Awara Mattress Review 2020

Awara Mattress Reviews

What if you can have the qualities of an eco-friendly, a latex, and a hybrid mattress in one product? Will you take it?

Awara is handing you this option through the Awara Mattress. It’s also organic and natural, so you are sure it’s safe for you and the planet. But before we get to know this promising choice, let’s learn some facts about the company that makes it. 

  • Awara is a bed-in-a-box brand that started only last year, 2018.
  • Currently, its mattress is sold on its website, based on a direct-to-consumer business model. It doesn’t have any physical stores or sells through retailers’ physical stores. 
  • It combines the best features of a green mattress, a latex mattress, and a hybrid mattress–all for a fraction of the total average price of the three types!

With the introduction covered, let’s find out more about the mattress in our unbiased and updated Amara Mattress review.

Awara Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

What’s inside this luxury mattress in a box? There are only two layers that define it, the top being 4 inches of Dunlop latex. This material is certified natural by the Rainforest Alliance and is able to contour to your curves, relieve your pressure points, and support your body. Latex foam is also famous for its bounce and breathability, although its contouring isn’t comparable to that of memory foam. 

Right below it is the individually wrapped coil system that stands at 9 inches. This type of innerspring allows for more airflow promotion and less motion transfer. It’s stable and durable, given its thickness. As such, it yields firmness that many kinds of sleepers can enjoy. Edge support exists to provide you with a pleasant snooze and an expanded sleeping surface.

The wool your body comes in contact with sports a Euro-top style, with the fiber sourced from New Zealand. It is also certified organic according to the company. However, we cannot find the name of the certification body (it’s usually the Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS). Wool is known to wick body heat away. But it actually does more than that–it keeps you warm during winter and cools during the summer.

Wrapping the layers is an organic cotton cover with handles that lie flat on the side panels. Both sides of the bed are also protected by a chemical-free fire retardant. In keeping with Awara’s mission, it is guaranteed safe for you and your partner or co-sleeper.

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Firmness & Feel

The Awara Mattress features a 6 to 6.5 firmness score. This is based on what users and experts say in their reviews, as well as what the brand indicates on its website. The corresponding feel would be Luxury Firm or simply Firm. Anyone who lies on their back, side, or stomach can find support and comfort with this rating.

However, back and stomach sleepers on the heavy side will benefit from this firmness the most. Heavier side sleepers and average-weight stomach sleepers can also expect a satisfactory experience drifting off on this one. Lightweight side sleepers may find it too firm, though. While the Euro-top wool surface offers some plush, the latex and coils have a little give to offer before they hit you with that solid, stable support.

This score is based on the industry’s 1 to 10 standard scale, with 1 being softest and 10 being firmest. A consensus has been made over the idea that a firmness rating between 5.5 and 7 constitutes universal comfort–the “just right” feel, which serves all kinds of sleepers. However, firmness is still a subjective factor. Your preference may differ from that of another person, like your partner for instance.


Being a hybrid mattress is an advantage for Awara. The design of innersprings, particularly the more recent pocketed/independently encased ones, enables air to flow freely across the layers. So this system at the base not only gives the bed its shape, but also keeps it well-ventilated. With latex foam serving as the comfort layer, this breathability is enhanced. Latex has an open cell structure that ensures this effect.

Awara Hybrid Mattress Review

Further, the latex foam used is natural. Meaning, it does not contain synthetic latex and is not blended. Some reports say that natural latex is more cooling than its synthetic and blended counterparts. So you can rest assured that you will have a cool night’s sleep on this bed. This is particularly important if you sleep hot. Sweating may be normal, but anything in excess means something isn’t right.

What makes this mattress better than other hybrids is its ability to neutralize temperature. So, it doesn’t just cool you down when you’re feeling hot, especially during the warm months. It also keeps you warm and cozy when you’re feeling and the air is generally chill, like in winter months. It’s called temperature neutrality. And this function is credited to the organic wool at the top.

Edge Support & Sinkage

If you judge it by its looks alone, you can assume that the Awara Mattress is sturdy. The perimeter doesn’t seem the type that will give up in a couple of years. And if you examine it closely, you can safely say it has great edge support. The latex foam is thick and supportive enough. But it’s the individually wrapped coils that really showcase this strength.

One benefit of this feature is that you can take up the entire surface of the bed. You and your partner won’t be afraid to lie near the sides if this is how you roll. Because the edges are stable, you can expect no falling off. There is little compression there whether you lie on your back, side or stomach.

Sitting on the sides is not going to be an issue as well. You can rely on the combined strength and stability of latex, innerspring, and even the wool Euro-top. There’s very little compression to notice. To an extent, this reassures you that the bed will not suffer from early sinkage. In this case, great edge support can also determine the durability of the mattress.

