there is the Bear Pro. Its firmness score is 5.9–a medium-firm feel. It provides extra cushioning to the shoulders and hips to reduce pressure. This is the brand’s softest bed. Yet, it caters to all sleeping positions taken on by average-weight individuals. Light and heavyweight sleepers who drift off on their side or back can also get some benefits from it.

Know that the firmness scores of the Bear mattresses are based on customer feedback. So it’s already adjusted based on what users really feel when they sleep on their Bear Mattress.


Mixed-foam models reportedly sleep warm despite using a cooling component or technology. The Bear Mattress doesn’t seem to be plagued by the same problem. It may take some time to cool down, but it can remain cool for hours before returning to room temperature. Sleeping in an airconditioned or well-ventilated area can improve the result. But this one seems to work just fine in facilitating airflow within the mattress.

Bear Pro’s temperature regulation is just almost as good as that of the Bear Hybrid. There are three materials at work here: the Celliant cover, the copper-infused foam, and the gel memory foam. The addition of copper is supposed to boost the cooling factor. The element can disperse heat effectively. Despite the copper infusion, this bed still remains bouncy. 

Bear Hybrid, however, is your best bet if you want a bed that can keep you cool all throughout the night. Its coil system adds some more breathability to the entire mattress. Heat isn’t trapped. Instead, it allows for 28% more heat transfer than traditional memory foam. Plus most of its layers are designed to deliver cooling effects, from the Celliant cover to the transition foam.

Edge Support & Sinkage

Bear Mattress Review

Don’t expect edge support in the Bear Mattress to be great. It’s just like other all-foam designs when it comes to this department. You will notice a deep depression when you sit or sleep on its perimeter. This is not good news for those who love this spot. It’s a recipe for early sagging and uneven surface formation. Move on with the hybrid to get superior value.

You may find this becoming a pattern, but the edge support in Bear Hybrid is not that great. This is according to reports from users and critics. Even if it has the Quantum Edge Coil System, there is sinkage that appears when you sleep or sit on the edge. It also occurs when you get in and out of bed. This is probably because the center lacks a coil system.

Bear Pro does not prove to be better in this regard. There are reports of sinkage whenever you sit on the edge while getting in or out of bed. Remember that this model is still an all-foam version. It does not have the proper material, an innerspring base, to deliver solid support. It’s worth considering if you or your partner tend to roll toward the perimeter when you snooze.

Motion Transfer

The blend of memory foam and high-density foam makes the Bear Mattress conforming to your body. It allows for the bed to adapt to your curves. This somehow helps it insulate motion as well. As an all-foam mattress, this version definitely has excellent motion isolation. Anyone sharing their sleeping space can benefit from this one.

Motion isolation in the Bear Pro is as exceptional as that of the Bear Mattress. Those who are couples, growing families, and siblings are going to love it. There will be little to no motion transfer when you lie on it. If you are a light sleeper, you can say goodbye to interrupted slumber. This can positively affect your sleep quality.

Bear Hybrid isolates motion well. Its combo of foam and coils minimize motion transfer for average weight to heavyweight sleepers. For lightweight ones, it can even eliminate this dreaded event for light sleepers. So go for this one if uninterrupted sleep is high on your priority list. 


Bear mattresses still fall within average price points on the market. The original Bear Mattress costs $890 if you pay for all of it in cash. Bear Pro retails at $1,150 while Bear Hybrid sells for $1,390. These are all queen versions. Hybrids are more expensive than other types because of the materials included in their design. So Bear Hybrid is competitively priced. So are the all-foam models.

If you would like to avail of financing, you can check out if you pre-qualify for the Affirm financing program. If this is your first time to try this, just follow the steps on the pop-up window. Prepare your social security number as it will be needed. If your application is approved, you can pay for your Bear Mattress over 6, 12, or 18 months.

On Comparing Mattresses

As we don’t fail to remind our readers, quality always comes before quantity. Just don’t go for what is more expensive when comparing mattresses. Sometimes, a more affordable option is available, and it possesses the same premium-grade materials found in the more expensive one. So if Bear Mattress may be less expensive than showroom ones, it doesn’t mean it is less effective.

Other Factors

Another thing smart consumers should be checking out is the list of terms that come after you purchase your bed. You would want to buy from a company that cares about what happens to you after selling you a thousand-dollar mattress. After all, a thousand bucks is still money you have earned from your hard work. So, it would be fair to be provided the following incentives:

  • Free Shipping – Like other online mattress brands, Bear Mattress offers free shipping. However, this is limited to the 48 contiguous states. There will be added costs if you are from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  • Sleep Trial – Your order comes with a 100-night sleep trial. This is well within the standard in the industry. Yet, you are also required to fulfill a 30-day break-in period before requesting a return.
  • Returns/Exchanges – As said above, count 30 days from the time of purchase before requesting a return. Bear Mattress will only initiate a return after the adjustment period. This is typical among some companies, particularly bed-in-a-box ones.
  • Warranty – So there are two types of warranty available: You get the 10-year warranty if you buy a Bear Mattress or a Bear Pro, and you have the 20-year warranty if you purchase the Bear Hybrid.

Why You Should Buy A Bear Mattress

If you have an active lifestyle, e.g. you are an athlete, this company’s mattresses are targeted toward your needs. You get the conforming qualities that relieve your body of pressure and pain. All sleeper types and sizes can find one model that is fit for them.

The prices are also within average price points on the market. If you want a high-quality yet affordable mattress, think about how any of the models from Bear Mattress can help you. You can also avail of financing if you are eligible. What do you have to lose, right?

Why You Should Not Buy A Bear Mattress

While the Bear Mattress has multiple firmness options, they score upward of 5. Some lightweight side sleepers may find this too firm. There is something that matches your needs and preferences better out there. And you should not feel stuck with a mattress that doesn’t suit you perfectly.

Another thing: If you require a strong perimeter to get in and out of bed easily, or sleep on the side without worries, find something outside of Bear Mattress. All models from this brand only give fair edge support. Even the hybrid one can do better. 

The Verdict

The Bear Mattress receives a high rating from us. Our reviews of its models–Bear Mattress, Bear Pro, and Bear Hybrid–show that they are ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle. Athletes are top of mind in this case. But it can also be anyone who requires rejuvenating sleep each night. Those who are also recovering from illness can benefit from these beds.

This brand offers three choices, so you are not stuck with just a one-size-fits-all solution. But we would like to remind everyone that it is not for everybody. If you want a more plush mattress, this may not be the one you’re looking for.

Complement this with our How to Choose a Mattress guide before clicking on that Buy button. We want only the best for our readers. So we don’t impose on you.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.