Aviya Mattress Review 2020

Aviya Mattress

Have you found an innerspring mattress sold on the internet?

Your chances may be slim. Most bed-in-a-box brands offer all-foam and/or hybrid models. If you come across an innerspring mattress selection, it may be from a retailer. And we know the prices can be inflated in those places.

Interestingly, this was the same problem the founders of Aviya Mattress faced. True to the spirit of the times, their solution was to create their own mattress. They made a high-quality, affordable model which you can order online. Does that sound like the option you’ve been searching for?

Let’s explore the features of this mattress together and see if it’s as good as it sounds.

Aviya Mattress Review – Unbiased & Updated

Construction & Materials

The comfort layers consist of a quilted cover and dense comfort foam. High-density foam is used to prevent human-shaped sagging. A third transition layer targets pressure points for lumbar and body support. Around the edges of the coil system, a 3-inch-thick foam edging is placed to strengthen perimeters. This gives you a greater sleep surface area. And at the base is the stability layer which distributes weight and heat evenly.

Next, we look at the main material of this mattress: the innerspring. It’s an 8-inch, 15-gauge core of individually wrapped coils (500 to 1,050). In the middle zone, the spring system is even more solid to protect your spine, lower back, and hips. No more aching in those parts. All of these layers add up to a 12-inch thick innerspring design. 

But wait, it may look more like a hybrid to you than a traditional innerspring mattress. The difference here is that the latter uses thin comfort layers. In this case, the Aviya Mattress still falls within the innerspring category

Also, its foams are CertiPUR US-certified. The company sees to it that its materials are locally sourced and environment-friendly. It may not be the most innovative, though, since it’s one of the companies still making polyurethane foams. But it claims to blend polyurethane with soy to minimize petrochemicals used in production.

Firmness & Feel


1 is soft, 10 is firm
Ultra Soft – 1-2
Soft – 3-4
Medium – 5-6
Firm – 7-8
Ultra Firm – 9-10

Aviya has 3 available firmness options: Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm. The most popular comfort level is Luxury Firm. It’s between 4 and 7 on the standard Firmness Scale (with 1 as softest and 10 as firmest). The company wants to recreate a luxury hotel bed feel, so you get a firm feel between the plush cover and the first foam layer.

The firmness increases with the Firm option (8 to 10). It’s a challenge to create a mattress with a hard surface without making the sleeper feel they’re sleeping on a rock. The technique for Aviya is to yield a substantial feel with minimal give. That results in a feeling of being lifted rather than sinking. 

On the other hand, Plush (1 to 3) has more give and a softer surface. It’s for those who like some sink-in feel when they snooze. It can feel fuzzy to the touch while remaining supportive. When you apply pressure, the support layers will make their presence felt. We think this is where the innerspring build of Aviya really shines through. It has the same comfort-to-support ratio as traditional ones.

* Our legend is more of an industry guide; most mattress brands determine their own firmness terms and levels based on their own research and metrics. 

Motion Transfer

Do you share your bed with someone? Light sleepers may be awakened by the slightest movement. Little to no motion transfer in a mattress can be a godsend. This may be a big deal for you, so take note.

The Aviya Mattress has fair motion isolation capabilities. It is limited by its foam layers, which perform poorly compared to all-foam types. Its saving grace is the encased coil layer, which inhibits some of the movements made on the surface. Initially, we wanted to give it a lower score. But as our research continued, we found out motion transfer is not dramatically high with this one.

Imagine there’s a ball on the bed. And then you drop a second ball roughly of the same size beside the first. The one at rest should only feel a little movement, not strong enough to displace it. Although we won’t recommend this to a very light sleeper, couples who don’t get interrupted by nighttime movements and noises can get it.

Aviya Mattress Review
Image Source- Aviya media


How about those who sweat a lot, even in their sleep? How does Aviya fare when it comes to regulating their body temperature? It’s actually pretty effective. The cooling foam layer does its job well. And it’s boosted by the pocketed springs at the base. This system does not trap heat, so you can snooze coolly. With the quilted cover, it will help you breeze through those warm summer nights.

Traditional innerspring boast this quality. The springs are essential in letting the bed breathe, so to speak. But with the introduction of individually encased coils, they’ve become more advanced. Breathability is now an important edge that competitors go after. 

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Edge Support & Sinkage

Great edge support has several benefits. For a start, it lets you occupy the entire area of the bed. That’s because it doesn’t sag or tip over when you sleep on the edges. This probably sounds like music to the ears of those who tend to roll over to the perimeter. (We can’t blame you if your partner or kid or pet hogs the middle zone.)