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Motion Transfer

Memory foam is better than latex foam when it comes to insulating motion. But this does not mean this eco-friendly latex hybrid has zero motion isolation capabilities. There is some motion absorption to be observed. It is not just as good as memory foam. This should not be a problem if you snooze solo or practically sleep like a log. 

But if you have a co-sleeper–a partner, a child, a sibling, or a pet–motion isolation is a feature you should not go easy on. The Awara Mattress can minimize the transfer of movements across the bed. But you will still feel the shake on your side of the bed. The impact can be small or huge depending on the motion generated by your partner. 

If you tend to be awakened by sudden and/or frequent shifts on your sleeping surface, it’s better to find a model that can reduce or eliminate motion transfer. Not being able to drift off when you need to can dampen your sleep quality. For those who have trouble falling asleep, it may be difficult to return to it when you have already been disrupted.


Awara is an eco-friendly latex hybrid mattress. It covers three categories that are often separately found in models. Latex mattresses can be expensive, with the market average reaching $2,000 for a queen-size edition. Hybrid types, on the other hand, can hit an average of $1,650. Normally, the eco-friendly label can bump up the cost to above $2,000. This is not good news for shoppers on a budget.

But that is not the end of the story. Awara, of course, found a way to lower the price. With a retail price of $1,199 (Queen), this eco-friendly bed is accessible to a wide range of customers. It’s also one of the more affordable hybrids or latex mattresses you’ll find. You can even snag a discounted price if you are buying during a holiday or a promo sale.

For those who still finds the price a bit too much, applying for financing may help change your mind. Awara partners with Affirm to provide you with monthly payment options: 3, 6, or 12 months. You can easily check if you qualify through a simple procedure that you can follow on the Awara site. You will have to create an Affirm account and provide some information to complete prequalification.

Other Factors

Awara does not offer one of the most affordable eco-friendly latex hybrid mattresses on the market. It also has some pretty generous and hard-to-beat perks for customers. For instance, it provides free shipping in all 50 states–some just cover the continental US/48 states. White glove delivery (together with old mattress removal) is also available. But you will have to pay an additional fee. 

As for the trial period, it lasts 365 nights or 1 year. This is the longest and most generous in the industry. It is way beyond the average 90 to 120 days popularized by bed-in-a-box brands. Unlike most of its counterparts, Awara does not require a break-in period before you request a return or exchange. You’ll be in talks with a Sleep Concierge, who will figure out return the logistics.

There will be no cost for you to return the mattress. You will also get a full refund minus white glove delivery and mattress removal fees. A lifetime warranty coverage comes with your product if you choose to keep it. Review the company’s warranty terms on its website to have a clear understanding of how this works. The warranty is non-transferable.

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Why You Should Buy the Awara Mattress

Are you living a more sustainable lifestyle, trying to reduce your ecological footprint in the process? Buying an organic and eco-friendly mattress can fit into your current situation. And Awara is a promising choice. It combines organic and natural materials, so it can keep you healthy and Mother Nature happy all throughout.

This 13-inch profile features zoned support in its pocketed coil system. It cradles your shoulders, back, and legs, while also supporting your hips. It gives you that full-body relief from pressure points and aligns your spine properly. This also means little to no body impressions will be left on your bed once you get up.

The Awara Mattress checks three categories whose models usually command higher prices: eco-friendly, latex, and hybrid. Still, this one has a low price point. It’s below average even for the most part. Consider it if you are searching for any or all of these categories in your next mattress.

Why You Should Not Buy the Awara Mattress

At 13 inches, the Awara Mattress is heavyset. It can be hard to move around or rotate, if you observe that practice, especially for those who live alone. This is not a big of a deal, however, if you have a partner or family member to help you out. Still, if you have a back problem, you should not be handling this bed on your own.

Though it’s made of latex, the top layer is less conforming than other all-foam versions. This is not the fault of the bed itself, but the choice of latex affects its performance in this area. Memory foam is close conforming; latex has conforming capabilities, but not to the point that it can hug your curves.

With one firmness option available, there may be limits to the types of sleepers it can accommodate. While it caters to back sleepers of all shapes and sizes, as well as heavy folks taking on any sleeping position, lightweight side sleepers may find it too firm. You will have to keep looking until you find the right firmness.

The Verdict

We’ve looked at what’s inside the Awara Mattress and how it performs based on certain factors. This bed has impressed us with the quality of its design and materials. Cooling/temperature neutrality, edge support, and pricing add to its appeal. Its firmness and feel may not be for everyone, though, especially those who don’t want to lie down on a super firm surface.

We know there is no perfect mattress. But we would like to see Awara improve in terms of motion isolation. In this regard, you’re better off with a close conforming memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress with a memory foam comfort layer. There are also brands that offer multiple firmness options if the 6 to 6.5 firmness isn’t your type. 

Still, we think Awara fits into the affordable luxury category just fine. It has promising features that are not only good for you and the environment.

How about you? What’s your take on the Awara Mattress?