Another good news is that it makes the edges endure days of sitting. The sides are subjected to a lot of pressure from your bottom. So early sagging is a typical problem for mattresses with poor edge support. The other benefit is a balance. You don’t want your bed to have valleys and peaks. Especially for spring types.

Having ticked all of this off the list, Aviya has excellent edge support. Plus, it also has a very little sink. It dips for a couple of centimeters when you sit on it. Maybe around 4 to 5 centimeters if you jump on it. Again, this is something you would normally find in an innerspring bed in stores. Sturdy looking and with minimal give, this model shows the company has nailed this feature.


Bringing affordable luxury to consumers is what drove Aviya’s founders to create it. They remain true to their vision to this day. The price points are below-average on the market. That’s when you compare this model with traditional ones sold in showrooms and department stores. A couple of its closest online competitors are Saatva and Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid.

  • Saatva Queen – $1,099
  • Alexander Signature Hybrid Queen (Medium Firmness) – $1,299

Pricing Guide

Twin39W” x 74L”12″$799
Twin Extra Long (XL)39W” x 80L”12″$849
Full52W” x 74L”12″$949
Queen60W” x 80L”12″$1,099
King76W” x 80L”12″$1,399
California King72W” x 84L”12″$1,399

Other Factors

Innersprings have a weakness that memory foam does away with: conforming. Aviya’s polyfoam layers aren’t any different. Although it feels plush and comfortable, the bed does not cradle your body’s contours well. This could be a problem for average sleepers who lie on their back, side, or stomach. Interestingly, this is an ideal mattress for back sleepers who are lightweight or heavyweight. It also works for tummy sleepers on the heavy end.

Aviya also makes little yet negligible noises. With the springs’ nice bounce, it’s pretty appealing for couples who want to enjoy sexytime regularly. It’s well within the standard performance range of its competitors, although Saatva is bouncier. 

On the other hand, the Aviya Mattress is designed to withstand wear and tear. Its materials, except for the comfort layers, are durable. You can add the Aviya wood foundation with 12 slats to your purchase to ensure long-lasting use. This innerspring is free from off-gassing thanks to its construction.

When you shop the Aviya Mattress, you get to enjoy a 100-night free trial. The company takes into consideration that not everyone adjusts to this new bed equally. A 3-month test with a 30-day required break-in is already a generous offer. Add this to reasonable return policy and a full refund of the mattress cost. Delivery is free, but you can avail of add-ons:

  • White-glove delivery – $99
  • Setup & old mattress removal – $159

This product is backed by a 10-year warranty with 1-inch indentation policy.

Why You Should Buy An Aviya Mattress

If you prefer cushiony firmness, this mattress should provide you that kind of balance. While this metric is subjective, the multiple firmness options allow you to choose what suits you best. Not sure about your preference? You can chat with customer support to determine the right one for you.

Couples who are combination or back sleepers on the light and/or heavy side would also love the bounce, noise reduction, motion isolation, and bigger sleep surface of the Aviya Mattress. All heavyweight sleepers, no matter the position, would find this ideal as well. Hot sleeper? This one will keep you chill.

Moderately priced, the Aviya mattress model sizes affordable. You can already order a queen version with a budget of around $1,000. It’s also very easy to coordinate with Aviya customer service the schedule you wish the delivery team would follow. You can buy it online, so there’s no need to travel to a showroom and spend on ridiculously marked up models.

Why You Should Not Buy An Aviya Mattress

Is contouring a priority for you? Then the Aviya Mattress may not be for you. Keep in mind that innerspring are supportive. But they need good layers of memory foam to conform to the natural shape of your body. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t have good layers of memory foam.

If you’re particular with brands, you may not have heard about Aviya before. It’s only been around for 4 years. We understand if you hesitate to buy from a brand you barely heard of. At the same time, the durability of its model is still under observation. We have to know if it can last more or less than 4 years.

By any chance, do you prefer to test out beds in a showroom? Aviya doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store. So you’re better off checking out traditional names like Sealy and Stearns and Foster.

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The Verdict

There are several things to like, even love, about the Aviya Mattress. It’s supportive, cooling, and durable. The bounce is really nice. Its motion isolation game is strong. You can choose from 3 firmness options. And it’s really one of those affordable innerspring to hit the market. To sum up, it features the majority of the things you’ll find in traditional models. Minus the cost, yeah.

But as with other models, there’s a downside. The most important thing for us is the lack of contouring. Hybrids that strike a harmonious balance between conforming and support can help you more. But if this is not a top priority, then let Aviya Mattress have a place in your bedroom.

Did you find this review useful? Don’t forget to share it with others. Are you an Aviya Mattress user, by any chance? Or do you have questions? Holler in the comments. We want to hear your thoughts.